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Neighbours Episode 5627 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5627
Australian airdate: 17/02/09
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tegan Freedman - Chelsea Jones
Simon Freedman - Mauricio Merino Jr
Phil Andrews - Robert Mammone
Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
Sergeant Rick Lawson - Liam Pederson
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Karl kicking Ringo out of the house
- Ringo lying to Susan about staying at a mate's place
- Donna and Ringo fighting about misunderstandings
- Paul and Cass deciding Donna will move into #24
- Elle finding Zeke's t-shirt in Phil Andrews' house
- Karl and Susan finally accepting Zeke is gone
Number 28
Karl packs his briefcase for his first day back at work (slipping a photo of Zeke into his wallet), while Susan leaves a worried voicemail message on Ringo's phone, wanting to know where he's staying. Giving Susan a kiss, Karl dolefully heads off to the hospital.
Harold's Store
Elle and Lucas are worried about Harold working on his own, but Harold insists he wants to keep busy. The detective duo are discussing how they should approach Susan with their casefile on Zeke when Susan walks into the shop. Wary of the public venue, they ask Susan to have coffee with them back in Ramsay Street.
Number 28
Susan's stunned as she looks over the t-shirt, sketch and photo of Elle with the Zeke-shaped person in the background. Elle and Lucas have filled her in on Phil Andrews and admit that they can't be 100% certain he has Zeke, but the evidence adds up. Allowing a glimmer of hope to shine through, Susan gives Elle and Lucas her heartfelt thanks and says she'll handle it from here. But instead of immediately calling Karl, Susan instead dials the police.
Harold's Store
Donna and Simon are in a foul mood with Tegan for lying to them about Cass' true intentions for moving to Erinsborough (and Donna's also peeved because she had to leave #22). Storming out in a huff, Tegan claims she's just "trying to make things good again". With a grin spreading across his face, Simon drags Donna out not long after, claiming he has an idea.
Number 22
Donna and Simon arrive with a suitcase while Elle charges up to her father, accusing him of making her think Donna wanted to leave. Donna thanks her bro for rescuing her but Simon shrugs it off; he had an inkling Elle didn't know the full story. Elle gives her surrogate sis an apology hug, but Donna is more concerned about being able to use Elle's conditioning treatments again.
DONNA: I have scarecrow hair!
Donna asks Simon to take her bag upstairs and lets Elle know her mum's going to freak, but Elle reckons she'll be able to deal with her. Wanting to do something special, Elle suggests Donna invite Ringo over for dinner, but Donna confesses they're not speaking at the moment. Elle feebly suggests Ringo may have lost her number, but Donna replies that hers is the only one he knows off by heart. Simon digests this morsel of information in the eavesdropping stairwell.
On the phone to Rachel, Ringo claims he's having a ball at a mate's place - but the camera pans out to reveal that he's in the allotment. Telling her to pass the message onto Susan, Ringo hangs up and strips down to his birthday suit to take an outdoor shower behind the shed. While he's busy with the watering can, Simon rushes over and steals all of Ringo's belongings, deleting the address book in his mobile phone while he's there. Needless to say, Ringo is less than impressed.
Harold's Store
Paul notices Simon looking quite pleased with himself, but Simon only replies that he's done his good deed for the day. Harold brings Donna and Simon their drinks before being startled by nekkid Ringo and all his nekkidness in the kitchen. Ringo tries to be discreet, but Donna, Lucas and Elle all rush over to gawk at him. Harold covers Ringo's modesty with a tray - but unless his modesty is his bellybutton, that tray ain't doing much. Donna clocks that Simon knows more about the situation than he's letting on, but Ringo stubbornly believes that Donna is the culprit. Lucas saves the day by giving his flannel shirt to the nudie.
RINGO: (wondering how that's going to cover everything) What about...?
LUCAS: Oh, I have to know you a lot better before I let you get into my pants.
HAROLD: That was quite unnecessary!
He ushers Ringo back into the kitchen to find him some more clothes.
House in the Country
The police bring Susan to Phil Andrews' mate's place where he's currently staying. Susan wants to barge right in, but the copper holds her back. He lets her know that Phil's had a tough time since his family died, so he wants to tread lightly. Heading into the house, the cop tells Susan to wait outside until he calls her - but Susan can't help herself and follows them in.
House in the Country
Phil assures the cop he hasn't seen "the boy" before they both realise Susan's there. The cop tells Susan that the last teen seen at the house was Phil's nephew but he's gone now. Susan requests to speak with Phil and gets straight to the point, asking him why he abandoned his house in such a hurry. Phil calmly explains that his house was broken into and he was upset that his son's room was disturbed. Susan asks about the t-shirt and photo, but Phil claims the shirt belongs to his dead son. Frustrated, Susan pleads to the cop that the drawing was of Zeke, but the cop says they have nothing concrete to connect her son with Phil.
