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Neighbours Episode 5734 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5734
Australian airdate: 16/07/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Doctor Veronica Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
Nurse Jodie Smith: Mary Annegeline
Felix: Baxter Humenuik
Sarah: Cherie Humenuik
Tracey: Shelley McLean
Summary/Images by: Elin/Graham
- Elle talking to Lucas about how Paul keeps sabotaging her work
- Elle and Paul talking about him wrecking her chances of success
- Lucas throwing a newspaper with the odds for the races in the bin
- Harry and Dan talking about how Lucas is a photographer
- Lucas giving Harry photography related advice
- Declan and Bridget having a phone conversation
- Steve swerving to avoid a horse running out in front of the Parkers' car
Number 26
Declan is putting together a bookcase for India's room when the phone rings. It's Paul who needs help with planning his and Rebecca's wedding.
DECLAN: What do I know about weddings?
PAUL: Well, you've had one yourself.
DECLAN: Well, you've had four.
PAUL: Six actually. But this one is going to be different. See, it has to be perfect.
Declan isn't convinced that he can actually be of help. Not until Paul mentions that he'll pay for the help by the hour and the clock's ticking so he tells Declan to meet him down at Harold's store to discuss the matter.
The Parkers' car lies on its side in the middle of some bushland with smoke coming out of the car. No one is around and all we can hear is a India crying.
Harold's store
Kate serves Paul a cup of coffee and notices that he's reading about weddings on his computer. Susan comes in and asks Kate if she's seen Dan around, she needs a lift to the hospital. Since Kate can't drive Susan asks Paul if he can take her to the hospital. He tells her to stop being a drama queen and suggests she re-schedules her appointment.
SUSAN: No, no, no, I can't. I made a mistake. I thought the appointment was for tomorrow, but it was actually for today.
KATE: Oh yeah, I did that...
PAUL: (smirking) Wait up a second, sorry can you say that again.
SUSAN: Paul, I haven't got time!
PAUL: No, you said 'I made...'
SUSAN: 'A mistake!' I made a mistake!
PAUL: (smug) Oh, I should record that and use it as a ringtone!
Susan pleadingly asks him again if he can give her a lift as Karl can't, he's bringing Libby and Ben back home. Paul wants to know if it's to do with the surrogacy and Susan says yes. Today's the day they're going to plant the egg! OK, that's a bit too much information for Paul! He doesn't think he's really the right person to take her over there given his stance on the issue of surrogacy in the first place. Susan says she wouldn't have asked him if she had any other choice, but this is the most important thing she's ever done so she's asking anyway.
Erinsborough Hospital
Susan and Paul rush into reception where Nurse Jodie is waiting. As they've come late for the appointment Jodie says they can't do the implantation. Susan tries to explain how another nurse that she spoke to on the phone said they would be alright if Susan could be there within 10 minutes after her appointment time at 2pm. Jodie isn't impressed with Susan's explanation of how she initially thought the appointment was for the next day and points to an alarm clock (!) conveniently placed on a nearby shelf. It's now 2.20pm so Susan is way past the extra 10 minutes she was promised.
Despite Susan pleading with Jodie to have the procedure done today or they will miss this cycle and wait another month, Jodie still won't budge. All the other women waiting also need their procedure done today and they were here on time! Paul, who has been watching from afar, suddenly steps in and reminds Jodie of who he is. He points out that the hospital's fundraising committee also knows who he is. Jodie remarks that Paul probably doesn't agree that people should be able to jump a queue though simply because they know someone. He responds that he isn't a fan of petty bureaucracy. Unless Jodie tells the doctor that Susan is there for her procedure now then she will have to explain to the fundraising committee just why they won't be seeing any more of Paul's money in the future. Without further ado, Jodie picks up the phone to speak to the doctor involved.
Harold's store
Declan comes in looking for Paul, but finds Kate instead. She explains how Paul had to take Susan to the hospital, but he will be back as soon as possible. Paul also left a message for Declan not to waste his time while he's waiting. He is expecting Declan to have come up with at least ten decent ideas for the wedding by the time he returns from the hospital. Declan isn't too happy to hear that as he hasn't come up with a single idea so far. Kate can't help either, she's never even been to a wedding. Just then Toadie comes in and overhears that they are talking about weddings.
DECLAN: Where am I supposed to get my ideas from now?
TOADIE: Are you talking ideas like spreading rose petals and releasing one hundred white doves? (he takes out his laptop in front of a stunned Declan and Kate) You have come to the right guy.
DECLAN: (not sure what to think) Wow, my lucky day.
There is still coming smoke out of the wreck of the Parkers' car. Steve slowly climbs out of the car and manages to get down onto the ground. India is crying in the background, but no one else can be seen.
Erinsborough Hospital
Susan is talking to Libby over the phone about how Paul was the one to ensure that they could get the procedure done today. Veronica comes in with a trolley full of implantation related stuff and then Paul pops in as well with a random bottle of water for Susan.
SUSAN: Aren't you going to stick around and see how it's done?
PAUL: (already half way out the door) Nah...
SUSAN: It's very discreet!
Before he leaves Susan gets him to agree to wait for her so that she can get a lift home despite the fact that Declan is waiting for Paul to get back.
