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Neighbours Episode 5284 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5284
Australian airdate: 23/08/07
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Julia Sanders - Raelene Isbester
Christian Johnson - Neil Pigot
Paul Maguire- Simon Russel
Lucia Cammeniti - Maria Mercedes
Michael Devlin - Phil Reilly
Pearl Rousseau - Kelly Nash
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/Emily
- Oliver telling Carmella that their child will always have both parents around.
- Julia telling Karl to watch his back and not snoop around after hours.
- Bridget on the phone to Riley finding out where he is.
- Julia assuring Christian that she has Karl under control.
Karl's darkened office in the Vivex Empire of Evil
Christian is offering Karl the position of Media Liaison to help with his pet project VivexAid which supplies Third World Countries with drugs at a low cost. Yeah, I bet. Karl thinks it sounds like a wonderful initiative and he'll give it his best shot.
CHRISTIAN: For too long this company has been focused on generating profits for its shareholders. I'd like to think we can make a positive impact on society as well.
Karl couldn't agree more and thanks Christian for the vote of confidence, he won't let him down. Christian smiles evilly his face lit only by the desk lamp! Julia smiles at him too in a sickly sort of way and they both leave Karl looking suspicious and pensive.
Karl and Julia have just told Steve about Vivex's charity mission. He says that Christian is trying to suggest that it's a genuinely altruistic programme but he thinks it's a cover for sending defective drugs overseas. Steve wonders if they'll get discovered over there, but Karl points out that with corruption and civil war being rife, it won't necessarily be at the top of anyone's agenda.
STEVE: If the disease doesn't kill, the drugs will.
Karl says that as soon as he gets his hands on solid evidence they're going straight to the police. Steve offers to get them tested, but Julia thinks that the first shipment must be genuine there's so much publicity surrounding it, they can't risk the exposure. Karl thinks they want the evidence as far away as possible as fast as possible. He jokes asking if they know anything about picking locks. Julia says to hang on, it's a secure warehouse, nobody gets in without being arrested. Karl argues that it's the risk they've taken all along. He thought she was onboard with it. Julia says she is it's just....risky. Karl and Steve share looks.
Number 26
Bridget is scratching at her nail polish. Janae asks her what she's doing, they look cool, Bridget doesn't look like she agrees. Miranda comes in and says she thinks they've left the run up (to Eden, presumably) a bit late now and maybe it would be best if they left early in the morning. Bridget is not impressed, it seems they had a deal, Miranda would camp out if Bridget let her do her nails. She examines Bridget's left hand and says it looks much nicer that way, then she asks to see the other, but Didge has picket it off. Miranda doesn't know what she's got against nail polish - other girls wear it. Girly-girls, says Didge, who don't play footy. Miranda suggests she gives up footy, she was black and blue after training the other night. Bridget retorts that she could be doing boxing, but Janae tells her to leave her out of it! Miranda thinks that would be a nightmare, no offence to Janae. Janae assures her that her mum hated it too. Bridget asks her to just stop nagging. Miranda guesses that's why Riley won't come home; because she's naggy and overbearing.
BRIDGET: I didn't say you were overbearing. You're the family peacemaker.
MIRANDA: Yes, and I'm so obsessed with keeping the peace I can't see what's really troubling him.
JANAE: Boys, huh? Who gets them?
MIRANDA: It's probably been staring me in the face for years.
JANAE: Now that you're here, how about we have a cup of tea.
MIRANDA: Love to, but we have to go.
Bridget hurries after her mother looking pleased leaving Janae looking a bit neglected.
Pepper, Ringo and Rosie are watching a sinister sort of china merry-go-round turn and play music as Frazer explains what it does and what its purpose is.
FRAZER: It goes round and round and plays its little tune as mummy changes a nappy, or Aunty Rosie...
PEPPER: Or Uncy Frazer...
Frazer says sure, nappies don't scare him. Rosie says that Carmella will be thrilled as she removes his arm from around her shoulder and gets up to get another round. Pepper joins her at the bar, telling her that Frazer will make the perfect dad, but Rosie corrects her. Uncle. Perfect Uncle. Pepper says that she quit her job, doesn't that mean they'll be having babies? Rosie says it means that she'll be working twice as hard to get the business off the ground. Pepper adopts a babyish voice and asks doesn't Rosie want a little baby? Rosie tells her enough, Frazer will be the perfect uncle and she'll be the perfect aunt. Pepper continues to squeak babybabybaby in Rosie's ear until Rosie threatens to bash her. Pep saunters off to the bathroom passing Julia who is on her mobile to Christian.
