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Neighbours Episode 5263 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5263 (Declan Napier arrives)
Australian airdate: 25/07/07
UK airdate: 17/10/07
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Snr Sgt Malcolm Hill - Tim Sullivan
Summary/Images by: deep/Holing
Oliver asking Elle not to make him choose between her and Rebecca.
Mickey inadvertently causing the bus crash.
Snr Sgt Hill asking Ned with his permission to speak to Mickey about the crash.
Mickey and Jake running away from Erinsborough.
Number 22
The Parkers have realised that Mickey's gone and Snr Sgt Hill tells them that when he turns up to give him a call. He then leaves. Ned starts calling Susan but doesn't get a response as he tells Bridget that Mickey he's a troubled kid who's on his own, his mother ditched him. He gets frustrated when no one in the street answers the phone, so the Parkers decide to search for Mickey on foot.
Oliver tells Elle that Ringo's still critical and that they are not letting anyone in but family. When Elle asks after Frazer he tells her as you would expect. She offers to hang around so that he can meet Rebecca for lunch but Oliver tells her that he wants there so that her and Rebecca can get along. Elle realises how important Rebecca is to Oliver and with that they leave. Meanwhile at the reception desk, Susan and Rachel are asking to see Ringo but the nurse just walks away without saying a word. Rachel tells Susan she'd give anything to see Ringo so that she could tell him she still loves him. Susan comforts her.
Outside Lassiters
The Parkers and Paul are telling the residents to keep their eye out for Mickey.
Janae is working at the garage when Mickey shows up and puts a note labeled 'Dad' in the office before walking away.
Lassiters lake
Ned sits by the lake looking upset and worried.
Number 28
Susan is on the phone when Karl comes from home his Conference early and hugs Rachel, He couldn't stay in Sydney with everything that's happened. When he asks where Zeke is, Susan tells him about Mickey going missing and that Zeke has joined in the search and also tells him that Ringo's in hospital. She then adds that the phone call was Eden Hills retirement home; a room's come up for Tom. They can take him in anytime. Tom comes in from the bedroom, saying he's never playing chest with Harold again; he cheats. Susan tells him about the place at the retirement home but Tom files off the handle saying that they can't throw him out today of all days it's Karl's surprise birthday party. He storms off and Rachel reveals one of the decorations. Susan comforts Karl and tells him they'll try again. Karl says he won't drag there; he can't.
Number 22
Elle serves lunch to Oliver and Rebecca and tells them it's made by this old couple who run this deli and it is to die for. Rebecca asks Oliver about his injuries from the crash and Oliver tells her he knocked his knee again. Rebecca says she doesn't know what she'd do if any thing happened to Oliver; she wishes she could have been with him. Elle snipes that it's not really possible because of her rules. Rebecca tells that emergency's are an exception; She wants to know if her son's in danger, she knows the arrangement is not ideal but she s trying. Oliver tells that she is and glares at Elle who apologies (through gritted teeth) and that she was out of line.
The General Store
Miranda hands another leaflet to a customer as Ned and Steve come in. Steve and Bridget tell him to search the parks, the buses and the trains as Paul asks Ned whether Mickey had any money with him. Ned says he hasn't and Steve tells him that should mean he hasn't gone far. Ned snaps that if he can't buy a ticket, he'll hitchhike. If he can't afford food he's going to starve. Miranda tells that an empty stomach is great motivation but Ned asks her what if he's too far away and can't get back to which Steve and Bridget tells that he'll call him on reverse charges. Ned tells them that Mickey hasn't got his number which is another thing wrong he's done along the way. He flies off the handle at Steve before apologising. He should have seen how stressed out Mickey was about the truck. Paul tells him that at least he was there for Mickey. Ned then gets a call on his mobile from Janae.
Ned and Steve arrive at the garage and Janae gives Ned the note, She has idea how long it's been there for. Ned reads the note which is as follows.
Dear Dad, I'm sorry I'm in so much trouble. Me and Jake are going a long way away so don't bother looking. Love Mickey.
Janae takes the note to look for clues. He calls him dad which means he hasn't gone and as for don't brother looking for him it means it's just a test find out whether Ned hates him
