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Neighbours Episode 5408 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5408
Australian airdate: 12/03/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kirsten Gannon - Nikola Dubois
Lydia O'Brien - Kerrie-Anne Baker
Summary/Images by: Sophie/ShadowDan
Paul offering to bribe Kirsten to keep quiet.
Elle and Rebecca planning to get into Jackie's office.
Harold trying to get into the General Store to access a pained Lou.
The General Store
Lou is moaning in pain inside the store, whilst outside Harold enlists the help of Dan (and Libby) to get in. Dan manages to open the door and sees that the obstruction is Lou. Harold cries out for his "dear old friend" and Libby calls an ambulance.
Inside The Car Outside Jackie's Office
Rebecca is worried about the ostensible lack of a plan, but Elle tells her they're going to wait until everyone leaves, sneak in and get the proof of the forgery off Jackie's computer and therefore save Steph's bacon. Rebecca's still not sure - won't the building be locked? Elle's got tools. Won't there be an alarm system? Elle thinks the local council can't afford such luxuries. Won't Jackie's computer be password protected? And hence Rebecca reveals that Elle does not have a plan. Elle blames Rebecca for giving out the information, Rebecca blames Elle for writing the story and it descends into an argument until Elle sees the council secretary leaving and pulls Rebecca down to hide. Rebecca sees that she's a mother and realises that she has a normal family life, so must be juggling a lot and therefore wrestling with her emotions. They spy an opportunity to take advantage of her soft heart - Elle wants to "crush" it and Rebecca to "reason", but I guess it amounts to much the same thing; she's their password.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl's helping as Lou is rushed through and he tells Harold he'll be all right.
Rosie is reciting information relating to Steph and the case to Frazer to type out, but he's struggling to keep up.
ROSIE: Haven't you got Dingos stuff to do tonight?
FRAZER: Yes, but my pregnant wife needs me more.
Rosie isn't convinced, she thinks Frazer's a lousy typist and is slowing her down. He's desperate to help so she pushes him out the door to make her dinner instead. As Frazer leaves, Toadie arrives and Frazer makes a jibe about the amount of work to be done, but Rosie sends him on his way. Rosie tells Toadie that she's brought Steph up to speed on the class action and got his mobile back. Toadie wants to know if she's coming home. Rosie told her that it wouldn't be necessary and Toadie agrees that the situation would just get messier if she did. Still, he's interested on a personal level about whether she wants to come home. Rosie says it's a moot issue and considering that he hasn't returned her calls, she probably thinks he doesn't want anything to do with her. Rosie won't take his excuses.
ROSIE: And just by the way, a class action is far too much work for one human being, meaning me. I'm starting to feel how you look.
Toadie apologises but Rosie just wants him to be constructive - sort out things with Steph, blow off some steam and work out a way he can assist her that won't compromise him, because if he doesn't they'll lose.
Libby tells Valda that Lou's collapsed and been taken to the hospital; they think it might be a heart attack. Valda rushes out even though Libby calls after that she won't be able to see him. Dan's just explaining to everyone that they don't have the test results yet.
Meanwhile, Paul takes Kirsten aside for a word. She says she's not interested, but Paul gives her a cheque for $50,000, telling her to think of it as a thank you, an apology, farewell, but she knows it's "hush money". He thinks it's ideal - she won't have to work at the hotel and will be able to spend more time with Mickey. Talking of whom, Mickey's asking why Valda ran away and Ned has to tell him Lou's not very well.
Erinsborough Hospital
Mickey rushes in and Harold tells him not to be upset - Lou's in the very best of hands.
In his room, Lou is rejecting Karl's good news and is convinced that he's had a heart attack. Karl is still positive it's an anxiety attack; even Toadie thought he was having heart problems when he had one. Karl says they can be very serious. He realises that Harold leaving is probably the cause, but Lou shushes him as Mickey comes in. He asks Lou if he's going to die and Karl reassures him that he's not. Outside, Karl is bombarded by questions. He lets them go to see him, but two at a time. Valda and Harold go first. Lou sends Mickey out with Valda, who is thrilled to see Lou still alive. Before Lou can explain what's wrong, Harold launches in, apologising for being selfish and not realising he was in trouble and insists that from now on it's all about what's best for Lou and his heart. Lou gruffly accepts.
Councillor O'Brien (the secretary) is meeting Rebecca, who explains how close the issue is to her heart, but that she realises she got the facts she gave to the press wrong, so she wants to clear Steph's name. Rebecca is surprised that her companion doesn't disagree that the facts were wrong, and suggests that she knows Jackie forged the documents to pass the blame onto Steph. Councillor O'Brien says this is a very serious allegation, but Rebecca informs her that she won't report her because she knows she's right, because she has standards and because she wants to set a good example for her kids. Rebecca wants her to publicly acknowledge that Jackie's version of the minutes isn't the truth and wants help finding the evidence. She's worried about losing her job and reputation, but Rebecca assures her that won't happen if they prove Jackie's corrupt.
The General Store
Dan, Declan and Oliver arrive, all rowdy about footy or something, which Libby, Miranda and Bridget find amusing. Bridget reminds them it's just a practice match, but the boys urge the girls to admit they're just attracted to them. Dan presents his muscle to Libby to squeeze and she looks a bit flustered, but leaves to see Lou. Dan hopes to see her at the game.
The Football Pitch
The two teams, featuring most of Ramsay Street's males, get ready to play. Steve is coaching and Bridget comments on how pleased he was when she asked him. Carmella doesn't know much about football, but she's enjoying watching. Rebecca's clutching onto her phone because she's expecting a call. Ned's team is one down, so Steve needs to fill in (side note - loving Frazer's warm-up exercises in the background) and Ned suggests Bridget does the umpiring instead. Steve think they should play singlets vs. T-shirts, and Dan's team rip off their T-shirts, giving Libby (and me) an opportunity to gaze subtly at Fitzy's bare chest. Yum. Toadie jumps into the team, which puts Steve off the hook. The game kicks off and Rebecca shouts from the sidelines as Declan is pulled down by Frazer.
