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Neighbours Episode 5655 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5655
Australian airdate: 27/03/09
UK airdate:
Writer: John Davies
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Cassandra Freedman: Tottie Goldsmith
Tegan Freedman: Chelsea Jones
Simon Freedman: Mauricio Merino Jr
Sally Knight: Sarah Day
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Tegan impressed with Zeke.
Paul explaining to Miranda why he delayed appointing her to a job at Lassiters.
Steve wrongly trying to kiss his estranged wife at the end of their meal together.
Elle admitting to her dad that she told Lucas she loved him.
Paul trying to warn Lucas off Elle but Lucas telling him that it was only a bit of fun but its getting too complicated now.
Dan going ape at Lucas taking Ben for a ride on his motorbike.
Lucas telling Elle that he loves her too.
Elle's bedroom
Elle and Lucas are trying to have a post-sex chat as they cuddle up in bed but it's very awkward between them. Lucas reverts to taking the mickey out of her for her teddy bear collection but just as they are starting to lose the awkwardness they receive a visitor when Paul walks in on them! Elle is not impressed at her father walking in on her (Gail is on the phone for her) and orders him out.
PAUL: (to Gail on the phone as he departs) Sorry Gail she's tied up... well I don't mean she's tied up. I'll get her to phone you when she's finished... I mean dressed.
Paul's interruption very much ruins the mood and the awkwardness returns in a major way - first by Elle saying she has a deadline and then Lucas when he says that he has an urgent job to do down at the garage.
Number 22
Paul makes himself a stiff drink as a now fully dressed Lucas departs with instructions to call or not call Elle and when he goes to kiss her goodbye he spots Paul in the background and decides to give it a miss before finally leaving.
Paul quizzes Elle why Lucas left and we find out that the urgent job she mentioned to Lucas actually isn't due until next week. He asks that she knows what she is getting herself into (she does) but he thinks otherwise and asks her why Lucas is right for her and Mark wasn't.
ELLE: Look Dad, it's really sweet that you're worried about me but this time you don't have to.
PAUL: Because it's all going to miraculously sort itself out?
Harold's Store
Normally I wouldn't describe a random extra's scene but this time it's different as the random extra is a girl called Feride Nahkle who has a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma (but is currently in remission) and she made a wish to the Starlight Children's Foundation to have some acting lessons and meet the cast of Neighbours except they went one step more and had her appear onscreen! Check out the Starlight foundation website for more details on her appearance in Neighbours.
The scene itself wasn't very big; she came into Harold's Store looking for her sunglasses and on the way out, Callum commented to her that he liked her shades.
Toadie tries to rib Rebecca for the amount of milk she is buying (it's actually for the bar) but she turns the tables and comments on his sugar intake order - supersized lime slupries - whatever they are! He asks how "Randy Andy" is and she replies after a bit of a pause that he's good but is off on army reserve training just now and when she adds that she misses him, he gives an "aww" and is told to carry the 3 containers of milk to Charlie's pronto!
Cass arrives to find her kids and apologises for what she did to get the kids to go home and to seal the deal, bribes them by buying a chocolate cake. While Tegan is at the counter getting the cake, Cass tells iSimon (he's plugged in again) that Paul thinks he is okay.
Number 26 (next day)
Didge is impressed with her mum's new look for her first day at work and that she will talk to someone in HR to see about getting Declan a job at Lassiters. The good mood Miranda is in, is ruined when Steve just so happens to arrive to repair the sticky bedroom door but after a terse conversation, he decides to come back later to do the repair.
Number 32
Looks like we have a budding musician on our hands and no, it's not Ty but little Charlie Hoyland who shows off his xylophone playing skills to his mum and the just out of bed Ty. Steph explains to Ty that the kids are performing a song for the Easter concert at school and Charlie is enjoying himself so much that she has to wrestle the beaters away from him so she can chat with Ty about the phone bill (he's asking for more time to pay the large bill since he's quit labouring).
Lassiters Complex
Didge is trying to study on a table outside Harold's Store but is having trouble because Tegan is staring at her, so much so she invites Tegan over to chat. Turns out that Tegan is impressed by Didge - for studying at the weekend and that she is cool about not worrying what other people think about her. Didge replies that she used to until it drove her insane. Tegan then compliments Didge on what she is wearing (a white t-shirt, grey top and jeans) and Didge explains that she wears it because it's comfy.
