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Neighbours Episode 5319 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5319
Australian airdate: 11/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Laura Davidson - Jodi Flockhart
Nick Thompson - Marty Grimwood
Dr. Demi Vinton - Angela Twigg
Sgt. Mike Patterson - Ricky Sneddon
Policeman #1 - Aaron Sterns
Policeman #2 - James Beaumont
Summary/Images by: Bouncer/Emily
Karl tells Toadie Susan is determined to take whatever is thrown at her
Declan runs through the bush, trips and gets caught under a log; Nick and Laura run past him; Laura spots him
Bridget squeezes Rachel's hand and she calls for help
Bridget's Hospital Room
The doctor, Steve and Miranda come rushing in. Rachel explains breathlessley that Bridget is waking. The doctor checks her eyes and says she's waking up. Miranda talks to Bridget, pleading her to wake up. The doctor explains that she'll wake up in her own time, and for now it's best Miranda is just quiet.
The Bush
As Declan continues to hide, Nick continues to call out for him. Laura asks him what he plans to do when he finds him. Nick says it's about 'making Robinson pay, isn't that what you wanted?' Laura says not if it turns him into a murderer. Nick says they're so close to getting the money. Laura says he's gone, it's over, they should drive away and forget all about it. Nick drops the jack, and Laura guides him away, while Declan watches.
Bridget's Hospital Room
Miranda tries to talk about cricket to Bridget, but she doesn't know much clearly, as Steve tells her they 'beat the Poms' last year. Miranda just wants a response from Bridget, anything. Steve tries to calm her down by reassuring her that Bridget will come around in her own time, but he's not entirely convinced.
Charlie's Bar
Toadie is hunched over a laptop, when Steph, Charlie and Valda come in and pull him away from work for a break.As they walk over to the bar, he says he doesn't know of a way to help Susan if she's determined to plead guilty, there's not much room for a defence. Steph is worried and wants to cancel a trip away on council business, but Toadie won't hear of it.
No 22
Oliver comes in with the ransom money. Rebecca puts her coat on to go with him. Oliver suggests he goes alone, but Rebecca won't hear of it.They go to leave together, just as Paul arrives. They tell him they're leaving to go to the police station to see if there's any news. Paul points out the police said they would call them. He asks what's in the bag. Oliver tries to make up an excuse about going to the gym, but Paul doesn't believe it. Oliver then admits they're going to meet Nick with the ransom money and no police. Paul says even if they give Nick the money, they've no guarantee of getting Declan back, and begs them not to do it. Rebecca says the police have only made things worse, and she won't wait around for them to make another mistake. They leave, and Paul follows.
Ramsay Street
Adam gets into Sophie's waiting car She's been waiting rather than go to the door because 'it's jsut easier this way.She tells him she's applied for a new job as detective:
ADAM: Oh, you want to get away from me that badly?
They watch as Paul, Rebecca and Oliver get into a Lassiters car. They are both suspicious and decide to follow to see what's going on and call for backup if needed.
The Bush
Nick says to Laura they might be able to get the cash if they get to the meeting point, they might not even need Declan. Laura thinks they should just drive away, but Nick says with everything they've done, the police would still be after them. Laura doesn't want to go, but Nick says he wants the money so she can move on.
In another part of the Bush, Declan is clearly in pain as he struggles to pick up a smaller peice of tree to lever himself free, but it doesn't work.
Bridget's Hospital Room
Mickey tries to get Bridget to play Travel Connect 4, but Janae explains that although she had woken up, she's asleep again. Miranda holds up a dog-bone shaped wrapped present and says Jake must be excited about his birthday party today. Ned wants to postpone, but Mickey says he's told his friends, and Jake's excited about the party. Ned suggests they have the party next week, and Janae says they can still make him a cake 'with lots of yummy stuff for dogs'.
Miranda says that dogs get grumpy if their birthdays get forgotten, so they should have the party. Ned asks if they're sure, and Miranda says they might try and join in later. Mickey says they should have a vet there in case Jake gets grumpy. Steve says they've got one. Mickey says they'll save them a bit of cake.
