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Neighbours Episode 6522 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6522 (Connor O'Neill returns)
Australian airdate: 30/10/12
UK airdate: 27/11/12
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Jean Pierre Mignon
Guests: Connor O'Neil: Patrick Harvey
Francesca Villante: Carmelina Di Guglielmo
Harley Canning: Justin Holborow
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Georgia decides to throw Sonya a baby shower
- Sonya and Vanessa have both chosen Nell as a baby name, and they won't share it
- Kyle knows Jade wants this chance in America, and she'll regret it if she stays
- Jade says goodbye to Sonya and leaves in a taxi
Number 26
Harley races in to Kyle's room and tells Kyle, who's still lying in bed, that two guys are taking the hot tub. Kyle has given it away because he doesn't want it anymore. Harley can't believe it, the thing's a chick magnet! Kyle's phone starts ringing - it's Ajay, probably wanting his shed finished. Kyle ignores the call as he won't be working on Ajay's shed today. He tells Harley to leave.
Number 30
Georgia is hanging decorations for the baby shower while Sonya chats to Toadie on the phone. His flight has been diverted so he won't be back until later. Sonya thanks Georgia for all her organising. All they need now is the cake, Georgia was unsure about getting it from Vanessa in case Sonya was weird with her about the wedding thing, but Sonya says that it's all fine. She wonders if Vanessa is coming, but she hasn't RSVP'd. Sonya leaps to her feet to go and pick up the cake and sort this out.
Sonya asks Vanessa if she's coming to the baby shower. She knows they've had their differences about the baby name and the wedding, but they're all friends and she really wants her there. Lucas encourages Vanessa to go, and Sonya invites Vanessa's mum along too. Vanessa agrees to go.
Ramsay Street
Callum meets Rani, who's grinning from ear to ear. She tells Callum that Harley called her his girlfriend. Harley arrives and asks what they're talking about but Rani tells him it's nothing, leaving Harley suspicious. Callum tells Rani that Sonya's baby shower is today. Harley is glad he doesn't have to go, but Rani would love to go to a baby shower and Callum says he wants to ditch school to stick around for it.
As Callum walks on ahead, Harley again asks Rani what she and Callum were talking about. Rani says it was nothing, Callum's a really good friend and she can talk to him about anything. Harley is obviously jealous. He tells Rani he's forgotten something and heads back home, telling her he'll see her at school.
Number 26
Kyle is looking at a photo of him and Jade, when his alarm goes up. He leaps to his feet and starts going through his clothes. He finds a necklace lying on his table and puts it on his bed. Harley walks in and asks Kyle for some money but Kyle angrily refuses to give him anything. As Kyle leaves, Harley sees the necklace on Kyle's bed. Harley picks it up and places it in his pocket.
Number 30
The baby shower is in full force. Only Georgia and a handful of never before seen extras are in attendance. Georgia greets Vanessa and Francesca as they arrive. The first game of the day3 is guess the belly size. They have to cut streamers to the size that matches Sonya's belly
They are now placing the streamers around Sonya's belly, and Francesca wins the game! She then proposes that they do the same with Vanessa's belly, something Vanessa's not too keen on until Sonya talks her into it. Georgia brings through the cake.
GEORGIA: We can eat as much as we like because it's party cake and there are no calories in party cake. And I'm a nurse, so that's a medical fact. Plus I'm holding the knife so you can't argue.
They toast to Sonya and her baby, but at that moment the door opens. They wonder if Toadie is home early, but it's Connor O'Neil, wearing a beer hat and no trousers.
CONNOR: Attention inmates of the house of trouser. Drop your dacks it's time to... what's going on here? Where's Toadie?
Connor is introducing himself to Francesca and Georgia, before making eyes at Vanessa who's sitting behind the table.
CONNOR: Hello. I'm Connor
VANESSA: (standing up) I'm pregnant
Sonya asks if Toadie was expecting Connor, and if he has some pants to put on. Connor says he's been travelling around for a few years and hasn't spoken to Toadie in ages.
SONYA: Yeah, he's talked a lot about you.
CONNOR: Yeah? Well none of its true! Except the good bits! (Connor laughs)
SONYA: Oh (Sonya fake laughs)
