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Neighbours Episode 6698 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6698
Australian airdate: 31/07/13
UK airdate: 28/08/13
Writer: Jo Watson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Hudson Walsh: Remy Hii
Jeremy Kay: Kieran McShane
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- As negotiations over No 32's ownership continue, Matt tells Bailey they'll move out if Paul buys it
- Lucas and Vanessa are having another baby, and apologise to the Turners for putting them in a spot
- Mason is annoyed that Chris and Mason knew about Kate's ovarian failure before he did
- Hudson's back, but Josh is still giving him a hard time about the performance- enhancing drugs
No 26
Breakfast time at the share- house, where Hudson is moaning to Chris about how he can't find a coach to take him on, because of rumours circulating about his being on drugs. Chris points out that's unfair, as he'd never have taken them if it wasn't for Don Cotter. He encourages Hudson to talk about his professional split with Don in vague, simple break- up clichés, like 'we grew apart'.
HUDSON: Is that what you're gonna use on me when you've had enough?
CHRIS: As if that's ever gonna happen.
Chris grabs Hudson and pulls him in for a kiss.
Dingoes Gym
Josh is weight- training with a fellow athlete, Jeremy, who's asking him why he sacked Don. Jeremy has heard that Don was handing his swimmers drugs. Josh denies he ever took any, but says he can't speak for Hudson. Jeremy takes this as confirmation that Hudson was on drugs, and Brad watches the exchange with concern. After Jeremy's gone, Brad tells Josh he shouldn't be gossiping about Hudson, as the drug- taking was a one- off. However, Josh still thinks Hudson should be banned for life. Brad tells him to concentrate on his training.
No 26
Kate is moaning to Sheila about Mason's tantrum over her confiding in her housemates before him. Sheila is sympathetic. Paul shows up at the door, and despite Sheila telling him Kate's at work, he barges in and finds her there. Sheila mentions she's having to go for a shower at Lassiter's because No 26's hot water is still out of action.
PAUL: Don't steal any towels.
Once Sheila's gone, Paul tells Kate she can come and have a shower at his penthouse, then they could go for lunch. Kate tells him she's busy with schoolwork, and when he doesn't take no for an answer she flips out - before breaking down in tears. Paul takes her back to the penthouse.
Paul's Penthouse
Kate comes out of the shower, feeling a little better. Paul asks if she's started treatment for her ovarian failure; she admits she hasn't, saying she can't wrap her head around the idea of hormone therapy. Paul tells her not to be too hard on herself, and Kate apologises for yelling at him before. She admits that Mason was upset about not being the first to know; Paul offers to have a word with him, but Kate tells him not to bother. She says Mason just doesn't understand; he's only eighteen after all.
Lassiter's (reception)
Despite having promised Kate not to say anything, Paul goes straight down to reception and has a go at Mason - telling him that Kate's only just holding it together, and that Mason should be more supportive. Mason complains that Kate treats him like a kid, but Paul just tells him to stop acting like one.
PAUL: Look, if she wants you to hold her hand, you hold her hand! If she wants you to back off, then back off. If she wants you to make a cup of tea at three o'clock in the morning, make a cup of tea at three o'clock in the morning! Just make her life easier. You see, that's what you do when you love someone.
MASON: Alright, I will.
But Paul's been affected by his own diatribe, and rushes off to 'make a call'.
Hudson's had another unsuccessful interview with a coach, and is convinced someone's spreading rumours. Chris wonders who might be responsible, and Hudson says the only ones in the know were him, Don, Brad and Josh. Since the others wouldn't talk, Hudson assumes Josh is to blame for gossiping. Chris isn't sure and asks if Hudson to wait until he's got proof before saying anything, but Hudson's insistent. He says he knows he did the wrong thing, but points out how much Josh has to gain from badmouthing him.
No 30
Lucas and Vanessa break the news to Sonya about Vanessa being pregnant again. She's thrilled for them. Lucas heads off to meet Paul, explaining that he's still negotiating with him over No 32. Sonya seems disappointed that he's selling to Paul, but Vanessa points out that with the baby and the wedding coming up, they can't be juggling two mortgages.
Paul's Penthouse
Lucas tells Paul he's now prepared to accept his offer, but Paul tells him he's too late - he's withdrawing it. Desperate, Lucas offers to come down another $1,000, but Paul's not interested, telling him he's invested his money elsewhere, and can't invest in another property right now. Lucas walks out.
Harold's Store
Lucas reports back to Vanessa about Paul's withdrawal. She tries to be upbeat, telling him they'll find another buyer, but Lucas is worried they won't be able to complete a sale before the wedding in six weeks. Vanessa says they'll just have to pull out all the stops, to make No 32 as attractive to potential buyers as possible. Lucas looks unconvinced.
Hudson confronts Josh, telling him to stop trashing his name. Josh denies it, saying he lets people form their own opinions, but Hudson says even that is leading people to make assumptions. Josh asks how he's supposed to know that Hudson isn't still on drugs - and Hudson announces he'll get tested to prove he isn't. Brad comes over, and Hudson walks off. Sensing tension again, Brad reminds Josh to stay out of it.
Paul's Penthouse
Paul has ordered a posh lunch for himself and Kate; she's grateful for his support, but the conversation soon turns sour when Paul says she no longer has to worry about the hot water at home: he's bought No 26! He adds that Lyn must have been desperate, as she sold it for less than he offered Lucas for No 32, surmising that Steph's hospital and legal bills must be adding up.
Kate demands to know why Paul bought the house, and he tries to claim it was down to sentimentality, as No 26 was where he grew up. But he also says he wanted to help Kate, so she can live there stress- and rent- free. But Kate throws it back in his face, saying he's just trying to control her, and storms off.