The General Store/Charlie's
Julia tells Christian that Karl plans to steal a batch from the shipment to be sent to Sudan tomorrow night. Christian says he'll organise Julia a swipe card for tomorrow night, she'll have to go in with Karl. She asks if she should steer Karl away from the good stuff, but Christian says he can take whatever he wants, the dodgier the better. Security won't be in on the plan though, so they mustn't get caught. Julia's job is to keep Karl in the warehouse all night, Christian's sure she'll think of a way. He needs to be kept out of the office and away from his computer. Julia wants to know what's going on. Karl's being demoted, says TheEvilOne. I want to know what he was doing at the General Store!
Charlie's, just Charlie's
Julia rejoins Karl and Steve. They were wondering where she'd got to. Julia smoothly lies that she rang a girl in export who owes her, she can get them a security card. Steve says he thought she was against breaking in. She is, but if Karl's set on doing this she'd better make sure he doesn't get caught. She's going with him. Karl says she's done enough already, he's not having her risk her job. Julia is adamant, if she doesn't go, there's no security card. Before Karl can argue, in bounce Rachel and Zeke. Susan's called. Ringo shouts over to Rachel that he's organised an interview with Janae tomorrow in the General Store at 8.30. She thanks him and turns back to Karl who asks how Susan is. Rachel says she's finally shaken the Stepford Wives and is now with Billy and Anne. Karl asks if she said how her golf's going with a gleeful look on his face. Rachel pulls a face and Zeke says that she's dug up enough divets to start up her own durf/turf course. (Apologies for my lack of golfing knowledge to decipher what was said.) Karl laughs and Rachel says that her form has gone bad and she has no idea why. Karl suspects that's because she never had any in the first place. Meiow! The Kinski-Kennedys joke away and Julia sits looking mighty guilty.
The hospital
Oliver is fiddling with a gold watch. Maybe he's trying to turn back time. Carmella approaches him. She heard about Alan, she's sorry. Oliver says that he was like a dad to him and Will/Sebastian when their parents died. He just wishes he'd told him about his real mother and father. Carmella says he probably felt like he had to protect Rebecca. Oliver pulls himself together and asks how Carmella is, if the baby's alright. Everything's fine, Carmella has just booked in for a pregnancy yoga class tomorrow. Oliver says that yoga is supposed to be good, Carmella agrees, that's what Steph said. Carm is actually a bit nervous so she's getting her mum to go along with her. Oliver chuckles at the image of Lucia doing yoga then says that she could have asked him. He said he'd support her and the baby and that means right through the pregnancy, not just after it's born. Carmella says he doesn't have to, but Oliver wants to.
Karl, Julia, Steve and the kids are still sitting together. Zeke says if they don't order soon he'll eat the menu. Julia says she'd better get going. Karl invites her to stay, his shout. Zeke tells her to order fast before he changes his mind. Steve asks what Karl's going to have. Karl replies something he can't cook at home. Basically everything, Rachel quips. Julia gets up to get a round and Steve watches after her. Me thinks he smells a rat, and that's not just because he's a vet.
Elsewhere Pepper, Frazer and Rosie have been joined by Lucia who says that Pepper said that Frazer and Rosie have been thinking about kids. Rosie chastises Pepper and tells her mum she doesn't want to talk about it. Frazer tries to break the tension by asking who's looking forward to the Carlton game on Saturday but Carmella arrives as a welcome distraction. Lucia asks if she has the yoga all arranged, Carmella replies that she does, but it's ok, she doesn't have to come along, she has another offer. Who? Oliver.... Pepper and Lucia "oooo" Carmella argues that he's going to be there as a friend. That's it. Lucia isn't convinced.
Steve joins Julia at the bar as she's paying for the drinks. He comments that it must be tough, negotiating the ethical minefield of working for a large drugs company. Julia says that they're getting there. Steve doesn't think everyone would risk their job for someone they've only known for a couple of weeks. Julia asks how long Steve has known Karl. Steve says long enough to know he's a great bloke, great family. He'd hate to see someone sell him out.
The Sea avec Surfers
Riley is coming up from the beach with his mates to be surprised by his mum and sister. Miranda says that instead of nagging him to visit them, she thought they'd visit him. She says he's looking well and asks if he's living here. He's living in the caravan park, surfing and working a few shifts in the pub. Miranda asks if that's enough and Bridget warns her not to push it. Riley says that you don't need much to live. Miranda says he must be hungry after his surf, she has breakfast things in the car and she leaves Bridget and Riley together. Riley tells Didge that she could have warned him. So he could go and hide? He tells his sister not to start as well. Bridget says that he's been avoiding their parents for months, their mum is freaking out, she's sick of being stuck in the middle. She wants to know why he's being so weird. If there's something wrong he can tell her. He says nothing's wrong but Bridget says that Miranda doesn't think so and if he wants her to leave her along, he'll have to do better than that to convince her.