Harold's Store
Toadie, Declan and Kate are at one of the tables discussing ideas for Paul's and Rebecca's wedding. Thanks to Toadie's laptop there are lots of ideas coming through- going to the registry's office like Big and Carrie la Sex and the city or why not a Scottish wedding la Four Weddings and a Funeral?
DECLAN: I can't see Paul in a kilt though.
TOADIE: Good point.
Now they just need another two ideas to hit ten altogether. Toadie suggests a My Big Fat Greek Wedding theme and a Monsoon wedding theme. This means nothing to Declan so Kate tells him just to put down 'Greek' and 'Indian' on his list. Looking down at his list Declan still isn't convinced that any of the ideas they've got would please his Mum. We get a shot of the list so we can see what he means. The list is as follows: '1. Empire State Building, 2. Greek islands, 3. Garden, 4. Big church, 5. Marquee, 6. Beach, 7. Registry office, 8. Scottish, 9. Greek and 10. Indian'.
Toadie says he can always find some more on the computer if they want. Declan politely turns down the offer. After some comments about how he's a sucker for love with a nostalgic tone in his voice, Toadie heads off and leaves the other two behind at the table. Kate asks Declan if he can't get ideas from his and Bridget's wedding. This gives Declan a chance to reminisce about the randomness of that wedding and how things just seemed to fall into place for them on that day. He says it was the best day of his life.
We cut back to Steve who is lying on the ground with his face down, clearly too tired to get up.
Harold's store
Declan is still waiting for Paul and comments that he'll only stay for another five minutes even if he is being paid for it. Kate overhears this and says she would come up with wedding ideas for free for her Mum if needed. She's thought some more about the ideas and how rather than having ten specific ideas for a wedding theme, how about if Declan thought of ten things that Rebecca really loves and then they could incorporate that into the wedding. Declan thinks that sounds really good.
Steve is awake but still lying on the ground. He decides that he needs to get out of where he is and starts pushing himself forward into some form of half-crawling movement.
Erinsborough hospital
Paul is in the waiting room looking at an IVF poster on the wall declaring 'IVF - Making your dream a reality'. He barely has time to take a seat and have a look at the little boy in his Mum's lap across the room before Susan returns. She thanks him for waiting and says she realises it can't be easy for him given his feelings regarding the surrogacy. Paul glances back over at the little boy in the waiting room. Susan says she knows that there are already plenty of children in the world who needs looking after, but it's hard to tell people it's wrong to want their own child.
PAUL: Maybe people should be free to choose.
SUSAN: Don't tell me Paul Robinson is actually revising an opinion!
PAUL: Opinions are easy when you're sitting in your office.
SUSAN: Excuse me? Oh, I think I'm going to have to record that and use it as a ringtone!
Number 22
Elle and Lucas are in the kitchen where she's trying to write an article for the paper and he's sorting out his camera. Elle laments the lack of interesting things going on at the moment; the most interesting thing for her to write about is a lady living with 47 cats. By the look on Lucas's face Elle works out that he's got a lead for a good story, but he's not willing to share it and heads off with his camera in hand. Elle's not prepared to give up that easily though so grabs her bag and heads out after Lucas.
Lucas is sitting at a table reading the gambling odds in the newspaper when Harry finds him. He just wanted to let Lucas know that he scored an A on his photography project. Elle is spying on them from afar, but can't hear what is being said. Harry tells Lucas that he would be happy to get any more tips about photography whenever he has the time and mentions that Dan said Lucas could use the distraction. This revelation surprises Lucas and Harry can tell he's said something he shouldn't so takes off. Elle has to run and hide behind the bar not to be seen when Harry leaves. Lucas notices how Harry left his folder behind to runs after him.
When Lucas comes out of Charlie's Harry is already over by Harold's store and goes in there. Dan is out for a run and Lucas gives him a yell so that they can have a chat. At the same time Elle comes out of Charlie's and watches them as they talk. The Fitzgerald brothers talk about Harry and Lucas says he's an alright photographer. Lucas passes Dan a wad of $50 notes and then Toadie comes up to them all panting as if he's been running. He tells Dan that Susan's been out looking for him and both she and Libby have left messages on his phone. Toadie takes Dan with him go back to Ramsay Street and then Lucas turns around to see Elle peeking out of the door to Charlie's. He smiles as she closes the door and disappears out of sight.
Harold's store
Lucas finds Harry and apologises for being rude earlier. He wants to know if he can keep Harry's photos for a while and Harry says that's alright. Snooping Elle watches from the doorway, but can't really work out what the boys are talking about. Lucas tells Harry that his pictures are really good and that he would be happy to go through some different techniques with him some time. Elle enters the store properly and sneaks behind the counter to hide from Lucas.
LUCAS: (to Harry) I must warn you though, I'm not as nice as my brother.
HARRY: He's not always nice.
LUCAS: True.
Lucas gives Harry his business card and asks him if he could do him a favour.
Declan is talking to Paul on the phone and agrees to wait for him for another five minutes. He tells him that he's got the best wedding idea of all time and enters Harold's store.
Harold's store
