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Neighbours Episode 6912 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6911 - 6913>>
Episode title: 6912
Australian airdate: 24/06/14
UK airdate: 08/07/14
Writer: James Walker
Director: Declan Eames
Guests: Mark Brennan - Scott McGregor
Paige Novak - Olympia Valance
Ben Fitzgerald - Felix Mallard
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Ben and Jayden fight at school.
- Libby, Karl and Susan discuss Bens behaviour.
- Lauren and Matt confront Bailey.
- Daniel asks Terese to help Paul.
- Paul asks Terese to stay.
Outside Number 24
Paige is practicing boxing with a punch bag set up outside the house. Mark returns from his run. Paige asks him if his run made him feel any better. Mark doesnt think it really did. Paige suggests he should work himself harder. Mark answers distractedly. Paige asks if hes got enough fuel in the tank to race her upstairs first inside gets the first shower. Mark lets her have it and she agrees. She says shell hang up the towels and Mark thanks her.
Number 22 Backyard
Terese comes out and Brad asks her if shes stopping for breakfast. Terese says she isnt as shes having breakfast with Paul. She says she knows she was there late last night. Brad points out it was 2:30 am. Terese says Paul is in a bad way and needs support. Brad asks if Daniel can help Paul. Terese comments it was Daniels idea for Terese to step in the first place. Daniel is finding it all a bit overwhelming. Brad asks if Pauls really that bad. Terese says he is his apartment was a pigsty. Now Pauls work is starting to suffer Terese thinks she needs to help Paul till he sorts himself out. Brad comments as long as its not too much for Terese as shes got her own work and family. Terese says she can handle it and leaves.
Outside No28
Susan is doing some gardening. Ben comes out and tells her Karl called. If Susans feeling up to it, Karl will be at Harolds in half an hour. Susan thanks Ben. Susan asks Ben to come outside as its such a beautiful day. She offers him five bucks if he pulls up a few weeds. Ben says hes had enough of plants working in a nursery. Susan thought he might like to escape the house hes been so cooped up. Ben points out hes got all that work to do suspension isnt a holiday.
Number 32
Lauren is counting money as Matt leaves for work. Lauren asks him when he knocks off work. Matt says itll be usual time. Lauren is pleased as she thinks they need to sit down and have a proper talk with Bailey. Matt thought she organised for him to take time off school and spend time with Sonya. Lauren thinks thats great but shes spoken to some of the other parents from the party. Theyre taking more of a hands on approach. Matt thinks thats good for them but its whats best for Bailey.
Lauren thinks they need to keep the lines of communication open. Matt points out he already talked to Bailey. Lauren asks how Bailey reacted when talking about Matts Dad was he upset? Matt says Bailey got a bit teary but he was ok. Lauren isnt sure how that is possible. Matt thinks it was a lot to take in but he was fine. Lauren thinks they need to dig a bit deeper and find out how he really feels and why it happened in the first place. Matt thinks they should leave it to Sonya she knows more about this stuff than they do. Laurens silence says a lot so Matt suggests if that doesnt work they can always reassess.
Harolds Store
Susan thinks something isnt quite right with Ben. Sonya wonders if hes not taking his suspension seriously. Susan thinks he is but he seems distant and disconnected. Sonya agrees he didnt seem that engaged at the nursery. Susan points out that teenage boys don't like to talk about their feelings. Sonya is facing that challenge herself but the best way to approach people is on their level, include yourself in what they like to do. Sonya collects her food and leaves. Karl suggests as he has the day off he can hang out with Ben and coax him into opening up. Susan thinks its a great idea.
Terese is looking at a piece of paper and laughing in disbelief at what the guy has to say. She asks Paul why hes answering letters like this as the Mayor. Paul points out the guy is a voter so he deserves a reply. Terese lets Paul know shell handle this one. Paul is touched shed do that for him and she confirms she can draft up an appropriate response as Mark comes in.
TERESE: I just need to find the right colour crayon.
They laugh as Mark watches them from the counter. He rings Matt and asks him if hes started work for the day yet.
Number 24
