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Neighbours Episode 6087 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6087
Australian airdate: 01/02/11
UK airdate: 01/03/11
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Jonathon Dutton
Guests: Jade Mitchell - Gemma Pranita
Detective Mark Brennan - Scott McGregor
Billy Forman - Jez Constable
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Tash finding out about Sophie's crush on Zeke from Callum
- Lucas finding Jade snooping through Toadie's things
- Then finding Sonya snooping through his things
- Lucas doing some illegal racing for Garland and Billy
Number 24
Sophie and Callum are doing homework when Lucas bounds in, still all revved up from his race. When he can't convince Michael (on the phone) to join him for a drink, he turns his attention to the kids and tries to persuade them to hang out. Cal's keen but Sophie plays the voice of reason and reminds Lucas it's a school night. Sighing, Lucas slumps onto the couch, the quietness of home not really gelling with his adrenaline buzz.
Harold's Store - Next Morning
The #30 gang and Sophie are hanging out before school. Jade can't help commenting on how "cute" Callum looks in his school uniform, embarrassing him. When the adults leave, Sophie and Callum talk about their first Pirate Net show for the year. Callum has a bundle of jokes lined up but Sophie wants to talk about the environment; she can't wait to get back into the studio. Callum slyly says it's because of Zeke, but Sophie just wants him to shut up about it - especially when she notices Summer and Tash listening from the counter.
Erinsborough High
Callum notices Zeke walking towards them, rubbing his neck, and teases Sophie about offering him a massage. Zeke has a brief chat with them about the show before moving on. Sophie notices Tash hanging out with Summer and Andrew and asks for a quick word. She wonders if Tash is still going to boss her around this year because she knows about her crush on Zeke, but Tash haughtily replies she's got better things to worry about than a Year 8's love life.
SOPHIE: So does that mean you're not going to tell anyone?
TASH: Until you just mentioned it I forgot Callum even told me about it.
Sophie whirls around and yells at Callum for betraying her confidence. Callum tries to explain that it was an accident but Sophie doesn't want to hear it.
Garage/Harold's Store
Lucas is on the phone to Sophie, who asks him to have lunch with her so she can avoid Callum. Mark arrives just as he hangs up and Lucas is cagey about him being so close to the stolen car he stripped yesterday. But Mark's just there to ask some advice about motorbikes because he's thinking about getting one. Lucas takes him outside to his bike and talks him through the basics. Billy rings from the store while they're talking and tells Lucas about another race at lunch time. Lucas waits until Mark leaves to call Billy back and say yes. Meanwhile poor Sophie is sitting at a table by herself to wait for Lucas. Callum sits down with her to wait too, but Sophie just grabs her bag and vacates to another table.
Parking Lot
Lucas pulls up on his bike in front of Billy, who was worried that he wasn't going to show up. Lucas checks out his competition but doesn't seem too fazed, even when Billy says he has $500 riding on him. The crowd moves to the starting line just as Lucas's mobile rings. When he sees that it's Sophie he dithers for a second before hitting the ignore button and moving off to start his race.
First Commercial Break
Parking Lot
Billy and Lucas are both in bad moods because Lucas only came second. Lucas throws his gloves on the ground and his toys out the pram.
Charlie's Bar
The Mitchell girls are getting drinks while Toadie minds them a table. Sonya says it's nice to see Jade getting along with Toadie and Jade admits she can see his value now. They rejoin Toadie just as Mark walks in to chat with them. Toadie notices the grease mark on his shirt and Mark says he was hanging out with Lucas this morning until he got too "under the pump". When Mark walks off to take a call from Kate, Sonya and Jade become suspicious - they walked past the garage just before and it was shut. Toadie says there could be a million reasons why Lucas wasn't there, but Jade still doesn't look convinced. She thinks Lucas is dodgy.
Parking Lot
Billy grudgingly hands over some money to a spectator before complaining to Lucas again about the $500 he lost. He then says 'you win some you lose some' but Lucas retorts that he doesn't lose. Billy's missing $500 begs to differ, dude.
Harold's Store
Callum tries to offer Sophie an apology cupcake (a caramel one and everything), but Sophie isn't about to be bought off. She reminds Callum that Tash made her life hell last year because of his slip of the tongue, and a real friend would have noticed back then that she was having problems. Callum leaves (on Sophie's orders) just as Sonya and Jade walk in to get some milk. The girls are sorry to hear about Lucas abandoning Sophie's lunch date, but this only fuels Jade's suspicions that Lucas is up to something. Jade soon figures out that Lucas used to gamble and tells her sister that she shouldn't be hanging out with people like that, but Sonya insists that Lucas is a good friend and she needs to trust him.
Summer, Andrew and Tash walk out of Grease Monkeys after eating lunch and spy Jade banging on the garage window, yelling out for Lucas. Tash snarkily points out that the garage is shut and Jade equally as snarkily retorts that she can see that and doesn't need her help. Finally, someone who will actually give crap back to Tash. Jade looks around, wondering what to do next.
Second Commercial Break
Charlie's Bar
