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Neighbours Episode 6371 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6371
Australian airdate: 02/04/12
UK airdate: 30/04/12
Writer: Chris Corbett
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Ajay Kapoor: Sachin Joab
Griffin O'Donahue: William Ewing
Glen Darby: Luke Jacka
Red Cotton: Peter Ewing, Benjamin R. Callaghan, Sam Billinghurst Walsh
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
Toadie despondent a baby still isn't on the way.
Mrs Lawson criticising her son.
Tash holding a party at #32.
Summer catching Andrew pashing someone else!
Despite Michael leaving last week there is no change to the titles.
Previously on Neighbours
- Ajay trying to convince the locals.
- Paul rejecting Susan's claim that he's met his match in Ajay.
- Summer/Andrew arguing.
Summer sits and watches on as Red Cotton perform to the punters. She then sees Andrew and Sophie (who is totally impressed at how well the band are doing) dancing away to the group too before exiting the bar.
Harold's Store
Lucas jibes Summer up about her getting old since she escaped the gig at Charlie's because the music is too loud! She replies that she is just giving Andrew the space to do his job. They then start chatting about Tash and Sum is the one to break it to him that Michael has taken off with Emilia. "Gutless" is his reaction before going to the counter to order.
Susan enters the store looking for Summer (she was a bit surprised to find her not at Charlie's watching the gig) to hand over her first payslip and congratulates Summer on achieving her goal of being a paid journalist.
The punters seem happy with Red Cotton as they wrap up the gig and Paul offers his personal congratulations to Andrew too. Paul isn't amused to find out that Sophie was the support act but Andrew moves the conversation on when he hands his dad an envelope of money. Paul isn't pleased that its short on what he was owed and Andrew is forced to tell him about the problem he had with the group, which ultimately results in Paul accepting the money being short because Andrew has learned a business lesson... but he isn't letting Andrew off with quitting working at the hotel just yet!
Harold's Store (next day)
Lou thanks Ajay when he comes in for helping Lucas out (even if Ajay does try to tell him that it was sorted out without his help) and suggests that he should set up locally. "Funny you should say that," Ajay replies and gives Lou the good news that he's setting up an office in the complex and then turns to speak to Paul (who's standing at the counter reading his paper) that the lights outside his office need replacing. Paul begrudgingly agrees to get someone to look at it (only because Lou had a dig at him) and isn't impressed at Lou and Ajay getting on great with each other.
Erinsborough News
Paul comes into the office and wants to see the research that Susan has been doing on crime rates when a local police station has closed and is surprised when she says that the crime has actually fallen. Since the stats aren't working for him, he doesn't want the story to run and instead orders her to do a story instead about community centre fiasco even when she points out there isn't one but is told go get out and start digging!
Lassiters Complex
Sum is surprised to see Andrew working at the hotel, so he explains he was just short on what he owed his dad hence why he's still working. She apologises for how things were the previous night and they part promising to chat later on.
Erinsborough News
Paul is surprised when Summer presents him with her wages as she wants to help Andrew pay off his debt. He doesn't initially accept it although when Summer heads off to get the banking info from payroll he doesn't say anything.
Lassiters Complex
Andrew is puzzled when a manager comes out of the hotel (he's loading up a car) and tells him to stop working on orders from his dad.
Harold's Store
Susan is doing a search on Ajay when Lucas comes over to chat about Michael taking off. He then chats about what she is searching and when invited to discuss local council building permits decides he'll chat with her later! Ajay happens to walk past her and spots what she is actually looking at (what she thinks is his Twitter profile but it is somebody else with the same name) and offers her a real story.
Police station
Ajay is telling Susan what is going to be happening in the new community centre once it's been converted from the current police station. Lou drops in as they are chatting and suggests that Ajay runs some bingo sessions... it's a magnet to attract the ladies! Susan is impressed with the passion Ajay has about the centre... so much so when Paul calls her she rejects his call!
Paul leaves a voicemail for Susan demanding his story (he's suss at her avoiding him!) when Andrew comes in wanting to know the story behind his sacking. "I didn't sack you," Paul informs him and adds that his debt has been cleared courtesy of Summer. Andrew isn't pleased at what Summer has done for him and will return her money (and return to work) because he wants to pay off his own debts.
Number 28
Andrew enters the house and returns Summer's money before launching into a rant about her helping him when he didn't want that. She tries to explain that at the gig she saw him doing what he was good at (and wanted him to concentrate on that rather than working at Lassiters) before adding that she also believes in him. Andrew takes major offence at her saying that and the two of them have a major domestic before he makes it clear that he doesn't want her holding his hand. Having said what he wants to say, Andrew goes to leave to get back to Lassiters but Summer refuses to let him go, she wants them to sort things out first.
Erinsborough News
When she finally returns to the office, Susan breaks it to Paul that she can't write the story he wants her to because it's not true. "I think I'll decide what's true and what's not," he replies so Susan tells him to use his own contacts and do the story himself. "Good I will," he says and heads off to his office to do that... and first off is calling Sophie to invite her for a drink.
Sophie realises that Paul is after something and asks him straight out. Realising he's been caught out, he subtly quizzes her on Ajay (but through the angle of him being Rani's dad), but the dirty Sophie dishes out on him (Ajay's lame for listening to hip-hop) isn't quite what Paul was after! He is though taken with the notice Sophie has got from Tash alerting the neighbours that she's having a party and not to call the cops.
Number 28
Andrew and Summer come to the realisation once the arguing stops that they can't carry on as they are because they are both going in separate directions.
SUMMER: So what do we do?
(Andrew shrugs his shoulders)
SUMMER: Maybe we should take a break?
ANDREW: A break?
SUMMER: Nothing permanent, just some breathing space.
Andrew agrees to this and with a bit of hesitation, leaves the house and when he does, Summer breaks down crying.
Ramsay Street/Number 28
Andrew stands at the end of his driveway and has a flashback to declaring his love for Summer after stopping Lyn's car as she was about to relocate to Bendigo with Summer and Charlie. He looks over towards #28 where inside Summer is debating whether to call him or not, before he finally heads up the driveway just as Summer makes her way to the window of #28 hoping to see him.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Andrew telling his dad about the break with Summer.
- Summer now regretting suggesting having a break.
- Susan chatting to Toadie about his work.
- Toadie then chatting to Sonya about his work.
- Callum having a go at Toadie for spending too much time working and accusing him of not caring about them anymore.
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Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6371
Summer Hoyland

Griffin O’Donahue in Neighbours Episode 6371
Griffin O’Donahue

Summer Hoyland, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6371
Summer Hoyland, Lucas Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6371
Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6371
Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Sophie Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Ajay Kapoor, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6371
Paul Robinson, Ajay Kapoor, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6371
Susan Kennedy

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6371
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6371
Paul Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Glen Darby in Neighbours Episode 6371
Glen Darby

Lucas Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6371
Lucas Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy

Ajay Kapoor, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6371
Ajay Kapoor, Lou Carpenter

Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6371
Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6371
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6371
Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6371
Sophie Ramsay

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6371
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6371
Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6371
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6371
Summer Hoyland

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