Declan manages to free himself from the tree and limp away
The Lassiters car pulls into a parking space, but Nick and Laura aren't there. Oliver says they're probably watching to make sure they didn't bring the cops. Oliver, Rebecca and Paul get out of the car.
Sophie and Adam are hiding in the bushes, watching them.
SOPHIE: I think we can safely say they're not going to the shops.
Rachel's Hospital Room
Ringo brings Rachel some flowers.
RINGO: They're either bad in a good way, or good in a bad way, either way I'm bad in a bad way for not visiting you sooner.
She offers him a sweet which he refuses. He notices she's upset and asks if something's happened to Bridget. Rachel says she's getting better, which is probably why she's like this, She is, she says, a bit of an emotional freak right now. Ringo says she's allowed to be, it's been a big week. She asks if Declan is still missing, and Ringo says he is. Rachel wonders where he is, and Ringo says he's probably right under his mum's nose.
Rachel says now that Bridget is better, everything else will get better, especially for Susan.
RACHEL: The Parkers will forgive her and everything can just get back to normal.
She sniffs the flowers.
RACHEL: They're bad in a good way - kind of like you.
Ringo smiles.
Beach Car Park
Unknown to the RSRs, backup police have arrived and are taking positions in the bushes. Paul says they're just trying to make them sweat. Rebecca thinks they might not be coming at all, and it's just a big joke. Just then though, Oliver sposts the car arriving. Nick pulls up, seeminglingy alone, and gets out of the car.
Oliver and Nick face each other with Paul and Rebecca behind, with Oliver holding the bag. Nick wants to see the money, so Oliver opens the bag to show him. Nick tells him to put it on the ground and walk away. Rebecca says not until they see Declan.
NICK: He's on the back seat. Walk away from the money and you can have him.
OLIVER: We want to make sure he's safe first.
NICK: Put the money on the ground.
Oliver puts the money on the ground.
NICK: Declan, get out of the car.
Laura, wearing a hooded top as a disguise, leaves the car slowly. Miranda screams that it's not him, Sophie screams 'Police!' A siren is heard and a police car arrives as the Sophie, Adam and an unknown Police Officer rush forward. Oliver, Nick and Paul struggle to get hold of the bag, but the money starts to fall out and fly away as Nick is arrested. Paul and Oliver can only watch the money disappear.
Rebecca pulls Laura out of the car and screams, but the Police take over and arrest Laura.
Charlie's Bar
Toadie is examining police photographs of the accident scene, as Steph, Ned, Janae and Valda (carrying Charlie) walk in, talking about the party. Toadie puts the photographs away and asks about the party. Ned asks him what the photos are Toadie tells them he's defending Susan. Steph says that everyone knows what happened was terrible, but they shouldn't fall out over it Ned and Janae agree that Toadie is friends with Susan and just doing his job. Toadie thanks them for being udnerstanding. They leave to get ready for the party.
TOADIE: Well, that wasn't awkward at all.
Steph says at least it's out in the open, and Valda points out they invited him to the party.Toadie wants to think of an excuse not to go. Valda says he should, because Janae is his cousin. Toadie points out Ned is Bridget's cousin Steph says he has to go, and Valda agrees, saying tension in the Street is a terrible thing.
TOADIE: Oh yeah, what about you and Lou?
VALDA: That's not tension, that's just sport.
Beach Car Park
Sophie and Adam put Laura into the back of the police car. They ask where Declan is, but Laura says she doesn't know. Sophie says that if they don't find Declan, she's just making things worse for Nick. Laura says they didn't mean for things to go this far.
Declan is still limping along. He's clearly lost and is getting distressed.
No 26
Toadie is being ambushed by Micky and his friends. They're called into the kitchen and Steph comes and sits on Toadie's lap.
STEPH: Ooh, is that a smile I just saw on your face?
TOADIE: No, I'm just a sarcastic misanthrope.
The children wander in and out, and Toadie says he likes people, just not the minature version.
Steph ribs him by asking who it was who said everything would be fine, he says he doesn't know and Steph starts play fighting with him.
TOADIE: Aaagh! You're worse than those homiicidal maniacs.
Steph leaves, Mickey comes in with Jake, and Valda brings him Toadie a plate of food to keep his strength up as she's nominated him to be 'it' in a game of Poison Ball later on.
