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Neighbours Episode 6825 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6824 - 6826>>
Episode title: 6825
Australian airdate: 21/02/14
UK airdate: 07/03/14
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Mark Brennan: Scott McGregor
Danni Ferguson: Laura McIntosh
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Indeterminate angst aplenty between Kate and Brennan
- Danni reveals to Brennan that she's afraid her ex might show up in Erinsborough
- Kate is upset to learn that Georgia is pregnant with Kyle's baby
- Just hours after their relationship goes public, Imogen breaks up with Mason
Fitzgerald Motors
Brennan is whingeing to Chris about why nobody wants to move in with him at No 24.
CHRIS: You keep telling everyone you used to be a cop, and it's kind of off-putting.
BRENNAN: It's meant to make them feel safe.
CHRIS: Yeah, well maybe it makes them feel nervous.
BRENNAN: Yeah, only if they're up to something. They should know before they move in that they can't get away with anything dodgy under my roof.
CHRIS: What, like rearranging your DVD collection?
BRENNAN: How are you meant to find anything if it's not alphabetised?
Danni announces she's heading to the gym for a workout, and Brennan and Chris fall over each other to offer to escort her there and back, in case her psycho ex Stephen shows up. But she tells them they can't babysit her, and says she'll be back in a couple of hours.
Mason is sitting alone looking glum, when Kate comes over to ask why he's not getting ready for his birthday party. He explains Imogen's just dumped him (Kate didn't even know they were together) and can't face going home to a celebratory atmosphere. Kate unprofessionally opines that her pupil is 'an idiot' for breaking up with Mason, but promises to be at his party herself later. Mason warns her that Georgia will be there too; Kate flinches but agrees to come nonetheless.
Fitzgerald Motors
Mason walks past, and Chris and Brennan wish him happy birthday. Mason thanks Brennan for helping to clear his name as regards the abseiling accident, and invites him over for some cake later (Chris having already been invited). But Brennan says he's got a lot of unpacking to do at No 24.
CHRIS: Yeah, he's got a whole houseful of stuff to alphabetise.
As Mason leaves, Chris finds a sleeping bag hidden in some boxes at the back of the garage, and concludes they have a squatter.
No 32
Lauren wonders where Mason has got to, and Amber points out that he probably doesn't even want a party, having just been dumped. But Lauren is determined to go ahead, saying it will raise Mason's spirits. Amber is glum herself because Josh has told her he's not coming to the party due to a physio session. Lauren tells her to stop sulking and go and get ready.
Fitzgerald Motors
Danni returns from her gym session, and Chris and Brennan confront her about finding the sleeping bag - they've deduced that she is the one sleeping in the garage. Danni explains that she thought she saw her ex near her house the other day, so has been sleeping at work just in case. She explains it's not a big deal - her lease is almost up and she moves every six months anyway, to throw Stephen off the scent as to her whereabouts.
Chris decides Danni can't sleep in the garage for another night, and oversteps the mark somewhat by helpfully suggesting she move in with Brennan, for 'as long as she likes'! Brennan agrees, but gives Chris an outraged look once Danni's gone!

