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Neighbours Episode 5487 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5487
Australian airdate: 01/07/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kirsten Gannon - Nikola Dubois
Nicola West - Imogen Bailey
Jay Duncan - Charlie Clausen
Sienna Cammeniti - Erin McNaught
Captain Ryan Holmes - Joe Ferguson
Thanks to: ABC Library Sales
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Ty telling Donna to go home from volunteering
- Paul leaving Kirsten in the fire
- Nicola kissing Steve
- Toadie leaving a heartfelt phone message for Steph
- Marco running back for Chloe's bottles
- Marco stuck outside in the fire
All the survivors from the scout hall are sitting outside in shocked silence while their wounds are being treated. The fire captain congratulates Jay on a job well done, as does Steph who thinks he was amazing.
Carmella refuses to leave when the choppers arrive because she wants to wait for Marco, despite Oliver and Elle trying to convince her otherwise. Jay tells Carmella that she needs to take Chloe to the hospital to be checked out, and Carmella only complies when Oliver promises that he'll go out and look for Marco himself. Nicola tells Steve that he needs to get to the hospital, but he also refuses to budge until he's found Ned safe and sound.
Miranda and Susan rush up and hug Rebecca when the scout hall crew arrive. Libby checks on Carmella and Chloe, but is more relieved to see Dan, who is hobbling in on crutches. Didge races up to Declan and hugs the life out of him, concerned to see that his hands have been burnt (from where he tried to open the scout hall door).
Miranda tells Didge that her dad and Nicola have stayed behind to help - as has Steph, which comes as a relief to Toadie. The mood is soon dampened when Karl tells everyone that Ned, Kirsten and Marco are still missing and that the fire may have been deliberately lit.
Steve sees Ned in the distance carrying a very limp looking Kirsten in his arms. Kirsten is soon placed on a stretcher and covered over with foil to keep her warm. Oliver asks Ned if he saw Marco, but Ned shakes his head. Jay starts to suggest that they head for the gully to continue the search but Oliver interrupts and says that Marco would have gone back to the scout hall as it's the last place he knew Carmella and Chloe were.
Number 28
Susan gets off the phone and tells Toadie that Ned and Kirsten have been found. Toadie asks about Steph, but Susan replies that she's still helping with the rescue crew. Toadie tries to play down the importance of the message he left on Steph's mobile, saying that he was just caught in the moment.
TOADIE: I'm fine.
SUSAN: Are you?
General Store
Harold has made heaps of food for Sienna to deliver to people waiting at the hospital. Sienna passes Elle on her way out and tells her that the fire may have been deliberately lit. Elle is quite stunned, but her emotions soon turn to relief when she sees her dad safe and sound. They hug and Elle calls Paul a hero for rescuing Karl and Susan from the fire, but Paul is feeling too guilty about abandoning Kirsten to entertain the thought.
Ringo and Rachel walk in and Rachel airs her theory that Donna was the one that started the fire. Ringo is dubious, but Rachel points out that she had a motive: she was upset over Ty shutting her down and may have wanted to do something to get herself noticed.
Karl and his doctor crew wheel Kirsten into a room, with Ned, Mickey and Lou not far behind. Carmella worriedly asks Ned if there was any chance Marco could have survived. Ned's all 'well I did' (insert 'Ned = Tree = Kindling = Lucky Escape' jibe here), so he figures Marco should be in with a chance too.
Ned assures Mickey that the doctors will do everything they can to help his mum. But when Mickey walks off to peer through the door of Kirsten's room, Ned laments to Lou that Kirsten's in a pretty bad way and he doesn't know how to break the news to his son. Mickey sadly chants, "Mum will be OK" to himself as he continues to stare through the door.
Around the corner, Dan is trying to stand without his crutches like an idiot, but when Libby (who is conveniently near him yet again) tries to help he brushes her off with a sharp, "Just leave me alone please".
Karl tells Ned and Miranda that Kirsten isn't looking too crash hot. Ned wonders how he's going to prepare Mickey for the worst. Overhearing, Mickey asks what they're supposed to be preparing him for. Miranda gently guides Mickey away so Ned can brood alone for a while.
The rescue crew run through the burnt out bush on their way to the scout hall.
Carmella sits silently with Sienna and flashes back to Marco's wedding proposal.
Oliver finds the charred remnants of Chloe's bottle bag. He, Steph, Steve and Jay look grim.
Sienna rests her head on Carmella's shoulder.
The rescue crew burst into the scout hall and find it empty at first, but they hear someone coughing and find Marco lying on the ground behind the door. Marco is only concerned about Carmella and Chloe's welfare, and only when he knows that they're safe does he pass out from his injuries. Oliver tries to wake him up while Jay calls for a chopper.
Marco is wheeled through and Carmella races over to him. Marco asks for Carmella to be by his side, but Karl says that he needs to get straight into intensive care. Carmella stays behind but is immensely relieved to see him again.