Matt is surprised that Mark is making a formal complaint. Mark confirms it is against Paul Robinson over the Gus Cleary case. Matt tells him the case is closed. Mark points out its unresolved theres a big difference. Matt asks Mark what he wants him to do. Mark wants him to get it reopened. Mark asks Matt if he really believes Pauls brain tumour caused him to invent the whole thing. Matt says whatever he believes his superiors wont let him spend time on a new investigation with no new evidence. Theyve got bigger fish to fry. Mark questions if that is bigger fish than the Mayor of Erinsborough whos swanning around laughing and enjoying himself like he never took another mans life. Matt can understand why he would be looking for revenge over what happened to Kate. Mark says hes looking for justice. If Matt is a decent cop he should be too. Matt agrees to have a word to the powers that be and try and get permission to interview Paul again. It doesnt mean it will go anywhere.
Paige comes out and confirms she has hung up her towel and the bathmat but she draws the line at wiping down the shower. Mark says thats fine. Paige asks if Mark has the key to her bedroom. Mark comments he never got it when he moved in it was probably lost years ago. Mark says she doesnt have to lock her door he wont go snooping. Paige agrees its probably too messy for him anyway.
Number 32
Lauren comes in and asks if Bailey slept ok. He did. When Lauren looks at him, he asks what the matter is. Lauren wants to know more about what is going on with him like when Matt told Bailey about his Grandpa and his alcohol problem. Lauren wants to know how he feels about it. Bailey doesnt feel anything. Lauren checks if it bothers him. Bailey says its a completely different situation that has nothing to do with him.
Sonya comes in and greets them. She brought breakfast and indicates they should start. Bailey is happy but suggests they head to Sonyas. Sonya agrees and Bailey leaves. Sonya checks if Lauren is still ok with her talking to Bailey. Lauren says she is she just wishes hed be more comfortable in including her in what is going on with him. Sonya thinks they should just give it time and leaves.
Number 28
Ben is practicing his guitar. Karl comes in and thinks Ben is reading his mind. Karl thinks they should have a jam session. Ben agrees without much enthusiasm. Karl suggests teaching Ben one of his songs although he uses a lot of bar chords which might mean... Ben starts playing bar chords which stops Karl short. Karl comments Ben has been practicing. Karl asks Ben how his singing voice is.
BEN: Its silent the way it should be.
Karl laughs and says he can sing and play. He suggests Ben doodles along over the top. Ben asks what they are playing. Karl decides to play a song that Libby loves. If she was here shed sing along. He starts singing Wild Mountain Thyme. Ben watches in silence. Karl asks him to join in. Ben says he can't and leaves the room.
Outside Fitzgerald Motors
Ben is playing basketball and Karl comes to join him. Karl makes a big deal about his shot which he misses. Ben is surprised he did this and Karl explains the crowd goes wild because hes a slam dunk champion. Karl suggests playing one on one and Karl gets the ball in this time.
Number 26
Bailey is playing Callums app on his tablet. Sonya tells Bailey hes really good at that hes putting her high score to shame. Sonya suggests that his parents said one time he was drinking was just after Callum left. She asks if that is true. Bailey says he can't remember. Sonya asks if he can remember the first time when he started Bailey doesnt answer. She asks how much he has been drinking. Bailey says its a lot enough to black out. Sonya asks if anything triggered it. Bailey can't think of anything does it really matter? Sonya suggests they take a break. Bailey asks if they can keep going. Sonya says not if he doesnt want to. Sonya suggests that Bailey helps her hang the washing out.
Harolds Store
Lauren thinks Paige might be right. Paige suggests she means they should change the specials more often. Lauren laughs and says she means about being a bad Mum. Paige explains she said that when she was upset about the stolen money. She really didnt mean it. Lauren thinks theres still an element of truth to it she should have seen what was going on with Bailey and she didnt. Bailey should feel comfortable in talking to Lauren now and he doesnt.
Paige suggests Bailey might be more comfortable talking to Matt. Lauren thinks Matt would prefer to palm the problem onto Sonya thats how it feels anyway. Paige confirms Lauren means Sonya from next door. Paige asks if Sonya is a counsellor. Lauren says Sonya isnt officially but she has experience. Paige thinks Matt is right if Sonya knows what shes doing. Lauren is wondering if that means they should get someone else to fix their problems rather than fix them themselves. Paige explains the fact Lauren wants to talk shows she is a good Mum it means that she cares.