Meanwhile outside Charlie's, Elle is having her brekkie when Lucas approaches her when he hears her muttering comments about a politician lying that she was reading in the paper. They end up having a conversation that is really about them:
LUCAS: Come on Elle, no-one ever means what they say.
ELLE: (puzzled) Ever?
LUCAS: Hardly ever.
ELLE: (still puzzled) Well that's a bit cynical.
LUCAS: (backtracking) Yes I'm not talking about deliberate lies; I'm just saying that it's easy to get carried away.
ELLE: Swept up in the tide.
LUCAS: Lost in the moment.
ELLE: Saying things better left unsaid.
LUCAS: Yes exactly.
ELLE: Well I suppose when you sign a contract there's always a cooling off period.
LUCAS: Right, a cooling off. Good one.
Lucas then invites her to have some raisin toast with him but she informs him that she only eats fruit for breakfast and the awkwardness returns between them, so Elle decides to leave. She then walks over to one side of the complex thinking that Lucas is going to follow her but when she looks; a Lucas has headed into the store instead.
Number 30
After the break we return to #30 and the cat's musical choir! Toadie and Steph suffer enjoy listening to Callum and Mickey play on recorders accompanied by Charlie on the xylophone a tune called 'Hot cross buns'. To say they sound awful would be the understatement of the century! Even Mickey and Callum realise how bad they were but Steph says that they just need some more practice and as if a messenger has been sent from heaven - Ty comes over and is talked into helping the kids by the pleading Steph and Toadie.
Harold's Store
Didge collects her change and is surprised to see a new look Tegan enter the store - gone is the dress and instead she has jeans and a t-shirt on. However Cass is not impressed at her daughters new look when she enters the store, telling her that she looks like a boy! As if to 'feminise' her again, Cass shows her what she's just bought - two very skimpy golden yellow tops (think back Lyn's teddy but without the sexiness of it!).
TEGAN: I don't want to dress for boys anymore.
CASS: Oh darling, it's a phase it will pass. Darling we are just going to look so hot.
TEGAN: I am not your mini-me!
CASS: Huh?
TEGAN: I don't want to dress for you anymore or the local footy team.
CASS: Darling, what has that girl say to you?
Number 26
Didge is doing her maths studying when Miranda comes home after a busy first day at work. Just as they are discussing what to have for supper, Cass arrives and has a go at Didge for what she thinks is Didge dictating to Tegan what clothes she should be wearing. Didge tries to plead her innocence but Cass' mind is already made up over who to blame. Miranda tries to diffuse the situation by inviting Cass to join her for a cuppa but Cass isn't listening and instead continues arguing with Didge.
DIDGE: Tegan thinks she has to wear a short skirt just so anyone will like her.
CASS: And what jeans and a shapeless t-shirt works better does it?
MIRANDA: Lets just calm down.
DIDGE: She doesn't have to impress anyone.
CASS: Well obviously that's worked for you.
MIRANDA: Cassandra that's enough.
CASS: NO! Obviously I'm just some sort of terrible mother because I think it doesn't hurt to attract a bit of attention.
DIDGE: She's fourteen, she doesn't want any attention.
CASS: Well at least she's not pregnant to the first boy that looks at her.
Miranda takes exception to that one and throws Cass out of her house with both mothers shouting to keep their daughters away from the other one.
Lucas is trying to get served but Rebecca is still anti him (she's been chatting to Elle) because he "practically ran away" from Elle saying that he had work to do at 10pm! Lucas stands up for himself, replying that Elle too had a deadline.
REBECCA: (frustrated) God you two are hopeless.
LUCAS: We're just taking things at our own pace.
REBECCA: Is that the same as not getting carried away or lost in the moment?
LUCAS: Is there nothing she hasn't told you?! Actually don't answer that!
REBECCA: Just get your act together Lucas before she finds someone else who has.
Number 30
Thankfully this time when we head to #30 after the commercial break, it actually sounds like music that is being played by the kids - Ty must be some teacher!
While the older boys head into the kitchen to get some snacks, Ty goes over to Charlie to show him how to play a cord on the xylophone (hitting two separate notes simultaneously) which Charlie picks up on straight away. From the corridor, the I'm-not-watching Steph and Toadie see this and are very impressed.
Harold's Store
Lucas is in to buy his supper - a meal for one. Elle serves him and when he asks if buying a meal for one is sad, she shows him her meal for one.
LUCAS: Ah, you're just as sad as I am.
ELLE: Mmm see I prefer to see as myself someone who doesn't cook.
LUCAS: So, dinner for one and dinner for one.
ELLE: Dinner for two.
Number 22
And dinner for two it is but not the microwave meals they bought at the store but Lucas cooking them a meal - pasta and tuna thingy!
Lucas is trying to teach her some cooking at the same time and lesson #1 is testing to see if the pasta (spaghetti) is cooked and that means throwing it against the wall. Elle refuses to have the spaghetti thrown against the wall because she spends good money having the house cleaned every weekend! They begin capering over the throwing of the spaghetti and eventually Lucas does throw it but instead of it landing on a wall it lands on the head of the newly arrived Paul!
