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Neighbours Episode 6152 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6152
Australian airdate: 03/05/11
UK airdate: 31/05/11
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Det. Sgt. Wilks - Simon Maiden
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Sonya and Callum meeting up in secret
- Callum making Sonya promise she won't relapse
- Mark turning in one of his fellow workmates
Lassiter's Complex
Mark sees some of his colleagues sitting down having a chat out the front of Harold's and goes to join them, but they make it clear he's not welcome. Annoyed, Mark walks into the store while the head detective follows.
Harold's Store
The detective tells Mark not to let the others get to him, but Mark's put in an even worse mood when he's 'advised' not to attend some going away drinks tonight. Mark tells the detective that it's not fair he's being made out to be the bad guy, but the detective says that everyone just needs a few days to settle down.
Number 24
Sonya flops onto the couch just as Jade and Lucas appear to check up on her. Lucas is concerned after she bailed on the GA meeting, but Sonya pretends she's fine. One thing Sonya admits to, though, is that she needs to tell Toadie the truth tomorrow about seeing Callum. Jade tells her sister to come shopping with her to take her mind off things.
Ramsay Street
Jade and Sonya are on their way to the shops when they see Callum riding his bike. Sonya doesn't want to chance a run- in with Toadie, but Jade walks over anyway to say hello to Cal. Jade's not too happy, though, when she finds out about Sonya's promise to Callum (that she'll never relapse again).
Lassiter's Park
Lucas and Kyle are nearly dead after their jog, but Mark is still full of beans, trying to work off his anger. He suggests some extra sprints but isn't met with much enthusiasm. Kyle heads home and Lucas tries to get Mark to talk about what's bothering him, but Mark gets all blokey and says he's fine, he just wants to run.
Ramsay Street
The Mitchell sisters are home from the shops, but Jade is still trying to get Sonya to talk about her ill- advised pact with Callum. Jade wants to know what happens if Sonya relapses, but Sonya sarcastically thanks her for the vote of confidence. They're forced to stop arguing when Toadie and Callum wheel their bins out, but Jade says they're not done talking. She heads inside while Sonya stares across the street. Toadie doesn't quite know how to act when Cal stares back and gives Sonya a small wave.
Lassiter's Carpark
Mark easily jogs over to his car to change from his sweaty singlet into a hoodie while Lucas nearly vomits from overexertion. The boys soon realise that someone has let down not one but two of Mark's car tyres. Paul happens to pass by and tells them that one tyre is bad luck but two tyres means someone's sending a message. Mark slams down the boot of his car - he knows exactly who the message is from.
Erinsborough Police Station - Exterior
Mark angrily confronts the detective from earlier about his car and says he's going to check the CCTV footage, but the detective says there's nothing there. Mark wants to know how his colleague knew what carpark he meant, but the detective just retorts that Mark should see a counsellor. Enraged, Mark charges at him and causes a ruckus while Lucas tries to hold him back.
First Commercial Break
Lassiter's Carpark
Lucas helps Mark with some gear to fix his tyres. Mark's peeved that he's being treated like a criminal when he's done nothing wrong. Kate walks by and can see that Mark's upset about something, but when she keeps asking him about it he just ends up snapping at her to leave him alone.
Number 28
Toadie drops by to seek some advice from Karl. He can see that Callum is missing Sonya but doesn't know what to do about it. Karl says that all Toadie can do is love Callum, just like he always has, and to trust his instincts.
Charlie's Bar
Kyle excitedly reads up on the trivia night tomorrow night while he's waiting with Lyn for some takeaway. He asks Lyn if she wants to go, but she declines.
KYLE: Come on, Mrs S, I bet you know all about the war and that.
LYN: Which war would that be, Kyle?
KYLE: Y'know, the last big one.
LYN: Right, um, just how old do you think I am, love?
KYLE: Young enough to still be the best looking lady in this bar!
LYN: Yeah, really nice try.
Kyle admits he's got a lot of free time at the car yard so Wikipedia's become his best friend, hence the trivia addiction. He thinks Kate might be into it since first prize is a trip to Phillip Island. Mark heads in as they head out and he says hello to Jade, but she's frosty with him. Mark's had enough of people ignoring him today and wants to know what Jade's problem is. Jade huffs that he took Toadie's side against Sonya, but Mark calmly informs her that Toadie just offered him a place to crash and that he spent most of his time with Callum. An uneasy truce is formed between them and they agree to play a game of pool together.
Callum's Bedroom
Toadie wants to have a chat with Cal and assures him that there's no right or wrong answer, so he doesn't have to be worried. He asks Callum if he's spoken to Sonya, and Cal admits that he's seen her around town and said hello a few times. Toadie then asks if he wants to spend more time with Sonya. Callum feels uneasy, not wanting to hurt Toadie's feelings, but when Toad urges him to tell the truth Callum says yes.
