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Neighbours Episode 5886 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5886
Australian airdate: 22/03/10
UK airdate: 10/05/10
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Renee Righetti: Nicole Gulasekharam
Jumilla Chandra: Alysia Abeyratne
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
Andrew in trouble and turning to Declan for help.
A party on Ramsay Street.
Libby suspicious of Lucas' motives with him suddenly becoming friends with Toadie.
Previously on Neighbours
Declan issuing an ultimatum of either he leaves #22 or Andrew does.
Harry thinking that he's onto something with Summer.
Number 22
Declan is packing a bag for Indy (Donna and Zeke are babysitting) but he's more relieved to find his Neighbours Day proposal for Paul since he was up half the night working on it.
Andrew comes downstairs and wastes no time in quarrelling with Declan again (the milk Declan bought was finished by Andrew) and when Declan heads off to find his tie, Donna has a dig at him because she wanted coffee to (why Declan was going to get the milk).
Rebecca tries to persuade Paul to stay for a coffee instead of heading off to his conference call to New York. She tells him that he should be organising a conference between Andrew and Declan so they can be sorted out but when he ignores her request, she then strongly suggests that Andrew should be sent back to Sydney as he's caused a lot of problems since he arrived.
PAUL: I don't respond to threats from you or Declan, you should know that by now.
He then adds that Declan should know better a) as he is 19 and b) he had a mother who kept him on the straight and narrow growing up, unlike Andrew. Paul then agrees with her half- joking suggestion of letting the boys sort it out for themselves
Number 22
Having found his tie, Declan is now looking for the Neighbour Day proposal he did because it seems to have disappeared. (Last seen Andrew was eyeing it up as it sat on the kitchen countertop)
Rebecca arrives home to get her son to apologise to Paul. He's miffed that there is no sign of Andrew having to apologise but she reminds him that they are Paul's family. "You are, I'm not" he replies and goes on to say that he has to find other ways to impress Paul hence why he's hunting high and low for this document.
Harold's Store
Kate and Harry are discussing Andrew v Declan when Summer and Renee come in for some hot chocolate. Kate heads off to get their drinks and Renee asks Harry if they can hang out together. He agrees to it and when she heads off to get some water, Summer queries why he doesn't sound happier at the thought and puts it down to the two of them having "no real zing." Sum suggests giving it time for the zing to develop and to allow that, she leaves.
Zeke and Donna enter the store and she finds Declan's proposal in Indy's bag when looking for her ringing phone. She hands it over to Kate so she can give it to him as she hasn't seen him yet today.
Lassiters Complex
Summer wolf- whistles Andrew to get his attention but he cuts short their conversation as he has a proposal to give to Paul in a hurry!
Literally seconds after Andrew heads into the hotel, Kate catches up with Declan to give him the AWOL proposal (although he is a bit puzzled why it turned up in Indy's bag). She sends him off after a quick kiss and this seems to brightened his mood up!
Lassiters foyer
Andrew is presenting Paul with his Neighbours Day proposal just as Declan arrives. Paul is very impressed at his proposal and Declan tries (and fails) to say that they were his but while Andrew has slightly tweaked Declan's original idea, the slogan he's come up with (Lassiters, think of us as your Neighbours) is his own one.
Declan accuses Andrew of being a liar and Paul isn't impressed at the thought of Declan threatening him again. Paul tells Andrew that he's impressed with the idea and wants him to work on it and if the money figures add up then they will run with it... and orders Declan to assist Andrew! Declan tries to object but Paul is quick to jump down his throat.
PAUL: Listen you work for Lassiters and if Lassiters backs Neighbours Day that's what you will be working on.
Number 22
"You're a liar" Declan tells Andrew when he comes off the phone but Declan reminds him that Paul didn't think so. He gloats too that he is Paul's son while Declan is his "errand boy".
Andrew's first order is for Declan to do his washing! "I want those whites gleaming" he tells Declan before nudging him as he passes to head upstairs.
And as we head to the first commercial break, today's memory lane picture is one of Drew and Libby kissing after their wedding in 2001 (Episode 3708 if you want to read the summary)
Number 22
Andrew is miffed to find that Declan is ignoring his orders to answer the door and is forced to go do it himself - its Harry after some batteries. He asks Harry about Renee coming over. Harry takes delight in dropping into their conversation that Summer is coming too. Andrew is puzzled and Harry suggests that it could be because she is lonely.
As he is showing his cousin out of the house, Andrew spots the laundry he ordered Declan to wash... except instead of white shirts they are now pink! Andrew looks through the basket and spots the reason why the shirts are now pink (a red piece of material).
HARRY: Even I know not to mix colours with whites.
Harold's Store
Donna is discussing how the hunt for her dad is going with Zeke and Declan. She tells them that Cass tried to pretend she was the cleaner when she called even though Donna knew exactly who it was.
Andrew enters the store, surprised to see that Declan has time to have a lunch break and takes great delight in rubbing it in now his Neighbours Day plans are progressing. He then takes an even bigger delight in pointing out to Declan that some of Paul's washing was in the basket too and hopes he has fun explaining that to Paul!
Declan has come clean to his mum about what he did. She tries to reassure him that Paul will understand and sympathises with him that Andrew pushed him.
DECLAN: That's no excuse mum, I'm an adult and he's making me act like a child. I've tried... I've tried being his friend; I've tried being a big brother. I've tried ignoring him but every time I come out like an idiot.
REBECCA: Well no- one can do that to you.
DECLAN: He does. He makes me hate myself.
Rebecca reassures him that Paul loves him but he replies sadly back that he's not his son.
Number 24
Kate can barely hear herself think let alone leave a voicemail message for Declan as she arrives home due to the blaring music from Summer, Harry and Renee playing as rock stars on the PlayStation.
The ladies decide to leave (Sum initially was just going to leave to allow Harry and Renee time together but Renee decided to leave too) and Kate is puzzled as to why Summer was there. Harry explains he invited Summer to make it more fun for everyone but Kate points out that Renee looked like she was being left out. "Do you like this girl or not" she comes straight out with and Harry replies that he just likes her as a friend, so she tells him he's got to let Renee know. Kate then discovers that he's only going out with Renee to keep Summer onside (because she is trying to match make for him) and bluntly tells him that he can't force a relationship just to keep Summer happy. "You really have to tell Renee where she stands."
