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Neighbours Episode 6798 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6798
Australian airdate: 15/01/14
UK airdate: 29/01/14
Writer: Faith McKinnon
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Sylvie Johns: Camille Edwards
Nora Evans: Ali Ryrie-Golding
Nell Rebecchi: Scarlett Anderson
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Creepy journalist Ruby continues to throw all her efforts into promoting Josh's media profile
- It appears to be working, since random fans begin to demand having their picture taken with him
- But Brad's worried Josh is losing focus, and that his performance in the pool is suffering
- Georgia tells Kyle he should be with Kate if that's what he wants, but later discovers she's pregnant
- Susan tells Karl that they can't let Paul win the mayoralty, despite her MS
No 30
Karl turns up to see how Georgia's doing, after she confided in him about her relationship issues yesterday. Georgia says she feels better today, but Karl's obviously concerned about her - Georgia insists she's fine, but has taken a few days off work to recuperate. He takes the opportunity to remind her to vote for him, and she says she will - but seems relieved when he leaves her in peace.
No 22
While using a laptop, Josh comes across a spreadsheet that appears to be his parents' budget, including several expenses listed under 'Josh Swimming' that add up to $2,075. Ominous music ensues. He gets a text from Ruby: 'Nora can be there in an hour. Good for you?' Josh looks pensive.
Lassiter's Complex
A flock of extras convene in the courtyard, where they assess the literature on various stalls set up for each of the mayoral candidates. Karl rushes in, apologising to Susan, who is manning his stall, for being late - he explains he's been to see Georgia. Susan agrees that Georgia's personal life is 'a mess'. Karl stops Brad and gives him more 'vote Dr Karl' flyers for the gym, but Brad's a bit distracted by Josh's swimming. He explains the Commonwealth Games trials are in a week, and that Josh's victory at the Emerging Talent Awards have proved somewhat of a distraction. He hurries off.
No 22
Brad arrives home to find Josh wearing only shiny golden shorts, a golden watch and equally golden 'body shimmer'. This is all in aid of a promotional photoshoot he's doing for a local jeweller, that Ruby's organised. Brad is annoyed that Josh is missing a swimming session for this, but Josh seems unconcerned. He promises to make up the extra swim session tonight.
Lassiter's Complex
Kate is handing out 'Vote Paul' flyers, when Kyle shows up with Nell in her buggy, explaining he's babysitting. He's come to help Karl with his campaign effort - as has Matt, who has joined Karl on the stall handing out leaflets. One of Karl's patients, Sylvie Johns, shows up and announces she's not voting for Karl, out of concern for Susan's health! Karl insists Susan only had a minor MS relapse, but his patient is rather morbidly insisting that Susan "can't have many years left", and smugly asserts that Karl will thank her in the end for not voting for him. Matt and Karl look worried.
No 30
Susan turns up to poke her nose in as regards Georgia's wellbeing. Breaking down in tears, Georgia admits that she's pregnant, and Susan gives her a concerned hug.
GEORGIA: How can something so amazing feel so wrong?
She admits she did five pregnancy tests, just to be sure. But she has no idea what to do about the news. Susan says she should think about talking to Kyle.
GEORGIA: I don't think I can tell him.
Susan suggests Georgia talk to Toadie and Sonya about it, but she doesn't want to put them through any more grief after what happened with Gem. Georgia declares that everything's a mess.
No 22 (back garden)
Nora the photographer is taking snaps of Josh in his golden shorts for the jeweller's endorsement, when Amber turns up and starts laughing at him. Amber starts chatting to the photographer and making jokes at Josh's expense, as Josh looks increasingly uncomfortable.
Ramsay Street
Kyle is walking home with Nell, talking to her about her future career in politics! Georgia watches, smiling, and Kyle comes over to talk to her. Georgia seems upset that Sonya didn't want to leave Nell with her instead, but Kyle says it's probably just because she and Toadie know Georgia's had a rough time lately.
GEORGIA: Yeah, I don't need your sympathy.
KYLE: No, I wasn't -
GEORGIA: I mean, you're the main reason that I'm having such a hard time anyway, so -
Kyle tries to rescue the conversation, but Georgia's not in the mood, and walks back inside.
No 22
Indoors, Josh is annoyed with Amber for embarrassing him in front of the photographer, and tells her she should be supportive. Amber gets annoyed then, saying it's hard for her to see women flinging themselves at Josh and smearing him in body-shimmer! Josh admits he's been feeling self-conscious about all the attention, and Amber apologises if she made it worse. They kiss and make up, Josh deciding he'd rather slobber all over Amber than go to his swimming session.
Harold's Store
Kate runs into Kyle, and they have a bit of an awkward moment, with Kyle opting not to tell Kate about his run-in with Georgia. Noting that Kate's in her jogging gear, Kyle asks if he can join her on her run. Kate leaps at the idea, and Kyle heads off to get changed, promising to meet her at Anson's Corner by the Oval - while in the background, Susan is listening in, and looks disapproving.
Karl and Matt come in, and talk to Susan. They all admit that they keep encountering voters who are deeply concerned about Susan's MS. Once Susan's gone, Karl and Matt panic about the effect of all this on the vote. Matt says Paul has a lot to answer for after publicising Susan's condition, while Karl suggests they make Susan more visible within the campaign, to help dispel voters' fears.
No 26
Kate and Kyle get back from their jog; Kyle is exhausted but Kate has barely broken a sweat. Kate kneels down to say hello to Bossy, but the dog rudely snubs her and walks into the other room. Kate's reaction tells us that both she and the writers find this canine indifference significant.
KATE: Anyway, I'm going to leave you to your misery.
KYLE: Oh, have some heart. Stay for lunch?
KATE: No, because what that means is 'make me lunch'!
KYLE: Come on Kate, I can't move!
KATE: Oh god, I'm such a sucker.
KYLE: No, you're a good person and you make a mean sandwich. Kate, that can't be denied.