Paul's Penthouse
Kate is getting ready to go to Mason's party, explaining to Paul that she thinks Mason could use a friend after his break-up. For no apparent reason, Paul seems dead against her going, and tells her she needs to put her own needs first. Kate claims that being around others helps her forget about her own problems, but does concede that Georgia will be at the party, which might be tricky.
PAUL: I've never quite understood why you care so much about that girl's opinion of you.
KATE: She's my best friend! Well, she was.
PAUL: Yeah, well. Women change their best friends as often as they change their shoes.
KATE: Hey, that's not true!
PAUL: Stop dwelling on it, darling. You'll find a new best friend soon enough. In the meantime, plenty of other people that'll fill that void.
KATE: Oh yeah, like who?
PAUL: Like me!
Apparently unconvinced, Kate heads off to the party, while Paul smugly sips his whisky.
No 24
Brennan has just run through all his ground rules with Danni, who comments that they seem somewhat excessive. She can talk, given how she runs the garage like a boot camp. But Brennan soon puts her back in her box, telling her to take her own boots off indoors.
CHRIS: Warned you he was fussy.
BRENNAN: Why do people say that like it's a bad thing?
He gives Danni a death-stare as she leaves her boots in the middle of the floor, and she quickly moves them. Not content with having invited Danni to live in someone else's house, Chris now invites her to Mason's birthday party. But she decides she's going to crash for a bit, and disappears to her room. Brennan is also unwilling to go to the party, but when Chris mentions that Kate will be there, he suddenly has a change of heart...
No 32
In the back garden, Lou, Matt, Lauren and Bailey are preparing for Mason's party, while Mason and Amber continue to mope about. Lauren decides it's time to say a few words, and congratulates Mason for getting past his rocky start in Melbourne and turning things around to land on his feet. Matt adds to the compliments, calling him a mature and responsible young man whom he's proud of. A little happier, Mason thanks them for the party, although Amber still seems grumpy.
Soon, the party is in full swing, with a good turnout of mute extras to make up for Mason's lack of actual friends. Sheila arrives with some presents, including one from Rhiannon and Jackson in Darwin.
SHEILA: And Rhiannon and Jackson both said to say that they miss you like... a whole lot. She said something crasser, but you get the idea.
Meanwhile, Amber and Chris are gossiping about Brennan in the pool.
CHRIS: I don't think Danni's ever seen anyone so uptight.
AMBER: Yeah, I would go nuts living with a guy like that.
CHRIS: Yeah, well lucky he's easy on the eye.
AMBER: Oh, so you've noticed!
CHRIS: I have eyes.
They lament not having spent more time together lately; Amber admits things have been stressful with Josh. Lauren brings them a couple of (no doubt) non-alcoholic cocktails, and expresses surprise that Amber is smiling for a change. She and Chris raise a toast, while Lauren affectionately watches Mason and Bailey messing about at the barbecue.
Indoors, Lou and Kate are helping out Lauren in the kitchen, when Brennan arrives. Mason greets him and offers him a beer, but Kate looks flustered and makes an excuse to head back outside.
Meanwhile Lou is possessed by the Voice of the Writers, and tells Lauren that he thinks Brennan and Kate are made for each other. He also serves up some timely exposition for new viewers about their past together, and how it all ended when Brennan had to go into witness protection. He explains how Kate and Sophie were supposed to join him but missed their rendezvous, and how everyone thought Brennan was dead.
LAUREN: Kate must have been devastated.
LOU: I don't think she ever really got over it.
LAUREN: You know, it's funny - even when she was Mason I always thought she had this sort of sadness about her. Now I know why.
LOU: Well a bond like they had, never really goes away. It's a pity those two can't see that as well.

