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Neighbours Episode 5318 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5318
Australian airdate: 10/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Laura Davidson - Jodi Flockhart
Nick Thompson - Marty Grimwood
Dr. Demi Vinton - Angela Twigg
Sgt. Mike Patterson - Ricky Sneddon
Policeman #1 - Aaron Sterns
Policeman #2 - James Beaumont
Summary/Images by: Eliza/Elin
- Nick finds out the police are onto them and wants to leave their retreat.
- Sophie tells the Napiers and Robinsons that they know what area Declan's in from the phone signal.
- Tim agrees to give Oliver the $400,000 if he signs over any claim to the Barnes Corporation.
- Miranda gets angry with Susan after receiving flowers and tells her the Parker family are having to discuss the possibility of Bridget's brain damage if she even wakes up.
- Riley shows his editor an article that shows Susan 'wining and dining'.
- Rachel gets hit in the head by a brick thrown the window of the Kennedys'.
Karl runs outside shouting, 'What the hell was that?!' as Rachel gets back up and Susan sees to her.
Ramsay Street
A dark grey car roars off, seen by Harold and Toadie. As the car turns the corner, Karl and Zeke run outside. Harold asks what's happened, so Zeke tells him. Toadie asks if everyone's ok and Karl replies that yes, luckily, everybody is. Harold picks up his paper and sees the story on the front page. Zeke has seen it on the Kennedys' copy and shows Karl. Karl can't believe his eyes. He looks up and sees Riley, his face absolutely aghast. Before either of them have a chance to do or say anything, Susan calls Karl to tell him Rachel's been hurt. A look of guilt spreads over Riley's face as Karl and Zeke run back inside.
The Bush
A group of police officers run towards the caravan where Declan, Nick and Laura have been. After a few seconds' pause, they burst in but once they open the door, they see it's empty and instead of Declan being on the bed, it's just a pillow. As the police report that they've not found the trio, we see that in fact the said trio are watching them from just a few yards away. Laura suggests they leave Declan behind and go, but Nick says they can't - they've come too far.
Susan is looking at the article Riley has written about her and she shakes her head in disbelief. She discards it as Karl announces Rachel will need a couple of stitches in the back of the head so they need to go to the hospital. Zeke, however, is worked up and is shouting that they need to find the idiots that did this and that it's Riley's fault. Toadie comes in to let the family know that he's called the police. Harold's following closely behind to check they're all ok. Toadie's asking if they got the licence number when Rachel feels a wave of nausea and thinks she's going to be sick. They get up to go to the hospital: Harold offers to drive them there so they can sit in the back with Rachel. Toadie stays to speak to the police. As the family leave, Toadie holds Susan back to ask if she's ok. She very unconvincingly replies that she's fine.
Lassiters Car Park
Rebecca can't believe Oliver sold all his assets when it's his and his baby's future. Oliver points out that he's still got a job and that it's the kind of thing you do for your brother. Oliver wants to call Nick to let them know they've got the money and arrange a meeting. Rebecca's concerned they won't trust them now the police are involved. Oliver suggests they make clear to them that the police and Paul are out of the picture and to give them another number to use as a contact. Rebecca offers her phone and hands it to Oliver, who tries to phone Nick. It goes through to voicemail so Oliver leaves a message to let him know their new contact number, that they're going it alone and that they've got the money.
General Store
Riley is sat at his laptop typing fervently as Elle walks in. She reads over his shoulder:
One girl lies in a coma, struck by a hit and run driver...
Riley goes to close the laptop but Elle wants to read it. She continues:
...another girl is injured in retaliation. Two wrongs don't make a right but when the police and the courts do nothing how do they expect the community to react?
Elle sarcastically comments that next time someone can do the job properly and burn the house down. Riley replies that he doesn't condone what happened but the public feel strongly. Elle thinks there's nothing like a bit of muck raking to whip them into a frenzy. Elle asks if he listened to anything she said. Riley reckons he did, but claims she has no idea how it feels.
ELLE: My brother was run down by a driver and killed.
RILEY (after a pause to take it in): Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
ELLE: I was exactly where you are now. He killed my brother so I wanted to destroy his life.
RILEY (still obviously surprised at what he's found out): So what did you do?
ELLE: I did it. And afterwards I hated myself. He was a good man. All he did was make one tragic mistake. You know what? Hey, wage your little war if that's what you need to do. But I guarantee it will not bring you peace. And it definitely won't bring your sister back.
Miranda, Steve and Janae are looking at the newspaper article about Susan. Janae thinks the photo makes her look dodgy. Miranda thinks the police should take away her licence. Steve tells Janae that the doctors are going to reassess Bridget at midday. Susan, Karl and a wheelchair bound Rachel walk by. They pause as Susan meets Miranda's eye before continuing. Karl's concerned that it'll be crowded if they all go in so Susan stays outside with Harold. As Zeke and Rachel go to the examination room, Karl pauses to assure Susan that Rachel will be alright and that he'll keep her posted. He leaves, and Susan tells Harold that it's all her fault. Harold says she mustn't blame herself - it's the fault of the lunatic that threw the brick. He then tells her that he realised the flowers sparked the conflict with Miranda the night before and that when Rachel left them at the General Store he thought she wanted them delivered to the Parkers, which he did. Susan assures him it was just a misunderstanding. Janae comes to find out what's happened.
