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Neighbours Episode 5444 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5444
Australian airdate: 01/05/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Samantha Fitzgerald: Simone Buchanan
Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Judge Anderson: Justine Press
Jan Phillips: Gina Morley
Chris Knight: Luke Mitchell
Summary/Images by: Shona/Emily
Rebecca tells Declan that she knows he was responsible for the alcohol at the party
Sam finds Dan counting her pills
Rachel running into Angus at the school and Miranda and Steve catching them together
Erinsborough High
Rachel tells Miranda and Steve that Angus just happened to be stopping by and isn't here to see her. Miranda reminds her that it's a breach of his bail conditions and Susan has to know. Rachel protests she wouldn't understand and Steve seems reluctant to side with his wife. But Miranda can't keep it from Susan and agrees to let Rachel be the one to tell her. They begin to leave, with Angus calling after Rachel. They look at each other for a moment before Rachel and the Parkers walk away.
Number 30
Sam asks how long Dan has been counting her pills. He admits that he was worried after she told him the other day that she was struggling to take them. She informs him that she takes her meds whether she wants to or not as she knows she needs them to stay well. He apologises and since they're confessing, decides to tell her about not being at a curricular meeting the day before. Sam already knows and Dan apologises - it won't happen again. She asks if he's sure about that. He says he and Libby were only practising dancing as they need to teach the kids. He wonders why she didn't say anything and she admits she felt hurt when she saw them. But she controlled her feelings because she's well and because she's in love with him.
Number 26
Steve and Miranda discuss whether they should tell Susan about the Angus incident. Lou comes in and offers his assistance as an assistant coach. Steve tells Miranda he'll discuss Angus with her after training.
Number 22
Ollie hurries his brother up but he's discovered his socks haven't been washed.
DECLAN (to REBECCA): Looks like the maid forgot to do her job. By jove, it's hard to find good help these days!
Rebecca restrains herself from giving him a good slap around the chops and instead reminds him that he's not his slave. Ollie tells her he was only joking but Rebecca's had enough. In fact, Declan's not allowed to go to training. Declan says she wanted him to be responsible for his own actions and apologises again for the alcohol but Rebecca thinks he's being fake and insincere. She doesn't care if he's training for Beijing, he's not going to the footy. And he's banned from the formal too.
DECLAN: You've gone nuts!
He tells her to decide what she wants but he's going. He storms out, leaving Rebecca peeved.
Footy Training
Steve is going to be picking the team based on their performance today, so it's time to dig deep! Lou annoys him by pitching in during his speech so he sends him off to mix some cordial. Chris rocks up and apologises for the other day. When they start play Declan tackles Chris and Steve puts him on the bench for being so aggressive. Ollie tells Steve that he's going through some issues at the moment and Steve says he'll ban him himself if he carries on the way he is.
Number 28
Susan suggests to Rachel that they make a welcome dinner for Ringo and moving onto Zeke, asks her if she thinks she's being too hard on him. They have such a long time to be adults that she doesn't want them to stop being kids too soon. Rachel is about to tell her something when Miranda arrives and Rachel says she was just about to tell her. Once the Angus incident is out in the open, Susan wants to know who arranged the meeting but Rachel puts her straight - it was a coincidence. Susan can't believe he would break his bail conditions for paperwork. Rachel thinks she won't believe anything she says. Susan thinks he's still trying to manipulate her to get a lighter sentence. Why won't she give a victim impact statement? Rachel repeats she wasn't a victim. Susan says that one day she'll look back and realise how much Angus abused her trust. Until then it's up to them to protect them. She goes off to call the police.
Number 22
Ollie and Steve appear and Rebecca wonders what happened at training for Steve to pay them a visit. It turns out Steve's more concerned about Declan being pulled out the team and how much of a loss that'll be. He thinks Declan could learn a lot as a part of them team - including some responsibility. Rebecca takes offence, thinking he's implying she's a bad parent and he apologises for what he's said in the past. Declan doesn't need any more male role models, but, as a coach, Steve can help in other ways. Ollie agrees.
Number 28
Miranda leaves at last while Susan goes to the phone to call the police. Rachel pleads with her to check her phone and email - they weren't sneaking around and he didn't pressure her. Susan trusts her but Angus probably still has a hold on her. Rachel says that makes it sound like she's some stupid little girl. Susan grabs the phone so Rach rushes over.