The ultra-posh desk of Karl Kennedy
Julia passes the security card across the desk to Karl, he congratulates her on her work. She says it's not too late to back out, but Karl says there's not a chance, he'll pick her up at about 7.30. She nods and leaves as Karl psychs himself up for the hussle.
The General Store
The interview with Janae is obviously over and Ringo is taking a picture to go with it. Steve comes in and asks Zeke what's happening. He explains they're doing an interview with Janae about women and sport. Rachel bounces up to Steve with her Dictaphone to ask him what his opinion is of the glass ceiling in sport, as a father who's daughter plays football. Steve seems confused and Rachel rephrases saying that there are boys in Zeke's footy team who don't want Bridget there because she's a girl. Zeke says she can't print that because the guys will kill him. She says she'll keep it general, not mention any names or the name of the footy club. Zeke thinks they'll still work it out. Steve wants to know which boys; Zeke says it's just a couple of guys who are scared she'll show them up as talentless, which they are. Karl hurries in and asks Steve if it's ok if he watches the kids tonight, he doesn't know what time he'll be home from work. He checks it's alright with the kids before dashing off again. Steve grabs Karl before he leaves and tells him to be careful and to call if he needs anything. Rachel and Zeke are left wondering what's going on.
The Hospital
Lucia is peering through the window into the yoga room where Carmella and Oliver are falling about laughing, unable to balance. All the extras are taking it very seriously. The yoga teacher explains that they do the exercise to open out the pelvis, to prevent morning sickness and prepare mind and body for labour. Oliver feels like he's going to give birth right now. Carmella warns him not to make her laugh as he jokes about giving one more push. Carmella insists that he shouldn't make her laugh as she needs the toilet all the time as it is. She dashes out as the yoga teacher calls the session to an end. Oliver rolls up the mat and comes face to face with Mrs Cammeniti...
Breakfast at the Beach
Miranda, Bridget and Riley are tucking into fruit salad and Riley comments that he hasn't had any like this for six months. Miranda says that this is what he's missing out on. All their favourite, adds Bridget, except fresh pancakes. Bridget winds her brother up by reminding him of Sunday breakfast, waiting for the pancakes to come out of the pan...with lots of "murple surple"? Riley teases back. Bridget says that she thought that's what it was called. They smile and Miranda says she misses those days but Riley reminds her they can't stay kids forever. Miranda says that may be so but she needs to know he's ok. That's her job. He's fine. He's surfing, reading a lot, no big dramas. Miranda knows there's something he's not telling her. Riley takes a deep breath and tells her he dropped out of Vet Science. Miranda is surprised, he was doing so well and so close to finishing. Riley says he was sick of studying. She says that if he was having trouble he should have talked to his dad about it, he'll be terribly disappointed. Riley tells her that this is why he doesn't tell her stuff, because she just goes on about it and strops off.
The Hospital
Lucia asks Oliver if Carmella doesn't deserve a happy, stable family life. Oliver agrees that she does and if she finds the right guy he's not going to stand in her way. Lucia tells him to keep up, she's talking about him, not some other guy.
LUCIA: Do the right thing, Oliver. Marry my daughter.
Oliver tells her to hang on just one second. Lucia says why not and Oliver starts to say "because I just got out of a relationship that meant a lot to me" as Lucia finishes "She loves you.". Huh. Oliver asks her to repeat that. Oliver says that if she's worried about the baby she doesn't have to be. He's always going to be around for it. Always? Asks Lucia, what about when it wakes up crying in the middle of the night and he's living in another house in another street. When it smiles for the first time or takes three wobbly little steps will he be there? Oliver gawps a bit and asks again if she loves him. Lucia says she always has. Ah, and Carmella is back and wanting to know what her mother is doing at the hospital. Lucia says she's come to take her shopping. Oliver says they were just talking about babies. Carmella looks unsure and suspicious all at once.
Back at the Beach
Miranda and Riley are watching Bridget kick a football around. Riley says she's good. Miranda doesn't understand why out of any sport she could play she had to choose football. She tells her son that she respects the choices he's made and she understands his need to spread his wings. She just wishes he'd use them to fly home more often. She knows it's a bit twee, but she means it. Bridget calls over to him asking how he got a dent in his car and he leaps up to find out where. Turns out Bridget was bluffing. She tells her brother that he can't drop a bombshell like that on their mum and then expect her to go and explain it to their father. He thought she might help. Didge says that's just great, she gets to sit at home apologising for him while he cruises up and down the coast having the time of his life. She shows him her nails and rants that she endured nail polish to get him to come home. She asks him to come home just for a little while, then he can go off chasing waves and write a "Woe is me" novel. Just for a little while.
