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Neighbours Episode 6402 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6402
Australian airdate: 15/05/12
UK airdate: 12/06/12
Writer: Catherine Roden
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Vanessa Villante: Alin Sumarwata
Aidan Foster: Bob Morley
George Pappas: Lliam Amor
Bernard Cabelle: Bruce Alexander
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Summer encourages Susan to spend time with Bernard.
- Bernard kisses Susan, and she's startled.
- Chris tells his father that Aidan is only Tash's friend.
- Aidan says if they want to be together, Chris has to tell his dad. Chris promises he won't lie again.
- Andrew cancels the Red Cotton gig after seeing Griffin kissing Summer.
- Summer says that trying to be friends with Andrew was a bad idea.
Ramsay Street
Andrew's collecting the paper, when Summer walks along the other side of the street. They look to each other for a moment, before Andrew heads back inside.
Number 32
Summer greets Tash, Chris and Aidan who are setting up breakfast, and asks what Chris is doing for his birthday. He doesn't want anything, he doesn't like parties, and says Summer only wants to organise a party for a distraction. They tell Tash that Andrew cancelled Red Cotton's gigs, Aidan is concerned that all this fighting between Andrew and Summer will get in the way of Chris's birthday, but they assure him it won't.
They've all now had breakfast. Summer needs to head to work so Chris walks her out. Aidan tells Tash that they're throwing Chris a surprise party, and he wants Tash to broker a peace deal between Andrew and Summer. She has until Chris's birthday tomorrow.
Number 22
Andrew is looking at photos of him and Summer, when Tash comes in and says he and Summer are both going to Chris's birthday and will be on their best behaviour. Andrew closes his laptop hiding the photos of Summer from Tash, and tells her that if he and Summer are in the same room it'll be a disaster, so he won't go to the party. Tash calls Andrew pathetic for not being able to forget about him and Summer for one night. She leaves, and Andrew opens up the laptop again, deleting all the photos of him with Summer.
Lassiters Complex
Summer is listening to her ipod, she decides to delete a folder entitled of Andrew's favourite songs. Susan appears, also listening to her ipod. Summer wonders why Susan isn't at yoga, but she's avoiding Bernard because of last night.
SUMMER: So what did happen?
SUSAN: Oh, I can't believe I'm talking about this
SUMMER: Okay, now you definitely have to tell me.
SUSAN: We might have kissed.
SUMMER: Susan Kennedy!
SUSAN: Well he kissed me, but he pounced and I was so shocked that I didn't do anything to stop him.
SUMMER: So now he thinks you like him, but you...
SUSAN: Can't go to yoga.
They decide to have a cup of tea so they can workshop this. While Summer gets a phonecall from Tash, Susan heads inside.
Susan bumps into Sonya while she's ordering. Sonya tells Susan that she's going to a lunchtime class of yoga, it's a pre-natal class with a female instructor. Susan asks Sonya to go with her, and promises to tell Sonya why when they get there.
Tash moans to Chris about Andrew and Summer, when Chris's father arrives, telling Chris that all his cousins and his yiayia is coming for a family party tomorrow. He invites some of Chris's friends, Tash agrees and decides to go send out some texts. Chris asks George if he could invite Aidan. George asks why but Chris dodges around the real reason, saying it'd be for Tash or because he was so nice while Chris was at the hospital. George says it's best if it's just Chris's close friends this year.
Chris tells Tash that his dad won't let him bring Aidan, but she points out that his dad doesn't know that Aidan is his boyfriend, and he had promised Aidan that lying to his parents wouldn't happen again.
CHRIS: The whole family is going to be there, even my nana
TASH: Yeah, your yada yada, big deal
CHRIS: It's yiayia and yes it is a big deal, she doesn't even know I'm gay.
CHRIS: So... what, do you think Aidan is going to come to this thing and pretend he's not gay? He's not going to do that, I can't ask him to.
TASH: You said you wouldn't do this to him again, you promised.
CHRIS: Yes, I know, but I can't, not now.
TASH: If he finds out, you're dead.
Andrew asks Summer if she's going to Chris's party. Summer tells Andrew if he isn't going to go because she is going, then he has to grow up.
SUMMER: I can't believe you're putting this ahead of your friendship with Chris
ANDREW: Do you seriously think that me and you could go an entire night at a party without fighting
SUMMER: I'm pretty sure I can
ANDREW: Well you just lasted three seconds
SUMMER: And whose fault is that?
ANDREW: It's both our faults.
They decide that Summer would go to Chris's family party, and Andrew would go to the party tonight.
Community Centre
Sonya and Susan enter for yoga, meeting Vanessa who asks them why they are there. Susan says this is the only class that she can take because she has MS, Vanessa is pleased that Susan isn't letting her condition hold her back. Then she says that Sonya is supporting her in case she has a turn, which Vanessa doesn't buy. Susan tells Vanessa the truth that she's avoiding her usual instructor because of a bad date. Just then, Bernard walks in, greeting Susan.
SUSAN: You're taking this class?
BERNARD: Yeah. It's fate!
SUSAN: (horrified) Ah
They go into the yoga class, and begin. Soon Bernard is creepily running his hands over Susan's body while they are doing yoga. Vanessa encourages Susan to say something, Susan says she will after the class. During another pose Bernard stands up behind Susan, puts his arm around her and holding her for a few seconds, she looks incredibly uncomfortable, even a little repulsed.
The group all sit cross-legged while Bernard sits chanting, calling on the creative power of the coondalini. Vanessa nods to Susan to say something to Bernard. So while Bernard and the group begin making ummm noises, Susan asks to speak to Bernard.
BERNARD: (to the class) Hold that pose while you continue the gift of being.
SUSAN: (whispering) This isn't really working for me.
BERNARD: (whispering) Oh darling, it's just your second time, you seem a little tense to me, just give it a little time.
SUSAN: No that's not what I... last night I let you kiss me and I probably shouldn't have. I can't see you anymore.
