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Neighbours Episode 6134 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6134
Australian airdate: 07/04/11
UK airdate: 05/05/11
Writer: Cath Roden
Director: Aarne Neeme
Summary/Images by: Holing/Graham
- Andrew having a go at Tash for faking a pregnancy
- Summer apologising to Tash for cheating with Andrew
- Jade offering Kyle a job
- Toadie screaming at Sonya for lying about being Callum's mother and then kicking her out
- Libby trying to get Toadie to give Sonya a chance to explain
Erinsborough Hospital/Number 30
Susan has come to check on Toadie at the hospital and bring him some toiletries. He lets her in on the situation with Sonya; he has asked her to leave. He then questions whether Sonya was only with him to get closer to Callum and Susan gives him a comforting hug.
Meanwhile at number 30, Sonya is packing her things while Jade tries to comfort her by saying Toadie will eventually come around. Jade offers to get a room at Lassiter's for the night before deciding what to do in the morning. Sonya takes one last look at some photos and places the monkey toy in front of it before tearfully leaving.
Number 24
I guess Lassiter's will have to wait as we see Jade asking an overwhelmed Lucas to take them in for the night. Jade takes his hesitation to mean he's unwilling but he's just trying to wrap his head around it all and comments how big a surprise it is that the descriptions of Callum's horrible mother was actually Sonya. Jade hopes that Toadie will come around while Lucas finally snaps out of his shock and goes to get their things from the car.
Harold's Store
Kyle powers in asking Jade for more work because he's strapped for cash. She doesn't have anything...except this one client who's very fussy. Kyle is thrilled for the potential extra work. As he turns around, he runs straight into Mark who spills his coffee and is extremely annoyed.
Lassiter's Complex (Harold's exterior)
Kyle rushes out of Harold's, walks around the corner, faces a wall, and proceeds to strip. Libby walks past and backtracks when she notices Kyle there.
LIBBY: Ahem.
KYLE: Miss Kennedy.
LIBBY: It's Libby.
KYLE: Libby, sorry Miss Kennedy.
Kyle sighs and explains that Lou wants him to be dressed and ready when he turns up to work and he's running late. Unsure where to look, Libby suggests that perhaps he should find somewhere less "open" to change in: a public toilet or even his car. He looks confused. Expecting him to take it somewhere a little more private, she's surprised when he turns back towards the wall with the intention to continue changing.
LIBBY: Kyle! A car, a bathroom! Now!
Finally he seems to get it so picks up his bag, holds up his unzipped jeans and walks off.
Number 30
Toad is doing the laundry when he wistfully picks up Sonya's shirt. There's a knock on the door and Jade has come with a coffee as a peace offering. She tries to talk Toad around and explain her sister's actions but Toadie is not interested at all. He escorts her to the door.
TOADIE: I've got a son in hospital who needs me.
JADE: Whose son, Toad?
Erinsborough Hospital
Lucas has come by with some stuff for Cal and to let Toadie know that Sonya and Jade are crashing at his place. He makes it clear that he's not taking sides but Toadie feels that he is when Lucas points out that pushing Sonya out of their lives may not be the solution. He explains that after searching so hard for his mother, Callum would want to know more.
LUCAS: She's his mum.
TOADIE: Yeah. Where does that leave me?
Later, Lucas brings coffee over to a sullen Toad. Lucas jokes that hopefully it won't kill them but after a sip, they both throw the cups in the bin. Toadie is feeling threatened by potential custody issues. He muses that he felt more secure when Cal's mother was thought to be a monster instead of the loving, gentle Sonya.
Lassiter's Complex
Kyle drives into a disabled spot which does not go unnoticed by Detective Brennan. Mark wants him to move the car but Kyle claims he'll only be a minute.
KYLE: Come on dude; cut us some slack, alright? I'm flat out.
MARK: It's Detective Brennan, and you are?
KYLE: Running late.
Mark threatens to have the car towed so Kyle says that Mark is "up himself" under his breath before driving off and leaving Mark in a cloud of dust.
Jade has come in for a lunch pickup and earns a dirty look from Susan. Happy hippie Libby teases Susan for not being able to let go and Susan transfers the dirty look to Lib instead. Paul saunters in, sees Lib and goes over to give her a friendly greeting and inquire about Ben. To his (and Susan's) great surprise, Libby is just as friendly in return.
LIBBY: You're looking very sharp. Nice jacket. Very flash!
Paul and Susan exchange confused looks but Libby is all about positive energy and getting back what you give out.
Kyle walks in for lunch and Jade is shocked to see him there. He has a session with her most demanding client very soon and he stinks! He leaves and Jade throws her arms up in a "what?!" gesture to Susan when she sees Susie still staring at her.
Harold's Store
Andrew is reading an email from Tomas regarding party numbers when Tash comes in to talk to him but he chooses to ignore her and then just leaves. Kyle rushes in to the shelf and sprays himself with a bottle of tester cologne before hastily leaving but before he gets to the door, he sees Tash crying at the table. Torn between getting to his job on time and checking that Tash is OK, his compassion wins out and he sits down with her.
KYLE: You can talk to me if you want. We did do that sometimes when we were together.
Tash sobs that everything is a mess and Kyle pulls her into a hug. Through her tears, she tells him that he smells weird and Kyle smiles before looking worried as he glances at his watch.