No 26
Paul calls round to see Sheila.
SHEILA: Well if you're thinking of luring me into your spa bath at the Palazzo di Paulo, you're too late - the hot water's been fixed.
PAUL: I know. I was the one that sent around the plumber.
He hands Sheila a new lease agreement, telling her he's her new landlord! Sheila immediately accuses him of wanting to put their rent up or evict them, but Paul denies it, saying he won't even be coming round to inspect.
SHEILA: Hey Kyle, love, come and meet the new landlord. Donald Frump here has bought the house.
KYLE: Sweet! I'll put together a list of repairs that need doing, eh?
Sheila is salivating at the prospect of directing complaints to Paul in future, but he says they'll need to go through his real- estate agent.
PAUL: No need for us to communicate.
SHEILA: Suits me. Wish it was that way at work.
Paul admits that Kate didn't react well to the news, and Sheila isn't surprised, telling him he's being controlling and patronising.
SHEILA: Kate needs your love and support now, not your cash.
Ramsay Street
Kate is coming up the front drive as Paul leaves. She half- jokingly asks if he's evicted someone, but he says he hasn't, despite Sheila tempting him to do so. Kate tells Paul she's still going to pay rent, because she won't feel any better by taking hand- outs; coming to terms with her condition is something she has to do in her own time. Paul accepts Kate's terms, and also tells her Mason's not avoiding her; he just doesn't know how to be there for her.
KATE: You know, if you're not careful, I might start thinking you like this guy.
PAUL: I wouldn't go that far. (laughs) Yeah, he's a good kid.
No 32 (back garden)
Mason apologises to Kate for his tantrum earlier, telling her that if it helps her to talk to other people about her condition, then she should. For her part, Kate says she knows she's been distant, but that she needs to be selfish right now - ovarian failure is a big deal to come to terms with. Mason promises to be there for her, telling her he loves her, and that they'll get through it together. They hug.
Dingoes Gym
Hudson comes in with his drug test results, and presents them to Josh - he's clean. But Josh says one test proves nothing, and continues to deny that he's been spreading rumours. Hudson accuses Josh of being worried that Hudson will 'whip' him and that this is why he's being so hostile.
JOSH: You couldn't beat me in an honest race if your life depended on it.
HUDSON: We'll just see about that, won't we?
Josh looks worried as Hudson walks off.
Swimming Pool
Chris watches as Hudson swims up and down.
No 26
Hudson is despondent as he explains the situation to Chris, who tells him to ignore Josh. But Hudson's convinced his card has been marked permanently as a cheat, and says his parents won't finance him forever without a coach willing to take him to the Commonwealth Games and Olympics. As a result, he's considering moving to the USA, where he thinks he can start his swimming career afresh. Chris looks despondent and tries to talk him round.
CHRIS: You don't want to go to America. All they do is eat cheeseburgers and sing the national anthem. And I heard you can't get a decent coffee anywhere.
HUDSON: Is that your way of saying 'don't go'?
CHRIS: Do you want to go?
Hudson says he's not ready to give up his swimming dream, and so he has no other option.
Dingoes Gym
Chris relays Hudson's plan to move overseas to Brad, who seems quite positive about the idea. But Chris has another plan, suggesting to Brad that he could become Hudson's coach. Brad is highly sceptical, pointing out that Josh can't stand Hudson. But Chris makes a strong case for Hudson, then reminds Brad that he'd never have found out about Don Cotter's dodgy ways if Chris hadn't spoken up in the first place; Brad owes him one.
BRAD: You are asking the impossible. I mean they would probably drown each other.
CHRIS: Or they'd bring out the best in each other.
Chris also points out that if Brad took on two potential medallists, he'd be set for life with a coaching career. Chris asks Brad to think about it, and Brad nods grudgingly.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Hudson repeats Chris's request for Brad to coach him, but Terese is worried it will affect the family
- Holly tells Karl she loves being in Erinsborough with him
- Robbo tries to woo Amber again, but unbeknown to him, Bailey is watching
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Hudson Walsh, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6698
Hudson Walsh, Chris Pappas

Jeremy Kay, Josh Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6698
Jeremy Kay, Josh Willis, Brad Willis

Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6698
Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6698
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Mason Turner, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6698
Mason Turner, Paul Robinson

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6698
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh

Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6698
Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6698
Paul Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6698
Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Josh Willis, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6698
Josh Willis, Hudson Walsh

Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6698
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6698
Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning

Paul Robinson, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6698
Paul Robinson, Kyle Canning

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6698
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Kate Ramsay, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6698
Kate Ramsay, Mason Turner

Josh Willis, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6698
Josh Willis, Hudson Walsh

Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6698
Hudson Walsh

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6698
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh

Brad Willis, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6698
Brad Willis, Chris Pappas

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6698
Brad Willis

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