Mickey says they almost didn't have the party because of what happened to Bridget He asks Toadie if he knew that Mickey was there when the accident happened. Toadie says he did know that. Mickey asks him if he knows anything else Toadie says 'I know most things - I'm pretty smart'. Mickey says 'I bet you don't know what I saw lying at the side of the road?' Toadie says he could probably tell him a little later on
Mickey starts to tell him he saw Bridget lying at the side of the road. Toadie tries to stop him, but Mickey is still talking when Ned and Janae walk in. Janae is shocked and Ned tells him that's enough. Janae accuses Toadie of being there to gather evidence. Toadie says he just came out with it, he'd asked him to stop. Mickey says that's true, Toadie asked him to stop.
MICKEY: Am I in trouble for not doing what an adult said?
NED: No, not this time mate.
Bridget's Hospital Room
Miranda is reading Cricket news from the paper, but she doesn't really understand it. She moves on to Tennis 'Finally, a sport I get!'.As she struggles to read the names of the players, the camera focuses in on Bridget.
MIRANDA: Or how about the soccer in England?
BRIDGET: Football.
Miranda puts down the paper and sits on the end of the bed She asks her daughter if she wants anything, and Bridget shakes her head.
BRIDGET: It's football, not soccer
MIRANDA: Sorry sweetheart, my mistake!
Quite right too.
Miranda hugs and kisses her daughter.
No 26
Ned and Janae and Steph and Toadie make up over a cup of juice, and decide that whatever happens in the case, they won't let it get in the way of their friendship. Ned says there's nothing like kids to take your mind off things The kids call 'Happy Birthday Jake' from the living room.
TOADIE: Or make you lose your mind altogether.
Janae offers to distract them, and takes the kids outside to 'get Jake ready for the cake'.Ned accompanies them. Toadie dips his finger in the cake and tastes it. Steph pats him on the bum and says she saw it. They agree everything's sorted with Ned and Janae, and Toadie says the icing is great. Janae appears at the door and tells him it's liver, with ground pig's ear and worming tablets. Toadie starts gagging and runs to the bathroom. Steph cracks up.
Laura guides Adam to the log where Declan was caught, followed by Rebecca, Sophie, Paul and Oliver Obviously he's gone. Sophie says they should take her back to the car and question her more. Rebecca wants to carry on searching. Adam thinks she could be lying to deflect blame or distract them from what really happened. Oliver finds the jack, and Laura says she convinced Nick to drop it while they were looking for Declan. Sophie says they should head back and call search and rescue. Rebecca says Declan must be cold. Paul tries to reassure her that they'll find him and guides her off as she is calling Declan's name.
Declan, meanwhile, is in another part of the Bush, lost and in pain.
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Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson in Neighbours Episode 5319
Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5319
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Valda Sheergold, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5319
Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Valda Sheergold, Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5319
Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5319
Declan Napier

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5319
Miranda Parker

Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5319
Ringo Brown, Rachel Kinski

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5319
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes

Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5319
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5319
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes

Nick Thompson, Oliver Barnes, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5319
Nick Thompson, Oliver Barnes, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Hoyland, Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5319
Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Hoyland, Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Steph Scully

Mickey Gannon, Jake, Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5319
Mickey Gannon, Jake, Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5319
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5319
Miranda Parker

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