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Neighbours Episode 5234 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5234: British Bulldog
Australian airdate: 14/06/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Frazer Yeats: Ben Lawson
Rosetta Cammeniti: Natalie Saleeba
Pepper Steiger: Nicky Whelan
Adam Rhodes: Benjamin Hart
Dr Peter Dwyer: Bert Labonte
David Mather: Stephen Jenkins
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
- "Elephants Graveyard" by The Brunswick Music Group
- "Kimchi" by Blind Munkee
- "Use Me" by 84
- "The Fatal And The Fragile" by Taxiride
Summary/Images by: JA/Holing
Paul asking an upset Elle, to call him Paul instead of Dad
Davo kissing Susan, as Karl hides.
Elle telling Harold that Paul has amnesia, and she thinks that it's a chance for him to change, Harold tells her that people can't escape their past
The Hospital
Frazer has returned to his doctor's office, after earlier storming out, and this time Rosie is with him. The doctor explains that the swelling on Frazer's spine has disappeared, and Rosie thinks this is great news when the doctor agrees that there is no reason that he can't have children. The doctor says that there is no longer a physical reason why he would be paralysed. Rosie asks why he can't then walk, the doctor concludes that it is no longer a physical implication that is stopping him, and Frazer realises that the reason he is not yet walking is all in his head.
The Scarlet Bar
Toadie, Steph and Charlie are toasting the birth of Jackson Kennedy. Nice to see that Toadie remembers his old mates. Adam, the builder with a lovely English accent tells her that they have had a look at what they need to do, and the prognosis is that the bar will have to be shut for a week. Steph seems disappointed, as she was hoping for two or three days, but the builder's won't be swayed. The builder mentions the change of name, but Steph says that she is keeping that bit under wraps for the time being, and Toadie muses that he doesn't even know what the new name is going to be.
Pepper and Janelle come in to the bar, and Pepper is excitedly telling Janelle about a new man that she is interested, but Janelle isn't so enthusiastic, it seems that she doesn't like the sound of the guy. As Pepper is distracted Adam, the cute English builder, who has his hands full with beers knocks in to Pepper by mistake, he apologises, but Pepper is not so forgiving. He seems to like what he sees however, and gets a good look at Pepper, something that has not gone unnoticed as Pepper pulls him up on it. But Adam ignores her protests and disappears with a smile. Pepper deems Adam a cave man, but Janelle thinks that he seems alright. Janelle heads off, wishing Pepper luck with her date. Pepper stands at the bar, and she again catches Adam giving her the eye, but she is not showing any signs that she likes the attention of this attractive man.
The Hospital
It seems that Frazer is getting more outraged at the doctor's words. He angrilly asks if the doctor thinks he is faking his paralysis, but the doctor refutes this notion. He tells Frazer that the paralysis is real, but as there is nothing wrong with his spine it is impossible for him to treat Frazer. The doctor tells Frazer that he is going to refer him to a colleague, and Frazer rightly guesses that it is a psychiatrist, something that he seems even more outraged by. The doctor, unfazed continues to tell Frazer that often in cases such as his, the paralysis is caused by a deep-seeded emotional trauma. Frazer is lost for words.
Out in the waiting room, Paul and Elle have returned from their shopping trip. Elle likes the idea of retail therapy, and tells Paul that there was no way that he would have bought what he did before his operation. Paul again broaches the subject of Gail, when they return to his room. He wants to know how long it has been since they saw each other, a cagey Elle's only response is to tell him that it has been a long time. Paul is determined to get the truth out of his daughter though, and pushes the issue, and Elle tells him that it has been months as opposed to years. Paul wants Elle to call Gail for him, so that they can catch up. Elle is not keen and tells him that she can't do that. Paul doesn't understand why not, so Elle stalling a little tries to come up with an excuse, first she tells Paul that you are not able to use mobiles in the hospital, if this is the case I am truly amazed, since everyone in Erinsborough seems to be whipping out the mobiles in the hospital in recent weeks. Anyhow believing this blatant lie, but hey why would Paul know any different, he can't even remember mobiles, Paul asks Elle to use the landline. Elle however showing that she is edging back towards her scheming ways, tells Paul that the landline is for local calls only and there is a long distance bar. Paul is persistent though, and begs Elle to call her mother. Elle walking out half heartedly tells Paul that she will see what she can do, Paul thinking that he has no reason not to believe her looks happy at the prospect of speaking to Gail.
