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Neighbours Episode 5568 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5568
Australian airdate: 22/10/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Jason Healey: Adam Waycott
Detective Alan Skinner: Kevin Summers
Kelly Katsis: Katrina Milosevic
Shane Dooley: Brodie Young
Summary/Images by: Pete/ShadowDan
Kelly reveals she thinks Dan and Toadie are gay to Steph.
Ringo shows off his new Ute.
The car salesman, Jason Healy, threatens Elle, or someone close to her.
Elle tells Donna that Healy is dangerous.
Elle and Lucas are locked into Jason's garage.
Elle has called the police and Lucas is looking for a way out. As he gets down off the step he nudges Elle and the phone falls into a bucket of oil. He pulls it out dripping and throws it back in, saying it was his phone anyway. They suddenly spot a window slightly open. They both laugh.
ELLE: You are sooo not going to fit through that.
LUCAS: No, but you will.
ELLE: I've got a sprained ankle, and these pants are by Giorgio Armani.
LUCAS: Sorry, Giorgio.
And with that he throws her over his shoulder and tries to force her legs out of the window.
LUCAS: Come on girly-girl, get your legs up!
ELLE: I am so not a girly-girl!
He manages, despite her protests, to force her legs out of the window a bit.
Number 22
Jason assures the boys there's just a minor problem with a dodgy ignition switch will be fixed tomorrow. Ringo thinks they should have a mechanical check done. Jason says it's already been done. Ringo insists on getting an independent check. Jason says it's too late, the sale's been done. He starts to suggest they've been sold a dodgy car, but Donna interrupts.
DONNA: Ringo, where are your manners? Jason was good enough to give us a tow home, and you haven't even offered him a drink yet.
JASON: No, it's alright I have to get going anyway.
DONNA: No, because I make an excellent Bloody Mary. Without the vodka. It's a Bloody Shame - the drink I mean.
She forces him to sit down and drags Ringo over to explain that Jason sold Elle the car that almost killed her, and she's called the police. Jason gets up to leave and Donna tries to stop him. He pushes her aside. Donna tries to run after him but Ringo stops her, saying the police will catch him. Zeke wants to know what's going on.
Elle is fully out now and Lucas is stuck in the window as she jumps free. She's in pain and hobbling. Lucas tells her try the door and she tetchily tells him she never would have thought of that herself. He shouts after her 'In your own time girly-girl' and giggles to himself as she hobbles away. She tries the door and shouts 'Padlocked!' Lucas says he knows that, look for the key. She hobbles back to him.
ELLE: This is useless, it could be anywhere! Don't you tut me, now why don't you make yourself useful and wriggle out of there.
He says he won't fit, but she reckons he just needs to get his shoulders out. He wriggles and says he's stuck; can she give him a pull? She puts one leg on the side of the garage and tries to yank him out. She ends up jamming him in further. She decides to go for help instead, telling him to hide, but he can't move. She decides she can't leave him like that and gets a plastic chair. She puts it down and climbs on it to the window where she pushes him back in a bit. She starts laughing. She says this reminds her of the time Pooh Bear got stuck in a hole.
LUCAS: Oh? And how did Pooh Bear get out?
ELLE: Well, he had to stay there until he lost weight!
They both start laughing.
Charlie's Bar
Kelly beats Toadie in an arm wrestling competition by using both hands, Rebecca comments to Steph on his 'new friend'. A man walks in and Steph comments on another one and tells Rebecca to check it out. Kelly introduces Shane to Toadie. Rebecca butts in and introduces herself. Kelly jokes about 'gal pals' which seems to go past Toadie as he asks Shane about himself. He's a plumber. Kelly's already told Shane Toadie's a lawyer. Rebecca says he's her boss 'but he's a teddy bear really'. Shane seems impressed. Shane offers to get the drinks in. Only Rebecca tells him she wants a white wine.
SHANE: So that's one beer and three white wines for the girls.
Suddenly the penny drops on Toadie. Kelly takes this for shock. She takes his hand and apologises for blind-siding him. 'Even if you two aren't right for each other, I know he'll make a great mate - and I told him if you weren't that way, I'd eat you up in a second.'
Rebecca starts to twig and asks Toadie if he's been hurt recently. Kelly starts on about him being dumped by Dan before Miranda cracks up laughing. Toadie starts to say he should have told Kelly something and Rebecca laughs 'Toadie's not gay!'. Kelly looks at Toadie.
KELLY: Jarrod?
