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Neighbours Episode 5253 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5253: Keep the Ned Flag Flying
Australian airdate: 11/07/07
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mickey Gannon: Fletcher O'Leary
Adam Rhodes: Benjamin Hart
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Marty Rolfe: Andy McPhee
Matcham Rolfe: Hamish Sinclair
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Holing
Karl wonders if it's wrong that he's using Zeke to relive his childhood. Susan assures him it's not before opening the fridge to find old vinyls in there.
A small fire starts in the Kennedys' kitchen - Rachel panics and Ringo freezes.
Ned asks Mickey if he'd like to live with him for a while, watched on by a tearful Janae.
Ramsay Street
Janae sees Ned and Mickey playing and is really happy. Her reverie is cut short by Pepper, who asks if she's ready for the big move. Janae asks for a coffee with her.
Number 30
Janae asks Pepper if she's heard from Adam. Pepper swiftly changes the subject. Janae is worried if she should be drinking caffeine if the fight's only a day and a half away. She asks what she should be eating for maximum energy - pasta? Pepper offers to give her a list of right things and no-nos but thinks her trainer should be telling her. Janae doesn't want to bother Ned right now because, well... she changes the subject and asks Pepper if she's excited about the big move to Cairns. Pepper tells her matter-of-factly that she's not going. Janae's disappointed because apparently she and Bree were really looking forward to having their step sister up there. Pepper says she's going to miss them heaps but, 'you know'. Pepper thinks it's easy if everyone you love is going up with you. Janae smiles ruefully.
Paul is reading a book when Ned and Mickey come running in. Oh my god! I just realised. Paul's reading Terry Pratchett!! The old Paul would never have read Terry Pratchett. The old Paul would never have read. NewPaul is awesome. Anyway, Paul joins in the fun and laughter with Ned and Mickey when Ned notices that Jake has been chewing one of Elle's shoes. Ned says Jake's going to have to stay outside. The kid doesn't think it's fair and NewPaul agrees - if Elle's silly enough to leave her stuff lying around, Jake stays inside. There's a knock at the door. It's Janae, who has come to tell Ned that Janelle, Bree and Steiger are moving to Cairns for a while and she doesn't think they'll come back. It's partly because of Anne - the Baxters are settled up there and it's also close to Dylan in Port Douglas. Plus Dwayne and Brandon can go up to visit. Ned asks when they're leaving - the day after tomorrow. He's worried that they'll miss Janae's boxing match. Janae explains that it's a late flight, so they'll be there for it. She adds that she's going with them. Ned thinks she deserves a break and asks when she's coming back.
JANAE: I'm not.
Mickey and Ned both look downbeat so Janae tries to lighten the mood by telling him that his job's safe because Chris is staying on at the garage. Mickey's now crying.
Zeke thinks it's his fault there was a fire because he went to see Lolly. Susan tells him not to be silly and blame himself because it could have happened if they'd all been in the next room. Now, as far as I'm aware there are only bedrooms and bathrooms in 'the next room'. To be honest, I'd love to know what they'd all be doing together in either a bedroom or a bathroom. Karl comes in - he's been looking at different homes because Tom can't go back: it's too depressing. Zeke wants Tom to stay with them and have a nurse brought in to look after him. Karl explains that it's too much risk and he needs someone with him 24 hours a day. Zeke's really keen - he'll make up a roster! Susan and Karl basically point out that they're all busy and have to work and go to school. Tom will have to be put on a waiting list. Tom comes out to ask KarlZeke about how long it was since the sheep was drenched. Karl tells him it was last season. Tom rudely tells him he was speaking to his son. He turns to Zeke and asks him where he's been because he promised him a game of chess. They head to Tom's room to play and attention turns to Rachel, who's making up a box of stuff to give to Bree as a memento. Susan asks how she is and asks if she wants to talk about Ringo. Rachel thinks there's nothing to talk about because they were only going out for 5 seconds and it's not like saying goodbye to an old friend you've known for ages. Susan pulls the old reverse psychology trick, and says it's how she feels about Janelle going because the place is going to be much quieter without her around. Rachel looks at Susan, all emotional. They hug.