Harry explains his dilemma - he's never dumped anyone before and adds that Kate can't give him advice either since she's not been there either.
KATE: Fair enough, you're right. (Dialling someone's number) Going to call in the professionals.
...And the professionals are Zeke and Donna!
Zeke suggests the classics (it's not you it's me), the 'I'm not ready for a relationship' or his all- time favourite - 'I need to sort out my own life before I can get involved with yours.'
Donna replies that they are rubbish because everyone knows them however he points out that they work!
ZEKE: Trust me; I've been dumped so many times I know what I am talking about.
Harry is impressed but Donna tells them that honesty is called for and saying why to toughen her up for future breakups. Zeke and Donna start squabbling over that and Kate interrupts to suggest being gentle... and honest. They both agree it's got to be fast and that he can't text either!
DONNA: (sliding over his phone) Look, just call her and arrange to meet.
ZEKE: You've got to do this face to face.
DONNA: Call her.
Harry gingerly picks up the phone and starts to dial the number as we head into the next commercial break.
Harold's Store
Looks like Kate is more nervous than Harry as we await Renee's arrival. Kate spots Renee entering the store retreats behind the counter to allow them to chat. It turns out Renee's been wanting to have a chat with him too and after Harry tells her ladies first, she dumps him because she doesn't feel any zing either! Harry is rather happy to be dumped and they settle on just being friends instead.
Paul is very businesslike when he comes into see Rebecca and just as she is about to discuss Andrew v Declan with him, Andrew comes in to bring his dad up to date with the plans for Neighbours Day. He's sussed that there is trouble between the boys and wants Andrew's take on it... and promptly lands Declan in it for ruining Paul's shirts!
Harold's Store
Declan's day gets worse when Kate tells him that the dry cleaning company didn't pick up the shirts (they laughed then said the colour wouldn't come out).
"He did what?!" Paul asks and Rebecca apologises on her son's behalf but Paul isn't amused especially as the shirts cost a few bob. Rebecca tries to bring up the fact that Andrew is rubbing Declan up the wrong way (and stealing Declan's ideas) which results in an Andrew v Rebecca war which Paul eventually calls a halt to.
Harold's Store
Declan tries his best to ignore his ringing phone (its Paul) but Kate urges him to answer, reassuring him that Paul will understand. Eventually he picks up and Paul summons him home to #22 for a family meeting.
Andrew is queering why the family meeting and Paul quickly replies back that it's to sort things out once and for all.
Number 22
Declan begins by apologising to Paul for the clothes he has ruined and promises to replace them. "Stuff the clothes," Paul replies explaining that it's about him and Andrew making life miserable by not getting along, not his clothes. He makes it clear that Andrew won't be moving out and informs Declan that unless he apologises to Andrew then he'll be leaving.
Rebecca tries to have her say in the matter but Paul isn't listening and the two of them take their respective sons' sides in a case of 'your son should know better than my son'.
Declan stops his mum, telling her he doesn't need her to fight his battles for him.
DECLAN: I'm not going to apologise to him, so I'll go pack my things.
Whilst Paul looks shocked at Declan's move, and Rebecca gives Andrew the evil stare, he has a rye smirk on his face as we head into the final commercial break.
Number 24
Kate opens to the door and invites her visitors (Declan and Indy) in. As they enter, she notices the bags and guesses correctly that he's moved out. "What are you going to do" she asks him then again finishes his sentence by saying that he wants to move in. "If that's okay" he adds.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
Paul realising what Andrew has done but unsure whether to punish him or reward him.
Rebecca telling someone to talk to Declan to prevent him from moving away.
Declan telling Rebecca it's the best for everyone.
Paul trying to talk to Declan but he's only willing to listen if its work related.
Andrew walking in as Summer is hugging Harry.
Andrew v Harry
Sophie not happy at the shirtless Declan.
Callum and Sophie discussing their new housemates.
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Declan Napier, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5886
Declan Napier, Donna Freedman

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5886
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, India Napier, Donna Freedman, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5886
Declan Napier, India Napier, Donna Freedman, Rebecca Napier

Renee Righetti, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5886
Renee Righetti, Summer Hoyland

Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5886
Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier

Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5886
Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson

Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5886
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson

Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5886
Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson

Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, India Napier, Andrew Robinson, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5886
Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, India Napier, Andrew Robinson, Donna Freedman

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5886
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Harry Ramsay, Renee Righetti, Summer Hoyland, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5886
Harry Ramsay, Renee Righetti, Summer Hoyland, Kate Ramsay

Zeke Kinski, Harry Ramsay, India Napier, Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5886
Zeke Kinski, Harry Ramsay, India Napier, Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman

Renee Righetti in Neighbours Episode 5886
Renee Righetti

Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5886
Harry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5886
Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5886
Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier

Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5886
Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson

Kate Ramsay, India Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5886
Kate Ramsay, India Napier, Declan Napier

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5886
Kate Ramsay

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