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Neighbours Episode 5577 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5577
Australian airdate: 04/11/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Sarah Dollard
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Sharni Hillman - Alicia Banit
Young Mother - Sherrydayne Talea
Sick Child - Darcie Elle Catania
Summary/Images by: Carly
- Ty and Rachel reuniting
- Didge destroying photos of her and Declan
- Steve giving Didge his first stethoscope
- Declan having a meltdown
- Declan hooking up with Sharni the footy skank
Lassiter's Complex
Declan and Sharni are having a right old snog-fest behind a building. Sharni invites Declan back to her place, but Declan's guilt-chip has kicked in and he backs off. Good thing too, as Zeke has just stumbled across them and looks decidedly unimpressed.
General Store
Declan chases Zeke into the shop and insists that the footy groupie meant nothing to him, but Zeke doesn't think Didge would see it that way. He threatens to call Didge, but Declan makes him go outside so he can explain himself.
Lassiter's Complex
Declan confesses the truth to Zeke.
DECLAN: She's pregnant.
ZEKE: You got that skank pregnant?!
DECLAN: No, Zeke, Didge. Didge is pregnant.
ZEKE: ... Is she alright?
DECLAN: I don't know.
ZEKE: Well why aren't you with her? Oh, that's right, you're too busy off with those other chicks that come on to you, is that it?
ZEKE: No? So what, you're just going to do that for the rest of your life? Yeah, you're gonna be a great dad, mate.
Steve walks up and scares the life out of them. He reminds Zeke that he's late for work experience and congratulates Declan on his AFL dream job. Declan smiles and laughs along, but Zeke can't stop glaring at his mate.
Number 28
Susan tells Libby (and Rachel) that she's already booked her engagement party - for tomorrow. The place she was looking at had a cancellation and they got it at a very cheap rate - music to Karl's ears. Libby's happy with the location, but not so happy with inviting Andrew "Principal of Erinsborough High" Simpson along to the shindig.
Karl mopes his way through the scene, feeling quite lost without Lennie the pig. It appears he got quite attached to the little pork chop. Susan guiltily realises she's going to have to spend her day on a pig hunt. Where's Steiger when you need him?
Meanwhile, Rachel parades her outfit she's going to wear to the law firm for work experience.
RACHEL: What do you guys think? Classy enough?
SUSAN: Ooh, very smart.
LIBBY: Sweetheart you're working with Toadie. You could turn up in your PJs with your brekkie on your face and you'd still outclass him.
Rebecchi Legal
Proving Libby's point, Rebecca and Rachel dig into some cakes while Toadie buttons up an un-ironed white shirt over a blue t-shirt. He wonders where Declan has gotten to (he's doing work experience at the law firm too), but Rebecca makes up a quick excuse for his absence. Toadie goes into his office and Rebecca lets Rachel know that Didge confided in her about the pregnancy. Rachel asks how Declan's coping but Rebecca's not sure. Rebecca then tells a story about how some possums attacked Harold's gardenias last night, but Rachel soon realises that they were visited by Lennie. She makes a sly phone call to Susan to tell her she has a lead on the pig.
Lassiter's Complex
Sharni finds Declan loitering out the front of the vet clinic and wants to pick up where they left off, but Declan confesses that he already has a girlfriend. Stung, she calls him a tool and angrily struts away. Hearing his phone, Declan sees that Didge is trying to call him but he hangs up on her.
Didge grumbles about Declan not answering and joins the rest of her peers for work experience, including Donna and a random extra who looks like Zeke's doppelganger. Karl hands out the group's ID passes and has a quiet word with Didge to check up on her. Didge claims she's fine and Karl says it's great that she's taking a "life goes on" approach. Addressing the group, Karl asks some questions about the first aid they just did.
KARL: Who can tell me the first thing you should think of in an emergency situation.
(Donna eagerly raises her hand)
KARL: (weary) Yes, Donna.
DONNA: The patient always lies.
KARL: I'm sorry?
DONNA: (serious) People lie, symptoms don't.
KARL: I think you're watching a little too much TV.
He then asks Didge a question, but she's off with the fairies, staring at a mother and child sitting in the waiting room.
Vet Clinic
