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Neighbours Episode 5819 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5819 (Susan miscarries the surrogate baby)
Australian airdate: 12/11/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr Peggy Newton - Carolyn Bock
- "Lose Myself" by Blanche Dubois
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Emily
- Sunny admitting to the Kennedys that her parents don't know about Zeke living with them again.
- Dan telling Susan that she always thinks she knows what's best for everyone.
- Karl telling Libby that all will be forgotten when Dan gets to hold his son.
- Dan and Susan continuing to argue.
- Dan walking away unaware that Susan has fallen and is calling out to him.
Beach House in the Bush
Dan walks past the house, still with music blasting in his ears, gets into the car and drives away not hearing Libby calling out to him. Karl comes out of the house and they wonder where Susan is. They go off to find her.
Karl and Libby wonder if they're going in the right direction. Karl suggests Libby ring Dan, but she doesn't have her phone. Suddenly Libby hears a voice crying out for help. She calls out and Susan shouts back again. They hurry in Susan's direction and find her still curled up on the ground grasping her stomach in pain. Karl sends Libby off to get a blanket while he gets ready to carry his wife back to the house.
SUSAN: I'm so sorry.
Further along the road in the bush, Dan stops to call Libby. Since she's left her phone at the house his call goes to voicemail. He apologises for taking off and explains that he and Susan had another fight and he needed to get away to clear his head. The music on his stereo keeps on rocking "having a hard time..."
Back in the house Libby searches for the car keys as they prepare to get Susan to the hospital.
Number 28
In a rather bizarre role reversal between parents and teenagers, Zeke is all geared up for another day of sightseeing. Today is the remaining of the twelve Apostles. Sunny however would rather stay at home with him and with no interruptions. She is quite interested by the prospect of penguin visiting tomorrow though. Zeke does an impression of a penguin that sounds like duck. They both want to spend every last second together. Staying at home smooching it is then!
Lucas isn't much interested in the news, but once again the betting pages catch his eye. Thankfully for Lucas (but maybe not for anybody else) Dan comes in, so Lucas quickly hides the pages in question. Dan asks if he's heard from Elle, but Lucas would rather know why Dan isn't out in the bush with the in-laws. He guesses there was a fight and Dan confirms that it was massive and they both said some really harsh stuff (I think you did the majority of that Dan). He doesn't want to talk about it so they play darts instead.
Erinsborough Hospital
Susan is wheeled in on a trolley and Karl tells Dr Newton that she's in hypervolemic shock, that she only experienced unconsciousness for a few minutes and has jabbing pains in her stomach that are getting worse.
KARL: Peggy...you can't let anything happen to her.
Libby uses Karl's phone to text Dan.
Number 28
The pash fest continues on the sofa (which is "Wow" apparently) until Sunny has a lightbulb moment and decides that she's "ready". As in ready, ready? Zeke wants to make sure she's sure and she thinks she it feels right and suggests they go off to her bedroom. Oo la la.
Karl has bought coffees that neither he nor Libby want. Dr Newton comes over and tells them that Susan is in cervical shock. Karl explains that that means she's lost the baby. Libby breaks down in tears of grief and frustration. Her father holds on to her choking back his own tears.
After the break Karl and Libby sit together worn out with worry and sadness, looking rather lost.
Meanwhile it's mother-in-law joke central over at the dart board. Dan picks up Libby's text, but as it only says "call me" and she didn't sign it from herself, he thinks it is from Karl and ignores it.
DAN: How many mother-in-laws does it take to wreck a marriage? One. Mine.
Oh come on Dan, you wrecked it all yourself when you decided to stay in New Zealand with your ex-wife and then give her your house deposit and refuse to talk to your current wife about it.
Libby wants to know why and Karl tells her there could be any number of reasons.
LIBBY: Like a fight?
Karl tells her it's hard to say and explains that stress can cause a miscarriage but they have to factor in the fall, the over exertion and dehydration. Libby thinks she should have listened to Karl in the first place when he didn't want her to do it.
KARL: I knew the risks. It was what you both wanted.
LIBBY: It's what I wanted.
Karl seems to reads his daughter's thoughts and tells her to hold up because Susan will be fine and none of it is Libby's fault.
Dan is still adamant that none of this is his fault and continues to rant. He then realises he should have stuck around and not run away like a child. Lucas recommends he call Libby, but he says he tried earlier and got no reply. He'll leave it a while longer.
Karl hands Libby his phone to call Dan. He needs to know, he's the father after all. Er, and her husband.
Dan's phone rings, but he sees the call is from Karl's phone and so rejects it. If anyone would like to give Dr K a call. Hit pause now.
Libby gets sent to message bank and is left annoyed but unsurprised. After all, nobody answers their phone in Erinsborough in a crisis and Dan hasn't been answering his for weeks.
