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Neighbours Episode 5670 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5670
Australian airdate: 17/04/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris - Jacqueline Brennan
Cassandra Freedman - Tottie Goldsmith
Guy Sykes - Fletcher Humphrys
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Girls telling Paul they want to start a netball team.
- Guy telling Callum that he and Toadie are old friends and Toadie looking scared.
- Cass trying to help Donna modernise her audition for the school play.
- Donna making a fool of herself in the audition.
- Donna and Cass arguing.
- Cass receiving a phone call saying she's "finished".
- Elle catching Donna making the phone call.
Number 22
Donna and Elle are talking on the sofa. Elle thinks that Donna has to tell Cass what she's done. Donna doesn't agree, and she tells Elle all about the school audition and how her mum accused Fitzy of being sleezy. Nevertheless, Elle is adamant - she has to tell Cass before Cass goes to the police. However, Donna doesn't think that'd mean that she'd withdraw the complaint. Elle goes with Donna to tell Cass. I predict that Cass isn't going to be happy!
Number 24
Cass reluctantly lets Toadie in. She wants him to convince the police to take the letters and phone calls seriously. Elle and Donna enter and Cass explains the situation to them. Toadie thinks the person doing this could get jail for using "telecommunications for harassment and menace". Donna is about to admit everything, when Elle steps in to stop her. She grabs Donna and explains that they just popped in to say they were getting a manicure. The two of them run out of the house.
Ty brings Steve his food, they discuss "the girls" (Libby, Steph, Rebecca) who seem to be taking netball very seriously. The guys don't reckon that netball is even a proper sport. Well, I beg to differ! There's much more to it than just throwing and catching...there's pivoting and shooting too! Anyway...over to the girls...
Rebecca gives Ty a hit, telling him to go away. Ty didn't realise it was all so top secret.
REBECCA: Urgh...idiots. They probably don't even think netball is a real game.
STEPH: Well, I'd like to see them give it a whirl.
REBECCA: What, Steve in a skirt?!
Steph practically spits out her drink and they all laugh. Rebecca is sorting out positions. Libby is GK (goalkeeper, for you non-netballers) because they need someone who is willing to put in a few elbows. Libby doesn't think that's necessary - she's always telling the kids not to use their fists. Steph explains that if they other team dish it out then they just return it. This is certainly a different form of netball to what I played - I thought netball was non-contact?
REBECCA: And if it helps, you can visualise Cass Freedman.
LIBBY: (thinking) Mmm...yeah. It helps!
Steph tells the others that apparently she's been getting more of the creepy phone calls. Rebecca and Libby don't seem too worried and Libby is hoping she scurries back from under the rock she came from. Oooh...how bitchy of them.
Anyway, back to netball. They need some funding. Steph thinks they could take up Pauls' offer but Rebecca's not keen. Lucas walks in and Steph has an idea.
STEPH: There you are!
STEPH: Who else! My wonderful, caring boss. Genius with a camera, a shifter...and did I mention handsome?
LUCAS: (deadpan) Haha. What did you want?
STEPH: Don't be like that.
LUCAS: Spit. It. Out.
Steph has a golden business opportunity for him apparently. She wants him to sponsor the netball team. I know, I didn't see that one coming either. She thinks it'd be a good idea - putting his business in the minds of women! Lucas agrees, but on one condition...
Number 22
Elle accepts that Cass would go to the police about Donna and so is going to help her cover up. She takes her mobile and tells her to get rid of the magazines she used - she can use the recycling bins at the back of Lassiters. Donna agrees and goes to get the magazines from Cass's. Paul's been listening in on the whole thing. He asks Elle if there's anything he should know about. Apparently not, only "girl stuff". Well, it is magazines I suppose...!
Harold's Store
Elle is destroying Donna's phone. She's about to cut up the SIM card when Paul walks in. Elle admits what's going on, but she just doesn't want to see Donna with a police record. Paul reminds her that it wouldn't only be Donna with the record and doesn't like what Elle's doing. Elle tells Paul that she's let her down once, by sending her back home and isn't going to do it again. Paul isn't so sure that Elle won't get hurt by Donna, even if it's unintentional.
ELLE: I trust her, and she trusts me. Which is more than I can say for you.
Aww sweet. And it does the trick because Paul gives in and leaves.
Number 24
In the time it's taken Elle to get to Harold's Store, destroy a phone and have a conversation with her Dad, Donna has made it to get the magazines - only to find Cass reading them! Donna tries to wrestle them off her for recycling (well that's not a lie!) but it falls on the floor to a page that Donna has cut up. Cass has a flashback of the letter she received with the cut up letters and gets up to ring the police.
Steph, Rebecca and Libby are shocked at Lucas's one condition. Some very short and very tight uniforms. They agree that they can't wear them and are disappointed because they've tried *everywhere* for sponsorship.
Paul pipes up. Libby gives him an earful about the Guy Sykes story he ran, and the girls explain that they've had other offers which offered uniforms as well. Paul says he'll thrown them in and give them back page coverage of every match. He walks off and Rebecca reminds them this is Paul Robinson and the offer is too good to be true. But what if he wants to help? Shouldn't they just let him?
Ramsay Street
A police car turns up and Elle runs up to the officers. They go inside and she goes after them. Paul warns her off, reminding her that it's not as if Donna is family.
ELLE: Well she is to me.
Number 24
The detective doesn't believe Cass - given the similar allegation she made about Paul. Toadie comes in and introduces himself as Donna's lawyer - apparently Elle got in first. Cass shows the detective the magazines and the detective asks Donna to explain them. Elle pipes up - it was her. She did it.