NED: Course I don't.
JANAE: But he wants to prove it by finding him.
Ned continues to worry about Mickey and hopes he's ok.
Mickey's hideout
Mickey tells Jake not to be scared when he hears someone coming. We see a teenage boy (Declan) enter the hideout and orders them to come out of their hiding place and that he knows that there here. He nearly attacks Mickey but he tries to unleash Jake on him but fails. Mickey goes to leave but Declan grabs him and tells he doesn't want anyone to know he's here. He then tells him that if he's not bored he'll let him stay so that Mickey can hide from the cops and that it had better be a good story.
Number 22
Lunch has finished and Rebecca decides to acquainted with Elle whilst Oliver washes up. Elle apologies for being at Rebecca a bit; she's looking out for Oliver and thinks that Oliver would to go full into the relationship with her. Rebecca however tells her that she has other people's feelings to consider including Declan's. She notices a framed photo of Her and Paul asks who he is and when Elle tells her who he is, Rebecca's face goes a white as a ghost. Rebecca tells Elle that Paul looks familiar like 25 years ago. Elle thinks he probably gave him gin & tonic and a blanket and asks her whether she can get. But as Elle talks to her about Paul, Rebecca looks at the photo before grabbing her bag and leaving the house. Elle goes to ask her whether she'd like milk but notices she's gone. She goes to search the bathroom as Oliver asks her whether she upset Rebecca.
ELLE: Ollie. I'm sorry to say this but that woman is a freak.
Number 28
Rachel and Susan are putting up the decorations for Karl's surprise birthday party As Susan tells her that Zeke's phone keeps ringing out and knowing he'll staying searching for Mickey until he drops. Tom comes in from the bedroom and Rachel says that Zeke's not going to like Tom going into the retirement home. Susan then notices Karl arriving back but as they prepare to take their positions Tom goes to the door and thinking Karl's a salesmen tells him that they don't need what he's selling telling him to nip off! he then says and one more thing.
TOM: Happy birthday, son.
Susan and Rachel head over and everyone starts laughing about what's happened.
Mickey's hideout
Mickey has finished telling Declan about the crash and why he ran away. When Mickey thinks that Ned might have been on his side, Declan asks him why? Mickey replies because Ned is his dad. Declan says that someone's his dad ans look at him Australian of the year. He then tells him that they can be friends and look after each other. Mickey asks him how
DECLAN: Well you don't have any money for food or whatever?
Mickey shakes his head and Declan tells him he'll help him get some
Number 22
Snr Sgt Hill returns as Steve tells him they've searched everywhere. Ned asks whether he should be searching for his son. Sgt Hill tells him that a photo would be helpful. Ned tells him he doesn't have one; not any. As Janae starts searching in her bag for something Ned tells Sgt Hill that it took him ages to find the courage to tell Mickey he was his dad. Janae then comes forward with a photo of Ned and Mickey taken at Janelle's going away barbecue. Snr Sgt Hill tells it will make a huge difference to the search and leaves. Ned heads off for the bathroom and Miranda questions Janae about the photo being in her wallet and tells about how she kept a photo of male friend in her wallet too-she married him!
Number 28
Susan is serving salad as Rachel tries (and fails) to contact Zeke again. Karl asks Tom whether he's given any more thought to the Eden Hills home but Tom still refuses to go. Rachel says she bet Karl never had a non surprise birthday party before to which Karl replies he has no idea. Tom tells them that Karl has a history of not twigging to what's going on right under his nose, take his 16th birthday for instance, how it remained a surprise is beyond comprehension. As he says this, Karl gets up from the table and gets a cassette player from his bag and puts a tape inside the player. Rachel asks Tom for more ammunition on Karl But Tom notices what Karl's up with the cassette player and realises he's taping him for prosperity
TOM: I'm you have to go through this son. I know sometimes it seems as through your the last thing on my mind. But wherever this goes, I take you with me. whenever I'm looking right through me, you must know that your dad he loves you.
Karl's very moved and Tom tells Rachel to go and get her video camera. Susan comforts Karl who's on the verge of tears.
The General Store