Zeke helps Steve put Rodney the ferret back into his cage just as Susan arrives to ask Steve about where she might purchase a pig. Steve's confused, so Susan quickly relays the piggy tale to him.
Meanwhile, Declan strides in to have a word with Zeke to make sure that he's not going to blab to Didge about his indiscretion. Zeke snits that Declan should be the one to tell her that he got it on with a skank. Bringing out his ugly bullying side, Declan roughs Zeke up against the animal cages and shouts that Didge is the only thing that matters to him. Hearing the ruckus, Steve breaks them up and asks what's going on, but the boys claim it's nothing.
Karl thinks Didge isn't paying attention again, but she leaps up from her seat and tells him the answer to the question she missed out on earlier. Getting worked up, Didge promises that she knows her stuff and that she's not wasting his time, but when she sees the mum/baby combo again it all gets too much and she bursts into tears. Donna rushes to comfort her, telling Karl off in the process, but Karl tells Donna to put a sock in it and encourages them to take a break.
General Store
Chloe sits in her high chair, watching the world go by, as Carmella MOPS the WET floor with a CAUTION: WET FLOOR! sign next to her. Subtle. Donna scoffs down some cake while Didge moans about how embarrassed she feels and plays half-heartedly with her food.
DONNA: I was so ready to go him [Karl]. Good thing I didn't.
Didge doesn't think she's cut out to be doctor material, but Donna begs to differ. They hear a loud crash in the kitchen and go to investigate, startled to see that Carmella has slipped over and fallen unconscious. Didge, of course, calmly tends to her and tells a freaked out Donna to check on Chloe and call 000.
General Store
Didge continues to show that she is indeed cut out to be doctor material as she manages to coolly relay all the necessary medical info to Donna to pass on to 000. (There's a poster on the fridge congratulating Erin on her 'Employee of the Month' status - mad props to you, Erin!). Carmella stirs and woozily asks what happened.
Charlie's Bar
Ty strums his guitar awkwardly, putting it away when Susan and Rachel come in to ask him about playing at Libby's engagement party. Rachel thinks it'll be a nice, relaxed gig but Ty isn't keen and wants to set up Rach with another guitarist instead. He claims it's because the physio wants him to rest his wrist, but there's something else going on for sure. Unimpressed, Rachel thinks he has to get back on the horse at some point, but Ty tells her to drop it.
Vet Clinic
Zeke leaves a sweet message for Didge on her voicemail, letting her know that he's there for her if she ever needs to talk. Back in the surgery, Steve asks Zeke to assist him with Captain Snuggles the cat and praises him on all the good work he's done today. Steve wonders if things are OK with Declan and asks if they've had a falling out. Zeke gives a non-committal answer as Steve adds that Declan and Didge have been shaky recently too, and Didge has been quite moody. Zeke's all, 'You don't say'.
Lassiter's Complex
Declan is leaving a voicemail on Didge's phone when Rebecca rushes to catch up with him. She angrily asks where the hell he's been and says that he can't just ditch his work placement. Declan shrugs and says that Toadie wouldn't care. Rachel strolls along and finds them.
RACHEL: Declan there you are.
DECLAN: (annoyed) Oh, great!
RACHEL: Are you OK?
DECLAN: Walking on sunshine!
RACHEL: I just want to let you know that we're all looking out for you guys.
DECLAN: Really? Is that what Zeke's doing?
Rebecca wants her son to drop the attitude and let her know what's going on with him, but he's keen to see Didge and tries to shirk her again by giving her a half-assed apology for his behaviour this morning. Having had enough, Rebecca grabs him by the arm and snarls at him to come to the law firm with her.
Carmella holds Chloe and heaps praise on Didge and Donna for helping her, but Donna beams that it was all Didge's doing.
DONNA: She is made of awesomeness!
Carmella smiles and says that Chloe wants to thank them, giving us our daily 'Didge is forced to hold a baby and think about her own unborn sprog' quota of the episode. This time, however, Didge doesn't look freaked out. Karl tells Carmella that she has to stay in for a while for observation. Didge hands Chloe back and walks out with Donna, but feels a little bit woozy. Donna thinks it's because she hasn't eaten and wants her to sit down, but Didge thinks she'll be fine.
Charlie's Bar