Back outside, Mason blows out the candles on his cake, as everyone wishes him happy birthday. Lauren watches Kate moping around sadly, and goes over to offer her cake. She can't resist putting her twopenceworth in about Brennan, informing Kate that his eyes light up when she walks in the room. But Kate tells Lauren that Mark's just one on a very long list of failed relationships.
LAUREN: Don't be so hard on yourself. They say if you want to find your prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.
KATE: Did you just call your son a frog?
LAUREN: Hey, I didn't say they were all frogs. For example, that is one fine human specimen right over there.
She's looking at Brennan, of course, and tells Kate that some relationships are worth fixing. Kate and Brennan eye each other curiously.
Meanwhile, Georgia has arrived, and Bailey is visibly distressed that Callum hasn't come with her. Georgia explains Cal's uncovered some secret area on a game he's playing, and Bailey has to rush off to 'defend his high score'.
LOU: That boy really should get out more.
Georgia turns around and bumps straight into Kate. Awkwardness ensues.
KATE: Look, this hasn't been easy for me either. I was just wondering if you'd be willing to give our friendship a second chance. Because I've really missed you.
GEORGIA: Well nothing's changed, Kate. I'm sorry. It's not going to.
Back indoors, Mason fetches Matt a beer, and thanks him for what he said earlier about being proud of him. Matt says he knows they haven't always had the best relationship, but that lately, they've turned a corner. Mason admits he's enjoying the party more than he thought he would; seeing everyone has made him realise what he does have in his life, despite the split with Imogen. Matt reminds him there's more to life than girls, including his career which he's doing really well with, and tells him that maybe this is the year to focus on work.
As they leave to get a burger, Kate comes in, looking upset - and Brennan follows her.
BRENNAN: Are you okay?
KATE: Oh, go away.
He's seen she's upset, but Kate tells him it has nothing to do with him, and to leave her alone. He reluctantly obeys.
In the garden, Chris is playing his guitar.
AMBER: You're pretty good with that thing.
CHRIS: Told you, it's my magic hands.
AMBER: Oh, you should use that as a pick-up line.
CHRIS: How'd you think I got Hudson?
Amber gets a text from Josh, asking her to go over, so she decides to go and be there for him since he's still in a lot of pain. Chris points out it's the first time she's had fun for ages, but Amber says Josh has to come first right now.
Meanwhile, Georgia is standing by the pool looking pensive, when Lou summons her over for some cake. Lou admits he's worried about Georgia, and starts trying to persuade her to give her friendship with Kate another chance.
LOU: You know, sometimes you can put all your energy into being angry with someone, but the only person you end up hurting is yourself.
GEORGIA: But I'm the one that's in the right here.
LOU: Fair enough. But let me ask you this. Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?
Back inside, Lauren has clingfilmed some cake for Brennan to take home for Danni, and he thanks her for having him, saying it's the best cake he's ever tasted. Sheila, who has bustled in, is disappointed he's going so soon.
SHEILA: I'm not such a shabby cook myself! You should pop in and sample some of my goodies!
in a particularly cringe-inducing moment, Sheila then insists that Brennan kiss her on the cheek before she'll let him leave, then eyes him up shamelessly as he does! Kate, who has been watching at the door, comes in.
KATE: You are unbelievable!
Sheila opines that Danni is a lucky girl, getting to live with Brennan. Kate suddenly gets worried, and asks if Danni has a boyfriend.
SHEILA: Apparently she's single. Ten bucks says they won't be in separate bedrooms for long.
No 24
Brennan and Danni are watching TV - but Brennan is more concerned with Danni's mug, which isn't on a coaster, and then her feet, which are on the coffee table! There's a knock at the door and he goes to get it: it's Kate. Brennan introduces her to Danni, who goes to unpack so they can talk.
DANNI: Aren't you going to make her take her shoes off?
But the moment Danni leaves the room, Kate grabs Brennan and kisses him on the lips! It lasts quite some time, before Kate suddenly snaps out of it and looks upset.
KATE: What am I doing?
BRENNAN: Kate...
KATE: I can't do this, I'm so sorry.
She rushes out of the door again, leaving Brennan looking confused.
Monday on Neighbours
- Paul has a favour to ask of Karl
- Sonya and Toadie enjoy some alone- time, much to Cal's dismay when he catches them starkers!
- Brennan tells Kate he wants to be with her, and tells Kyle he's a jerk
<<6824 - 6826>>
Mark Brennan, Danni Ferguson, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mark Brennan, Danni Ferguson, Chris Pappas

Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6825
Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Mason Turner, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mason Turner, Mark Brennan

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Lauren Turner

Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Amber Turner

Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan, Danni Ferguson in Neighbours Episode 6825
Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan, Danni Ferguson

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6825
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Danni Ferguson, Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6825
Danni Ferguson, Chris Pappas, Mark Brennan

Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Lauren Turner

Bailey Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Bailey Turner, Amber Turner

Mason Turner, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mason Turner, Sheila Canning

Chris Pappas, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Chris Pappas, Amber Turner

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mark Brennan

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6825
Kate Ramsay

Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6825
Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter

Kate Ramsay, Amber Turner, Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Mark Brennan, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Kate Ramsay, Amber Turner, Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Mark Brennan, Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6825
Lauren Turner, Kate Ramsay

Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6825
Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay

Mason Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mason Turner, Matt Turner

Chris Pappas, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Chris Pappas, Amber Turner

Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6825
Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter

Mark Brennan, Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mark Brennan, Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning, Lauren Turner

Danni Ferguson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6825
Danni Ferguson, Mark Brennan

Kate Ramsay, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6825
Kate Ramsay, Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6825
Mark Brennan

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