Matt comes in and speaks to Paul whom is sitting at a table with Terese. Matt tells Paul he wants him to come down to the station and answer some follow up questions. Paul confirms if it is about the gun. Matt says it is plus other things hell explain at the station. Terese asks if it can wait a few days. Matt says now would be best and it wont take long. Paul gets up and Terese suggests going with him she checks if its illegal. Matt says its not and Terese says they should get it over and done with.
Police Station Interview Room
Matt asks Paul what his movements were when he was released from prison in 2004. Paul doesnt know and asks why Matt needs to know that. Matt confirms that Paul can't remember and Paul can't. He is a bit confused. Matt is trying to establish where Paul was on the night of the Lassiters fire. Paul says its on record but Matt wants to hear it for himself. Terese wants to know what this is about its meant to be follow-up questioning. Matt confirms it is hes following up on the unsolved murder of Gus Cleary. Matt wants to hear Pauls take on it as he confessed to the murder once. Terese points out Matt is asking questions about a very serious crime. She asks Paul if he wants to leave and he does.
Outside Police Station
Matt comes out to talk to Mark as Paul and Terese come out. Paul and Terese watch as Mark asks what Matt found out. Matt says he found out nothing. Mark confirms Matt did question Paul. Matt confirms he did but unsurprisingly Paul is refusing to answer questions without his lawyer present. Terese says its within Pauls rights. Terese tells Mark and Matt they are both out of line. Paul and Terese leave as Mark is surprised Terese is sticking up for Paul. Matt says Terese isnt wrong Paul isnt in any fit state to be answering questions. Mark says they can't give up. If they can find one key piece of evidence or a new witness. Matt feels for Mark but if Mark wants to pursue this hell have to do this on his own.
Harolds Store
Paige brings Lauren a hot drink and Lauren asks how she knew she needed that. Paige says it was intuition. Paige mentions Matt is having tough time dealing with Baileys issues she asks if he was the same about searching for her daughter. Lauren says Matt was the opposite he was just great. Paige asks why it was a bad experience for Lauren. Paige says its none of her business. Lauren explains about Lisa she got so attached to her even when they realised it was a mistake. Lauren thinks she became a bit obsessed with Lisa. She put Lisa ahead of her own family and shes never going to do that again not for anyone. It was the best thing for Lily anyway. Paige questions who Lily was. Lauren explains that is the name she gave to her daughter.
Number 30
Sonya and Bailey are folding the washing. Sonya compliments Bailey on his folding and Bailey says Lauren trained them up when they were little. Sonya says they should have roped him into helping pack for Callum. It was a disaster though he did have Josie to help him out. Sonya comments Josie and Callum got close in the last few months she wondered if he felt left out. Bailey asks why he keeps trying to make it about Callum. Its not Callums fault Bailey started drinking. Sonya knows that. Bailey says its his fault everythings his fault. Sonya knows Callum was someone Bailey could open up to. Bailey points out Callum was the only one Callum was his only real friend.
Sonya says she can't replace that but she can be here and shes not going to judge him. If he wants to keep talking about whats happening she might be the next best thing. Bailey says he sometimes feels like a loser. With Josie Mackay he was dating the hottest girl in school but he couldnt live up to that. He thought people would figure out he was the nerdy kid pretending to be popular. Drinking made him pretend to be someone else not Bailey Turner. Sonya asks whats wrong with Bailey Turner? Hes a good person.
BAILEY: Exactly. Even when I felt like a a nobody inside I had to pretend to be steady, reliable through all the stuff with Mason and Robbo and Mums missing daughter. Had to be strong. I don't know sometimes it was just nice to not have to be strong to be someone else. But that must sound pretty stupid.
Sonya reassures him it doesnt sound stupid it makes sense.
Cafe (opposite the garage)
Ben is ordering the full works from the menu. Karl asks if Ben would like some lunch with that. Ben points out that Karl promised loser buys lunch. Karl says hell have a glass of tap water and some of Bens lunch. Ben looks at the Fitzgerald Motors across the road. Karl asks him if hes thinking of giving up the guitar and typewriter and taking up a spanner. Ben is startled out of his reverie. Karl comments he seems very interested in the garage today.