Janae comes downstairs from having put Mickey to bed. NewPaul points out he'll miss her. Janae thinks he'll forget about her in two weeks. Ned doesn't think so but it's not her problem because she's moving to Cairns and that's great - family comes first. Janae absents herself. NewPaul comes through from the kitchen and casually asks Ned if there was something else he wanted to tell her.
NED: No.
PAUL: No? Ok.
NED: Ok, I'm not happy she's going.
PAUL: Oh, and that'd be because, um, well, she's such a promising little boxer.
NED: ... Yeah.
PAUL: Yeah, and of course 'cos she helps out with Mickey.
NED: Yeah, that too.
PAUL: But no other reason?
NED: ... Ok, I'm in love with her.
NewPaul says Ned has to tell her how he feels. Ned doesn't think there's any point because she moves the day after next. NewPaul points out he's got nothing to lose. He kind of jokily adds that she may feel the same way. Jokily as in, 'I also know she's in love with you but I'm not going to mean and say that because, hey, I'm a nice guy now.' Ned says she knows how he feels because he told her a few weeks ago. NewPaul says a lot can change in a few weeks. Ned thinks it's no use because she'll never respect him after what he did to her family. NewPaul goes all coy, ashamed of OldPaul's antics. He says that it wasn't Ned's fault and the way he heard it Ned was blackmailed into ransacking the house. Ned points out he still did it. NewPaul thinks he's also done penance and the other Timmins' seem to have forgiven him. Ned can't forgive himself. He never will. Getting to know Janae as a friend has been a bonus so he's not going to push his luck any further. He leaves. NewPaul sighs in slight exasperation at the two dummies. Mostly Ned's the dummy, though.
It's night time. Zeke comes into the dining area, where Rachel is working on her project for Bree. It's got a name - a memory box. Zeke thinks she won't want any memories of him. Rachel counters that he was her first boyfriend and he'll always be special. Zeke offers some old tickets from some science thing. Tom comes in and asks if it's party time. Zeke thinks he's looking for the bathroom and points him in the right direction.
TOM: I know! I know! This is Karl's house, isn't it? And Susan's.
RACHEL: Yeah and we're their kids! I'm Rachel.
ZEKE: And I'm Zeke.
TOM: Zeke! I've been calling you Karl!
Zeke says he doesn't mind and Tom apologises to Rachel for getting into trouble because of him. Tom says it's his fault because he forgets things sometimes. Zeke points out that he's pretty sharp at the moment and Tom tells him to make the most of it. He notices the charring from the fire and asks what happened. Zeke dismisses it and Tom suddenly looks up and exclaims, 'Karl! Susan!' We then see that Karl and Susan (who is wearing that god-awful dressing gown) are stood at their bedroom door. They talk about how chirpy he is and Karl suggests he look at the details of a new nursing home in Eden Hills. Zeke doesn't want to do it right now. Karl tells Tom to just have a look and tell him what he thinks. Tom thinks it looks fine - one place is as good as another and it's not really his decision, is it?
General Store
Lou's talking about something Harold kept to himself. I now realise it's Loris's little misdemeanour. Harold points out that it was easier to keep quiet when Anne wasn't there but now he thinks it's time he told Janelle. Lou thinks Loris has atoned for her mistakes. Harold thinks Loris is a wonderful woman. Lou asks what Janelle would do. Harold thinks Janelle would ostracise Loris for life. Lou agrees, and asks who'd benefit. Lou thinks maybe Harold would. Harold denies it but admits it would be lovely if Loris came back.
Pepper comes in and Lou catches her - he's been waiting for Adam to come back in because he left his watch there. Pepper takes it and looks all moody before we go into a flashback/dream sequence...
Number 30
Pepper's stirring mugs of tea when Adam comes in (topless, of course) and they talk about sugar. Then he says that for some reason he's not tired. Pepper's not either - apparently it's like she's on some sort of natural high. They kiss and Adam says he has to go. He's running late but he'll see her this evening. Pepper asks how he knows and flashes her wrist (bearing his watch) and asks if he's checked his watch. Adam tells her to give it to him and she starts giggling and telling him to go and get it. They laugh and mess around. She asks me what he's going to give her for it and he whispers something in his ear. She giggles and then picks her up and carries her out. Let's face it, I'm not making a wild assumption that it's to the bedroom.
...back in real life, Lou is asking how to get in touch with him but Pepper's still in her own little world. When she finally snaps back to it, she says she'll hold onto it just in case she hears from him.
Mickey is handwashing his bed sheets at the sink. NewPaul comes in and asks what he's up to. The kid claims to have spilt stuff on his bed - orange juice apparently. NewPaul isn't in the least bit concerned and points out that these accidents happen, so gives him a wash basket to put the sheets in the washing machine. Apparently when he's done that he should take Jake out for a game of fetch.