CONNOR: Do you mind if I grab one of these. (He takes out a beer)
SONYA: Yeah, if you wouldn't mind...
CONNOR: Yeah, that's a bit rude. Do you want one? (He bursts out laughing) Only joking, because you're pregnant
They head to the kitchen, Sonya trying to get rid of him, but Connor starts making jokes.
CONNOR: I hope that baby's not born with a mullet.
Sonya explains that this is her baby shower. Connor knows and says he has a daughter too, taking out a photo of Maddy. Sonya tells him it's an all woman thing, and he should come back later.
CONNOR: I'll just go to the park, crash on a bench, and get some sleep. Oh, and don't tell Toadie I'm back, okay, because I want to do my entrance again with all the yelling. Alright?
Out of guilt, Sonya agrees for him to wait here, as long as he stays in the kitchen. Georgia comes over with some cake for Sonya, telling her about what they have planned for the rest of the day. Connor asks what type of cake it is, so Georgia brings it over to Connor, standing with him to eat their pieces of cake together, clinking their forks together. Sonya sighs with frustration.
Erinsborough High Exterior
Harley presents Rani with the necklace he took from Kyle's room. She loves it and he puts it on for her, while a jealous Callum looks on. He asks Harley how much the necklace set him back, but Harley says it isn't about money, it's just what guys do for their girlfriends. The bell goes for them to get back to class. Kate encourages Harley and Rani to get to class. She spots the jewellery and tells Rani she'll have to give it to her and collect it after school. As Harley and Rani head to class, Kate recognises the jewellery and calls Kyle. 'It's Harley, again.'
Kyle races over and meets Kate outside. She tells him that she's called for Harley, and shows Kyle the jewellery she took off Rani. Kyle's furious, punching a locker. Harley comes outside, and Kyle slams him against the lockers, calling him a thieving piece of scum.
HARLEY: It is a necklace. She is not coming back!
KYLE: Do you think this a joke? It doesn't matter what I say to you, nothing ever gets through and do you want to know why? Because you're stupid and you're always going to be stupid. Get back to class, you are dead when you get home!
As Harley leaves, Kate tries to talk to Kyle, but he walks off angrily.
Number 26
Kate tries to talk to Kyle about what just happened at school but he doesn't want to talk about it. Kate says he can't take things out on Harley. He has to put him first (you know, like she did with Sophie when she abandoned her and ran off to Queensland)
Kyle vents about how nothing works with Harley. She tells him to try and work out why Harley steals, and he won't work anything out if he doesn't talk to Harley and listen to what he has to say. She tells him he needs to sort out his problems and help Harley before it's too late.
Harley returns home, angrily lashing out at Kyle before Kyle calmly tells him to sit down. Kyle apologises for going off the rails earlier, it wasn't about Harley. Harley says what Kyle said was true, he is a worthless piece of crap, everyone says it, including Harley's mum. Harley thinks people hate him, but Kyle says he has mates, and stealing stuff is not a way of getting people to like him. He tells Harley to go and get changed.
Dial A Kyle
Kyle and Harley arrive at the yard, to finish the Kapoor's shed. Harley thinks he's putting him to work as punishment, but Kyle says he's doing it because Harley's a good worker and if he's working he's not finding ways of getting himself into trouble. Harley doesn't have to pinch stuff to get people to like him. As Harley gets to work, Lucas chats to Kyle, saying it looks like he's getting a hang of the stand-in parenting thing.
Number 30
Connor shows Georgia a picture of Maddy from a few weeks ago, she's 8 now (amazingly that is the correct age! Someone who writes for Neighbours has done their research!) Sonya tries to get Georgia to join them in designing t-shirts for the baby. Connor comes over and suggests they play 'spit the dummy' when Sonya drags him back into the kitchen. She tells Connor he was supposed to stay in the kitchen, but Connor points out that the girls came up to him. Connor apologises for stuffing up her day, and tells her to go back in and he'll stay in the kitchen.
As she's heading off, he asks Sonya if she's thought of a baby name. She whispers to him that they've chosen the name Nell. As she leaves, Connor follows her out.
CONNOR: Nell! That's a lovely name!