Elle and Oliver come in with Elle telling him that one minute she and Rebecca were talking about Paul, the next Rebecca vanished. Oliver asks her again whether she said anything to upset her but Elle denies that she did. She thought she was about to make a breakthrough with her, one minute she's fine, the next she's a different woman; they really don't know anything about her. Oliver tells they know she's his mother they know that.
ELLE: Maybe she feels threatened by me.
OLIVER: Your jumping to conclusions.
ELLE: With all the elaborate rules and weirdness.
Oliver tells her that there's bound to be some sort of weirdness. Elle says she doesn't want to see him get hurt.
OLIVER: I don't know what to do. I mean she's my mother and you're you. I'm just scared that if I don't do what she wants she gonna cut me off.
ELLE: Well you've made it pretty clear that I can't compete with her.
OLIVER: You won't have to.
ELLE: Really
OLIVER: I'll work this out. I love you.
They kiss.
Mickey's hideout
Mickey asks Declan how do they get money and realises that He's thinking about stealing and asks him if there's another way. Declan just tells them that guys like them have to do what they can to survive; it's either that or go home to Ned and the cops but together they will be ok. Mickey looks worried and Declan says he'll look after he promises. Mickey says ok but still looks worried.
The Napier House
Oliver storms in telling Rebecca that even though he's breaking her rules, He doesn't care. He tells her that he loves Elle and he's known a hell of a lot longer than her won't have her treated her like dirt. She retorts that he doesn't understand but Oliver says that Rebecca won't let him call her, she won't tell Declan his own brother that he exists
OLIVER: Is there something else going on here cause right now it seems your deliberately trying to push me away.
REBECCA: It's not like that, I want you in my life.
OLIVER: Then why are you making this so hard. Why turn on Elle for absolutely no reason?
She tells him that there is a reason and Oliver asks her whether she wants to break them up. She tells him it might be a good idea.
She can't talk to him about this until she's sure about something but Oliver heads for the door.
OLIVER: You know what? It's gonna kill me not to see you-But I'll do because that's how much I love her.
He storms out leaving Rebecca looking worried.
Number 22
Paul opens the door to find Rebecca standing on the step but doesn't recognize her. He invites her in and tells he's going to have to forgive him and tells her about his illness and that some of memories have faded. She asks him whether he doesn't really remember her. he shakes his head.
REBECCA: You were a flight attendant, I was a passenger. We got talking. We had amazing weekend stopover together.
Paul realises who she is and asks her what's she's doing here and how she found. She tells him she's Oliver's mother.
REBECCA: And he's your son.
PAUL: What?
REBECCA: It's true
PAUL: No, no, no, that's impossible. See that would make...
REBECCA: He's Elle's brother.
Paul's jaw hits the floor.
<<5262 - 5264>>
Snr Sgt Malcolm Hill, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5263
Snr Sgt Malcolm Hill, Miranda Parker

Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5263
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5263
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5263
Ned Parker

Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5263
Mickey Gannon

Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5263
Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5263
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Ned Parker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5263
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Ned Parker, Paul Robinson

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5263
Janae Hoyland

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5263
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Steve Parker

Mickey Gannon, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5263
Mickey Gannon, Declan Napier

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5263
Declan Napier

 in Neighbours Episode 5263

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5263
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5263
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Tom Kennedy

Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5263
Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon

Janae Hoyland, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5263
Janae Hoyland, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5263
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5263
Oliver Barnes

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5263
Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5263
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

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