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Neighbours Episode 6885 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6884 - 6886>>
Episode title: 6885
Australian airdate: 16/05/14
UK airdate: 30/05/14
Writer: Sam Carroll
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps (did not appear)
Josie Lamb: Madison Daniel
Will Dampier: Christian Heath
Jayden Warley: Khan Oxenham
Josie Mackay: Kate Mylius
Bryce Bukowski: Keith Purcell
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Chris, feeling sad about Hudson, is in two minds about whether to pursue things with Will
- Brad continues to keep PI Tracey Wong's search for 'Lily' secret from Terese
- Cal is furious that Sonya sabotaged his evening with Josie L by lying to him
No 32
In the back yard, Bailey is chatting to Callum, and is curious to know whether Cal and Josie L are still going to TITTNL given Sonya's sabotage attempt. But when Matt comes out of the pool, the boys, afraid he will be angry that they are talking about something so egregious, start to have a loud conversation about something innocent instead, to throw him off the scent.
Once Matt has gone inside, Cal informs Bailey that 'today could be the day' he and Josie L finally TITTNL. Cal then asks Bailey about Josie M, but Bailey says they're 'way off' TITTNL.
CALLUM: Really? Because Jayden keeps telling people about how she did it with him.
Jayden, lest viewers have forgotten, is a Two-Bit Antagonist™ in the traditional mould, previously seen bullying Bailey for reasons of plot convenience, and hoping for a smooch from Rani Kapoor during last year's school play. Anyhow, Callum opines that with Josie M's previous experience, it's odd that Bailey's having to wait so long to do the deed with her, but Bailey insists he's happy taking things slow; she wants a meaningful relationship after her shallow exploits with Jayden. Callum looks unconvinced.
Lassiter's Lake
Brad continues to fund his secret daughter-finding habit by teaching yoga lessons at the lake. Terese and Susan are in attendance at this one, and Susan notices how Terese is still struggling with all the attention Brad is getting from all the pretty yoga-liking extras. Terese admits she thinks something isn't right with Brad - he seems preoccupied with something. Oddly, Susan suggests Terese talk to a professional about her incredibly vague concerns.
Terese leaves, and Susan chats to Georgia, asking if she's heard when Kyle will be back from Thailand. Georgia says things are moving pretty slowly in Dane's stand-off with the King. Susan explains there might be a problem with Kyle's job at the school, given how long he's been away.
Harold's Store
Georgia talks to Chris, cancelling their planned trip to the beach with Will. Georgia says she has a better idea of how they can spend the day - then goes on to reveal how loose her definition of 'better' is, by suggesting they all go and plant trees at the school. She explains that this will prevent Susan from wielding the axe on Kyle's caretaker contract, as he can't afford to lose any more business while he's away. Chris grudgingly agrees, and is instructed to call Will to get him on board.
Not content with ruining Chris's day, Georgia rushes over to conscript Bailey, Callum and the Josies into helping as well. There follows some especially risible dialogue.
JOSIE M: Planting trees sounds cool.
JOSIE L: Yeah. And trees reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.
Bailey and Callum look thrilled at the prospect of an afternoon of toil.
Erinsborough High School
On a patch of recreational ground, Georgia cheerfully barks instructions at her army of slaves, while Chris and Will flirt over a bag of mulch. A brief musical montage ensues of happy tree-planters. Bailey and Josie M have a heart-to-heart about how their relationship is progressing. Josie again tells Bailey that she likes him for who he is, and that he doesn't need to buy her expensive gifts, cut his hair or dress up as Kyle (!) to impress her. He tells her that if she 'wants to try something different' he's up for it, and she smiles awkwardly as they hold hands.
Their chat is interrupted to the chagrin of both by the arrival of Jayden and his non-speaking goons. Jayden proceeds to brag about his footie exploits, being an alpha male and all. Bailey, being less of an alpha male, goes off to lift some mulch bags, but isn't strong enough - so Jayden gladly steps in to show off his muscles. He eagerly accepts Josie M's invitation to stay and help out, giving Bailey a smug glance.
Harold's Store
Lou lingers in the background reading a book, despite not having a speaking role in this episode. Imogen is doing homework for her counselling sessions, which reminds Terese of what Susan said before about speaking to a professional about her concerns about Brad. Terese suggests she tag along to Imogen's counselling session today, and Imogen agrees.
Erinsborough High School
The tree-planting continues, and Chris and Will continue to flirt, this time along the lines of who gets dirtier out of nurses and mechanics. Georgia is about to head off to pick up some more tools, but Chris seems oddly keen for her to stick around. Bossy is doing some digging of her own, and Will is keen for Chris to meet his own dog, Napoleon, next time they catch up - if there is a next time. Georgia accepts Chris's assertion that they already have enough tools, and decides to stay.
Harold's Store
Josie L and Callum have been sent on an errand to pick up drinks for everyone. Cal laments the fact that they're helping Georgia plant trees, rather than spending time alone. They're about to kiss, when Lauren interrupts with a box to put all their drinks in. Josie promises they'll have some alone-time after the planting is finished.
Erinsborough High School
Bailey's tree-planting has taken a somewhat pensive turn, and Josie M demands to know what's wrong. Bailey asks her if she's heard about Cal and Josie L's plans to TITTNL. Josie M hasn't, but thinks it's cool. Bailey says that he would be up for TITTNL too, if Josie M ever is - but adds that he doesn't want to pressure her. Josie doesn't feel pressured, but says she's not ready yet.
Bailey expresses surprise, given that he thought she'd already done it with Jayden, and Josie is furious to learn that Jayden has been telling everyone they've slept together.
Josie marches over to where Jayden is randomly talking to one of his minions, Bryce, about getting 'some supplies'. She confronts Jayden angrily, telling him in front of all his goons that they never even kissed, never mind TITTNL. Josie storms off. Humiliated, Jayden glares at Bailey and makes ominous 'beating-up' hand gestures, in the way only a Two-Bit Antagonist can. Bailey gulps.
