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Neighbours Episode 6407 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6407
Australian airdate: 22/05/12
UK airdate: 19/06/12
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Vanessa Villante: Alin Sumarwata
Elaine Lawson: Sancia Robinson
Melissa Burke: Lara Welsh
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Rhys shows Susan a picture of his mother while talking about her condition
- Lou tells Sheila he's going to be a dinner companion
- Karl and Rhys compete at Paul's bachelor auction
- Kate buys a date with Kyle
- Lucas is concerned Rhys will get Vanessa's hopes up then dump her.
Number 24
Vanessa offers to make pancakes for Lucas and Kate, but Kate's about to go jogging. Vanessa asks Kate about her date with Kyle, but Kate says it's just a friendship thing. Vanessa's jealous they're going on a picnic as she'd want that for her and Rhys. Kate leaves, and Lucas asks Vanessa how the auction went after he left. She was teaching Rhys how to dance but she's sure Rhys was just using a line to keep her up past her bedtime. Vanessa says that she and Rhys won a couple's massage last night, so she asks Lucas for some space today, he promises to make himself scarce.
Ramsay Street
Kate is stretching before her jog, while she overhears Kyle chatting to Karl on his way to work. Karl is going skating with a midwife from the hospital for his date. As Karl drives off, Kyle wishes Kate a good morning, while Kate has lots of long lingering looks at Kyle. Kate bumps into Sophie, and asks to spend the day with her, maybe going shopping or to the movies, and Sophie says that'd be good. Having changed her mind about the jog, Kate returns to Number 24, meeting Lucas on the way. Lucas asks Kate to warn Vanessa off Rhys. Kate says it's not her business, and she won't interfere in Vanessa's lovelife.
Jade has a laugh at Karl.
KARL: No, no, no, I'm going to get enough of that from Rhys Lawson, I don't need that from you.
JADE: I didn't say anything
KARL: No, you were remarkably silent last night too. I would have thought after I let you recruit me that you would have made one bid.
JADE: Me... are you kidding? Dude, I might have won!
As Jade leaves, Susan enters and makes a joke about Karl ice skating. She tells him he should feel proud for getting up there and putting himself on the line. He offers Susan a coffee, but she says she can't because she has a hospital appointment. She tells Karl about her relapse a few weeks ago, but she's fine, and this is just a check-up. Karl offers her his support, but she says they don't live together, and she needs to be able to do these things by herself. He offers Susan a takeaway coffee and a lift to the hospital, and she agrees.
Number 22
Kate is helping Sophie putting coloured bits in her hair and doing her nails and such. Kate asks Sophie about what's been happening with her recently. Sophie says she freaked out when she thought Rani and Callum were going out, and she knew they were faking it because she made them kiss, Kate finds this funny. Sophie's surprised by Kate's attitude, that she's not encouraging Sophie to be nice. Kate says you have to fight for what you want. When Sophie asks about what's going on with Kate to provoke this reaction, Kate says nothing's going on and her life is pretty boring at the moment.
Number 24
Vanessa is clearing the room, trying to lift the coffee table by herself when Lucas stops her lifting it on her own, and moves it with her. Vanessa is looking forward to her massage. Lucas says Rhys has a reputation, he doesn't care who he hurts.
LUCAS: He hooked up with Kate one night, and Kate says he was a tool about it.
VANESSA: We hooked up one night and you were a tool about it.
Lucas lists a couple of other things that Rhys has done, he briefly mentions a doctor at the hospital and walking away when Kyle got into a fight. Had he gone into more detail he'd have done better at convincing Vanessa, but as he's not giving her much to go on, she isn't convinced.
VANESSA: So far Rhys has taken me dancing, and made me laugh. No more, no less. I'm not going to shut the door on him based on a couple of second hand rumours that you can't even prove. This isn't about Rhys is it?
LUCAS: Yes it is
VANESSA: No it isn't. It's about you hating the fact that another guy is interested in the woman who is carrying your child.
Vanessa says she can look after herself and walks away.
Number 24 (Later)
Vanessa is lying relaxed on the massage table, telling the masseuse if she was any more comfortable she'd be asleep. Rhys enters, saying he feels like Hugh Hefner, and lies on the massage table. As the massage begins, Rhys tells the masseuse that Vanessa's pregnant so she should go easy on the lower back. Vanessa notes that $500 is a lot to pay on just a massage, but Rhys says they'll get more out of it if they don't talk, Vanessa laughs.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is chatting to Elaine Lawson who has had an appointment at the hospital. Karl walks over to Susan and asks about her appointment. Susan says her doctor's happy, so she's happy, but there's a few tests just to be sure. Susan asks where she knows Elaine from, but Karl doesn't know. Susan realises that's Rhys' mother, as he showed her a photo of him.
Elaine tells a nurse that she's waiting for her son. Susan introduces herself to Elaine, and says Rhys was her doctor, and that he's very proud of his mum. Susan asks if Elaine has time for a coffee, the coffee cart isn't far and they'll be back in time for Rhys to collect her.
Kate and Sophie come in wanting to buy nachos. Lou tells Kate he's surprised she's not working an extra shift after spending all the money on Kyle last night. Lou tells Sophie about this, and asks why she paid so much for Kyle. Lou want to tap into this for research. Kate says she only did it for the charity, but Sophie is suspicious. Sophie asks how Jade feels about Kate and Kyle's date, Kate insists that she and Kyle are just friends.
