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Neighbours Episode 6287 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6287
Australian airdate: 08/11/11
UK airdate: 06/12/11
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Jonathon Dutton
Guests: Dane Canning: Luke Pegler
Malcolm Kennedy: Benjie McNair
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
Karl tells Mal that he and Susan need to deal with things in their own way, he can't keep forcing the issue.
Mal kissing Jade.
Andrew sees Kate kissing Noah on Summer's history wall footage.
Outside Harold's Store
Andrew is sitting at a table, looking at Summer's footage on her laptop, in full public view of anyone who might happen to walk by(!)
He calls Kate again, but there's no answer. Chris comes up so he quickly shuts the laptop. Chris reminds him that they're meant to be having a study session at the library. But Andrew sees Kate coming and tells Chris he'll meet him in twenty minutes.
Harold's Store
Andrew catches up with Kate just as she's starting her shift.
ANDREW: I know about you and Noah.
KATE: What? I don't know what you're talking about.
ANDREW: I know.
KATE: You know, this little thing you've got going with Noah is starting to turn into an obsession.
ANDREW: I know you kissed him.
KATE: Yeah, right. Him and half the football team? If you're done here, I need to get back to work.
Andrew pulls her back, asking her if she she wants to know how he knows. Kate keeps denying it, so Andrew just opens the laptop and shows Kate the footage.
ANDREW: What were you thinking?
KATE: Has anyone else seen it?
ANDREW: No, just me so far.
KATE: Oh, thank God!
ANDREW: So, are you and him, like...
KATE: No, no! No, it was one kiss, OK? It was stupid mistake.
ANDREW: You'd better hope he keeps his mouth shut.
KATE: He will.
ANDREW: You reckon? He's pretty into you.
KATE: I'm handling it!
ANDREW: If you'd just cut him loose when I told him...
KATE: Yeah, you're not really helping. So what about you?
ANDREW: I'm not going to say anything, no.
KATE: So are you going to delete the footage?
ANDREW: It's not mine to delete, OK, I was just going over it for Summer.
KATE: Well, she can't see it!
ANDREW: She needs this to get into her journalism course!
KATE: Well she can just use something else!
ANDREW: No, no! She needs the footage! After the bribery story turned out to be a fake and everything...
KATE: No, Andrew, you have got to delete this!
ANDREW: I can't do that to her, Kate.
Just then, Dane pops his head around the door to tell Kate a big queue has developed in the shop.
KATE: Look, I know how important this is to Summer, but if this gets out it could ruin my entire life. Andrew, please, we're family!
Garden of No.28
Malcolm is waiting by the back fence, on text message instructions from Jade. Presently she appears and chucks his belt at him (he left it under her bed)
MAL: Is that...it?
JADE: Do you need anything else?
MAL: No...I just thought...
JADE: What?
MAL: Nothing. Doesn't matter. Look, last night was pretty crazy. If we're going to keep doing this, we should be a bit smarter, don't you think? Maybe a nice quiet restaurant...dinner...hotel?
But Jade has gone.
MAL: Jade?
He looks over the fence, but there's no sign of Jade.
Mal is ordering flowers online for Jade. Karl comes out and sees him, thinking he's sending flowers to Catherine.
Dane and Rhys are chatting about their failed pickups last night. Dane says good old fashioned romance is what's needed - flowers, chocolates, the works.
Mal tells Karl he isn't ordering flowers because he has a guilty conscience, he buys them for Catherine all the time. Karl is surprised at his touchiness and asks if everything is OK with him and Catherine. He insists that it is.
Dane is telling Rhys about how Kyle was chasing one girl all summer with old- fashioned romance. Rhys asks Jade's opinion. she says it's very unoriginal and cliched. Dane thinks she's wrong.
RHYS: Doesn't it all depend who it's from? Reckon you might change your tune if it was from someone special.
JADE: I think you're confusing me with the garden fairy, my sister. It wouldn't matter who they came from, a bunch of flowers means nothing to me.
She stalks off.
Ramsay Street
Karl is retrieving his newspaper from a bush when he sees Rhys and Dane. He teases them by referring to them as "Dr Lawson and Dr Canning". Rhys rolls his eyes. He tells Karl that he's got an interview for the surgical programme.
Mal is just off out and Karl asks if he'll be home for dinner. He says he's running late and rushes off.
Summer sees Andrew and he tells her he's off to the library. She asks if she can have her laptop back and he says he's not finished with it yet. Summer is suspicious, so Andrew tells her he's been working on her History Wall footage. She isn't sure it will wow the journalism panel, but he reassures her. She thanks him for his help and hugs him.
Andrew is looking at the footage again when Chris comes in. He is slightly irritated that Andrew stood him up at the library today. Andrew asks him if he knows how to delete a portion of video footage, but doesn't want to show him the footage(!) Chris says he can't really help unless Andrew shows him.
Mal has left his laptop open with the receipt for Jade's flowers on the screen. Karl comes in and sits down on the sofa. He tells Summer that he thinks he'll crank up his old fitness regime, and decides to give Jade a call. Summer asks to use Malcolm's laptop as Andrew still has hers. She shuts down the flowers receipt without reading it.