Number 28
Sunny and Zeke's relationship has plateau-ed, they haven't reached the next level as Sunny decided she wasn't ready after all. I've used "after all" in like every scene for the last 4 scenes. Interesting. Zeke is totally ok, they'll only do it when both of them are entirely comfortable. Sunny wanted to show Zeke how much he means to her, but he knows already. She wonders what will happen if they're not ready by the time she has to go back to Korea. Zeke thinks they will be, but in the meanwhile, they're still on the desert island with no interruptions....except for that person knocking on the door. Zeke eventually calls out that they're not in, but Steph calls back that it's urgent.
Lucas and Dan sit down for a coffee and Dan continues to moan about Susan and suggests Lucas have an argument with her sometime to see how hard it is. Steph comes in and Lucas asks her if she has any good mother-in-law jokes. She tells him to shut up and stop being an idiot.
STEPH: Dan, Libby's trying to get in touch with you.
DAN: I'm hanging out with my brother.
STEPH: Susan's had a fall. She's in hospital.
Karl stands helplessly by Susan's bed while Libby waits outside for Dan. Libby tells him that she phoned him and he admits that he didn't answer because he thought it was Karl. She tells him that Susan fell and he left her.
DAN: Is she ok?
LIBBY: We don't know yet.
DAN: Libby, I would never have left her if I'd known.
LIBBY: We lost our baby.
DAN: Oh no. Oh no
LIBBY: We were too late.
Susan is wheeled out of the ward to be transferred. Libby goes over to her and Susan apologises again. Libby tells her the important thing is that she's ok.
Number 30
Steph and Lucas get stuff together to take to the hospital, but Lucas won't go. Steph tells him he needs to be there for his brother, but Lucas doesn't think he's any good in these situations and would be in the way. Steph can't believe him and storms out.
STEPH: Just get it together would ya?
Steph, Zeke and Sunny arrive at the hospital, unsure of what to say but offer condolences. Steph hands Dan the stuff Lucas packed and lies that he is dealing with a really difficult customer and he'll be there later.
DAN: No he won't. It's ok.
Sunny and Zeke go to get flowers while Libby goes in to see Susan. Dan stops Karl and tells him that he had no idea what had happened, they were walking and she was fine.
KARL: Then you left her.
DAN: Yes..
KARL: This is after you've argued with her.
DAN: I didn't know she fell.
KARL: You couldn't see she was struggling? That she was upset?
DAN: We both were.
KARL: So you leave the woman who is carrying your child alone and upset in the middle of nowhere. What were you thinking?
DAN: You weren't there.
KARL: No. No and neither were you.
Shaking Karl turns away and goes back to his wife and daughter.
Libby looks on through the ward window while Karl holds and consoles Susan, curled up next to her on the bed. Dan tries to talk to Libby, but she appears to be numb to him and says she should be with her mum and goes back into the room where Susan clings to her apologetic. Dan watches the women who did and could have still brought him such joy, but instead they've all brought each other such pain.
After the break Steph is sitting with Dan outside the room and Karl is finishing off a telephone call to one of the boys. Libby goes over to speak to her dad and they try to joke about hospital food, but the exhaustion and a heavy weight resting on his shoulders overpowers Karl. He tries to fight the tears.
KARL: Lib. There was a moment in the car....I thought we were going to lose her...
LIBBY: Why didn't you say something?
KARL: Because I didn't want to worry you honey.
Karl apologises for his emotions and says that she should be the one falling apart not him.
KARL: I just feel so useless.
LIBBY: You're not useless. Not to me, not to mum.
He breaks down completely and Libby hugs him tightly. The gulf between Libby and a red-eyed Dan widens as he realises he can't go over to her.
STEPH: Yes you can. She's your wife. They're your family.
Dan stands up but as he watches Karl and Libby consoling one another he realises that he's never been more on the outside.
- Libby and Dan explain to Ben that he won't be having a little brother.
- Libby confesses to Lucas that she can't speak to Dan because she'll blame him.
- Everyone tries to cheer themselves up by training Rocky for his test.
- Dan tells Lucas that Libby won't talk to him.
- Sunny wants to know what is going on between Donna and Ringo.
- Lucas picks up the betting pages again.
- Dan asks Libby to tell him they'll get through this.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5819
Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dr. Peggy Newton in Neighbours Episode 5819
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dr. Peggy Newton

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5819
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5819
Zeke Kinski

Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5819
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Steph Scully, Dan Fitzgerald, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Steph Scully, Dan Fitzgerald, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5819
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5819
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5819
Dan Fitzgerald

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