HAROLD: Some suburban vigilante threw a brick through their window.
Janae wants to make sure Susan's ok. She's fine and more concerned about the Parkers. Janae breaks it to her that they're not so good.
The Beach
Nick pulls up in a car park and gets out to look for keys left on top of a tyre of a car (I'm guessing this is to do with surfers not having anywhere to put their keys or something?) He finds some and they ditch their car for the one they've found the keys for (an old Volvo estate, if you're interested). Once they're all in, after some resistance from Declan, Laura apologises to Declan. They drive off.
Karl hands Susan a coffee as he sees Riley walk past. He asks him in a raised voice: 'Happy with your work?!' Susan tries to stop him but Riley responds, pointing out he didn't throw the brick. Karl tells him that the person who did wrapped Riley's story around it. Riley denies responsibility and Karl tells him that he wrote a deliberately defamatory article to provoke the response and he got it. He adds that Rachel could have been seriously hurt.
RILEY: Look, at least she's not in a coma!
KARL: Oh, there we have it. Payback time! You use a media witch-hunt to settle the score. You as good as threw that brick yourself!
Susan's really trying to get him to stop, now and Steve comes out to see what's going on and tell them it's enough. Karl agrees - the police have been contacted and he's going to speak to the editor of the Erinsborough News. Steve says he can't come in to the hospital and threaten his family. Karl replies that his stepdaughter could have been seriously injured as a result of Riley's ridiculous article. Toadie comes in to break things up.
Steve and Riley go back into Bridget's room and Riley makes some comment about Karl. Steve tells him not to start because he's been a 'bloody idiot'. Miranda finds out what the shouting was about and asks after Rachel. Then:
MIRANDA: In that photo you took, Susan wasn't really driving was she?
Riley says he didn't know what else to do after seeing what Steve and Miranda were going through. He adds that he just really wants Didge to come back to them.
Oliver is sat looking at his watch when Rebecca comes in. She wants to know if he's heard anything, which he hasn't. Rebecca tells him that the police raided a caravan they were staying in but they'd just left it. Oliver's worried that the cops might screw it up. He asks if she got away ok - Rebecca told Paul she was getting some groceries.
A Country Road
Nick pulls the car over. He looks at the phone and notices there's a voicemail. He listens to it before going off to phone Rebecca and Oliver. Rebecca tells him she's got the money and wants to know where she can meet him. Nick reckons the police are listening in but Rebecca explains that she doesn't want the police involved - she just wants her son back and she pleads with him to do a deal.
Left alone in the car with him, Laura suddenly reaches over and unties Declan. Declan begins to ask her a question but Laura shuts him up - she tells him to run and not look back. With Nick on the phone and his back to the car, Declan sneaks out and runs off into the bush. Nick arranges to meet them and says that if he gets a hint the cops are with them, they'll never see Declan again. He returns to the car to find Declan missing and turns just in time to see him running off. He grabs something and runs after him.
After the break, we're back in the bush. Declan's sprinting through all the foliage but trips on a log. In the background, Nick is calling after him. Unable to move, Declan lays low and Nick runs past him. Laura, who by now has caught up with him, spies Declan lying on the ground and moves to help him, but he sends her away.
Rachel's being examined by the doctor, who says it's nothing more serious than a couple of bruises and that the nausea will pass. The doctor tells Karl they'll keep her in for observation just in case. The doctor leaves and Karl volunteers Zeke to keep Rachel company. Toadie and Karl go into the corridor and Toadie says he's going to talk to the police to see if they've caught anyone. Karl thanks him for his help. Toadie adds that he'll also have a chat with Susan about her defence. Karl wishes him luck because Susan's determined to take whatever's thrown at her. Toadie will have a chat with her anyway. He leaves just as Harold and Susan come out. Harold is offering to organise a glazier, insisting despite Susan's refusal to accept the offer. He leaves. Karl starts talking to Susan but is cut short when Miranda approaches. She asks if Rachel is alright. Susan tells her it's just a concussion. Miranda's glad to hear it. With no further words, she leaves.
Rebecca just wants to get this over with. Oliver says they've got a time and place and now all they can do is wait. Rebecca keeps imagining all sorts of terrible things. Oliver tries to assure it's going to be alright by explaining that he's figured out how to get there and he'll pick her up from Paul's in a couple of hours, when he'll have the money. Rebecca asks where the money is - Oliver tells her it's safe. He adds that she should go. After another reassurance that things will be ok, Rebecca leaves.
General Store
This is VERY annoying. We can see a computer screen, and on it is an article that Riley has written:
Erinsborough Secondary College teacher, Susan Kinski, under question for an alleged hit and run accident that left a teenager in hospital, was seen this week back on the road and clearly flaunting drink-driving laws.
One of Erinsborough's most respected citizens and recent Teacher of the Year nominee, Kinski was allegedly behind the wheel when one of her students, Bridget Parker, 16, was run down and left unconscious by the side of the road last month remains in hospital in a serious, but stable condition, however it appears Kinski's reckless behaviour continues unabated, wining and dining as one Erinsborough family continues to count the cost. Parker remains in hospital in a serious, but stable condition, however it appears Kinski's reckless behaviour continues unabated, wining and dining as one Erinsborough family continues to count the cost.
