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Neighbours Episode 5242 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5242: Dazed and Transfused
Australian airdate: 26/06/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Gail Robinson : Fiona Corke
- "Café Bijou" by Philip Wilcher
- "Chopiniana" by Philip Wilcher
- "Oh Honey" by The Audreys
- "Lights" by The Editors
Summary/Images by: Sarah/Lara
- Harold saying that you can't take the Dr out of the man to Lou and Susan who has her thinking face on.
- Rosie telling Fraser there's no right or wrong way to react to the news, he replies that it's his parents fault for not telling them the truth.
- Ringo grabbing Carmella's keys out of her bag and driving off in the Ute leaving Carmella standing in the street looking stunned.
- Oliver and Elle mucking around in the hotel room ending with them kissing.
Lassiters (in a guest room)
Elle pulls away from Oliver apologising
OLIVER: I'm not, I mean our timing might suck but I'm not gonna regret kissing you.
They agree they should wait a while before they become a couple but as they look at each other you can see they're not really planning on doing this.
Cut to downstairs, Gail is talking to some staff in the background we assume trying to find out where Elle is while Paul stands at the front desk looking pretty uncomfortable as some staff walk past with disgusted looks on their faces. Gail eventually comes back saying that Elle is upstairs dealing with some sort of problem in a room. Paul suggests they come back later but Gail says that this isn't a token effort - they're here to talk to her.
Cut back to upstairs where Elle and Oliver are lying on top of the bed looking into each others eyes, as she kisses him we cut to outside the door. Paul holds Gail back from knocking,
PAUL: Maybe we're better off letting her have some space, eh? I'm probably the last person she wants to see right now.
GAIL: Oh Paul, come on
PAUL: No, I'm not saying it to avoid seeing her, I just...well if I was in her shoes I'd want some time to calm down before I was ready to listen to any explanation. Know what I mean?
Number 30
Rosie asked Fraser how Ringo's doing with the news about their brother, when Fraser avoids an answer she guesses that he hasn't actually told Ringo about Paul. Fraser protests that he hasn't had a chance - it just hasn't come up yet. Rosie is incredulous about it - it's important, Ringo's the only person in the family who doesn't know about the brother who died. Fraser says he'll tell him when he tells him.
A random street
Ringo is screeching round corners and generally driving really badly. He seems to be crying, his phone (which is shockingly a song Eriksson rather than a nokia) keeps ringing. He opens it, it's Carmella, he looks at it before leaving it open on the passenger seat and looking back to the road.
CARMELLA: Ringo I'm sorry I upset you but I can't believe you're acting like such a spoilt brat. Please don't do anything stupid.
Number 30
Rosie is commenting how Fraser's family seem to be unable to cope with anything emotional. He ignores her and ruffles his magazine. She tells him he has the chance to break the cycle and reach out to Ringo but before he can respond Carmella rushes in to tell them that Ringo's taken the Ute and driven off like a mad man. Fraser is surprised and says he's going to go and find him. Carmella seems flustered and mentions that it was after she cancelled a driving lesson. Rosie doesn't buy this and asks Carmella why she's been expecting Ringo to listen to her and Oliver's trials. (Who could expect anyone to listen to them...) Carmella responds that he was there for her - unlike Rosie who's been too busy with wedding stuff, work and their mum, she's been helping him with his issues too. Carmella goes to call Ringo again but Rosie says that if anyone should be calling him it should be Fraser, because he clearly doesn't want to talk to Carmella. Fraser says he's sure Ringo is fine and just sitting round the corner somewhere trying to call off.
The Ute
Ringo is still driving really erratically, the phone rings again and the Caller ID tells us it's Carmella again. He ignores it.
Outside Grease Monkeys
Karl and Susan are sitting outside eating, Karl seems somewhat uncomfortable...
SUSAN: Are you right?
KARL: Just a bit of post-consumption dissonance.
KARL: Gas.
She is obviously pleased to hear it but he says it's her fault - she insisted they eat there. Apparently they sponsor the school blogzine so obviously wants to show gratitude. He asks if the can leave as he has an important meeting to get to.
SUSAN: Yes, yes. Come on "Gasman".
As they walk out across the road we see Ringo coming around the corner looking at his phone again - that's right it's Carmella calling! Karl suddenly looks behind them and is worried as he sees the Ute coming towards them. Ringo finally looks up from the phone and swerves as he sees Karl and Susan in the road. Karl pushes Susan out of the road and onto the ground as Ringo swerves and smashes into one of the cars at the garage.
Next thing we see is Karl trying to get a slumped Ringo out of the car while Susan is on the phone to Emergency Services telling them where they are. Ringo comes to, obviously in a lot of pain, Karl instructs him to stay still while he checks him out. Ringo ignores the warnings of neck or back injuries and with difficulty climbs out of the Ute but he can't stand and despite being supported by the Kennedys falls on the ground. Karl is telling him the importance of lying still as he lies on the ground sobbing that it hurts. He reassures him that the ambulance is on its way while getting Susan to hold his head and neck just incase. They share a worried look.