Harold's Store
Bailey tracks down Josie M - she's really upset about what Jayden's been saying about her, but is equally upset that Bailey believed him. She wonders if he's only going out with her in order to get her into bed.
BAILEY: I'm going out with you because I like you, okay? I really, really like you. And I only told you what I heard - it didn't change the way I thought about you at all. Okay?
JOSIE M: Yeah, well, Bailey, I like you too. And I thought we had a connection, but you obviously don't know me at all if you believe what Jayden said.
She gets up and walks out. Lauren notices her swift departure, and asks Bailey if he wants to talk about what happened. He declines.
Lassiter's Lake
Brad continues to take payments for his yoga classes, when Imogen shows up. She observes that business is booming, but he plays it down. Imogen mentions that Terese accompanied her to her counselling session, and that she even stayed afterwards to talk to the counsellor, to get things off her chest. Brad is concerned about this. They have a bizarrely protracted conversation about where to go for a coffee (deciding - predictably - on Harold's), the main purpose of which appears to be to give Imogen the opportunity to ask to put some book she's been carrying in Brad's bag. An incident whose very presence in the script leads us to know it will be significant later on.
Harold's Store
When Brad responds frostily to Lauren's request to take their order, Imogen demands to know why he's acting oddly. She quickly decides it's because he's worried about Terese staying to chat to her counsellor - and tells him she's sure Terese will tell him all about it later.
Erinsborough High School
Josie L approaches Callum, a big smile on her face.
JOSIE L: Georgia wants me to get some sunscreen from inside.
CALLUM: Alright, well I'll keep planting. Unless you need a hand.
JOSIE L: There's no-one inside the school today.
JOSIE L: We could be alone?
Josie has figured that, with both their houses occupied by parents, the school building would be the best place to TITTNL! They hold hands and march off towards the school!
Meanwhile, Chris compliments Will on his looks, sense of humour and quasi-British accent.
WILL: Accent? I don't have an accent. All you guys do!
Chris suggests the three of them could still go to the beach after the planting's finished, but Georgia tries to tactfully suggest Chris and Will should go alone. Chris is oddly insistent that Georgia come with them - so with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, she drags him to one side and demands to know why he doesn't want to be left alone with Will, given he's spent all day flirting with him.
Chris admits he still feels guilty about Hudson - and if Georgia's around, nothing will happen with Will that would make him feel like he was betraying Hudson. Georgia encourages Chris to put himself out there and be honest with Will.
Erinsborough High School
Outside the school building, Josie L and Callum discuss whereabouts they could go to TITTNL.
CALLUM: Science lab?
JOSIE L: Too clinical. The library?
CALLUM: Nah, there's too many windows. What about the sickbay?
JOSIE L: They have a bed there.
CALLUM: Right, sickbay it is. Wait - wasn't Sam Gregor really sick yesterday?
JOSIE L: Yeah, he had gastro.
CALLUM: Which means he would have vomited everywhere.
JOSIE L: Well, they would have cleaned it up.
JOSIE L: I'm more worried about all the kids with nits who've been lying on that pillow.
CALLUM: They would have replaced the pillowcase, right?
JOSIE L: Yeah... Who am I kidding? I don't want my first time to be at a sickbay.
CALLUM: Me either. You know, I want it to be special.
They agree that this isn't right, and to postpone their first time until a more natural juncture.
Meanwhile, back in the tree-planting zone, Jayden shoves Bailey as he walks past him, then pours straw on his head, leading to a full-blown tussle as Bailey goes to rugby-tackle him. Georgia intervenes, but Jayden convinces her they're just messing about, so she goes away again.
JAYDEN: Fight - you and me. Back here, four o'clock.
Jayden and his henchmen grin as Bailey looks worried.
Meanwhile, Chris admits to Will that he's been flirting with him all day. Will admits he's been doing the same, but wasn't sure whether Chris was just humouring him because he kept making Georgia stick around. Chris explains he was using Georgia as a security blanket, which Will thinks is 'sweet'. Chris suggests they go to see a movie - without Georgia. Will says he'd love to.
No 22
Brad arrives home, wanting to talk to Terese about something important - but she interrupts him before he has the chance, and kisses him. She tells him about her chat with Imogen's counsellor, and that it's really helped her to offload about everything that's happened with Doug, Josh, Imogen and Brad's daughter with Lauren. Brad asks why Terese didn't come to him to discuss all this, but she says she didn't even realise she was getting stressed until she started getting jealous of his yoga students.
TERESE: Which is just plain stupid, because I know you'd never do anything behind my back.
BRAD: That's right.
TERESE: Now, you wanted to talk about something?
Predictably, Brad has changed his mind, and contrives some small-talk to tell his wife about.
Shortly afterwards, Imogen retrieves the book she put in Brad's bag earlier, and also finds a wallet containing thousands of dollars' worth of banknotes. She demands to know why he downplayed his yoga earnings earlier, and why he's been acting so oddly otherwise - such as being rude to Lauren earlier. Terese overhears part of this and asks what they're talking about, and again, Brad makes up some excuse to cover his tracks. Imogen plays along so as not to worry Terese, but once she's out of earshot, she demands Brad tell her what's really going on.
Monday on Neighbours
- Brad comes clean to Imogen about hiring a PI to find Lily, but he wants her to keep it from Terese
- Amber tells Imogen her expectations of others are too high, and is not thanked for her advice
- Bailey asks Josh for advice about being in fights; Josh tells him to think his way out of it
- Later Bailey's seen carting around a heavy- looking bag with what sounds like glass clinking inside
<<6884 - 6886>>
Callum Rebecchi, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6885
Callum Rebecchi, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner

