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Neighbours Episode 6401 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6401
Australian airdate: 14/05/12
UK airdate: 11/06/12
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Ajay Kapoor: Sachin Joab
Bernard Cabello: Bruce Alexander
Griffin O'Donahue: William Ewing
Dr Adrian Pearce: Christopher Waters
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
Lucas finding out how tying parenthood is.
Sophie twigging Callum and Sophie aren't together.
Chris/Aidan strife.
Previously on Neighbours
Summer and Andrew agreeing to be friends after separating as a couple.
Susan inviting Bernard out on a date.
Karl excited that The Right Prescription (TRP) have a gig and inviting Susan/Bernard to it.
Number 28
Karl is suitably dressed in a Hawaiian shirt which doesn't meet with Ajay's version of the new TRP and suggests jeans and a t-shirt would be better. He leaves and Karl asks Summer what she thinks and the lassie is very polite in her reply! Karl then brings up that Susan is taking a date to the gig and seems taken aback when Summer indicates she knows who it is, so explains that he's their yoga teacher.
Community centre
Bernard is telling Susan all about the venue for the date and she asks they change to go see Karl perform.
Number 28
"He's actually really nice," Summer tells Karl after he came up with his own description of what Bernard looks like. Talk about jealous and Summer reminds him about how Susan behaved when he was dating Jessica.
Community centre
Bernard agrees to Susan's suggestion of going to see TRP.
Number 28
Summer uses a bit of subtly to get Karl out of the hideous shirt - he surely wants to look good in front of Susan and her date!
Ramsay Street
A better looking Karl heads to the car to load up his gear and runs into Andrew and he isn't impressed to find out that he got into do a gig at Charlie's!
Andrew is moaning at Kate for her allowing another group to play at the pub, reminding her she has a stake in Red Cotton too. Kate doesn't give in but as TRP traipses in she is perhaps now wishing she hadn't booked them!
KARL: Hello fans and air conditioners.
ADRIAN: Let's rock this city.
KATE: (to Andrew) It's Monday night, I can afford to take the risk!
Harold's Store
Sophie quizzes Callum on what he'd like the new sibling to be before chat turns to himself/Rani and he looks all depressed because she is still grounded. Soph would rather not hear about them and turns to go get a seat as Cal gets them something to drink.
Griffin happens to pop into the store and invites Summer on a date and after she mentions Karl is playing at Charlie's and wanting to support him, agrees to accompany. "That's cool," he comments when Summer tells him the type of music TRP are likely to play. "They're definitely not cool!" Summer replies.
GRIFFIN: As long as they sound good.
SUMMER: I can't guarantee that either.
Griffin must really be in love with Summer because he's going to take the risk of seeing TRP!
The Right Prescription finish setting up when Karl spots Susan and Bernard arriving so abandons the sound check to go and interrogate! Susan does the intros and Karl suddenly declares himself a yoga follower, even remarking that he's recommending it to his patients... before he then insults it by calling it mumbo jumbo! Karl decides to get back to the sound check and the dating couple decide drinks are in order!
Charlie's veranda
Griffin and Summer chat about the best gigs they've seen when Susan exits the bar. Summer does the intros and they exchange polite conversation before he heads inside leaving the ladies to chat. Susan tells Summer about Karl/Bernard's meeting and that she may not be at the gig for too long... and why she's hiding outside until the gig starts!
Summer joins Griffin in the bar and we get awkward take 2 because of course Andrew is in the bar (chatting to Chris). He suggests they head elsewhere but Summer is happy to remain.
Commercial break later and The Right Prescription begin their set.
Paul creeps into the bar and asks Susan if she's here to watch the "dying swan act?!" We don't hear her reply as the camera pans to the group for a second but when it refocuses on them, Paul asks who the guy is and after she tells him that he's her date he replies that he is thrilled for her...
SUSAN: You care about my private life?
PAUL: Nope but bringing your yogi date to your ex-husbands band gig well that's priceless. Any chance of a punch up?!
Susan slaps him across the chest for that comment but both are then stunned when Bernard announces he's moving closer to the front because he's enjoying it!!!
PAUL: Is he for real?
It would appear that Bernard isn't the only one enjoying it, the silent randomers are nodding their heads away and even Griffin seems to be giving it his approval too although that doesn't seem to last for too long as he then asks Summer if she wants to go outside.
Bernard approaches Karl as they stop for a break to praise him and to shout him a drink!
Andrew approaches Kate to try and rub it in that tonight hasn't gone well but she has the last laugh the takings (so far) are actually very high because those that are present are buying 3-course meals and expensive bottles of wine/cocktails. It then dawns on Andrew why.
ANDREW: The older people have more money.
KATE: Exactly.
Andrew now has a brainwave and approaches Karl to see if he can be their manager! Karl takes great delight in reminding him of what happened yesterday when Karl initially asked him!
ANDREW: True, but Karl that was before I heard you play to such a rapturous crowd tonight.
KARL: So you admit we're good?
ANDREW: You're good.
KARL: How good?
ANDREW: Um possibly the best older band I think I have ever heard.
KARL: So you apologise for mocking me?