Elsewhere, Ned sits down with Mickey and tells him that Kirsten is in a bad way and there's not much they can do. But Mickey states that there is - they can talk to her and tell her how much they love her. Ned smiles at his son's strength and Mickey adds that he's going to draw his mum a picture of the three of them.
Number 28
Steph stops by to pick up Charlie and Toadie eyes her mobile phone when she places it on the kitchen table with her keys. He snatches it up to erase his message when Steph goes into the hall to get her son, but Steph has already doubled back to tell Toad that she already listened to the message. Susan leaves them to chat and Steph tells Toad that his message was lovely and that she's glad they can still be close after everything they've been through.
Carmella is finally allowed in to see Marco and she tells him how scared she was when he stopped knocking on the door of the hall. Taking laboured breaths, Marco explains that he had to run because the flames were on top of him. He also tells Carmella that he had to stop and pick something up. Carmella assumes he means Chloe's bottle bag, but Marco holds out his hand and shows her the engagement ring she lost. Touched, Carmella kisses him.
Karl informs Ned that Kirsten has gone into burn shock and her organs are at risk of shutting down because the fluid isn't reaching them in enough time. Mickey walks in and asks to see his mum - he wants to show her the picture he drew.
Harold and Paul arrive with more food, but Paul gets uncomfortable when he sees Rebecca and Harold plays up his 'hero' tag. Rebecca lets him know that Kirsten isn't expected to make it and mistakes his guilt for embarrassment, thinking that he doesn't want to show his concern for her in front of Rebecca.
General Store
The fire crew dig into the free spread while Ringo and Rachel continue to argue about Donna and her possible foray into firebug territory. Jay overhears and says if they have any suspicions about anyone then they should go to the police.
Didge feeds Declan some chips because he can't use his hands and Declan chooses this exact moment to tell Didge that he loves her. Smiling, Didge teases him and makes him repeat himself a few times until he eventually yells "I LOVE YOU!" for the whole shop to hear. They smooch to cheers and applause.
Nicola's face falls when she sees Miranda hug Steve after he gets the all-clear from his check-up. Miranda goes to get coffee and Nicola hastily tells Steve that the kiss was only a spur of the moment thing and that he doesn't need to tell Miranda about it. Steve says that he's not going to lie to his wife, but Nicola says that she feels embarrassed and stupid about it and is really sorry.
Marco sees Karl muttering with one of the staff about his injuries so he calls Karl over and asks if he's going to make it.
KARL: OK, this is how it is. You're in kidney failure and the damage caused by smoke inhalation is irreparable. Your body has lost an enormous amount of fluid from the burns before you came in here. Your internal organs are struggling. If they were to collapse there wouldn't be anymore we could do for you.
Marco struggles to take this all in.
MARCO: How long have I got?
KARL: With pumping fluids into you, if we can get your blood pressure up, then there's a chance.
MARCO: Karl... how long? Days?
Karl's silence speaks volumes to Marco.
MARCO: Hours.
Karl looks upset and nods.
KARL: Probably.
Marco orders Karl to keep the news from Carmella - after everything she's been through he wants her to still have some hope.
Karl exits and Carmella immediately pounces on him for news. But the more Karl avoids telling her anything solid, the more worried Carmella gets. Sienna asks if Marco will be OK and Carmella says he will, but when she sits down you can see that she's realised the horrible truth.
Mickey is still talking to his unconscious mum and says that she can help him with his billy cart when she comes home. Ned starts to chat as well and tells Kirsten that she's already made it through so much to be with them, so she can't stop fighting now. He tells her that Mickey loves her - and that he loves her too. The heart monitor suddenly starts to go wild and Karl and his doctor crew scamper in to stop her from arresting. Ned and Mickey are ushered outside to fret it out.
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Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5487
Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti

Steph Scully, Jay Duncan in Neighbours Episode 5487
Steph Scully, Jay Duncan

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5487
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5487
Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Ned Parker, Lou Carpenter, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5487
Ned Parker, Lou Carpenter, Bridget Parker

Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5487
Mickey Gannon

Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5487
Marco Silvani

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5487
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5487
Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani

Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5487
Marco Silvani

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5487
Carmella Cammeniti

Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5487
Kirsten Gannon

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5487
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5487
Nicola West

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5487
Karl Kennedy

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