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Neighbours Episode 6653 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6653
Australian airdate: 29/05/13
UK airdate: 26/06/13
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Jo O’Shaughnessy
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Brad lets slip to Matt that he and Lauren used to go out together, which causes friction
- Kyle is struggling with his temporary loss of vision
- Kate chooses Mason over Mark; but Mason says it's too late, and dumps her
Harold's Store
Kate chats to Paul about the situation with Brennan and Mason. Paul thinks Mason's an idiot for dumping Kate, but Kate wants to try again after giving Mason some space. Paul thinks this is a bad idea and is still wondering if there was a spark between Kate and Mark; Kate admits they kissed and that for a second there may have been something there, but that Mason doesn't know any of that. Paul says a kiss is no big deal, and that Mason will come round eventually.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is examining Kyle's eyes; Chris and Georgia are there for moral support. Kyle's keen to get back to work, but Karl says his eyes aren't healing as quickly as they'd hoped. He gives Kyle some more patches, which Georgia applies. Chris volunteers to keep Dial- A- Kyle running for him, but Kyle's sick sitting around while other people look after him, and reacts badly to Karl's idea of a counsellor. Georgia suggests Kyle could hang out with Chris at the yard. Kyle seems happier, saying he could help out - but Karl shakes his head, and Chris says they'll "wait and s... Play it by ear."
No 32
The Turners are randomly unpacking some old junk. Lauren decides they ought to take a bottle of wine to the party at the Willises' this evening, so sends Mason out to get one, while Amber goes to get ready. Lauren finds her old sketchbook amongst the rubbish, and Matt admires a picture she drew of their house in Mount Isa. While he goes to look for a frame for it, Lauren flicks through the scrapbook and sees something that disturbs her. Bailey asks if he can have a look at the sketchbook, but she says there's nothing worth looking at.
Paul runs into Mason, and chastises him for acting like a jealous baby. Surprisingly, Mason agrees, and says he thinks he's made a mistake by dumping Kate. Scared they'll get back together, Paul slips into the conversation the fact that Kate kissed Brennan, acting like he thought Mason knew! Mason is furious, but Paul blames Mason for being such a bad communicator, saying there's no wonder Kate doesn't confide in him.
PAUL: Kate is used to men, not boys!
Paul leaves Mason looking annoyed.
No 22 (garden)
Amber arrives, ostensibly to see Imogen, but quickly sets about ogling Josh as he weight- trains. She begins talking to him, suggesting he could drop round one day and say hi - but Josh quickly rebuffs that idea, saying he's far too busy with training. Even the offer of a dip in the Turners' pool doesn't tempt him, as he can only train in Olympic- sized ones!
IMOGEN: I love your dress. Isn't it great, Josh?
JOSH: Yeah, it's nice. Colour suits you.
AMBER: Thanks! You look pretty good yourself.
Amber knocks over a glass of water whilst ogling, and runs inside to get a cloth.
IMOGEN: You are so clueless sometimes!
JOSH: What?
IMOGEN: Amber! She's cool and she's totally into you.
JOSH: You know I don't have time for that sort of stuff.
Imogen rolls her eyes.
Dial- A- Kyle
Kyle is 'watching' Chris shovel dirt around, while asking for audio description of said shovelling every five seconds. Chris tries to get Kyle to confront his fears, asking whether he's scared that his eyesight might never come back. Kyle says not; he's not a baby and they should all stop treating him like one. Kyle decides he's going to sweep the yard with a broom, despite Chris's reservations, but only makes more of a mess. Chris decides to take Kyle home, but Kyle is in a mood and storms off on his own - right into the middle of the road. A car screeches to a halt just inches from him.
Chris drags Kyle back into the yard and sits him down. Kyle says he didn't want to put Chris to the trouble of driving him home, since he's already doing his job for him. Kyle wants to take the patches off, claiming Karl is wrong to say it could make his eyes worse. Chris tells him to stop being an idiot, but Kyle thinks Chris is the one with the problem - surmising that he must be over- stressed from all the work he's been doing for Kyle! Kyle goes into the office to make them some coffee, bumping into the door as he goes...
No 22
Karl arrives at the Willises' soiree, making excuses for Susan, whom he says is back tomorrow. Ajay is already there, but Rani is at home rewriting parts of her play. Terese says she hopes they have a bigger turnout next time as she'd like to get to know her neighbours; Brad admits it was a bit of an early start, but says they always eat early because of Joshua's training. They talk about Erinsborough High a little, when Imogen comes in. Karl asks how she's settling in, but Terese answers for her. Brad then asks Imogen to chop up Josh's vegetable sticks for him, as conversation inevitably turns back to her brother. Imogen looks sad, and Karl notices.
Later, Imogen, Amber, Bailey and Josh are sitting in the garden. Josh extols the benefits of beetroot juice and talks about his training regime. Ajay comes out to offer them all pavlova, but naturally it's not something Josh can eat. While Imogen goes inside to help herself, Ajay talks to Bailey about Rani's play; he doesn't know why she's changed the ending. Bailey replies that inspiration must have struck, before moodily walking off indoors. Quickly realising he's playing gooseberry, Ajay leaves Amber and Josh alone.
AMBER: So... what else do you do, when you're not doing laps?
JOSH: Weights.
AMBER: Oh. Don't you have any other hobbies?
JOSH: Well, you can't really do a lot with one hour of free time a day.
AMBER: Seriously? Well, how do your girlfriends cope with that?
JOSH: They don't. They all end up hating me. I don't really do long- term relationships any more.
AMBER: Well what do you do for fun?
JOSH: Training's fun. So's winning.
AMBER: And drinking beetroot juice of course.
Amber tries some, and is disgusted. Josh laughs and smiles at her - before their lingering glance is interrupted by his alarm, reminding him he has to do his homework and go to bed!
AMBER: But you've just finished dinner!
JOSH: Welcome to my life.
No 32