He doesn't do that but instead claims he was merely mucking around but it works as Karl agrees to him becoming their manager and wants Andrew to, "put them out there as much as possible," and adds on another condition - he can only deal with him directly. Andrew agrees to the terms and is shocked to get a hug from Karl sealing the deal!
Lassiters Lake
Both Summer and Griffin admit its good to be away from Andrew as they go for a walk. "You're beautiful," Griffin tells her before leaning in to pash her.
Susan absconds from the chatting (and getting on like a house on fire) Karl and Bernard to seek refuse at the bar where she runs into Summer after the pair of them re-entered the bar. Summer asks how it's going and Susan replies she's been dumped... for Karl!
"We're back," Karl suddenly then announces to the gathered and the second part of the gig starts. And yet again Paul creeps back into the frame this time to have a go at Summer about getting involved with one of Andrew's business interests (Griffin's gone to the bar to get a drink).
SUMMER: Griffin is a person Paul not a business interest.
PAUL: Not to me he's not. I'm serious Summer, this little liaison could blur the lines for Andrew and blurry lines and business are never good.
SUMMER: Andrew is fine. We're good for tonight.
Paul puts it to her that Andrew could be lying.
SUMMER: And that's his problem isn't it.
She moves away from Paul to where Griffin is and then the pair of them head to the dance floor where Bernard is having a whale of a time much to Susan's bemusement!!
Chris can't believe that Andrew is The Right Prescription's new manager when the pair re-enter the bar but their attention is drawn to Summer dancing/pashing with Griffin. Andrew confirms to Chris that he's fine with them being together but his face (and the dagger looks) would suggest otherwise!
Bernard has really enjoyed his date with Susan (more so than her!) and just as she is calling the date a night, much to her surprise, he kisses her! "I'll see you in yoga," he says before heading off and all that Susan can muster is an, "okay dokey," before she leaves a moment or two later.
Griffin asks Summer if she wants to go elsewhere but she turns him down and they leave so he can escort her home. Before they leave, Andrew asks Griffin for a word - to say he's cancelled their gig at Charlie's for Thursday, citing that Kate wants to book TRP instead, adding in that he manages them now too. Griffin isn't sure if it's a ploy by Andrew to dump them or not. Andrew doesn't reply, so Griffin calls him pathetic as he is just doing this because he's dating Summer. "Please," replies Andrew and tries to claim he wouldn't jeopardise his business for something so petty.
GRIFFIN: Keep telling yourself that mate.
Final commercial break later and Chris can't believe what Andrew is doing. Summer returns to the bar to have a go at Andrew too and also can't believe his claim that it's a business decision. Andrew calls Kate into the discussion and gets her to confirm that The Right Prescription made the bar 50% more money than Red Cotton and that is without a cover charge too.
Feeling smug that he's proved a point, Andrew turns to Summer to explain that is why they will never be friends - not as she claims because he can't bare to see her happy but because it doesn't matter what he does, he'll always be accused of having ulterior motives.
SUMMER: That is not true.
ANDREW: Then what do you call this?
SUMMER: You know what, us trying to be friends was obviously really a bad idea.
ANDREW: Yes obviously.
Summer then walks out of the bar as Chris tries to intervene between his warring friends.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- More Andrew/Summer arguing.
- Susan trying to avoid Bernard.
- George not taking no for an answer from his son.
- Tash warning Chris.
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Ajay Kapoor, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6401
Ajay Kapoor, Karl Kennedy

Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6401
Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Karl Kennedy, Andrew Robinson

Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson

Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6401
Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Griffin O’Donahue, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6401
Griffin O’Donahue, Summer Hoyland

Dr Adrian Pearce in Neighbours Episode 6401
Dr Adrian Pearce

Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6401
Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Summer Hoyland, Griffin O’Donahue, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6401
Summer Hoyland, Griffin O’Donahue, Susan Kennedy

Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6401
Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas

Bernard Cabello, Dr Adrian Pearce, Ajay Kapoor, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6401
Bernard Cabello, Dr Adrian Pearce, Ajay Kapoor, Karl Kennedy

Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Bernard Cabello in Neighbours Episode 6401
Susan Kennedy, Bernard Cabello

Karl Kennedy, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Karl Kennedy, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Griffin O’Donahue in Neighbours Episode 6401
Summer Hoyland, Griffin O’Donahue

Summer Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Summer Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6401
Bernard Cabello, Susan Kennedy

Griffin O’Donahue, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Griffin O’Donahue, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6401
Summer Hoyland, Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6401
Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson

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