The General Store
We finally get to see snaps of Jackson Kennedy, as proud granny Susan shows off the snaps to Janelle and Harold. They are complimentary to begin with, but Janelle is soon pointing out how much better she thinks Kerry was, she came out with a full head of hair and had a twinkle in her eye that Janelle can't see in Jackson. Susan looks to Harold for some reassurance, but he seems to have sided with Janelle on this one, but I guess they would be biased.
Pepper storms in to tell Janelle that her blind date didn't show up, and bemoans the fact to Janelle, who promptly orders her a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, which prompts me to go and do the same right now..... Anyway my hot choc that I have just made is yummy, and so I am sure will Pepper's be. Pepper may need it more than me, as she realises that she has just been dumped by text message by a guy she hasn't even met yet, it seems that poor Pepper just can't get a break right now, and it's up to Janelle to cheer her up.
Over at the next table, Davo has appeared, you would think it strange, that before now we never saw Davo around and about the Lassiters complex and now he seems to be a permanent fixture. Susan is quick to sit at his table uninvited, as she excitedly tells him that Karl has finally cracked, but Davo tells Susan that Karl has been lying about coming clean, he actually told Davo that Susan was in fact his sister and he was resuscitating her after she choked, Susan is outraged and heads off to plot her revenge on Karl.
When Susan has left Davo approaches Pepper to offer her an apology, for confusing her. The pair agree to go for a drink, and a cheerier Pepper tells Janelle to cancel the hot chocolate as she is going for a drink with Davo.
Number 30
Frazer is still having trouble believing that his inability to walk is psychological, and tells Rosie, that he thinks that the doctor is being bribed by the race course to lie about his condition, thus undermining the lawsuit. Rosie tells him that is not likely, he could always get a second opinion, so a plan like that would never work. Rosie tries to calm Frazer down and make him realise that it is a psychological thing. She tells him that the good new is that he will be able to walk again. Rosie suggests that she call the psychologist, but Frazer tells her that he will do it himself, he seems to be distancing himself from Rosie, and she tells him not to turn on her, she is not the enemy. Frazer seems at his wits end, Rosie tells him that whatever it is he can face it and deal with it, but Frazer solemnly tells her that is the problem. If he does that he is scared of what he might find.
The Scarlet Bar
Pepper returns to the bar, and tells Toadie and Steph that she is with Davo, this could be for Adam's benefit as he is standing at the bar too. Pepper orders a bottle of wine and two glasses, and then tells Steph and Toadie that she is not too sure what Davo is like, so she tells them two different signals that she will do with her hair. If she uses one it means everything is sweet, and they need another bottle of wine, and if she does the other it means it's a nightmare and she needs an emergency phone call from her mum. Steph and Toadie seem confused, but agree anyway, I am not sure that they practiced the signals. Adam overhearing the conversation, tells Pepper that if it were him and his date were a 'muppet' he would just tell them to take a hike. Pepper reminds Adam that it is none of his business and tries to insult him, but Adam won't take the bait and continues to be nothing but lovely to Pepper, there is definite chemistry between these two, but how long is going to take Pepper to realise? Pepper dashes off with her wine, telling Steph to look out for the hand signals. Adam wishes Toadie and Steph luck, as the two of them don't seem to be too sure what the hand signals were.