TOADIE: I'm sorry, I'm straight.
Rebecca laughs. Kelly shouts over to Shane that they're leaving. Toadie tries to explain but Kelly says they thought they'd have a laugh at 'the queer plumber and his handbag'. She refuses to listen to Toadie and walks off comforted by Shane.
REBECCA: Well if I'd have known you were gay, I would have DEMANDED you re-decorate the office.
She giggles. Steph tries to stifle a giggle, and Toadie just looks shocked.
Ramsay Street
Detective Skinner makes Ringo sign for the Ute which is now on the back of a truck. He explains they might not get it back. Declan comes along and asks how much they paid for it. Ringo just says 'a lot'. Declan tells Zeke he can't even drive. Zeke says it's still their car. Detective Skinner says no, it's evidence so it's their car now. Declan laughs and Donna tells him not to be mean. The boys complain about how much they spent on the car, and their other car is probably evidence now too. Detective Skinner says on the bright side, they might be charged with stolen goods. Since they've been helpful, he lets them off. He walks away laughing. The kids watch as he gets in the police car and the truck takes the Ute away.
Karl and Susan come along and ask Steve what's going on. He helpfully says 'From what I understand, the boys have bought a stolen car'. Susan says no, Ringo has a car and Zeke can't drive. Steve says that's what they told the cops, and asks where they've been. Susan says 'Wedding...Registry....Stuff' and the couple walk over to the kids. Karl questions them about what Steve said and how he hopes it's not true. Susan says they wouldn't buy car behind their backs, would they?
DECLAN: Just quietly guys, I reckon you'd have been better off with the cops.
Karl says 'do you mind?' and Bridget drags Declan off. Karl orders the boys inside. Paul comes along and asked Donna what he's missed. She brings him the whole story in about 30 words, which is more than I've managed
As an aside, she asks if he's seen Elle. He hasn't and Donna starts to look worried.
Elle is trying to get Lucas out the window again, but it's hurting him. He suggests giving him 'a good hard yank'. She does and rips the arm off his jacket. She says it's a poor quality garment, and takes his other arm and does the same thing. She jokes he now has a vest. Just then we hear Jason shout 'Sacha!' She panics and manages to push Lucas back in the garage, where he lands on something, making a crash. Elle asks if he's OK then hides. Jason shouts and looks down the side but he can't see anyone. He wanders off and Elle's breathing increases.
Jason opens the door to the garage and shouts he doesn't want any trouble, just to work this out. He walks into the garage.
Jason walks into the garage and finds Lucas. He asks him what he's doing there, and if he's alone. There's a clanging noise and he falls to knees, to reveal Elle standing behind him. She says he's not alone as Jason collapses into Lucas' arms. They both laugh as Elle obviously got a rush from hitting him; it's revealed, with a thick metal pole.
Lucas drags the unconscious Jason out of the garage and Elle tells him he owes her. They start bickering and Jason wakes up and grabs Elle on the leg. She screams and Lucas jumps on top of Elle, who hobbles off to get a phone, but not before having another little bicker with Lucas.
Number 28
Susan is telling the boys off.: Zeke for spending money and Ringo for encouraging him. Zeke starts shouting he's not a pushover, he's old enough to make his own decisions. Susan sends Ringo off. Karl tells Zeke his actions disprove that notion.
Susan says they understand his older mates are getting cool stuff and he wants it too. Karl says the footy club might be the wrong crowd for him. Zeke shouts not to patronise him, he's not a little kid. Susan says no, he isn't, but he's not as mature as he thinks. She's going to take away his money until he learns to use it properly.
ZEKE: Why don't you go to my room, see what else of mine you want?
He storms out slamming the door and Karl tries to follow, but Susan stops him.
The General Store
Toadie comes in and thanks Kelly for agreeing to meet. He has a lot to say. She seems defensive.
KELLY: Well you better make it quick before people see you talking to someone like me, eh?
TOADIE: OK, whatever you put up with because of how you perceive you look, which is totally hot by the way, I've put up with ten times worse, so whatever you do, don't call me judgemental, alright?
She asks what she can call him. He reels off a list: insensitive, selfish, gutless, immature...misunderstood....forgiven?
She says prawns are on the menu at Charlie's. Sucking up goes really well with prawns. They go to leave and she tells him not to make her feel like that again.