NewPaul then goes over to Ned and tells him that he thinks Mickey wet the bed. Ned kind of jumps onto it, exclaims, Paul quietens him, goes to speak to Mickey, Paul stops him. Ned asks if bed wetting is a sign of stress, which it apparently is.
NED: (all reflective and looking at the floor) I wonder what could have upset him.
PAUL: Ha! Are you serious? (then clearly as though having to point out the obvious) Janae's leaving. Oh come on, the kid's heartbroken - he adores her as much as you do.
Somehow there has been a topic change, and Paul once again tells Ned that he's got to tell Janae how he feels. Ned says that Janae wants to be with her family and Mickey's going to have to deal with it. Paul's about to say something cool, wise and nice back but Janae interrupts and jokily asks if her ears should be burning. Oh, if only she knew. Paul's hilarious, and rolls his eyes as he turns away, clearly exasperated. Man, I love NewPaul.
Erinsborough Community Hall
There are children running around and behaving like, well, children. It seems that Pepper and Susan are supervising some sort of activity day. Susan's really happy that Pepper's volunteered and thanks her for doing so and tells her about when lunch is arriving. Pepper clutches Adam's watch to her chin and Susan notices - she makes a joke about swapping with Karl's 'slimline ladies' watch. Pepper says she'll keep hers and Susan asks if it's sentimental value.
Janae, Ned and Mickey arrive and Ned explains these are the kids he'll be going to school with. Janae wants the kid to hang around with them today so that they can have some time together before she leaves. Pepper comes over to take Mickey to the group. Ned thanks Janae for bringing him together with Mickey. It's quite emotional.
Harold and Lou are looking at old photos of themselves as Tom looks on. Susan comes in and Karl runs through to let her know Tom's on the list for the nursing home. Harold shows Tom a photo and asks if he remembers the man in it. Apparently it's Bill Haley. Tom calls over to KarlZeke and asks for a beer.
ZEKE: But it's only 9.30.
TOM: Better late than never, eh?
Karl gets him to get one and Tom asks Lou to put on an old record that was Molly's favourite. Zeke's joined Rachel in the kitchen and she points out that Zeke's back to being Karl. She reiterates what Susan said about there being good days but there being less and less of them. Zeke still thinks they could look after him at Number 28. Rachel thinks they could, but could Karl cope?
In the living area, the old song is playing and Susan gestures for Karl to join in with the singing. Karl sits next to Tom, who puts his arm around him. It's a really touching few moments as we see Tom, with his arm around Karl. They're both smiling and singing to this song, where the lyrics go, 'Bluebells I'll gather/ Keep them and be true.'
Erinsborough Community Hall
Pepper's congratulating Mickey on his picture. Mickey wants to write on his picture and is about to when he asks Pepper, 'If people like each other, why don't they stay together?' Pepper looks at Adam's watch and says she doesn't know before excusing herself. A kid comes over to Mickey and tells him to show his picture. Mickey refuses so the kid grabs it. Mickey also holds on and the picture rips in two. The kid and his cronies run off.
Janae's asking Ned if he thinks she can take her opponent out. Ned would be happy with a solid points decision. Ned goes to the kitchen and Janae chants this weird thing that goes, 'Strike like a snake and swoop like a bird, Michaela's on the canvas by the end of the third. Nobody can stop Janae Timmins, she's the toughest of all the womens! [sic]' Ned comes back in looking a bit confused. Apparently Janae was up all night working on it. Ned says it's an early night tonight, though. Lou comes in with an old bag - it's a present. Apparently it's his kit bag from when he was a boxer and it brought him a lot of luck: he hopes it works for her too. Janae opens it as Lou announces that he's not done so since his last fight. There's his gum shield and his shorts in there. And it stinks. Lou rescues his belongings but has to go because of a farewell party for Tom. There's an awkward silence and Ned says he has to go to Mickey. Janae says she's going to have a shower and come with him. At the exact same time, Ned asks if she really has to move to Cairns. Janae asks if he said something, but he claims he said he's going to miss their training sessions. Cue another awkward silence, so Janae goes to grab a shower.