Outside, Susan's aghast to learn that the cops are letting Phil go but the cop testily replies that she needs to leave Mr Andrews in peace. He offers her a lift to the station, but Susan says she's called a taxi. When the cops drive off, Susan tries to get inside the house but finds all the doors locked. Rushing around the corner, she comes face to face with Phil.
PHIL: You won't find anything.
SUSAN: That shirt. It smells like Zeke. He has to be here.
PHIL: I know what it's like to lose a son. The grief, it makes you believe the impossible.
SUSAN: You're wrong. I faced the reality.
PHIL: Then why aren't you in mourning? Why are you still chasing a ghost? It's hard, OK. But you need to let it go.
Susan begins to cry, the small flame of hope she had crumbling into embers. The taxi arrives and she sadly climbs inside. As it drives away, Phil makes a phone call.
PHIL: Trent? Yeah, it's dad. You can come home now.
Charlie's Bar
Ringo scowls his way over to Lucas, dressed in some miss-matched clothes Harold found at the Salvos for him. Lucas doesn't understand why Ringo doesn't reach a compromise with Karl, but Ringo doesn't see the point.
Number 22
Simon brings over some CDs Donna forgot and Paul soon susses that the teen was the one who stole Ringo's clothes to get revenge on his sister's behalf. Smirking, Paul starts to say that Simon is a little bit like himself before getting distracted by a phone call. Simon's grossed out to learn that Paul's talking in vomit-inducing "sexy" ways to his mum. Paul dismisses him, rushing off to get ready for a (presumed) booty call, but the cogs whir in Simon's head as another idea falls into place.
Charlie's Bar
Lucas tells Ringo that he can crash at his place if he needs to, but Ringo has made plans to stay at an actual mate's house this time. Lucas laughs at Ringo when he keeps going on about Donna stealing his clothes when he has no proof.
LUCAS: You know what you need to do? Man up and give her a break.
RINGO: (laughing) Man up?
LUCAS: Yeah.
RINGO: I've got two words for you, Fitzgerald: Elle Robinson.
Lucas can't argue the point and sulks out of the pub.
Number 22
Paul attempts to open the door but discovers he's trapped inside, thanks to Simon and some superglue. But Simon was super stupid and ended up gluing a screwdriver to his hands.
PAUL: You really are a genius aren't you.
Harold's Store
Tegan asks Elle if she's seen Donna, but Elle pretends she hasn't to give her poor housemate some peace. As it turns out, Donna is in the kitchen making an ice-cream sundae with Harold. He smiles and tells her that it always worked as a cheer-up method with Sky.
HAROLD: Now maybe you'll be able to get that Ringo to return the clothes that I borrowed for him.
DONNA: (smiling) Wow. Subtle.
DONNA: You're awesome with the ice-cream thing but you really need to workshop your matchmaking skills.
HAROLD: Oh really?
HAROLD: Alright then, well how about I swap some matchmaking skills for something else... Tuba lessons!
DONNA: Tuba? Have you got anything cooler?
HAROLD: No, no I... Yes! I did a spot of rapping once!
DONNA: Woah, hold up! Rapping?
HAROLD: I was known as Afro Harold, I had a big black wig.
Delighted, Donna cons Harold into giving her a demo. He's shy at first but then starts up his rap from his ye old Coffee Shop days. Ahh, the memories. Donna starts to make up her own verse, not realising that Harold has suddenly clutched his chest in pain. Scared, Donna yells at Elle to call an ambulance.
Donna stares into Harold's room while Karl tends to him. Susan finds her and asks how Harold's doing, but Donna guiltily replies that it's all her fault. Susan comforts her as Karl walks out and lets them know it was a serious heart attack. All of a sudden, Harold flatlines and Karl yells for Nurse Jodie to help him out. Donna and Susan can only helplessly watch from the corridor.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5627
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5627
Harold Bishop, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5627
Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5627
Donna Freedman, Simon Freedman, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5627
Ringo Brown

Simon Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5627
Simon Freedman

Ringo Brown, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5627
Ringo Brown, Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5627
Susan Kennedy

Phil Andrews in Neighbours Episode 5627
Phil Andrews

Simon Freedman, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5627
Simon Freedman, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5627
Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman

Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5627
Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman

Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5627
Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman

Donna Freedman, Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5627
Donna Freedman, Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5627
Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy

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