Charlie's/ #30
Oliver asks Frazer if he thinks Carmella still has feelings for him just as Carmella is telling Rosie and Pep that the whole idea is just ridiculous. Pepper thinks she's scared that her mum is right, that she's still in love with him. Frazer says say she is, and then she finds out they're having a baby together. Oliver says he wants to have a part in the baby's life, but not like that. Rosie tells Pepper that just because Oliver wants to be a good father doesn't mean he wants to get back together with Carmella. Unless they're predestined to be together, says Pepper. Oliver tells Frazer that he's going to shut this down. He can't give her anymore false hope.
OLIVER: Even if I did still have feelings for her...
CARMELLA: You know there are more important things to think about...
OLIVER:...the baby.
CARMELLA:... the baby.
The beach
Miranda is hugging her son goodbye. Bridget is watching with a face of thunder. Miranda tells Riley to look after himself and phone occasionally just so she knows how he is and where he is, then she gets out her purse and gives him some money to keep him going for a while. He says he doesn't need it. They say goodbye and turn to the car, but Riley tells them to hang on. Can he follow them? They say the surf's awesome in Erinsborough. He lets his mum hug him and receives a wink from his little sister.
The Vivex Warehouse by moonlight
Karl is dressed in black with his leather jacket on. Very Dr Sloane. They locate the necessary boxes and Karl puts the swipe card down ontop of one box while he takes another and cuts it open with a stanley knife. While Karl is busy taking photos and drug samples, Julia, who is holding the torch, slides the card into her pocket.
Number 26
The Kinski kids are sitting with Steve at the table, plates of meat and potatoes in front of them. Steve says its not quite up to Susan's standards but Rachel is distracted by the fact that Karl still isn't answering his phone. Steve tells them that anything they don't like they should just leave, he won't be offended. Rachel wants to know what's going on. Zeke knows it has something to do with his job, something serious. Steve asks if they want more water. Zeke tells him that Susan is away and they have no-one else to talk to, they want to know the truth.
The Vivex Warehouse
Karl finishes putting samples into his bag as the security guards get nearer talking about the exports section being a cushy gig. Karl and Julia take cover and go undetected despite one of the guards thinking they heard a clunk. The other guard is seriously lazy and thinks it was maybe a possum on the roof. They see a box which Karl and Julia left out and wonder if it should be with the other ones. I'm reminded of The Sound of Music when the Von Trapp family are hiding in the convent. No nuns though...unless Carmella turns up to save the day. That'd be a twist! Karl says they have to get out, but he can't find the swipe card. Julia whispers it might have fallen out of his pocket.
After the break we find Karl and Julia still in the warehouse with no swipe card and no reception. Karl apologises. He's totally stuffed it up, he should have stayed at home with the kids. I believe Julia to be having a battle with her conscience and she says that he's doing it for all the right reasons. She's done some things to get there that she's not proud of. Karl says he wouldn't be there without her, but she doesn't want to hear it.
KARL: Julia, you're the good guy here, I've turned your career into a train wreck. You deserve better.
If only you knew, Karl.
Morning dawns and Karl and Julia are asleep still in the warehouse, Karl evidently had an attack of chivalry and gave Julia his coat. Karl is woken by the noise of one of the security guards opening the door and he wakes up Julia telling her they can go. They hurry towards the exit, Karl tells her to release everything, get the stuff analysed and he'll check on the kids. Before they can get to the door they're slammed against the metal cages. Karl tells them in fright that they're not armed. They're told not to move. The guard backs off a little and Julia tells Karl he has to get back to the office now and passes him the card. Karl realises she had it all along, why didn't she give it to him. She explains Christian told her to keep him there overnight so he could load his computer with evidence. He's fixing it so the whole drugs thing leads back to Karl. He's got to get back to the office before the police get there. Karl tries to make a get away but is slammed back against the cages again. Karl does his angry/betrayed/scared face. Thrilling stuff.
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Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders, Christian Johnson in Neighbours Episode 5284
Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders, Christian Johnson

Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5284
Janae Hoyland

Pepper Steiger, Ringo Brown, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5284
Pepper Steiger, Ringo Brown, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Julia Sanders, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Julia Sanders, Steve Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5284
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5284
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker

Riley Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5284
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Riley Parker, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Riley Parker, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Bridget Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5284
Carmella Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti

Riley Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5284
Riley Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders in Neighbours Episode 5284
Karl Kennedy, Julia Sanders

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5284
Karl Kennedy

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