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Neighbours Episode 5484 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5484
Australian airdate: 26/07/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Callum Jones: Morgan Baker
Brad Jordan: Brendan O'Connor
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Jay Duncan: Charlie Clausen
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Rachel asking Ty about his stalker and pretending to be his girlfriend.
Sam asking Libby to give Dan some documents including their divorce papers.
Dan getting the documents from Libby.
Ramsay Street
Libby spots Dan as he comes to a stop after some serious jogging and tentatively waves to him.
Number 30
Dan enters and wants to have a shower but Callum has taken up residency in there to avoid going to school (the senior kids have the day off). He eventually comes out but is now refusing to eat his breakfast and asks where Sam is. Toadie repeats what he said earlier that Sam has gone away on holiday but Dan tells him the truth that she's left and he replies "that sucks" because she was going to help him paint the shed.
The General Store
Ringo brings Zeke and Rachel up to speed about Sam going away and begin to discuss what they are going to do with their day off. Donna the stalker comes in looking for Ty but Rachel covers by saying he's out buying her an anniversary pressie. She then announces that she's got work experience at some record company and tries to be very friendly with Rachey including the offer of going shopping but Rachel volunteers Ringo to go shopping with her instead.
Number 32
Toadie calls round to seek Steph's advice on Callum's hunger strike and she suggests leaving some Rocky Road (chocolate) out for him to tempt him into eating. Jay arrives to go on a bike ride with Steph and Toadie suddenly leaves in a hurry not exactly liking what he saw.
The General Store
Elle thanks Ollie for his overnight visit and suggests that they do so only occasionally. The two of them join Rebecca at a table and says that she really should have got her coffee as a takeaway because Brad is cracking the whip due to a rumour that the paper is up for sale and he's worried his services might no longer be required.
Ollie mentions that Carmella has invited him to Marco's birthday picnic and asks Elle to be his partner at it. She agrees but before they can chat more, Paul comes in peeved off at her for getting the locks changed so he can't get his things and is further unhappy when Elle asks that she texts him his room number so she can get his belongings transferred to him. Once Paul leaves, Rebecca and Ollie make it clear that they don't approve of what she has done.
Number 28
Rachel arrives home surprised to see Libby there and not at school and remarks that if she ever gets groupies (like Ty) she has her permission to shoot her! Rachel explains to her about their pretend relationship and makes it clear that boyfriends are not on the agenda. Lib asks her to confirm that it is all over between herself and Angus (she does) then asks why she's been writing to him in prison (her letters have been returned).
Break over and Rachel is still keeping quiet about the letters but after further questioning from Libby confirms that she's been telling everyone one thing (that she is over him because doesn't love Angus) but in reality feeling something else because she does love him and felt she couldn't tell them the truth.
LIBBY: You know what; sometimes you need to turn those feelings off.
RACHEL: I can't.
LIBBY: You can't or you won't?
Rachel doesn't reply and Libby tells her that she won't tell their parents because she wants her to but Rachel wonders what the point is since the returned letters mean he obviously doesn't feel the same way.
Ramsay Street
Rachel stomps out of the house and sits on the pavement at the bottom or Ramsay Street. She takes off the ring Angus smuggled to her and sits tearfully looking at it in her hands.
Number 30
Toadie arrives home from shopping and accidentally drops a bar of the chocolate Steph suggested which Callum picks up when he goes to put the rest of the shopping in the kitchen. While Callum scoffs into the chocolate Toadie tries to coax him into finding out why he isn't going to school. Callum explains that he has trouble reading because the words are all jumbled up to him so Toadie offers that they both work on it and sends him off to get his books.
Dan enters and Toadie asks if he is going to go to New Zealand to find Sam but he replies no and when Toadie pushes him more, announces that he is going out for another run but Jay arrives to tempt him into doing some rescue work instead.
Since Toadie knocked him back, Paul has sought out another lawyer - Tim Collins who unlike Toadie is going to take his case on. After reading the contract, he announces that he can already see an avenue into helping Paul - him being delusional and not knowing what he was doing thanks to the convenient brain tumour - thus rendering the contract null and void.
TIM: I'll go back to the office and make a few phonecalls. You should be back in business by this afternoon.
PAUL: Are you serious?
TIM: I don't joke about money Paul.
Just at that point Elle arrives wanting to know what is going on and Paul takes great delight in telling her (after Tim leaves) that he'll be back in control of his asses that night and is going to prove to her that he isn't the man he was.