Jade and Kyle come to Charlie's to order food, Kyle reaches over and grabs some of Kate's nachos, and Sophie sees how Kate looks at Kyle. Jade jokes about Kate being 'the other woman,' but Kyle says 'the other woman' would have to have the hots for him and Kate's just a mate. As Kyle and Jade kiss, Sophie watches Kate's reaction. As Jade and Kyle leave, Sophie asks if Kate likes Kyle. Kate is dismissive of this, but Sophie knows she's on to something.
Erinsborough Hospital Exterior
Susan and Elaine are having a chat about their sons while having coffee, Rhys had always wanted to be a doctor among other things, and Billy wanted to be a fireman before becoming a carpenter. Karl passes by, and asks Susan how her blood tests went, Susan says they're all done. Karl offers Susan a lift but Susan's fine for the moment. When Karl leaves, Susan explains to Elaine that Karl is her ex-husband, but they're still good friends. Elaine says she was married but he left because he couldn't handle her condition. Rhys is angrier about it than she is. Rhys has taken care of her since high school, and she thinks she's held Rhys back, but Susan says that Rhys has achieved so much because of her. Elaine starts to tell Susan stories about Rhys' father.
Number 24
Vanessa is clearing up after the massage when Lucas enters. Vanessa tells Lucas he's wrong about Rhys, and that Rhys is a good person because he cares about people. Lucas says Rhys only cares about himself, and asks her to be careful. When Lucas leaves, Vanessa starts texting Rhys. She types 'Baking Hugh a cake. A cheese cake! ' (referring to the Hugh Hefner comment during the massage - took me ages to realise that!)
Erinsborough Hospital Exterior
Rhys parks out the front of the hospital, receiving Vanessa's text. He sees Susan with Elaine, and walks over looking uneasy. Susan explains she recognised Elaine from the photograph he showed her, and they say they've been comparing 'war stories' all afternoon. Susan asks Elaine if she'd like to do this again sometime, and Elaine would love to. Susan says she might try and find Karl for a lift but she doesn't like her chances, ex-husbands and all. As Susan leaves, Rhys wheels his mother towards his car.
Lassiters Exterior
Susan is sorting out her bag, while Vanessa walks past carrying her cheesecake. Vanessa invites Susan around for dinner one day, and Susan says she'd love to. As Vanessa heads into Harold's, Rhys catches up with Susan and starts chatting to her, unaware that Vanessa is within earshot.
RHYS: My mum isn't one of your charity cases.
SUSAN: What?
RHYS: What were you talking to her about?
SUSAN: We were just talking.
RHYS: No, no, no , what exactly were you two talking about?
SUSAN: We talked about her life. We talked about how amazing you've been looking after her since your dad left.
RHYS: She's not Jim Dolan, Susan.
SUSAN: I beg your pardon!
RHYS: You're not going to latch onto her because you've got nothing in your pathetic life.
SUSAN: Rhys!
RHYS: My private life is none of your business. You know nothing about me or my father, and you stay away from my mum. Stay away from her.
Rhys storms off, while Vanessa rushes to Susan to check she's okay.
Vanessa sits with her cheese cake. Rhys enters and jokes about work undoing the effects of the massage. Vanessa gives Rhys a cold stare. She says there's no cake today. He asks if she's alright, she says no, and if she started talking to him about it, she wouldn't be able to stop, and he should go. Rhys nods and walks out of the store, while Vanessa takes the cake and slams it into the bin.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
Vanessa is pleased she found out what Rhys is like now.
Vanessa tells Rhys he had no reason for treating a woman like that.
Chris and Tash want to find someone to be live with them.
TASH: (to Summer) Chris and I need a third housemate, you need a life, perfect fit.
Tash and Chris ask Lucas and Vanessa to move in with them, Chris tells Tash they can't bully people into living with them. Chris tells Tash he's moving back home.
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Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6407
Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante

Karl Kennedy, Bossy, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6407
Karl Kennedy, Bossy, Kyle Canning

Kate Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6407
Kate Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald

Jade Mitchell, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6407
Jade Mitchell, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6407
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6407
Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay

Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6407
Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6407
Rhys Lawson, Vanessa Villante

Karl Kennedy, Elaine Lawson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6407
Karl Kennedy, Elaine Lawson, Susan Kennedy

Elaine Lawson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6407
Elaine Lawson, Susan Kennedy

Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6407
Sophie Ramsay, Lou Carpenter, Kate Ramsay

Sophie Ramsay, Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6407
Sophie Ramsay, Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Karl Kennedy, Elaine Lawson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6407
Karl Kennedy, Elaine Lawson, Susan Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6407
Lucas Fitzgerald

Rhys Lawson, Susan Kennedy, Elaine Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6407
Rhys Lawson, Susan Kennedy, Elaine Lawson

Susan Kennedy, Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6407
Susan Kennedy, Rhys Lawson

Rhys Lawson in Neighbours Episode 6407
Rhys Lawson

Vanessa Villante in Neighbours Episode 6407
Vanessa Villante

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