Mark sees Jade and asks if she's got some spare change - he's only got a $50 for his coffee and the bar won't break it. Jade non- answers him, too busy fishing for information about Lucas's new bike. She pretends she's in the market for one too, but when Mark says a good one would probably set her back $15,000 she 'changes her mind'. Jade cheekily hands Mark some loose change before heading out.
Erinsborough High
Lucas finds Sophie and apologises for forgetting about lunch. Sophie says she looked like a loser waiting for him and doesn't look impressed when he promises to make it up to her. Callum tries to catch up with Sophie too, but she just walks off on him. As a last resort Callum approaches Tash for some advice, but she couldn't be less helpful if she tried. Callum comes up with a plan on his own, however, and tells Tash that he's going to promote Sophie's environment 'save the orangutans' idea for Pirate Net. Tash just blinks at him and very slowly reiterates that she doesn't care.
Later that afternoon, Callum draws in a crowd by wearing a monkey mask and furry gloves to talk about what's coming up on Pirate Net. Sophie thinks he's being a moron, but when Zeke mentions that it's really good publicity she soon changes her tune. Callum helps Sophie out further by telling Zeke it was all her idea.
Harold's Store
Toadie assures Callum he did a good deed today, but he isn't convinced until Sophie turns up and says she could use his help to work on more radio stuff. She gets out a different monkey mask from her bag and tells Callum 'this' is actually an orangutan. Where are these kids getting these fancy monkey masks on demand? Monkeys- R- Us at Lassiter's? Are Grease Monkeys having a giveaway? Anyway, Callum promises he'll never hurt Sophie's feelings again and they hug it out just as Zeke walks in. Cal murmurs to Sophie that he can be her wingman any day but Soph's like, "how about never?" She thinks she needs to get over her silly crush on Zeke, but when he says something nice to her she realises it's going to be difficult.
Lucas hears someone crashing around in the garage and is extremely peeved to see that Jade is in there snooping around. He asks what the hell she's doing but she just calmly takes a wad of hundreds out of a tin and says she could ask him the same question.
Third Commercial Break
Lucas angrily puts the money away and says she's lucky he's not calling the cops. But Jade challenges him and says he wouldn't anyway due to the money being dodgy. Jade says she's just looking out for Sonya, but Lucas reminds her she tried that excuse last time when he caught her with Toadie's stuff. Lucas says the money's from extra jobs he's been doing but Jade doesn't believe him.
JADE: Sonya was right about Toadie but she was wrong about you. So from now on you stay away from her.
LUCAS: You don't get to tell me what to do. Now get out of my garage. Get out!
Jade just sneers at him and leaves. Lucas yanks down the garage door in frustration, but can't help throwing a guilty look at the car shell he's hiding, knowing that he's not being 100% honest with everyone - including himself.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
LOU: Toadie's the new member. Men's business. Shed business.
TOADIE: Bring it on.
(But it looks as though Toad has to go through an initiation process)
(Jade isn't done messing around with Lucas)
LUCAS: You've got no idea what you're talking about.
JADE: What if we make it a bit more interesting? Winner takes it all. (Later) Sonya doesn't see the real you, but I do.
(Michael and Rebecca are nearly caught kissing in Charlie's by Paul)
MICHAEL: This is driving me nuts. It should be me.
REBECCA: It's just going to take some time.
MICHAEL: I can't promise I'll be patient.
(Michael's taking his anger out on Declan)
MICHAEL: She doesn't love him, she shouldn't be with him!
DECLAN: That's not your call!
(Paul fronts up to Michael)
PAUL: What is your problem?
MICHAEL: You are.
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Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6087
Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay

Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6087
Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Natasha Williams, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6087
Natasha Williams, Sophie Ramsay

Mark Brennan, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6087
Mark Brennan, Lucas Fitzgerald

Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6087
Sophie Ramsay

Lucas Fitzgerald, Billy Forman in Neighbours Episode 6087
Lucas Fitzgerald, Billy Forman

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6087
Lucas Fitzgerald

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6087
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell

Sonya Mitchell, Sophie Ramsay, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6087
Sonya Mitchell, Sophie Ramsay, Jade Mitchell

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6087
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Jade Mitchell, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6087
Jade Mitchell, Mark Brennan

Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6087
Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay

Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6087
Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6087
Callum Jones

Callum Jones, Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6087
Callum Jones, Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay

Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6087
Jade Mitchell

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6087
Lucas Fitzgerald

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