SUSAN: Well it's not a negotiation Bernard. I'm sure you're a lovely man, but this is just not what I'm looking for.
BERNARD: Susan, I know in my heart when something feels right, and this, us, this feels right.
SUSAN: I really am sorry if I misled you
BERNARD: You haven't misled me, look into your heart.
SUSAN: Bernard
BERNARD: Darling! Look into your heart!
VANESSA: Oh COME ON! Does she need to spell it out, she doesn't like you. The kiss was a mistake, a massive mistake, so just get the hint and move on!
SUSAN: What she said.
Susan gets up and leaves, as do the rest of the yoga class
Aidan orders supplies from Vanessa for Chris's party, she says to leave it with her.
As Aidan leaves, Vanessa sits down with Susan and Sonya. Susan thanks Vanessa for giving her the push that she needed to speak to Bernard. Sonya wished they'd left it to after the class, as she likes her yoga.
VANESSA: I guess it's going to be hard to go back.
SUSAN: I don't know, I think I'll be fine seeing him in class.
VANESSA: I was talking about Bernard.
SUSAN: Oh yes, yes, you might be right.
VANESSA: So how pregnant are you Sonya
SONYA: What?
VANESSA: Come on, you took that class way to seriously. Supporting Susan, my backside, you're pregnant aren't you?
Sonya admits she's 5 weeks pregnant, Vanessa's thrilled for Sonya, and for her that she doesn't have to go through the next 9 weeks alone.
VANESSA: Please tell me you've been as sick as I have.
SONYA: Actually I haven't been sick at all yet.
VANESSA: Then I hate you, I'm serious, get out of my store.
They laugh, and suggest making this a regular class. Sonya asks Vanessa not to tell Lucas about this. She gave Lucas a hard time due to the way he was treating Vanessa, and while they've sorted things out, she thinks that Lucas should hear it from her. Vanessa suggests she tell Lucas soon, before someone else does.
Erinsborough Hospital
Aidan is sorting out his shopping bags in the reception area as Tash enters. Aidan asks how things are going on the war-front, Tash says Andrew is coming to the party, but only Andrew. Aidan feels bad that Summer misses out, but Tash says she'll hang out with Chris at lunchtime. When Aidan asks what is happening at lunchtime, Tash lies that she'll probably just watch a zom-com with Chris.
Aidan shows Tash the present he's getting Aidan, it's the scorecards from the mini-golf where he had his first date with Chris. He knows it isn't a big present, but it's their first birthday together. Tash thinks its lovely. Aidan asks her to keep the birthday boy busy tomorrow so Aidan can do his thing.
Number 32
While Chris is ironing, Tash tells Chris to speak to Aidan. He should invite him to his lunch, and tell his parents about Aidan, otherwise he'll be making the biggest mistake of his life.
TASH: Chris, you have a guy who adores you. He could have walked away so many times before when you were freaking out about even being with him. But he didn't. This guy is perfect.
CHRIS: You know you say that a lot
TASH: Because it's true. He's sweet, he's thoughtful, funny, he's just perfect. You need to make things right.
Chris finishes ironing Aidan's nurse uniform, and hangs it up.
Number 32/Charlie's
Aidan and Chris sit down to eat curry. Chris asks Aidan about tomorrow and what he is doing during the day. Aidan is working but says he'd be able to swap his shift if needed. Just then Chris gets a phone call from his dad who is at Charlie's. George asks about the numbers for the party he needs to get drinks sorted, and asks if Chris has invited Lucas. George tells Chris not to get worked up about everything, he knows what family do's are like, and everything will be fine. Tash smiles listening to George while she cleans the bar at Charlie's
Chris sits down to eat with Aidan. Aidan asks what Chris wants him to do about tomorrow afternoon, Chris lies that nothing's happening and he'll just be taking it easy, which is fine as long as Chris keeps tomorrow night free for Aidan. Chris smiles uneasily.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Aidan finds out from Andrew about Chris's family party.
- Sonya tells Lucas that she is pregnant.
- Lucas tells Toadie his fears of being a father, then Toadie tells Sonya his new fears of being a father.
- Chris tells his father that he has a boyfriend, and he didn't invite him to the party because of what he had said. He's worried he stuffed everything up.
- Aidan comes to Lassiters Lake, and sees the party.
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Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6402
Summer Hoyland

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6402
Andrew Robinson

Aidan Foster, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6402
Aidan Foster, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland

Natasha Williams, Aidan Foster in Neighbours Episode 6402
Natasha Williams, Aidan Foster

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6402
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6402
Summer Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Sonya Mitchell, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6402
Sonya Mitchell, Susan Kennedy

Chris Pappas, George Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6402
Chris Pappas, George Pappas

Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6402
Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6402
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Vanessa Villante, Susan Kennedy, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6402
Vanessa Villante, Susan Kennedy, Sonya Mitchell

Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6402
Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy

Vanessa Villante, Susan Kennedy, Sonya Mitchell, Bernard Cabello in Neighbours Episode 6402
Vanessa Villante, Susan Kennedy, Sonya Mitchell, Bernard Cabello

Vanessa Villante, Sonya Mitchell, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6402
Vanessa Villante, Sonya Mitchell, Susan Kennedy

Aidan Foster, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6402
Aidan Foster, Natasha Williams

Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6402
Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams

George Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6402
George Pappas

Chris Pappas, Aidan Foster in Neighbours Episode 6402
Chris Pappas, Aidan Foster

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