Lassiters (back in the hotel room)
Just incase we've any doubt about whether Elle and Oliver have slept together they're both wearing dressing gowns and wearing pensive faces.
OLIVER: We both knew it was inevitable. (Large pause) I shouldn't have come here, you were the first person I thought of, I just wanted to see you.
ELLE: I should have told you to go away.
Oliver comments that hanging out at their hotel isn't the smartest move, she agrees. Carmella has just come out of a tough patch and will probably freak, Elle suggests they keep it to themselves as they don't even know what they are yet. They put it down to an attraction that got out of control, and Oliver says it doesn't mean they have to hurt Carmella. She agrees.
ELLE: This thing means a lot to me.
OLIVER: Yeah, me too.
ELLE: So we don't want to ruin it by rushing into anything.
She suggests a deal - what happened was for them and no one else. She gives him her hand to shake but he smirks and kisses it. They then kiss again.
Outside the garage/ Number 30
Ringo is still obviously in a lot of pain as Karl is doing something to his leg - possibly putting a dislocated joint back in? Ringo's phone rings and Susan goes to answer it. It's Fraser, she tells him about the accident, she tells him that Karl is there and the ambulance has just arrived. Ringo should be fine. Fraser tells her he's on his way and him and Rosie rush off leaving Carmella looking a mixture of shocked and guilty.
Outside the Garage
As Ringo is put into the ambulance he begs Karl and Susan not to tell Rachel that he's an idiot, Karl tells him to relax - everything will be fine. Karl looks exhausted.
SUSAN: What do you think?
KARL: He's lost a lot of blood.
The ambulance woman comes over and asks Karl if he's a doctor, he hesitates for a minute before saying that no, he isn't. She's very impressed and says Ringo was lucky he was there. Susan encourages him but he says it's just a professional instinct. He seems wistful as he watches them leave.
Lassiters (Outside the hotel room)
Paul is wondering if they should wait until Elle comes out, but Gail thinks that if Elle is upset then she needs to know that her dad does care about her. He reluctantly knocks on the door.
Cut to inside, Elle and Oliver are just getting dressed and are surprised to hear Paul calling through the door that he'd really like to talk to her. He knows she might not want to talk to him but he'd appreciate if she'd listen to some things he'd really like to tell her. Elle and Oliver rush to straighten the bedcovers and put the cushions back on the bed. She panics because she's not ready to be public property yet. She opens the door thanking Oliver for 'coming and talking to her.' Paul seems oblivious but Gail looks on knowingly. She invites him and Gail says she'll go and wait downstairs.
Paul tells Elle how sorry he is that he's been so selfish. He says there's nothing he's like more than being able to start over again and put things right between them.
Gail catches up with Oliver and asks why he's in such a hurry to leave. He denies that he is but she asks him what kind of man spends his time in hotel rooms with women when they have a girlfriend at home. He says it's none of her business but he's actually broken up with Carmella. She then accuses him of moving in on Elle straight away.
OLIVER: That's not how it is.
GAIL: Well you know how she feels about you and that can give you a lot of power.
OLIVER: I would never do anything to hurt Elle
GAIL: Oh? And did you say that to your last girlfriend? I know all about men like you Oliver, I married one, so if you don't want to hurt my daughter then stop whatever it is that's going on between you and stay away from her, Ok?
She walks off leaving him looking stunned.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is explaining to Fraser what happened and warned that Ringo lost a lot of blood. Fraser says that they are the same blood type and asks where he signs up. Karl is pleased and says all they need is to find a nurse. Rosie thinks maybe Carmella should wait at home but Carmella says she's not going anywhere. She'll wait as long as it takes to make things right between them. Rosie asks what that means.
Rosie leaves with Fraser to go and give blood. Before they leave Fraser thanks Karl and Susan for being there. After they go Karl tells Susan that he should be fine and Fraser is increasing the odds further. She tells him she was really proud of him today.
SUSAN: Dr Karl to the rescue.
KARL: Oh hardly
SUSAN: No, don't shrug it off, you were amazing.
KARL: Anyone with a first aid qualification would have done the same thing.
SUSAN: What about delivering Holly in London?
He tells her he has a meeting to get to and that Davo will expect him to be there.
Paul and Elle are clearing up. Elle says it's strange as she's never seen him do that before.
PAUL: Really
ELLE: That's what the slaves are for?
PAUL: I was a real charmer wasn't I?
He tells her that the reason he's found it so hard to be around her is that the more he found out the more he hated himself, and since she knew more than anyone else it made him avoid her. He apologises, he knows she was only trying to protect him and he wants nothing more than to start afresh. She tells him she'll give him another chance.
He asks her about Oliver, Elle looks uncomfortable. Paul reassures her that she can talk to Gail if she needs to.
Erinsborough Hospital