Ben thinks its weird seeing his surname up there and lately its weird its his surname at all. Karl confirms its because its Dans. Ben says Dans not his father hes just a guy whom hurt them. Karl mentions Bens strong reaction to the song Karl checks he knows its the song played at Libby and Drews wedding. Ben has seen the video a million times. Every time he sees it or hears it he thinks about Drew. Being here where Drew grew up, he lived and met Libby kind of reminds him how much he doesnt know. The kids at school complain about their Dads. He doesnt know what thats like he hasnt even got one. Karl asks Ben if hes spoken to Libby about this. Ben thinks Libby would be even more sad if she knew he didnt want to be in Erinsborough. He asks Karl not to tell Libby. Karl agrees.
Harolds Store
Lauren asks Sonya if Bailey said why he started drinking. Sonya explains to Lauren and Matt that its the usual suspects low self-esteem, wanting to belong, wanting to escape. Lauren asks Sonya to be more precise. Sonya says when Baileys ready its best coming from him. She reassures to them that Bailey knows he has a problem and is going to do something about it. She gave Bailey the number of Hit Space which Lauren and Matt havent heard of. Theyre a terrific counselling service especially for teenagers. Lauren thinks there is more they can do and wants to go and talk to Bailey. Sonya suggests they go easy on Bailey. He just needs to know theyre available. She thinks thats particularly important coming from Matt which surprises him. Sonya explains Matts his primary male rodel and Bailey mentioned some issues with Matts Dad. Lauren says shes told Matt he needs to talk more. Sonya says its something to work towards. They all agree. Matts mobile rings and he says he has to go. The caller is Brennan.
Number 24
Matt is checking that theres nothing he can do to change Matts mind. He asks Matt not to hang up. He trips over Paiges rucksack and some things fall out including a photo of Paige and Ethan. Paige comes in and asks Mark what hes doing. He says its nothing. She asks if hes going through her stuff. He tells her to calm down. Angrily, she asks him how hed like it if she went through his stuff. Mark tries to explain it was an accident and asks what the big deal is. She says its nothing. Mark asks who the guy in the photo is and she claims its no one. Matt angrily says she first wants to lock her bedroom door then she freaks out and accuses him of going through her things. She apologises and asks him to forget it. Hes had a gutful of people he can't trust what is she trying to hide?
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Mark tells Paige he can't live with someone whos lying to him.
- Lauren tells Matt he needs to have a proper talk to his son.
- Paige asks Lauren and Brad why it didnt work with them.
- Terese tells Mark Paul is suffering.
- Paul gives Mark his confession about killing Gus.
<<6911 - 6913>>
Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6912
Paige Novak

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6912
Mark Brennan

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6912
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 6912
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6912
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6912
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Mark Brennan, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Mark Brennan, Matt Turner

Bailey Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Bailey Turner, Lauren Turner

Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6912
Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6912
Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Bailey Turner

Lauren Turner, Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6912
Lauren Turner, Paige Novak

Terese Willis, Matt Turner, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6912
Terese Willis, Matt Turner, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Mark Brennan, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Mark Brennan, Matt Turner

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Lauren Turner

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6912
Sonya Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 6912
Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6912
Lauren Turner, Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner

Paige Novak, Ethan Smith in Neighbours Episode 6912
Paige Novak, Ethan Smith

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6912
Mark Brennan

Paige Novak in Neighbours Episode 6912
Paige Novak

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