Number 24
Sonya's leafing through her police files when there's a knock at the door. She's extremely surprised to see Callum and Toadie standing there, and even more so when Toadie says Cal wants to spend time with her. Sonya invites them in, which makes Toadie wary, but Callum says he'd like to hang out with Sonya now.
Second Commercial Break
Number 24
The trio make stilted conversation until Toadie gets a call from a client and takes his mobile into the kitchen. Callum uses the moment of privacy to thank Sonya for not telling Toadie about their meet- ups. Sonya thinks they should still tell the truth, but Callum doesn't think that's a good idea considering Toadie's still trying to deal with the small progress they've made today and he doesn't want to make him angry. Toadie can see they're chatting about something closely but can't hear them.
Charlie's Bar
Mark, Jade and Lucas hang out together and play pool. Jade and Mark are finally getting along well, albeit in a banter/flirty sort of way. Lucas asks Mark how he's going but Mark says his next shift isn't until tomorrow morning so he'll deal with it all then. Jade calls Mark back to the pool table and asks if he wants to make the game a little more interesting. They smirk at one another.
Number 24
Things are looking a bit easier between everyone, but Toadie's still not comfortable enough to take up Sonya's offer of dinner. Before the boys leave, Toadie takes another call in the kitchen, leaving Callum and Sonya room to chat. Callum asks Sonya questions about the photos she gave him and says he'll bring them over next time. Toadie sees them laughing together again, and again they're not entirely truthful about what they've been talking about. The boys head home, but Toadie hangs back to tell Sonya they should try this again some time for Callum's sake. Sonya smiles and thanks him for being so generous and understanding.
Charlie's Bar
Jade celebrates another win over Mark and Lucas and cheekily reminds Mark to keep his end of the bargain. With a sigh, Mark lifts his shirt over his head (thank you storyliners!) and says "Jade is the best", not realising his colleagues are watching and judging him from the bar. Lucas says he's going to head home, but Mark's in for a long night and tells Jade he's up for another round of pool. The flirt- factor suddenly amps up between Mark and Jade.
Third Commercial Break
Charlie's Bar
Mark and Jade have moved onto darts, where Mark has a win at something. They're almost the only two left in the bar and Jade thinks they should head home, but Mark wants one more game of pool. They flirt and banter some more, getting closer and closer every moment, until the vibe changes completely between them and they kiss. At first it's just a small peck, but it soon turns into a full- on pash.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
LIBBY: I'm sick of being wrapped in cotton wool and I'm sick of being ruled by the past. I'm going to do something with my life.
(Michael and Libby clash yet again)
MICHAEL: My new policy idea - no uniforms.
LIBBY: You can't be serious.
MICHAEL: Other schools have tried it and its worked.
(Libby has a chat to her parents)
SUSAN: Are you going to stick with what you believe in?
KARL: Even if you are arguing with your boss. Sometimes you have to pick your fights.
(Mark feels awkward around Kate after his dalliance with Jade)
MARK: What the hell do I do now?
JADE: Nothing! Don't worry, I haven't told her. You can just pretend the whole thing never happened.
(But Mark doesn't look like he can keep the truth from Kate)
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Mark Brennan, Det. Sgt. Wilks in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Det. Sgt. Wilks

Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell

Callum Jones, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Callum Jones, Jade Mitchell

Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Lucas Fitzgerald

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6152
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Lucas Fitzgerald

Mark Brennan, Det. Sgt. Wilks in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Det. Sgt. Wilks

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6152
Kate Ramsay

Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6152
Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Lyn Scully, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6152
Lyn Scully, Kyle Canning

Mark Brennan, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Jade Mitchell

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6152
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell

Mark Brennan, Lucas Fitzgerald, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Lucas Fitzgerald, Jade Mitchell

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Jade Mitchell, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6152
Jade Mitchell, Lucas Fitzgerald

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6152
Mark Brennan, Jade Mitchell

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