Kinski was allegedly behind the wheel when one of her students, Bridget Parker, 16, was run down and left unconscious by the side...
Not only is it repeated but it is completely grammatically incorrect and doesn't make any sense. It's very annoying.
Anyway, Harold comes and gives Riley his coffee and notices the writing. He tentatively asks if it's a new article. Riley says it is, but needs some editing. He selects all the text and deletes it.
HAROLD: Riley, while I am sympathetic as to how you must feel about Bridget...
RILEY: You can't condone the violence I provoked with today's front page. Because... justice isn't a brick thrown through a window. (to himself) Wrapped in an angry article. An angry article isn't a cry for justice it's a call for revenge. But revenge doesn't right any wrongs.
He begins typing. Harold looks at him like he's certifiably insane and walks off just as Elle is approaching. She looks suspiciously at the screen and Riley assures her it's a retraction. He admits she was right and all he wanted to do was lash out and hurt someone. He says he owes her one. Elle smiles and says she won't let him forget it.
Riley goes in to see Rachel and see how she's feeling. Rachel wants to know how Bridget is and Riley tells her there's been no change. He adds that he came to say he's sorry about her getting hit. Rachel, however, is more concerned about Bridget and instead of responding says, 'So no improvement at all?' She asks if it's ok with Miranda and Steve to visit Bridget. Riley says it'd be fine. Zeke comes in and pulls the protective brother act, asking what he's doing there and saying she's ok but no thanks to Riley. Riley leaves.
Susan's sat at the table staring into the middle distance. Karl's by the sofa clearing up the glass. He suggests Susan has a lie down. Susan asks in a monotone if they don't have to go and pick up Rachel. Karl says he'll do it later. There are a few moments of silence and just as Karl joins Susan at the table she reflects on hearing stories of people who wake up after years in a coma and they're fine. She adds that you probably don't hear about the ones who don't. Karl comments that there's a tendency to only report the miracles. Looking straight ahead, not focusing on anything, Susan replies that we want to hear stories of hope. She shakes her head as her eyes well up. She takes a deep breath.
SUSAN: What have I done?
Tears have come to her eyes and she can only talk in whispers.
SUSAN: How could I have killed a child?
With her words, Karl also begins to cry. He takes hold of her hand and strokes it. After a few seconds' pause, he looks up at her. He, too, can only whisper.
KARL: I don't want to lose you.
They look at each other intently and Susan says, 'Oh love' as they hug, both now crying.
Steve's sat at Bridget's bedside, staring at her intently, clearly anxious. He looks at his watch and notes that they'll be doing their obs soon. He can't hack it, he says, because she's their little girl. Miranda adds that she could be on one of those machines for the rest of her life.
MIRANDA: How long do we wait? Weeks? Months? How can we make that decision?
Steve replies that Bridget's still hanging in there and as long as there's a chance that she'll come back, even if it's tiny, they're going to wait.
After the break, we're back in the hospital and the doctor doing obs on Bridget. Steve wants for him and Miranda to go for a walk, but Miranda doesn't want to. Steve points out that she's been at the bedside for three days and ten minutes won't make any difference. He mentions that they've not had lunch and manages to coerce Miranda into going with him to the canteen by talking about the dangers of his being let loose there on his own when there are doughnuts etc. Miranda and Steve leave, closely followed by the doctor. Rachel comes in to see her. She puts on her normal, cheery voice.
RACHEL: Hey Didge! It's me. Wow, they've sure given you the works, haven't they? Riley said it was ok to come and visit you. Um, look, you can tell me to mind my own business but I really think that you need to wake up now. (Her voice becomes more serious) It's just your family's fighting with mine. It's... awful. Susan's beside herself. She's really, really sorry about what happened. It's killing her. There's been newspaper articles, somebody threw a brick through our window. I had to get stitches, see? But most importantly, I just want my friend back. If you don't come back it means that the fun that we've had is all that we'll ever have. And I know that we were just getting started.
Rachel grabs Bridget's hand.
RACHEL: Please, please, just wake up.
Bridget squeezes Rachel's hand and Rachel springs to her feet. She pushes manically on the buzzer to get the doctor.
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Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5318
Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5318
Riley Parker

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5318
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Nick Thompson, Declan Napier, Laura Davidson in Neighbours Episode 5318
Nick Thompson, Declan Napier, Laura Davidson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5318
Rebecca Napier

Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5318
Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker

Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5318
Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5318
Miranda Parker

Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5318
Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5318
Declan Napier

Riley Parker, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5318
Riley Parker, Harold Bishop

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5318
Rachel Kinski

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