Number 28
As Susan gets home, she is feigning a call from Davo, she is muttering loudly (obviously for Karl's benefit) that she is not interested in him. When she has finished her fake phone call, she tells Karl that Davo has already phoned her 4 times today, hassling her for a date, and inviting her to spend the night with him at Lassiters. Susan says that she can't understand it, especially now that Karl has told him the truth. Karl is outraged and says that he is going to call Davo straight away, Susan can't take anymore and tells Karl that she knows the truth. She is outraged and lays in to Karl about telling further lies, but Karl is adamant that he has indeed told Davo the truth, and seems none the wiser when Susan relays the story that Davo claims that Karl had earlier told him. Susan then comes clean about Davo knowing the truth for a week, and the two of them winding him up. Karl and Susan realise that now it might be Davo playing the games, as they wonder what his story is.
The Scarlet Bar
It looks like over at the bar Pepper's date with Davo is going well, as she seems interested in what he has to tell her. It's all about work, so I can't see how Pepper would really be interested in drugs trials. When the food arrives it seems that Pepper is glad of a change of subject, she asks Davo if he cooks and he replies in the affirmative, citing tea and toast as his speciality. He tells Pepper that that is one of the things that he misses about a relationship, having dinner on the table when he gets in from work. Uh oh, this is hardly the best thing to drop in to the conversation on a first date, if I were Pepper I would swiftly kick him somewhere where it is going to hurt, and it seems to be thinking the same, as Davo thinks that men and women should stick to what they are good at, men going out to work and women staying at home and nesting. He continues by telling Pepper that he thinks that maternity leave is a big con. Pepper is giving the signal which suggests that she would like there to suddenly be an emergency message from her mum, and it takes everyone a bit of time before they realise that she is signalling to them. Toadie asks which signal Pepper is using and Steph is not so sure, but she thinks that it is need more wine, Adam tells them it's an SOS but Steph is sure that it's the more wine option and Toadie heads off to check. He offers more wine and Davo is quick to agree. Pepper is too polite to be too unsubtle in telling Toadie that she needs to escape, so misses her opportunity, and it looks as though she is stuck in Davo's company for the time being.
Meanwhile, while Pepper's disastrous date was unfolding, in the background it should be noted that there were two men, who bore a striking resemblance to Lou and Andy from Little Britain. Maybe that's because of that Little Britain Cameo we have been hearing all about. There were no lines uttered by these two, but they seemed to be enjoying their time in the Scarlet Bar, As Lou went to the bar and picked up a magazine, and then proceeded to chat with Harold about it's contents, a sly Andy jumped out of his wheelchair and straight on to the bike game machine, if only Frazer had been there to see that it can be done. Andy returned to his chair by the time Lou returned with the drinks, Lou being none the wiser that Andy had been on the bike machine. It's a don't pay any attention to this scene and you will miss it moment, but it's nice to see them.
Number 30
Frazer is trying his best to walk again, he is balancing between his wheelchair and the kitchen counter for support, and trying to get on his feet, as he tries to stand up, he promptly falls over and yells in pain. Rosie rushes to see what the problem is, and Frazer tells her that it's fine, he doesn't seem to be keen to let Rosie help him. She sits on the floor with him and hugs him, trying to reassure him that it will happen in time. Frazer disagrees, if there is nothing physically wrong with him, then he doesn't think that he should need any more time. It seems that the doctor's words are taking their toll on poor Frazer as he breaks down in tears.
FRAZER: You know, I've always prided myself on my mental strength, I could handle anything in the world through it, and now I can't even rely on that.
The Hospital
Paul seems happy to see Harold. It seems that Paul must have had a personality transplant as this Paul is nothing like the one we have been used to since his return. Perhaps he got in to the Tardis and the 1987 Paul came back to the present day, but it is really refreshing to see the mellow Paul. Anyhow the new found mellow Paul, who is also quite cheerful despite his predicament, asks Harold to tell him the truth. He wants to know if he can trust Elle. A Hesitant Harold's only response is that she is his daughter and she wants to help him. Harold says that he is not prepared to make a judgement on somebody, and all that Paul should remember is that Elle loves him. Paul seems to be confused when Harold leaves, it seems that Harold has said more than enough to get the wheels in Paul's head turning, does this mean that he is having serious doubts about how much he can trust the daughter he can't remember.
On his way out, Harold bumps in to Elle in the waiting room, and tells her that Paul knows that she is not giving him the full story. Elle says that she can't see what good rubbing his nose in the past will do, but Harold says that the longer she lies to him, the more chance there is that there will be irreparable damage to their relationship. Elle isn't prepared to listen, she is adamant when she tells Harold, that she knows her father better than anyone, and she knows that he is nowhere near ready to learn the truth. As Elle walks away defiantly, Harold has concern written all over the expression on his face, it seems that he can see in to the future, and Paul can't even see the present, isn't that ironic.
The Scarlet Bar
Pepper looks even more bored as Davo continues to monopolise the conversation. Pepper might be bored, but to an outsider the conversation is quite funny, as Davo is telling Pepper all about his dog....
DAVO: I loved that dog more than anything.
PEPPER: Could she cook?
DAVO: The vet said she had a good chance, but it was going to cost over a thousand bucks.
PEPPER: Expensive but worth it.
DAVO: I had her put down, well you can do a lot with a thousand bucks.
Davo must be a real animal lover.
Anyhow Pepper unable to take anymore suggests that they go home, but Davo misreads the situation, thinking that Pepper wants them to go home together, Pepper is quick to set his straight, but Davo doesn't want to take no for an answer. As Pepper frantically tosses her hair to signal that she needs out of the situation, it is up to Adam to point this out to Steph and Toadie, and finally realising that Pepper needs their help, a dutiful Steph rushes over to tell Pepper that her mum is on the phone, with an urgent message. Pepper jumps at the chance to escape Davo, and swiftly makes her way to the office, thanking Steph for getting her away from that 'misogynistic psycho' which incidentally she says is the closest thing she has had to a date in months. But as Adam looks on admiringly in Pepper's direction, something tells me that it won't be months before her next date.