Brad Willis, Susan Kennedy, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Brad Willis, Susan Kennedy, Terese Willis

Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6885
Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis, Georgia Brooks

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6885
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks

Josie Mackay, Bailey Turner, Georgia Brooks, Josie Lamb, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6885
Josie Mackay, Bailey Turner, Georgia Brooks, Josie Lamb, Callum Rebecchi

Will Dampier in Neighbours Episode 6885
Will Dampier

Bailey Turner, Jayden Warley, Josie Mackay in Neighbours Episode 6885
Bailey Turner, Jayden Warley, Josie Mackay

Terese Willis, Lou Carpenter, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Terese Willis, Lou Carpenter, Imogen Willis

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Will Dampier in Neighbours Episode 6885
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Will Dampier

Josie Lamb, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6885
Josie Lamb, Callum Rebecchi

Josie Mackay, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6885
Josie Mackay, Bailey Turner

Josie Mackay, Jayden Warley, Bryce Bukowski in Neighbours Episode 6885
Josie Mackay, Jayden Warley, Bryce Bukowski

Josie Mackay in Neighbours Episode 6885
Josie Mackay

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6885
Lauren Turner

Brad Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

Imogen Willis, Lauren Turner, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Imogen Willis, Lauren Turner, Brad Willis

Callum Rebecchi, Josie Lamb in Neighbours Episode 6885
Callum Rebecchi, Josie Lamb

Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6885
Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks

Josie Lamb, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6885
Josie Lamb, Callum Rebecchi

Jayden Warley, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6885
Jayden Warley, Bailey Turner

Chris Pappas, Will Dampier in Neighbours Episode 6885
Chris Pappas, Will Dampier

Brad Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Imogen Willis

Brad Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6885
Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

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