RACHEL: I swear to you on Alex's life that I'm telling you the truth.
Susan says she'd better be telling the truth. She puts the phone down.
Number 30
Sam and Dan find the romantic mood has gone. Sam wonders if she moved in too soon but Dan disagrees. She asks if it'll always be this way with him waiting for her to fall apart and he says that's how it used to be. Sam says his lack of trust is the only thing that might threaten her health. She knows it isn't easy but she needs him as her man, not her psych nurse. If he can't do that, then she doesn't see much of a future for them.
Number 28
Rachel sits with Audrey, looking at the bracelet that Angus gave her as she remembers moments from their time together. Taking off the bracelet, she goes over her laptop and starts to type.
Footy Training
Once training has finished Declan thanks Steve for talking his mum round. Steve asks if he had a late night as he was slow out there and Declan confesses he was up late on the Playstation. Steve tells him to do some sit ups while he has a think about his lack of commitment. Dec protests but ends up doing them. Chris comes along with a smart quip so he gets to join Declan.
Number 28
Rachel finishes off a phonecall, apologising to the person on the other end for the short notice. Susan appears and admits she doesn't think she's going to court. Even though Rachel says she wants to, Susan's not sure she should go either. Rachel needs to do it - for closure. Susan reminds her that it'll bring everything back. Rachel knows that and wants her to come with her - it might be hard but it's the end. Susan hugs her.
Number 30
Dan is attempting to make a romantic breakfast but ends up ruining everything. Sam thinks it's very sweet of him. He promises her he's given up playing nurse. She asks him to do one thing for her - dance. Since he's an enormous giant he picks her up in his arms and they kiss and dance.
Erinsborough and District Court
Rachel makes sure Susan is feeling okay. They spot Angus standing on some steps, giving an interview to Riley. He sees them and tells Riley that he was totally in the wrong and acknowledges his guilt. Susan tells Rachel to go inside. Susan walks up to Angus and tells him that she doesn't know what kind of game he's playing with Rachel. He should be ashamed! Even if he walks out a free man, if he ever comes near her again she'll make sure he'll suffer the consequences! (And Riley has it all on tape!)
Inside and Susan is shocked to hear Rachel being called to give a victim impact statement. Angus stares at her as she takes the stand.
Rachel tells the court that she wasn't going to give a statement as she doesn't see herself as a victim. No one forced her to do anything and she couldn't understand how her feelings for Angus could be wrong. But then she saw the consequences, how much the people she loved suffered. In another time and place their relationship would've been supported but it is and was wrong.
RACHEL (looking to ANGUS): But we share the responsibility of that wrong.
She's responsible for her actions and the hurt she caused. Tearfully, she apologises to her family, friends and the court. And to Angus too.
RACHEL: I hope that with this unconditional apology that I will regain the trust and love of my family because nothing is worth losing that.
Susan is in tears. Rachel hopes the court will understand her actions and know that what happened between her and Angus was only ever about them caring for each other. Rachel looks to Angus as they take a recess before sentencing.
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Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5444
Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5444
Lou Carpenter

Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5444
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Steve Parker, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5444
Steve Parker, Oliver Barnes

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5444
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker

Steve Parker, Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5444
Steve Parker, Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5444
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Steve Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5444
Steve Parker, Declan Napier

Steve Parker, Declan Napier, Chris Knight in Neighbours Episode 5444
Steve Parker, Declan Napier, Chris Knight

Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5444
Dan Fitzgerald

Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5444
Samantha Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5444
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Riley Parker, Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5444
Riley Parker, Angus Henderson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5444
Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5444
Rachel Kinski

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