REBECCA: (at Steve's umpiring) You're an idiot! (to Didge) Sorry, no offence.
BRIDGET: No, none taken. That was soft, Dad!
REBECCA: You'll get yours, Yeats!
Frazer kicks the ball hard, trying to get her to shut up, but it's useless and Rebecca laughs merrily. Paul looks at her strangely. Kirsten appears with Mickey and Paul dashes away, as well as one can with only one leg. Dan makes an excellent catch and Libby grins and watches on admiringly. He smiles at her before kicking an excellent goal.
REBECCA: (to Libby) I think that might have been for you ...
LIBBY: Keep your match-making urges to yourself, lady!
Rebecca laughs and Libby looks coy. Paul is annoyed that Kirsten's there, and she teases him with cheque, suggesting that she show it to Rebecca. He threatens her not to tell Rebecca and she shouts over a greeting to her. Paul thinks they should leave, but Rebecca's having none of it and invites the infuriatingly annoying Kirsten over to sit with them.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou thinks Karl is Harold when he comes in, because he's been waiting for him and implies Harold doesn't care. Karl thinks that's a bit harsh - Harold's never let Lou down.
KARL: Which brings us to the cause of your anxiety attacks. Harold is your soul-mate, isn't he?
LOU: Oh don't be ridiculous.
KARL: Ok, maybe there's a better word, but you're very dependent upon him, and I think it's lovely, to tell you the truth, but it's also potentially very destructive.
LOU: That's a load of bulldust!
Karl thinks that when Lou thinks he's going to lose Harold, his body goes into panic and he keeps Harold in his heart, so that's where he feels it. (Um, is it just me or does this not sound feasible at all?) Lou agrees, calling it claptrap. Karl tells him about broken-heart syndrome, where hearts give in with no apparent cause apart from emotional pain. Lou has to deal with Harold leaving. Lou is both scornful and worried about the idea he could die of a broken heart.
The Football Pitch
Rebecca's just finishing a phone call when Elle arrives, just in time to do a bit of perving on Riley. Rebecca teases her and then takes her aside to let her know she's discovered Jackie's password - it's her favourite film, Casablanca. Councillor O'Brien told her and is also giving her a pass-card and the access code to the building. Elle is elated and they agree to make a plan elsewhere.
Paul asks Kirsten what it will take to get her to set up somewhere else, but Rebecca comes back before she can reply. Kirsten schemingly tells her that Paul's invited her round for dinner and takes Rebecca's phone number. Rebecca roots around for a pen and Kirsten says she has paper, waving the cheque around just at the moment when Rebecca can't see it. Paul looks anxious.
Erinsborough Hospital
Valda shouts over to Karl, or "quack" as she so endearingly calls him. She and Harold can't believe Lou's being discharged so soon after having a heart attack. Karl walks angrily into Lou's room and chastises him for telling them he's had a heart attack and using emotional blackmail to keep Harold there. Karl warns him that if he cons Harold into staying, the guilt will get him in the end, the same way the fear did and he'll have another anxiety attack. He needs to find a healthy way to fill the void. Lou walks out with Harold and Valda following behind.
The Football Pitch
Libby's still sitting with Ben, watching the game, especially Dan. Toadie and Fitzy both dive for the ball and collide, with Toadie whacking Dan to the ground, which one feels is the result of a bit of acrimony between them on the pitch. Libby and the rest of the spectators look really concerned - he's been knocked out and there are cries to get a stretcher and call an ambulance.
Number 22
Rebecca returns from the kitchen and apologises for the state of the dinner, but Kirsten doesn't mind and smiles saccharinely whilst Paul looks awkward and spills wine on his shirt. Declan arrives with news that Fitzy's fine but being kept overnight. Rebecca says this makes her want to ban him from footy and Kirsten agrees, but sighs that if it's in their blood, they can't stop them. Rebecca makes an ill-advised joke about bribery and everyone having their price. Oh dear, that's a bit close to the bone. It makes Kirsten laugh a lot and Rebecca asks what's the story, but thankfully Paul distracts her with the risotto. Declan goes to get changed. Kirsten produces the cheque and tells Paul to watch carefully as she rips it in half - she's going to tell Rebecca, if he doesn't agree to her new terms.
KIRSTEN: I want to be someone, I want to know things, I want to build a secure life for my son, but most of all, I never want to be in a position where I am so hard up that I actually consider taking a weasel's filthy money.
PAUL: Yeah, Kirsten, I don't understand what you're saying.
KIRSTEN: I want you to teach me to build a life like yours.
PAUL: Oh really, and if I refuse?
KIRSTEN: You're too smart to mess with a woman that's got nothing to lose.
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Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5408
Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5408
Harold Bishop, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5408
Libby Kennedy

Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5408
Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5408
Lou Carpenter

Ned Parker, Steve Parker, Karl Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5408
Ned Parker, Steve Parker, Karl Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Harold Bishop

Lydia O
Lydia O'Brien

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5408
Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson, Kirsten Gannon, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5408
Paul Robinson, Kirsten Gannon, Mickey Gannon

Paul Robinson, Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5408
Paul Robinson, Kirsten Gannon

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5408
Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5408
Lou Carpenter

Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5408
Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5408
Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5408
Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5408
Paul Robinson

Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5408
Kirsten Gannon

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