ELLE: I don't believe this.
Their conversation is curtailed when Brad comes in unimpressed at Elle not being hard at work to meet her deadline and orders her back to work. Paul is equally unimpressed at Brad for how he talked to Elle and tells him that he'll live to regret it.
The General Store
Elle is hard at work on her articles but is having trouble concentrating because of Paul. Rebecca offers her some sympathy and tells her to look after her own life and career after Elle tells her about Paul trying to regain control of his assets.
Ringo is playing some computer game when Donna the stalker starts quizzing him on Rachel and Ty. He lets slip about Angus but doesn't volunteer any more info when she asks for information before they head back to #28 "to show Rachel your new game".
It's a good thing then that Rachel isn't in, instead drowning her sorrows on some creaming soda that Ty has just delivered. He asks her to open up and she tells him about Angus returning all the letters and suggests that was so she could escape the pain.
RACHEL: But he told me he loved me.
Ty then tells her about his first love but turns out he was talking about Rose (I'm assuming he means Kate Winslet) who went down with the Titanic! He then starts going on about that is why people listen to sad songs but thankfully we cut to someone else because I haven't a clue what he is going on about and looks like Rachel is in the same boat too given the puzzled look on her face!
Toadie thanks Steph for her help because things have improved with Callum after the chocolate and the chat. She hands Brad his change and from the irate call he is having with Heather it sounds like he needs the drink he has just bought!
Paul arrives and sits down at his table despite Brad reminding him just in case it wasn't obvious that he is on the phone but Paul replies that they need to talk.
BRAD: (annoyed) What?!
PAUL: You seem a little on edge?
BRAD: So would you be if you were in my position.
Paul places a copy of the paper on the table and tells him that it's a little bit stale and it could be done with a bit of a revamp.
PAUL: What do you think?
BRAD: Well if the new owners decide they want a column written by a washed up hotelier I'll let you know.
Paul then puts a legal contract on top of the paper - a contract between him as the buyer and Erinsborough News Pty Ltd.
Elle arrives and tells Brad that she's filed the stories and Paul replies that he'll look forward to reading them. She is naturally puzzled and asks what is going on.
BRAD: Are you trying to say that you didn't know about this?
ELLE: (puzzled) Know about what?
PAUL: (coolly) I just bought the Erinsborough News.
ELLE: (stunned) You what?
PAUL: Well Rupert Murdoch always been a bit of an inspiration. So I tell you what, I'll let you know if I ever need a washed up hack as an editor.
Brad smirks back at him and Elle looks embarrassed stunned at what has happened.
Number 32
Steph and Jay talk about their respective days after the bike ride when he visits after working with Dan and she volunteers to join them tomorrow since she isn't working at the bar. She asks how Dan was (messed up) and he adds that he is no stranger to messy relationships but now has his perfect woman! They joke about the cheesiness of what he has just said but he reaffirms that he is serious - she is something else - and just as they start pashing, Toadie comes in with Bob (Steph had let him out earlier). Cue embarrassment from both Steph and Toadie and she leaves a bemused Jay sitting as she runs after Toadie having abruptly stopped the pashing.
Number 28
Ringo tries asking Donna questions about her work experience but she is more interested in asking him questions about Rachel whilst trying out Rachel's jacket and handbag for size.
Rachel arrives home and is unimpressed at what she sees and Donna makes her excuses after Rachel reclaims her belongings. Ringo then has a go at her for her attitude towards Donna having seen she was doing nothing wrong and thinks that Rachel should be flattered, adding that she should grow up.
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Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5484
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5484
Donna Freedman

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5484
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5484
Steph Scully

Rachel Kinski, Dahl, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5484
Rachel Kinski, Dahl, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5484
Libby Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5484
Rachel Kinski

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5484
Callum Jones

Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5484
Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Tim Collins, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5484
Tim Collins, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5484
Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson

Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5484
Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski

Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5484
Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Brad Jordan in Neighbours Episode 5484
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Brad Jordan

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5484
Elle Robinson

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