KATE: That's the truth.
KYLE: Well get on with it, then!
Kate duly obliges.
Lassiter's Complex
Georgia drags Susan away from her campaigning for another chat. She tells Susan how gorgeous Kyle looked with Nell before, saying that she always knew Kyle would be a good dad. Georgia's worried that Kyle will resent her or the baby if she tells him she's pregnant, but Susan doubts that. Susan says Georgia can't second-guess how Kyle will react, but that she needs to tell him. Georgia seems to agree, and they arrange to meet up later once Georgia's spoken to Kyle.
Swimming Pool
Brad arrives at the pool to find that Josh hasn't shown up again, and angrily calls him - but just gets his voicemail.
No 22
Brad comes in, catching Josh and Amber coming downstairs together, and is furious that Josh has skipped training in favour of 'seeing' Amber. While Amber makes herself scarce, father and son argue; Brad demands to know what's going on with Josh, and is annoyed at being left to hang around the pool waiting for him to show up, when he could have been making money working at the gym. Josh prickles at this, saying he's sorry Brad's 'investment' in him isn't performing to expectations. Josh storms off to training.
No 26 (back garden)
Kyle is soaking in the spa to ease his muscle pain, while Kate sits at the side, flirting with him. Just as she's splashing him with water and Kyle tries to pull her in, Georgia emerges at the gate, obviously hoping to talk to Kyle about the pregnancy. But seeing the pair fooling around, she makes an excuse and sadly leaves.
Karl's campaign team convenes for a strategy meeting. Since Erinsborough apparently exists in a parallel universe in which the health of politicians' families is the foremost concern in voters' minds, nobody they've spoken to is going to vote for Karl, on the grounds that they're concerned about Susan's MS and think Karl won't have time to care for her if he becomes mayor! Rather than blaming the voters themselves for this arrant lunacy, Susan decides it's Paul's fault, and vows to throttle him. She suggests they think of another issue to distract the voters, so they're not thinking about her - but tells Karl he'll have to work out what that is himself, and disappears off to meet Georgia.
No 22
Josh and Brad come in from swimming, and Brad now wants them to go and train at the gym. Josh decides he's too tired, and another argument begins - with Brad whingeing about the sacrifices the family has made for Josh, and Josh moaning that he only took half a day off.
BRAD: You're starting to sound like a real brat.
JOSH: Well, you're starting to sound like a bitter old man that could never make a living in his own sport so he's trying to make it up through his son.
BRAD: ... Get out of my sight.
Josh leaves, and Brad looks upset.
No 28
Georgia relays what happened to Susan, admitting that she felt so upset about seeing Kyle and Kate splashing about together that she couldn't go through with telling Kyle she's pregnant.
GEORGIA: I have been stressing out about how Kyle is gonna react - whether he's gonna resent me or resent this baby, or if he'll even want the baby. But I finally realised something - I can't worry about what Kyle thinks, or what he's gonna do or what he won't do. I have to put this baby and myself first. The last thing I want is for Kyle to feel obligated to me.
SUSAN: You don't even know for sure there's anything serious going on with kate.
GEORGIA: I'm not gonna tell him about the baby.
SUSAN: Well it might be a little bit hard to hide (!)
GEORGIA: Well I'm gonna try.
SUSAN: How long are you talking?
GEORGIA: For as long as possible. So can you please not say anything to him, or to anyone else?
SUSAN: Oh, Georgia.
GEORGIA: It's the only way.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Josh has a new car, and continues to fight with Brad about his swimming
- Josie has a theory that Jacob has the hots for Sonya
- Kate tells Chris that she and Kyle can't be friends - it's just too hard
- But Georgia is watching them and is convinced there's more to it than friendship
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Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6798
Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6798
Josh Willis

Karl Kennedy, Brad Willis, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6798
Karl Kennedy, Brad Willis, Susan Kennedy

Brad Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6798
Brad Willis, Josh Willis

Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6798
Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning, Nell Rebecchi

Sylvie Johns in Neighbours Episode 6798
Sylvie Johns

Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6798
Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner

Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6798
Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6798
Josh Willis

Nora Evans, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6798
Nora Evans, Amber Turner

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Nell Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6798
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Nell Rebecchi

Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6798
Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6798
Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Kyle Canning

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6798
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Matt Turner

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6798
Kyle Canning

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6798
Kate Ramsay

Georgia Brooks, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6798
Georgia Brooks, Susan Kennedy

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6798
Brad Willis

Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6798
Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Amber Turner

Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6798
Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6798
Georgia Brooks

Matt Turner, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6798
Matt Turner, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6798
Josh Willis

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6798
Brad Willis

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6798
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6798
Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

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