Number 24/Number 30
Jade and Sonya are sullenly watching TV. Lucas arrives home from the hospital and Sonya is quick to worry that something has happened to Cal but Lucas assures her that Callum is fine. Sonya asks how Toadie is and Lucas says that he needs space. Sonya hates not being there for them and she bursts into tears as Lucas pulls her into a hug.
Toadie walks into an empty house and picks up Sonya's guide dog manual. Later, he's eating on his own and while he looks at photos of himself/Sonya/Callum, he remembers his declaration when becoming Callum's father. Angrily, he shoves the photo of Sonya/Callum and the toy monkey into a drawer.
Lassiter's Complex
Kyle is running very late by now so he calls the client and instructs her to take a slow jog around the oval first. He starts undressing as he nears his car. Remembering Libby's advice about changing somewhere less open and her suggestion of his car, he gets in to continue. There's soon car beeping noises and Libby, Paul, Andrew and Mark who happen past walk around to see what's going on. Andrew whips his phone out to youtube it as we see a half- dressed Kyle bumping his booty against the car horn in his search for his clothing. Mark angrily knocks on the car and tells Kyle to get out.
KYLE: Ask Miss Kennedy, she'll tell you.
KYLE: You told me to change in my car.
LIBBY: Yeah, but I didn't tell you to flash Detective Brennan!
Kyle sheepishly agrees but Mark is having none of it. He takes him in for indecent exposure.
The incident is quick to make the rounds as Libby is relaying the situation over the phone to an amused Susan. Poor Kyle strolls in to applause and Susan teases him about it. He's glad he could provide a laugh and even Susan is surprised that Brennan decided to fine Kyle. Jade stomps in, a woman in a mission to kill Kyle. Susan hastily leaves and Jade blasts Kyle for missing his training session. She's even more irritated to hear that Kyle was at the police station and refuses to listen to reasons so she sacks him on the spot.
Harold's Store
Andrew is pinning up posters while Tash is picking up groceries in the background. Kyle is pleading over the phone with Jade to give him a second chance. Libby is amused when she sees him and apologises if she got him into trouble. He looks like he's about to complain about his troubles but when he sees Tash smiling gratefully at him, he smiles and says it's all alright.
Andrew is hard- selling his party to some random extras. Libby sees that the party is for all ages and jokingly asks for tickets, much to the horror of Andrew who thought she was serious. Libby suggests that Andrew have a chat with Brennan who happens to have a talk planned for the school on the topic of responsible partying. Andrew smiles, and then the smile quickly fades when Libby walks off.
LUCAS: Are you late on rent again?!
KYLE: *This* close to getting evicted.
(Kate gives Kyle a Harold's apron)
KATE: Can you make a toasted sandwich?
ANDREW (to Kyle): How many jobs do you have, mate?
LUCAS (to Kate): I mean, I like the guy, but he's a walking disaster.
(Mark is looking at Kyle/Kate jealously)
MARK: That guy is as thick as a brick!
KATE: Mark, just stop.
(At Harold's)
TASH (to Summer): You don't think Andrew's acting strange about this whole party thing?
(Brennan giving his talk at school)
MARK: Smart kids make stupid mistakes all the time. Pressure from other people can make you do all sorts of stupid things.
(Tomas pressuring Andrew about something)
(At Harold's)
PAUL (to Andrew): I've organised the security staff at Lassiter's for the event. I've got to protect my investment, after all.
(At number 22)
TOMAS: Enough! Alright, I've had a gutful. Get your dad off our backs.
ANDREW: I will.
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Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6134
Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Jade Mitchell, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6134
Jade Mitchell, Sonya Mitchell

Jade Mitchell, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6134
Jade Mitchell, Lucas Fitzgerald

Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6134
Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6134
Mark Brennan

Kyle Canning, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6134
Kyle Canning, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6134
Toadie Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell

Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6134
Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6134
Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning

Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6134
Libby Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6134
Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Kyle Canning, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6134
Kyle Canning, Natasha Williams

Sonya Mitchell, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6134
Sonya Mitchell, Lucas Fitzgerald

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6134
Toadie Rebecchi

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6134
Kyle Canning

Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6134
Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Mark Brennan

Kyle Canning, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6134
Kyle Canning, Susan Kennedy

Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6134
Jade Mitchell

Libby Kennedy, Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6134
Libby Kennedy, Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6134
Andrew Robinson

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