Steph comments to Callum while they are having a drink with Ty, Toadie and Steve about how great Ty was at teaching them earlier. Steve adds that he can't wait to hear it however Callum thinks it's just lame but does concede Steph's point that he did start to enjoy himself once Ty sorted them out. He asks instead to play another song (Paranoid) because Hot cross buns sucked. "That may require a few more lessons" Toadie says looking at Ty and trying to sound like she hasn't through of it already, Steph adds "that would be a good idea". They try to get Ty interested in it but he doesn't think he his trained to do so and Toadie replies yes but isn't he trained in music?!
TOADIE: Come on dude, you're a natural!
Meanwhile, Paul walks into the bar and spots a quiet Cass at the bar. She is thinking about her kids, which strikes accord with Paul.
CASS: I don't know, one minute they are your best friend and then they are your immortal enemy.
PAUL: Yes and then they want some advice and then they don't. It drives you spare doesn't it?
CASS: Yes. They look up to you...
PAUL: And they hate you.
CASS: You can never seem to get it right.
Cass suggests they share their sorrows over a game of pool but Paul replies that isn't his style and just at that, Lucas comes into the bar for a bottle of red wine and while Rebecca is putting it into a bag, Paul goes over to chat with him.
Lucas thinks he is here to have a go so tells him that perhaps he should think of his daughter because she seems fond of him! Paul has only one thing to say to him - that he doesn't hurt Elle.
LUCAS: I wouldn't do that.
PAUL: Oh really? Well you have before so what's changed?
"Ah" is Paul's reply to that one but then asks how many times he's said that before?! Lucas scoffs at what he said but Paul explains that he's seen it before and Lucas is told to ask Rebecca how that one pans out!
LUCAS: You think I'm like you?
PAUL: Just stay away from her Lucas. She deserves a better man than either of us.
Number 22
Lucas returns from the bar with the wine and he is relieved after she likes his choice after the breakfast incident, adding that he hardly knows her at all.
ELLE: Okay here's a few headlines. I always have the first shower, I always sleep on the right hand side of the bed, I'm terrible before I've had my first coffee of the day and I don't like any public displays of affection.
LUCAS: What not even holding hands?
ELLE: Only on Sunday's in the park when there's no people around.
LUCAS: (sarcastically) Wow. (Being serious) Okay so why are you telling me all this?
ELLE: Because I think we should live together.
Lucas thinks she is joking but Elle is serious - they've played so many games trying to get together and have wasted enough time.
ELLE: Haven't we waited long enough?
After a bit of a pause, Lucas replies "okay" and repeats it but this time with a beaming smile before going in to kiss and hug her just as Paul arrives home and from the looks that are being exchanged between the two men, its hard to say why Lucas is saying yes to them living together.
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Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5655
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5655
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5655
Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Rebecca Napier

Tegan Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5655
Tegan Freedman, Cassandra Freedman, Simon Freedman

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5655
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker

Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5655
Steve Parker

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5655
Charlie Hoyland

Ty Harper, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5655
Ty Harper, Steph Scully

Bridget Parker, Tegan Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5655
Bridget Parker, Tegan Freedman

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5655
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5655
Lucas Fitzgerald

Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5655
Mickey Gannon, Callum Jones

Ty Harper, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5655
Ty Harper, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Tegan Freedman, Cassandra Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5655
Tegan Freedman, Cassandra Freedman

Cassandra Freedman, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5655
Cassandra Freedman, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker

Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5655
Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5655
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5655
Paul Robinson

Steve Parker, Steph Scully, Ty Harper, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5655
Steve Parker, Steph Scully, Ty Harper, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5655
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

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