Jade is getting ready for work when the phone rings and there's a knock at the door at the same time. She decides to answer the phone (it's a new client) and when she goes to the door, there is noone there, but there is a bunch of roses with her name on it. Jade picks up the flowers and smiles to herself. She takes out her phone and looks at Kyle's picture on it. However, just then Mal arrives.
MAL: You like? I waited until the delivery van had left. I couldn't exactly bring them over myself. You know that fantastic hotel on the river in the City? I booked us into a suite. Champagne on arrival, spa bath, use of the...
JADE: No! No, I can't!
MAL: What? I thought you liked this?
JADE: Mal! Never, ever do anything like this again!
She slams the door in his face.
Kate has come to find Andrew. He tells her that he can't delete the footage, and he can't edit out the piece in question, apparently he's been trying all day and "can't get the timings to match up" (Er, so what?!?) Kate urges him to delete the footage outright before Summer wants her computer back.
KATE: Andrew, if this footage gets out, it's going to ruin my life. I'll be banned from teaching!
ANDREW: So, she has to pay for your mistake, is that it?
KATE: Oh, she'll come up with another idea for her folio.
ANDREW: There's no time, it's due straight after exams.
KATE: This isn't just about me, OK, it's about Sophie too, I don't want to stuff up her future as well!
ANDREW: Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you stuck your tongue down a schoolboy's throat!
KATE: I made a mistake, OK? A big one. If I could take it back, trust me, I would. But there's nothing I can do now but try and fix it. I know that this is putting you in a really awkward situation, but I don't know what else to do! Summer is a smart girl, she's talented. She will find another way to get into this course, and she's still got time to do it. But if this footage gets out, my career is over, it's gone. Andrew, I am begging you. You've got to help me. Please.
Garden of No.26
Jade storms out to the garden and stuffs the roses into the outside bin. Mal appears over the fence.
MAL: OK, what's going on here?!
JADE: Mal, what part of it don't you understand?!
MAL: You! What you want with this, us!
JADE: No! No, no no, there is no "us"!
MAL: What is it, then?
JADE: It's...it's just two adults having a good time, OK? No expectations, no complications and *certainly* none of this hearts and flowers stuff!
MAL: That's all you want?
JADE: We have a great time together, don't we?
MAL: Yeah, we do.
JADE: Then why complicate it any more than it needs to be? This was only ever supposed to be just a bit of fun. If you're not interested in that...it doesn't bother me. It's up to you.
She walks off.
Andrew is still pouring over the laptop. Mal comes in, sits at a table, and thinks about calling Catherine. But instead he calls Jade.
MAL: It's me. I've thought about what you said. I'm in. (pause) Great. See you in about an hour.
Jade and Karl are going over a new training session. She is just leaving when Malcolm arrives. Mal is surprised to hear that Karl is going to exercise, but says that everyone needs to be pushed in a new direction sometimes to challenge themselves.
KARL: Jade certainly provides that.
MAL:(dryly) I'm sure she does.
Mal heads off to take a shower.
Andrew is still moping over the laptop. He looks over the footage of Kate and Noah again and remembers Kate's words to him earlier. He finally makes a decision and deletes the footage.
Andrew gives Summer her footage back and "confesses" to Summer that he's accidentally deleted her footage. Summer panics and says it must be there somewhere. Andrew apologises profusely. Summer rants that there is no way to fix this (well, you could re- download the original footage from the camera, non?) Andrew can only apologise.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Summer is devastated about losing the footage and says she'll never get into journalism now.
- Andrew is cross at Kate for making him delete the footage.
- Summer worries about her exams.
- Emilia and Michael fight.
- Lucas tells Emilia and Michael that they'll have to work things out somehow.
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Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6287
Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6287
Andrew Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6287
Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6287
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Dane Canning in Neighbours Episode 6287
Dane Canning

Rhys Lawson, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6287
Rhys Lawson, Jade Mitchell

Dane Canning, Rhys Lawson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6287
Dane Canning, Rhys Lawson, Karl Kennedy

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6287
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6287
Chris Pappas, Andrew Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6287
Karl Kennedy, Summer Hoyland

Malcolm Kennedy, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6287
Malcolm Kennedy, Jade Mitchell

Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6287
Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson

Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6287
Jade Mitchell, Malcolm Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6287
Malcolm Kennedy

Jade Mitchell, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6287
Jade Mitchell, Karl Kennedy

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6287
Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6287
Summer Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6287
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

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