Kate comes round to see Mason, and implores him to change his mind about breaking up. She says spending time with Mark over the last few days has made her realise she doesn't love him anymore. Mason asks exactly what Mark and Kate got up to, and when she admits they kissed he hits the roof. She swears she was going to tell him, but Mason retorts that it was only because he brought it up. He asks if she kissed him back, and she admits she did, for a second.
KATE: It didn't mean anything.
MASON: It means something to me.
KATE: I want to be with you. Isn't that what matters?
MASON: They're just words, Kate. We're done.
Kate shows herself out, while Mason stews.
No 22
Indoors, Matt, Lauren, Karl, Terese and Brad continue the dinner party with a discussion about moving house, but there's a rivalry developing between Matt and Brad.
BRAD: We were lucky - Terese's job paid for someone else to do all the heavy lifting.
MATT: Oh, I don't mind doing that sort of stuff myself actually.
BRAD: Still, why risk getting an injury when you don't have to?
MATT: If you know how to lift properly, there's not much chance of you hurting yourself. Plus being in the force means you've got to be in good physical condition.
BRAD: Well, being the coach of an elite athlete keeps you in shape too.
MATT: I don't know; you see a lot of fat coaches nowadays.
BRAD: Yet it's the policemen that keep the bakeries in business, isn't it?
Karl tries to pacify the situation by changing the subject, but Brad and Matt continue to bicker. Karl goes outside to find Ajay, while Lauren and Terese rush into the kitchen for more wine. They each apologise for their husbands' behaviour. They talk about Mason's hearing; Lauren still feels guilty for letting him mingle with the wrong crowd, but Terese says there's a time they have to stop taking responsibility for their kids' choices. They each admit they made some rotten choices when they were younger, and raise a toast.
Later, the adults have moved into the living room, but Matt and Brad's rivalry has escalated, to the extent that Ajay is scared off and goes home. The subject of housework and cooking comes up, and Matt is amused to hear that Brad does most of it while Terese is at work - sneeringly pointing out that he hasn't time for these things, given he's too busy working himself.
LAUREN: Oh, for goodness' sakes, you two.
TERESE: Why don't you rip your T- shirts off and have a push- up contest?
LAUREN: Yeah, or just get out the tape measure?
Matt's ready for home, and storms off to fetch the kids. Terese tells Lauren that she and the kids are welcome to come around any time; she won't let their husbands' immaturity get in the way of making new friends. Lauren agrees.
No 26
Paul has come round to see Kate; he says Mason's behaviour proves they're not right for each other. Kate admits she'd be as upset as Mason is if the roles were reversed, but Paul is convinced Mason's not mature enough for Kate. Kate asks if Paul will still keep his promise to pay Mason's legal fees, and Paul assures her he will - but smirks as soon as she turns the other way.
Kyle's having dinner, while Chris and Georgia berate him for his almost- accident on the road earlier.
KYLE: I can look after myself!
GEORGIA: Says the man putting pepper on his chips.
Georgia starts suggesting Kyle shouldn't be going out, but he angrily tells her to back off. He says he's sick of being smothered, and stumbles off towards the door, Georgia following.
No 22
Brad and Terese cuddle up on the sofa, discussing Matt - they're both surprised he's reacted so strongly to Brad and Lauren's past, and wonder if it's because Lauren wasn't upfront about it straight away like Brad was.
BRAD: Not everyone speaks to each other like we do, hey?
TERESE: Well next time, don't antagonise him.
Brad remarks that maybe his brief fling with Lauren meant more to her than it did to him.
TERESE: Maybe she's still got the hots for you!
BRAD: Well why wouldn't she?
TERESE: Maybe because of your swollen ego.
They kiss and cuddle up again.
TERESE: I'm glad we came here, babe. I think we're going to be really happy. Ex- girlfriends and all.
BRAD: Me too.
No 32
Matt apologises to Lauren for 'behaving like a caveman'. He admits that knowing Lauren had a thing with Brad has got under his skin, even if he knows it's stupid to be jealous. Lauren says she'll forgive him for the macho routine tonight if he'll forgive her for not telling him earlier - Matt agrees and they kiss.
MATT: I guess part of the problem is I just can't imagine someone getting over a woman as... beautiful...
LAUREN: Mm- hm.
MATT: Sexy...
LAUREN: Oh, yeah.
MATT: Funny... and as wonderful as you.
LAUREN: Keep talking like that and you might just bring out the cavewoman in me!
Things start to get a little steamy but they are interrupted by a buzzer, which is Lou calling for his bedtime cuppa! She tells Matt to go and warm up the bed. He beats his chest on the way out of the room! But when he's gone, Lauren pulls open the sketchbook. On the back page is a lovingly- sketched portrait of a younger Brad Willis...
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Lauren confides in Sonya about her past with Brad, while Matt finds Lauren's sketchbook in the bin
- Rani has rewritten the play so Callum gets the kissing scene
- After a chat with Sonya, Ajay rushes to Toadie, convinced Cal and Rani are about to TITTNL!
<<6652 - 6654>>
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6653
Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6653
Karl Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning

Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner, Lauren Turner

Paul Robinson, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Paul Robinson, Mason Turner

Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6653
Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas

Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6653
Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas

Ajay Kapoor, Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Ajay Kapoor, Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Josh Willis, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Josh Willis, Bailey Turner

Imogen Willis, Amber Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Imogen Willis, Amber Turner

Amber Turner, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Amber Turner, Josh Willis

Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6653
Mason Turner, Kate Ramsay

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6653
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6653
Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Lauren Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 6653
Brad Willis

Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6653
Lauren Turner

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