Susan and Carmella are waiting when Oliver rushes in asking after Ringo. Carmella tells him that they haven't heard anything for a while but Fraser is busy donating blood to him. Oliver offers to stay but Carmella says she's fine so he goes to see Alan Napier who is apparently showing signs that he'll regain consciousness. Before he goes Rosie and Fraser arrive looking surprised to see him there, Rosie asks him if he hasn't already done enough for one day. Carmella sticks up for him and Fraser asks Rosie to come and help him fill out some paperwork. She looks unimpressed but her and Fraser leave. Carmella apologises. They then go about distributing the blame between them for Ringo's accident, it's almost as though they've forgotten Susan's there until she interrupts.
SUSAN: Alright you two, before you get out the sack cloth and ashes; Ringo is a teenager, high drama and angst is part of the job description.
CARMELLA: Exactly. He's got enough problems - he didn't need mine as well.
SUSAN: Learning to cope with stress is part of growing up.
CARMELLA: I guess.
SUSAN: Ringo looks up to all of you so much, but it's difficult for him when everyone's chopping and changing from being his parent to being his friend. It means he never knows exactly where he stands. I'm sure you can both appreciate how confusing that can be.
Ringo's room at the hospital
Fraser is sitting at Ringo's bedside as Ringo starts to wake up. Ringo asks Fraser if he's going to send him home but when he promises never to pull a stunt like that again Fraser reassures him, of course he's not - he belongs in Erinsborough with him. Rosie and Carmella come in pleased to see he's awake, he apologises to Carmella about the Ute but she says it doesn't matter as long as he's ok. Fraser and Rosie leave to go and get some of Ringo's stuff. They tell him they'll see him soon.
Carmella apologises to Ringo for being a parent and a friend and offers being big sister. He is adamant that he doesn't have feelings for her and she accepts that. Plus as he points out - he did helpfully leave it at the garage. Carmella laughs.
Number 30
Rosie asks Fraser if he's ok and he tells her that he's been sitting thinking about how his family is unable to deal with emotion and then he can't even answer her question. She tells him she thinks he's doing pretty well.
FRASER: When I was Ringo's age I guess I went of the rails a bit too, you know, wanted to squeeze something out of the old man, mum maybe even. Make them sit up, pay attention; I don't want Ringo turning out like the rest of us.
ROSIE: You're not the same as them.
FRASER: Yeah I am, (laughs) you said it yourself, the only thing me and the old man talk about is cricket and the Beatles. (Fighting tears) I block you out all the time and right now at the hospital I couldn't tell Ringo half of what I was feeling.
ROSIE: You are not like them, ok? I'm sure your dad's never even cried in his life.
Fraser tells her that he's going to go home and make them tell him what happened to Paul, and he wants her to come with him. He's not gonna let Ringo go back there, he still has a shot at normality. They kiss.
Number 22
Gail and Elle are sitting under a blanket on one sofa while Paul sits opposite on the other. They're watching TV. The movie they're watching is apparently really bad but they is something mesmerising about it, or rather something mesmerising about Freddie Prince Junior. Elle manages to drag herself away and says goodnight to both of them, thanking Paul for the talk earlier. Gail tells him he's looking much happier since they sorting things out. They both agree that it was a really nice evening. He laughs about the film but she turns it off calling it a triumph of self control. He asks if she wants another cuppa and gets up to make it but instead of going into the kitchen he goes and sits down next to Gail. He asks how things went so wrong and she tells him not to go there.
PAUL: I keep going over and over in my head, what if we had stayed together, what would have happened to the boys then, and Elle? Maybe she wouldn't be so damn messed up.
GAIL: But you did a great job with Elle today, although I'm not too sure about Oliver but she's much happier.
PAUL: What about you? Are you happier?
GAIL: Yeah, I think I am.
PAUL: Do you ever think about it?
GAIL: What?
PAUL: If we could go back?
GAIL: Well what's the point?
PAUL: Would you?
GAIL: It's not possible.
PAUL: But would you?
GAIL: Of course I would.
They linger for a moment their faces inches apart looking into each others eyes.
PAUL: Oh Gail, I love you so, I do.
They kiss.
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Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5242
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5242
Ringo Brown

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5242
Carmella Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5242
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5242
Ringo Brown

 in Neighbours Episode 5242

Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5242
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5242
Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5242
Frazer Yeats

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5242
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5242
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Oliver Barnes, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5242
Oliver Barnes, Gail Robinson

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5242
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Ringo Brown, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5242
Ringo Brown, Frazer Yeats

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5242
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5242
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5242
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5242
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

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