Bridget and Declan come in and find Steve is buying ingredients to make a cake. Declan asks what they're celebrating. Steve says they're sending Nicola away to a psych unit. Bridget tells him something good came out of it, she wants to study medicine. Declan complains he'll never see her. Steve seems impressed but tells her she'll have to work hard at her exams. She worries that he doesn't think she can do it. He's impressed with her compassion and gives her a hug.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elle confirms a picture of Jason Healy and Detective Skinner says she could have saved herself trouble if she'd told the truth in the first place. She apologises and he says at least there's evidence in the garage and goes, saying Jason won't bully them again. Elle and Lucas have another bicker about their damaged clothes. Donna comes in gives Elle a relieved hug. Paul comes in and asks what she's doing messing with people like that? He worries that anything could have happened. He says if she was young enough, he'd ground her. She laughs he's never grounded her in his life and telling Donna she won't be so lucky. Elle tells her off for trying to storm Jason. Donna apologises for doing the wrong thing and Elle says it was the 'wrong thing, right reason'. Lucas coughs and Elle apologises for blaming her for the accident. They're besties again, and Donna gives her another bear hug. Paul helps Elle leave. She asks Lucas if he's coming, but he's staying.
LUCAS: Hey, Elle, Jacket!
ELLE: Armani's!
When she's gone, he has a little smile to himself.
Charlie's Bar
Kelly and Toadie are enjoying a bowl of prawns and talking about Toadie's application for custody of Callum. He's worried about stuffing it up for him again. Kelly says he just needs to be with the best possible carer - Toadie. He remarks she's changed her tune. She says she went to the Department and took back her initial assessment.
TOADIE: What about the lying, cheating, total absence of a spine.
KELLY: Oh yes, put that in my letter too.
Steph comes to clear the plates and tries to apologise to Kelly. It seems that Kelly isn't interested in her apology. Steph walks off and Toadie says Steph is a good person. Kelly smiles and says she'll take his word for it. They giggle, and Kelly gets up. Toadie reaches over and kisses her. She's a bit shocked as he realises she was going for her bag. She laughs it off and he says she's probably been kissed a million times then digs a further hole for himself suggesting if she was like that, he likes that. He stutters they should end the night and she leaves him with the bill. She walks past Steph, not even looking her in the face. Steph looks at Toadie.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl finishes examining Lucas' 'noggin' and advises him to stay for half an hour's observation. Elle tries to bluff her way in, saying she feels responsible for him. Karl makes the tactful exit. Elle tells Lucas she sent Donna to her room to think about the consequences of her actions. 'Oooooh, so tough' jokes Lucas.
ELLE: Do you realise every time we're together, one of us ends up in hospital?
LUCAS: Yeah, we're a good team aren't we?
They look at each other and look like they're about to kiss when Karl comes in and they break away. Elle makes her tactful exit as Karl wants to look at Lucas' eyes. While he shines his torch they joke about 'nogginology' He tells him his eyes are fine, he's relatively unscathed and by the way, it's good news about your brother and Libby isn't it?'
Oops. Lucas didn't know this.
Lucas marches out to discharge himself. Karl pleads with him to stay and apologises for putting his foot in it. He says he realises there's been tension, but they make a great team 'and I think as family, we should be very happy for them'. Lucas leaves and Karl looks embarrassed.
Lassiter's Complex
Sat at a bar table outside, Donna questions Elle about her and Lucas being 'the next hot romance'. Elle denies that he is. Donna points out he's pulled her from a burning vehicle and went after the guy responsible. Elle says he would have done that for anyone. Donna says they have chemistry. They only fight because they're so keen on each other. Donna says she should tell him how he feels. Elle tells her to butt out and Donna says he won't reject her. Even if he does, she still has Donna. This makes her smile.
Elle has taken the bottle of champagne she was going to enjoy with Donna round. The door is open but there's no sign of Lucas. She walks in calling to see if he's there. She puts the bottle down on the desk and sees photos of Libby. She hears a noise and runs out. Lucas comes in and sits at the desk as we see Elle through the window watching. He picks up a photo and looks at like he's pining for Libby. Elle runs off. Lucas chokes a bit and rips up both photos.
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Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5568
Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5568
Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Dooley, Rebecca Napier, Kelly Katsis in Neighbours Episode 5568
Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Dooley, Rebecca Napier, Kelly Katsis

Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Dooley, Kelly Katsis in Neighbours Episode 5568
Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Dooley, Kelly Katsis

Steve Parker, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5568
Steve Parker, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5568
Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Karl Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5568
Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman

Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5568
Lucas Fitzgerald, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5568
Elle Robinson

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