Rebecca is excited to show Steph and Libby the new uniforms (I hope Libby and Steph haven't been in Charlie's all day!). They're blue and pink and "stylish yet sporty". They each have the surnames of the players on the back. And, on the front...dun, dun, duh....they're sponsored by West Warratah Star. Excellent stuff. Everyone's happy.
Number 24
Back to the serious stuff now. Elle and Donna are sat opposite the detective. I'm sorry, but it's mainly transcript because a description just wouldn't do it justice
ELLE: Don't listen to her, it was me.
DONNA: No it wasn't.
ELLE: Yes it was.
DONNA: She's just trying to protect me.
DETECTIVE: Please can we go through this one at a time?
CASS: Why bother, we already know who it is.
ELLE & DONNA: (simultaneously) Yeah, me.
TOADIE: I think I might be able to sort this out, if I can have a moment with my client.
DETECTIVE: Which one?
Toadie pauses and Cass points out that even he doesn't know! Toadie says he does - it's Elle. The detective is confused - Donna was his client!
DONNA: Yes I am and I want to plead guilty.
TOADIE: Well you can't.
DONNA: Why not?
TOADIE: Because you're not on trial.
DONNA: This is crazy! I sent the letters, and I made the phone calls. They're my magazines!
CASS: Out of her own mouth!
ELLE: They might be her magazines but she leant them to me...
DONNA: No I didn't.
ELLE: Yes you di...just leave this to me.
DONNA: I am not going to let you take the blame for this, Elle. (to the detective) I didn't.
The detective wants to establish why Elle would want to threaten Cass. Well, it's simple - she's a goldigger after her dad. The detective takes her down to the station, leaving a shocked Donna.
Ramsay Street
Steve remarks to Paul that things don't look good, and then continues walking Jake. End of scene. No only joking. Lucas comes along after a run (across the Robinson's garden?) and finds out from Paul what's been going on. He goes to find Elle who is now being taken to the station. She's escorted to the car and Lucas is confused. Fortunately Cass clarifies from the balcony:
CASS: It was her! She's the one that's been threatening me.
Donna insists however, that it wasn't - it was her! Oh dear, Lucas isn't the only one who's confused, I'm beginning to lose it too.
TOADIE: Why does everyone around here always have to confess? Why can't I be a normal lawyer and have clients that deny everything?!
DONNA: I have a track record. The first time we met I was in a police station.
TOADIE: For making a false statement.
Toadie pulls his funny face which is the equivalent to "you didn't think that one through, did you?". Donna, however, is insistent that this time she's telling the truth. I feel like I'm in a different version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf! The car drives off and Toadie's going to head down there after he's checked on Callum. Lucas says he'd know if Elle has done something like this and says that he'll come, despite being told he won't be able to see Elle. Paul gives Donna evils.
Number 24
Cass is playing solitaire (card solitaire, not the marble one). Donna comes in to tell Cass that it wasn't Elle. Cass doesn't believe her - why would Elle give herself a police record for Donna.
DONNA: Because she actually cares about me.
Cass tells her that everyone will let her down in the end. Donna says she'd expect that advice from her, and Cass reminds Donna that they're actually quite similar. Donna calls her a lousy mum and tells her that everyone hates her - including her own kids. Donna storms off, leaving Cass looking sad and hurt. I know I shouldn't, but I do feel a very small bit of sympathy for her - but only because she just got shouted at.
Number 22
Paul's making cocktails when Elle and Lucas come in. Paul asks how it went and Elle hands him a tape and he adds that it's "another one for the collection".
LUCAS: It's all in an afternoons work for you two isn't it? Trip to the police station, false confession, finger prints and home for cocktails.
Elle tells him it isn't serious but Lucas is annoyed that Elle didn't talk to him - they're meant to be in a relationship. Elle apologises for not considering his "fragile ego". Elle says that she didn't want Donna to make the same mistakes as she did and she knew that Lucas wouldn't understand.
LUCAS: No, you just didn't give me a chance.
Lucas walks out and we're left with Paul sipping his cocktail with the fabulous rendition of "I've never been to Cuba".
Number 24
Donna tells Cass she's going, twice. Cass says nothing and Donna hopes she'll be very happy all alone. Donna turns to go and looks back at her mum and then walks out, trying not to cry. Poor Donna. Cass also looks upset, but goes back to putting on her make-up.
Number 32
Callum thinks it's been a rubbish day. He had to stay with Steph, and the Libby, and then Dan. Toadie says it's just until Guy Sykes is back in jail as a precaution. They decide to kick around a footy.
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Callum are about to kick the footy about, Toadie runs up the road and turns so he's facing the houses, Callum is with his back to the houses. Callum's telling Toadie about the cake that Libby made him eat and Toadie tells him "less talking more kicking". Callum kicks one and as Toadie gets ready to kick Callum spots Guy walking at the end of the road watching them. Callum runs inside saying he doesn't want to play anymore, leaving a confused Toadie who runs after him.
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Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5670
Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5670
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5670
Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5670
Paul Robinson

Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5670
Cassandra Freedman

 in Neighbours Episode 5670

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5670
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

 in Neighbours Episode 5670

Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris in Neighbours Episode 5670
Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris

Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5670
Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5670
Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5670
Callum Jones

Guy Sykes in Neighbours Episode 5670
Guy Sykes

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