FRANCESCA: Nell! That's our name!
SONYA: We're still sorting it out, so...
FRANCESCA: Is Nell a family name for you?
SONYA: Well it's important to us
FRANCESCA: Well what's to sort out, it's Vanessa's name if she's having a girl.
SONYA: Well it's not as simple as that.
FRANCESCA: Well actually it is that simple. YOU'RE the one who's making it difficult
GEORGIA: (standing up) Who wants a cup of tea?
CONNOR: Why don't you both call the baby Nell?
SONYA: (to Connor) STOP TALKING!!!
Connor realises that Sonya wants him to go. He's about to head off, when Toadie walks in, covering his eyes from the baby shower. Connor stands in front of Toadie with a big grin on his face. When Toadie uncovers his eyes he looks at Connor in shock. Toadie checks his trousers, and says he's way too overdressed for this. Connor screams with joy, and leaps onto Toadie, hugging him.
The party is over, when Toadie and Connor walk in after looking around the house, beers in hand. Sonya is still annoyed by the situation.
CONNOR: I can't believe everyone thought I was dead.
TOADIE: Well Robert Robinson was a psycho. He takes off in your car, you disappear, what else are we going to think? And it was only until months later when we get this mail from China...
CONNOR: I was busy travelling
TOADIE: That we actually realise that he's alright.
CONNOR: Hey, does Paul Robinson know about this?
TOADIE: I don't know
CONNOR: Do you know what would be great? If he thinks I'm still dead, I could just pop up and disappear
TOADIE: Like you're a ghost!
CONNOR: It would freak him out!
Toadie and Connor are in fits of laughter. Sonya asks to have a word with Toadie in the kitchen. She tells Toadie that Connor can't stay, the timing isn't right and there's no room for him. Toadie points out that Connor's his best mate, but Sonya says that she really needs him to be with her on this.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Kyle thinks there must be something wrong with Connor if he can't stay with Toadie, Toadie says that Sonya isn't keen on Connor staying there
- Connor says he came all this way to see Toadie, but Toadie says things have changed around here and he probably won't know a lot of people
- Francesca organises for Lucas and Vanessa to meet with a priest, to give them his blessing
- Francesca spots the awkwardness between Vanessa and Rhys
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Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Kyle Canning

Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Harley Canning

Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6522
Georgia Brooks

Lucas Fitzgerald, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6522
Lucas Fitzgerald, Sonya Rebecchi

Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6522
Vanessa Villante, Sonya Rebecchi

Callum Rebecchi, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Callum Rebecchi, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning

Harley Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Harley Canning, Kyle Canning

Vanessa Villante, Francesca Villante in Neighbours Episode 6522
Vanessa Villante, Francesca Villante

Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Francesca Villante, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6522
Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Francesca Villante, Vanessa Villante

Sonya Rebecchi, Connor O
Sonya Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Vanessa Villante, Francesca Villante

Sonya Rebecchi, Connor O
Sonya Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Harley Canning, Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6522
Harley Canning, Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi

Kate Ramsay, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Kate Ramsay, Rani Kapoor, Harley Canning

Kyle Canning, Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Kyle Canning, Harley Canning

Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning, Harley Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Kyle Canning, Harley Canning

Harley Canning, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6522
Harley Canning, Kyle Canning

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6522
Lucas Fitzgerald

Georgia Brooks, Francesca Villante, Vanessa Villante, Connor O
Georgia Brooks, Francesca Villante, Vanessa Villante, Connor O'Neill, Sonya Rebecchi

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6522
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

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