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Neighbours Episode 6797 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6797
Australian airdate: 14/01/14
UK airdate: 28/01/14
Writer: James Walker
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Ruby Knox: Maggie Naouri
Louise Flannagan: Samantha Lavale
- "Too Soon" by Snakadaktal
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Mason kisses Imogen
- Imogen accuses him of only wanting her when he's at a loose end, she tells him to leave things the way they are
- Kate has a small fire in the Lassiters penthouse. Kyle offers her a place at his while it's being aired out
- Kate thinks Kyle will go back with Georgia in a heartbeat, but Kyle disagrees
- Georgia gives Kyle her blessing to see Kate if he wants
- After winning an award, Ruby says everyone wants a piece of Josh and this is just the start.
Number 22 Back Yard
Josh is excited about his career taking off, but Brad doesn't want him to lose focus, his timings this morning weren't great. Josh promises to lift his game. Ruby comes around with Josh's schedule for interviews to capitalise on his award and raise his profile further. Brad says Josh doesn't need a manager, but this is good for Ruby too so she's happy to volunteer her services. Josh and Ruby start going through the schedule.
Number 32
Amber's whinging about not being able to get any alone time with Josh, and she feels like a loser for being too overdressed last night as opposed to Ruby. Imogen tells her she isn't a loser, and tells her that she and Josh will be fine.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl tells Georgia that he's gaining on Paul in the election. Georgia's mind is elsewhere, so Karl asks if she's alright. She admits that she said something she regrets to Kyle, but just thinking about it makes her start crying so she runs off.
Lassiter's Lake
Josh and Amber talk about his new schedule and how it means they won't get to see each other all day when that's all he wants to do. Amber is positive about it and is just pleased they're together now. She's so proud of how dedicated he is. A girl introduces herself to Josh and says she read about him in the paper and wonders if she can have a picture with him. Amber takes a photograph of them together, then the girl grabs his wrist and writes her phone number on his hand, asking him to call her. Josh laughs it off, but Amber doesn't look thrilled.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl offers to re-arrange his shift so he can go with her to her check-up but Susan says it isn't necessary. She says it was only one relapse and tries to convince herself that it's nothing to worry about. Karl leaves to check on a patient and asks Georgia to walk Susan to neurology. Susan tells Georgia that she's feeling a lot better and her MS symptoms are almost gone. Georgia says Susan must be feeling better than she does, she's just feeling a bit off today.
Imogen tells Amber about how bored she is during this holiday. Amber suggests she get outside and enjoy nature, but Imogen isn't bored enough to do gardening. Ruby walks in and says hey to them. She chats about how 'on fire' Josh is and how big a star he'll be. Amber gives Ruby the death stare and a few bitchy fake smiles before Ruby leaves. Imogen tells Amber to not let Ruby get to her.
IMOGEN: Come help me find some uni courses. Writing more applications will pass the time.
AMBER: It's January, we actually don't have to pick our courses for months you big nerd.
IMOGEN: It doesn't hurt to be prepared.
Mason says hi and tells Imogen it's a bit early to look at uni applications. Now Imogen gives off the death stare to Mason. Mason gets the hint she doesn't want to talk to him and leaves them, while Amber is surprised by Imogen's reaction.
Lassiter's Complex
Georgia sits down for lunch, while Sheila and Kyle walk behind her talking loudly. Sheila say it wasn't right for them to turn Kate's room into a gym, which meant she couldn't have her own bed when she slept over last night. They say hi to Georgia. Georgia stands up, telling Kyle he didn't waste any time, and storms off, not giving Kyle a chance to explain.
Ramsay Street
Mason finds Imogen gardening. Imogen thinks it's pathetic, she's a sad pitiful girl with no life. She tells him about how bored she is during the holidays, she's even re-read 'Breaking Dawn' to see if it got any better since she was 12, and it hasn't. Mason offers to help her and starts staring into her eyes while they do the gardening together. Mason asks if they can be more than friends. Imogen isn't ready, Mason says that's okay, he understands. Changing the subject, Imogen mentions that she thinks she saw someone in Number 24. There hasn't been any moving van, and the 'For Lease' sign is still up, perhaps there's something sinister going on. Mason calls her crazy and she throws leaves at him.
Susan comes in to celebrate. She tells Sheila the MS relapse was short lived and is under control. Sheila hugs Susan, it's great news. Susan says it means she can really support Karl in his campaign. Susan plans to go door knocking, but Sheila's worried she'll overdo it. She's only just recovered, but Susan knows her own body and she won't push it. She's just so ready to get her life back. Sheila has a glass of wine with Susan.
Number 32 Back Yard
Mason walks past Amber who's sitting sulking, telling her he's been weeding. Mason washes his hand and takes off his shirt (no idea why). Mason tells Amber that Josh is a bit of a tool but he cares about her. Amber doesn't know whether she should fight to be more involved in Josh's life. Mason knows Amber won't be one to fade into the background, and should ask herself what she really wants. Amber doesn't want to be an invisible girlfriend, she wants to be involved and there for Josh.