The Hospital
As Elle puts Paul's new clothes in his closet, he cheerfully asks if she managed to contact Gail. Elle says that there was no answer, and that Gail has gone away for a bit. Elle is edgy as she senses that Paul doesn't believe her. He asks her to get him a snack, she dutifully skips off to the Caféteria, and when she has gone Paul makes his move diving in to Elle's handbag for clues. He finds her mobile phone, I think he realises what it is, but is most confused by it, the last he probably remembers of cell phones are the brick variety, and it seems that he is having quite a job playing with this smaller one's buttons and trying to figure out how it works, but he seems to have cracked it, and wastes no time in making a call to Gail. He leaves a message on Gail's answer phone begging her to give him a call at the hospital.
The Scarlet Bar
Pepper comes back from the office telling Davo that her mum is sick, so she will have to head over and see her, Davo is disappointed, and offers to come along for moral support, Pepper stalls and Davo admits that he knows that the call was a set up. He tells Pepper that he will forgive her if he can give her a cuddle and proceeds to try and put his hands all over her. Pepper is not taking too kindly to this, and tells him to back off, but she can't seem to shake off Davo who is laughing cruelly at her protests. It's Adam to the rescue as he rushes to Pepper's side to fight off Davo for her, but Pepper doesn't seem to want his help, continuing to state that she can look after herself, but Davo jibes her as he makes his next move on her, and Adam grabs him by the neck and pulls a move which seems to knock him out. Rather than being grateful for the help, Pepper thinks that Adam must be insane, as she berates him for his actions, but Adam tells Pepper that Davo deserved it.
After the break Davo has come round, and is lucky to even have got an ice pack for his bruises, he threatens to call the cops, but an angry Steph conveniently reminds him that there are plenty of witnesses who saw him walk right in to a post, straight after he sexually harassed Pepper. Steph guides Davo to the door, and tells him not to come back, as he is barred.
Meanwhile over at the bar, Pepper is telling Adam not to expect her to be grateful, and gives him a piece of her mind, but this doesn't seem to phase Adam who seems to be playing Pepper. He will have his way yet, something about the look on his face says that he knows this too.
The General Store
Janelle offers to baby-sit Kerry for a couple of hours, but Harold seems to know what Janelle is up to, asking her if she intends to enter Kerry in to the beautiful baby competition, an unconvincing Janelle tells him that of course that is not her plan, but Harold is wise to her, and tells her that he won't need her to baby-sit after all, as Sky is on her way over to collect her. Janelle seems disappointed, but leaves Harold to it, and gives Kerry a big kiss goodbye. It's nice to see her as such a proud gran. On her way out she notices Davo sitting at a table nursing his injured nose. Janelle tells him that she has heard about his behaviour towards Pepper and warns him in typical Timmins fashion not to do it again, but Davo ever the arrogant misogynist ignores her threats and invites her out for a drink. A disgusted Janelle leaves with a backwards glare to Davo, who is now being joined by Karl and Susan who have just arrived at TGS for brekkie. They have a couple of questions for him, why did he lie to Susan. He admits to his lies and tells Karl that he did it for a laugh. He doesn't seems to want to discuss the matter more.
The Pool at Number 30
Rosie and Pepper are in the pool discussing last night, when Frazer arrives at the deck telling them that he is heading out, Rosie tells him that she will get out and go with him, but Frazer insists that she stays in the pool and enjoy herself. Rosie seems a bit disappointed.
ROSIE: He's been through hell, it's so frustrating for him not know what's stopping him from walking.
PEPPER: Isn't it obvious?
ROSIE: What?
PEPPER: Well before he had the accident you guys couldn't get it together right?
ROSIE: I guess not.
PEPPER: You know what, don't worry about it!
ROSIE: No say.
PEPPER: Well OK, well after he had the accident you guys found true love, maybe his inner most fear is that if he walks again he might lose that.
ROSIE: Oh, so now I'm the one who's keeping him in the wheelchair.
Rosie doesn't seem impressed at Pepper's assumption, but does look thoughtful as she continues to flat around the pool.
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Pepper Steiger, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5234
Pepper Steiger, Janelle Timmins

Dr Peter Dwyer, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5234
Dr Peter Dwyer, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Dr Peter Dwyer in Neighbours Episode 5234
Dr Peter Dwyer

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5234
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5234
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5234
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5234
Susan Kennedy

Pepper Steiger, David Mather in Neighbours Episode 5234
Pepper Steiger, David Mather

David Mather in Neighbours Episode 5234
David Mather

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5234
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5234
Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5234
Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5234
Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson

Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5234
Harold Bishop, Elle Robinson

Pepper Steiger, Steph Scully, Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5234
Pepper Steiger, Steph Scully, Adam Rhodes

Pepper Steiger, Adam Rhodes, David Mather, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5234
Pepper Steiger, Adam Rhodes, David Mather, Steph Scully

Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel (baby), Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5234
Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel (baby), Janelle Timmins

David Mather, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5234
David Mather, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5234
Frazer Yeats

Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5234
Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5234
Rosie Cammeniti

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5234
Pepper Steiger

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