Elle is sneaking another peek over the top of the service counter as Declan walks in. Kate asks if she can take an order for him, but all he wants is to hear from Bridget and India.
Steve is still lying on the ground and looks around with a blurry vision. All he can see is his family's stuff scattered among the trees around him.
Harold's store
Kate is waiting on some tables next to Declan and they talk about how he still hasn't heard back from Bridget. They figure it's because of the poor reception in the country as that's the most logical explanation.
At another table Lucas and Harry are just wrapping up their conversation and Harry leaves. On the way out he buys some milk and leaves his folder on the counter. Elle comes out of hiding and hurries over to the counter to have a look at Harry's folder. Inside is a note from Lucas saying 'Better luck next time'. A laughing Lucas walks over to her and calls her a 'story thief'. He says he knew he'd catch her out. Elle admits to it and says there's still something she wants to know though. Why did Lucas give Dan that money? Lucas says it was for a bill he owed Dan money back for and although not fully convinced Elle lets it go so that they can kiss and make up.
Ramsay Street
Dan and Toadie are on the driveway to no. 30 when Paul drop Susan off in his car.
TOADIE: So if Paul was there for the implantation, does that make him some form of weird father figure?
DAN: Shut up.
Paul gives the boys a not-very-subtle wave as he drives off, but they don't look too amused. Susan is chirpy enough though and tells the boys not to worry when they apologise for having their phones off earlier. Dan asks if everything went alright and Susan says it did and that Paul is amazing. Toadie is a bit concerned that Paul stayed at the hospital for the whole thing, but Susan says that although he was there he wasn't with her for all of it. Dan wants Susan to go inside and have a rest, but she doesn't see the need as it's not like she's sick. Libby calls to let them know that on their way home the car has run out of petrol. Susan quips that it must be related to Karl's tightness with money. Dan says he will take care of helping the stranded Kennedys home as Susan needs to 'stay home and get pregnant'. Toadie gets the task of staying behind to make sure that Susan obeys Dan's orders.
Harold's store
Declan has been filling Elle and Lucas in on the ideas for the wedding and Elle reckons he's come up with some really good stuff. Paul finally arrives and is eager to know what Declan has got for him. At the top of Rebecca's top ten favourite things is Paul followed by her family and number three her friends. Number four on the list is her favourite colour which is blue and number five her favourite flower. Paul says that's 'gerberas' and at this stage Elle and Lucas pulls a face that says 'Boy, you got that one wrong!'. Paul gets confused there for a second, but is relieved to find that the others were only joking. Gerberas is the right answer. Number six on Rebecca's top ten list is sunsets, number seven the sea and number eight champagne. The last two on the list is seafood and last, but not least cheesecake. If you put all of that together you get a sunset wedding by the sea. The ceremony would be on a pier with the reception would then be at a yacht club. The floral arrangements could go in blue with seafood, champagne and cheesecake for the buffet. Paul thinks it all sounds perfect.
Steve stands up and looks around all his scattered belongings on the ground. He finds Bridget's mobile which has fallen out of a bag. There's a message on the screen that says there are two missed calls.
Harold's store
Elle tells Paul she doesn't think that Gail will want to come to his wedding. He doesn't see why not as 'she was there for some of the others'. Declan answers a call on his mobile, but there is no one at the other end. Steve tries to talk, but the mobile runs out of battery and dies on him. Declan tries to call back, but only reaches Bridget's voicemail so leaves a message for her. He says he hasn't had time to finish the shelves yet, but he has something else he wants to tell her about so asks her to call back once she's got reception again.
Steve realises that there's a road just a few meters away from him when a car drives past. He runs up to the road waving his arms for the car to stop, but they're too far away to see him so just keep driving.
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Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5734
Declan Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5734
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5734
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy

Nurse Jodie Smith in Neighbours Episode 5734
Nurse Jodie Smith

Kate Ramsay, Toadie Rebecchi, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5734
Kate Ramsay, Toadie Rebecchi, Declan Napier

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5734
Steve Parker

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5734
Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5734
Toadie Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay, Declan Napier

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5734
Steve Parker

Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5734
Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5734
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5734
Elle Robinson

Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5734
Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5734
Lucas Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay

 in Neighbours Episode 5734

Susan Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5734
Susan Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5734
Paul Robinson, Declan Napier

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5734
Steve Parker

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5734
Steve Parker

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5734
Steve Parker

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