Toadie swaggers in to get a coffee from Ty (apparently Rebecca had a go at Lou for not putting enough chocolate sprinkles on their coffee and now they're banned from the GS - at least until next week). Toad says he's looking forward to seeing Ty and Rachel play at Lib's engagement party, but Ty replies that he's not going.
TOADIE: I thought Lib was red-hot for you and Rach to belt out a few tunes?
TY: Well she can't always get what she wants.
TOADIE: Hey! Rolling Stones, that's very funny! That's a music joke!
(Ty isn't laughing)
TOADIE: ... It's funny cause you're a musician... OK, alright, so how come you're not doing it? It'd mean a lot to everyone.
TY: What? Am I like the rent-a-rocker for Ramsay Street all of a sudden?
TOADIE: (cracking up laughing) Rent-a-rocker! You are on fire!
(Ty still isn't laughing)
TOADIE: ... It's funny cause (trailing off) ... You're a musician. You seem a little upset by this.
TY: Seriously, why does everyone assume that I want to play at every celebration?
Toadie thinks it's because Ty usually enjoys playing, but Ty drags out the old 'my physio says I can't' line, and that's the end of that. Or is it...
Number 28
Ty brings his guitar to Rach and admits he's been a wuss. He thought that if he actually started getting somewhere with his music then he'd really have to deliver - and that scared him. Rachel says it's kind of like how she's been scared to fully commit to him. They each make a pact: Ty promises not to be a chicken about his music (and play at Lib's party), and Rach promises to stick around long enough to "cash in on your fame and fortune".
Rebecchi Legal
Declan "helps" out by repeatedly slamming down the stapler on some files until Rebecca tells him to quit it. When she answers the phone (Carmella's on the other end) he starts to make a run for it. Eyes wide, Rachel points out the escapee to Rebecca but it's too late. Steve walks in wanting a word with Rebecca about Declan. Rebecca tries to stay mum, but Steve keeps asking questions. She looks like she's about to confess when Rachel jumps in and reminds her that she has to pick up Carmella. Steve leaves them be and Rachel looks at Rebecca in alarm.
RACHEL: You can't tell Steve about Bridget, she trusts you.
REBECCA: Yeah well so do Steve and Miranda.
RACHEL: If you tell them she will never forgive you, Rebecca, and neither will Declan.
REBECCA: Rachel she's their daughter.
RACHEL: So it's just like that, you're going to betray Bridget's confidence?
Rebecca is torn.
Carmella tells Rebecca that what happened today really made her think that Chloe needs her dad around in case something happens to her again.
REBECCA: You think she misses Oliver?
CARMELLA: Yeah, big time.
REBECCA: Maybe she's not the only one, huh?
CARMELLA: Yes I miss him too.
They exit, passing Didge and Donna putting some filing away at the nurses' station. Donna asks if Didge is feeling better, "because you look like you're going to hurl". But Didge only hurls out the, "I'm fine" spiel. Declan finds them and says he needs to chat to Didge, but Didge mutters that she's working.
DECLAN: I've been trying to call you all day.
DONNA: Oh, she's only been saving lives.
DECLAN: Can you please go away, Donna?
DONNA: Rude much?
But she does give them some peace. Declan starts to admit that he's done something stupid, but Didge feels dizzy again and promptly faints into Declan's arms. Panicked, he calls out for some help.
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Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier

Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5577
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5577
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Toadie Rebecchi, Rebecca Napier

Rachel Kinski, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Rachel Kinski, Rebecca Napier

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5577
Rachel Kinski

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5577
Bridget Parker

Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier

Rachel Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Rachel Kinski, Declan Napier

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5577
Rebecca Napier

Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5577
Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti

Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5577
Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman

Carmella Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5577
Carmella Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier, Chloe Cammeniti

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