Harold's playing a tune on his tuba which I believe is the Australian National Anthem. Ha ha! That's hilarious. I'm Russian and it's taken Tom singing, 'Then raise the scarlet standard high...' for me to realise he's actually singing Red Flag. Head duly hung in shame. Everyone else joins in the singing. They stop and Tom jokes that he thinks they're in with a chance this election. Rachel makes what can only be described as a school girl error when she says that she'd vote labour if she was old enough. Tom explains that Labour betrayed the worker and he's talking about the Communist Party. He wants one comrade in the senate to wipe the smirk off 'pig iron's face'. Apparently this is a reference to Bob Menzies. Tom realises he's not in office anymore, and instead it's a 'big tall streak of misery'. Lou realises he's referring to Malcolm Frazer. Harold and Lou decide to put some more music on.
Karl, Susan and the kids have a conversation where Karl tells them that he's managed to get Tom on the waiting list at the nursing home in Eden Hills. Zeke wants to know how long it will take. Susan says Tom's going to stay there for a little while until a place comes up at the nursing home. The kids are pleased. Karl explains it's going to be a lot of work for them all. Susan mentions Zeke's idea of getting a nurse in. Karl agrees to ring an agency.
KARL: Hopefully he won't be here for too much longer.
ZEKE: You make him sound like a stray dog!
SUSAN: No, no, no. We just want you to understand that it could get a bit tough. If at any time it's too much for you, you just say so.
Erinsborough Community Hall
Ned and Janae come in to pick Mickey up but can't see him anywhere. Ned asks Pepper where he is. Pepper explains it's ok - he's just had a bit of an accident so one of the other teachers is helping him clean up. Ned asks what happened and Pepper tells him Mickey wet himself after one of the other boys was mean to him. Ned gets angry and asks who it was. Pepper tries to placate him by telling him that she's sorted everything out and it's ok now. Ned points to the kid and asks if it was him. He hears the kid telling his parents that Mickey peed his pants and then giggling. Pepper and Janae grab Ned, who looks like he's about to go over and do something stupid. Ned just wants to know what the kid did.
After the break we're back there, with the mean kid's dad about to take him home. Ned approaches the father and tells him that he heard the mean kid vandalised Mickey's painting and wants to know if he's going to apologise. The dad thinks Mickey's Ned's little brother but Ned quickly corrects him. The dad of the mean kid offers advice - to toilet train him. Ned's about to launch at him when Mickey comes back. The mean kid asks Mickey if he's got his clean nappy on so Ned goes toward the father again. Janae stops him. The mean kid and his dad leave, saying there are too many girls around. Janae tells him it was stupid to nearly get himself in a punch up and asks what kind of example he's setting for Mickey. Ned says he was standing up for him like any good father would before storming out with Mickey. Pepper hands Janae Mickey's stuff. Janae pulls out a piece of paper and opens it up - it's a picture of Ned, Janae and Mickey with a note that says, 'Hi Janay I love you Please stay love xxx Mickey.'
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Janae Hoyland, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5253
Janae Hoyland, Pepper Steiger

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5253
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5253
Tom Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5253
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5253
Zeke Kinski

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5253
Rachel Kinski

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5253
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5253
Lou Carpenter

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5253
Pepper Steiger

Paul Robinson, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5253
Paul Robinson, Mickey Gannon

Ned Parker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5253
Ned Parker, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5253
Paul Robinson

Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5253
Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon, Janae Hoyland, Pepper Steiger

Tom Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5253
Tom Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5253
Karl Kennedy, Tom Kennedy

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5253
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker

Karl Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5253
Karl Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5253
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland, Matcham Rolfe in Neighbours Episode 5253
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland, Matcham Rolfe

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5253
Janae Hoyland

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