Lassiter's Lake
Susan finds Georgia sitting on a bench by the lake, she's still not feeling great. Georgia tells Susan that she couldn't even look at her sandwich earlier, and starts to feel nauseous as people with food walk past. Susan asks if she's considered she might be pregnant, all the signs are there.
Erinsborough Hospital
Georgia checks the calendar on her phone. Kyle walks up to her and explains to her about Kate staying on the couch because Paul's apartment got smoked out. Kyle knows that Georgia didn't mean what she said, she wouldn't be happy if he hooked up with Kate. Kyle asks her to forget about Kate and give them a go. Georgia says he can't even deny that he has feelings for Kate, so what is the point? Kyle tells Georgia he's thought about it, and she's the only one he wants to be with. Georgia doesn't want to be just another option for him, she deserves better than that.
Number 22
Susan comes by, campaigning for Karl and is greeted by Imogen.
SUSAN: Hi Imogen, how are you?
IMOGEN: Bored to death. I'm actually a zombie right now. You?
SUSAN: Campaigning for Karl
IMOGEN: That is not un-boring me.
Susan laughs. She asks Brad if he could put some campaign posters for Karl up at work, Brad's happy to do anything to help him beat Paul. Imogen asks if Susan's been to the Kapoor's house yet? She thinks there's someone in there.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Imogen find Sheila leaving the Kapoor's driveway. Sheila realised last night that someone was living there, so she left a Lancashire hotpot on the doorstep for the new neighbours. They ate it up but didn't clean it or leave a thank you note. She knows someone's inside just now though because she can hear them. Sheila and Imogen convince Susan to knock on the door and find out who's living there.
SUSAN: Why me?
IMOGEN: You've got an excuse. You're on official Karl business. If we do it we just look nosy?
SUSAN: Oh, heaven forbid!
Susan knocks on the door to Number 24, but there's no answer. She looks over to Imogen and Sheila who tell her to knock again loudly. She does, and leaves a flyer under the door, which is pulled inside immediately. Susan runs off.
Number 26
Susan sits down with Sheila, having a glass of wine. They wonder if the people next door are rude or just not social. Sheila says if they were rude they would have given Susan a nasty send off, so maybe they're just a little bit shy. Karl arrives and congratulates Susan for conquering MS. He joins them for a glass of wine and tells Susan that a union leader was very impressed with Susan's door to door campaigning and will now promote Karl to all of his members. Karl thanks Susan and says he's a very lucky man. They kiss.
Erinsborough Hospital
Georgia's pacing nervously. She then checks the pregnancy test she's taken, it indicates she's pregnant, Georgia looks stunned.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Georgia tells Susan she's right, she is pregnant.
- Georgia goes to Kyle's to tell him but finds him wrestling in the spa with Kate
- One of the voters says she won't vote for Karl because of his poor wife. Susan says she'll throttle Paul
- Josh has a photo shoot to endorse more products and misses a training session.
- Brad calls Josh a brat. Josh says he's a bitter man who couldn't make a living in his own sport so is trying to make it up through his son.
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Ruby Knox, Josh Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6797
Ruby Knox, Josh Willis, Brad Willis

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6797
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner

Josh Willis, Ruby Knox in Neighbours Episode 6797
Josh Willis, Ruby Knox

Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6797
Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6797
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Josh Willis, Louise Flannagan in Neighbours Episode 6797
Josh Willis, Louise Flannagan

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6797
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6797
Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks

Ruby Knox, Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6797
Ruby Knox, Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6797
Mason Turner

Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6797
Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning

Imogen Willis, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6797
Imogen Willis, Mason Turner

Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6797
Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy

Mason Turner, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6797
Mason Turner, Amber Turner

Georgia Brown, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6797
Georgia Brown, Susan Kennedy

Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6797
Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks

Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6797
Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis

Imogen Willis, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6797
Imogen Willis, Sheila Canning

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6797
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6797
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 6797

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6797
Georgia Brooks

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