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Neighbours Episode 5203 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5203: Comb On Deranged
Australian airdate: 04/05/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mary Casey - Rowena Wallace
Kevin Casey - Zen Ledden
Tom Scully - Andrew Larkins
- "Beg Your Pardon" by Josh Pyke
Summary/Images by: Eliza/Emily
Janelle tells Lou she wants to enter a weekly spa competition, but he's not convinced.
Tom tells Susan he's still in love with her and will be there if things don't work out with Karl.
Mary reveals to Pepper that her plan is to get her and Kevin together.
Scary Mary's House of Horror
Mary is brushing Pepper's hair, telling her that Kevin loves long hair and will be glad she hasn't cut it. Pepper is very subdued and just sits looking at the floor. Mary asks if Pepper is looking forward to seeing Kevin and Pepper says she is. Mary is pleased because bail has been arranged for this morning - and when Kevin gets out everything will be great; he and Pepper will be together they'll all be a proper family. Pepper says she can't wait, but she's concerned about her other family and friends who will be wondering where she is. Mary says she's not allowed to ring Rosie again, but she says she'll consider allowing Pepper to ring someone else.
Kennedy House of Frustration and Loneliness
We see a picture of a baby on the screen, and the image has been titled '_holly0165.jpeg'. Then we see that Susan is staring at it, in her own little world. There's a knock at the door - Janae, who spies the pictures of Holly and asks, 'Is that whatshername?' Susan says yes, it's Holly and Janae, who is clearly not in Karl's camp over the whole situation (who on the street isn't?), asks if she's spoken to Karl recently. Susan admits that she hasn't for a while but swiftly changes the subject by offering a cup of tea and showing that she really is a woman after my own heart. Janae follows Susan into the kitchen and announces, 'You know it's like Scotty always said; you're a tough old bird.' Susan doesn't know what to say and vaguely thanks Janae, who covers by saying that she's also a smart one and explains why she's there - she needs some advice. Janae explains that when Janelle sold her share in Lassiters they all thought she'd invest the money in something rock solid but now she's hell bent on spending it all on Terrence who, Janae points out, is a con artist, but Janae wants Susan to talk some sense into her. Susan thinks that Janelle isn't going to listen at the moment and maybe they need to let it go for a while but keep an eye on her. Janae replies that Lou said that but Janelle needs to know that it's all a con and asks if Susan believed the things he said about Alex. Susan says she didn't, but it did catch her off guard. Janae raises her eyebrows in surprise so Susan explains that Terrence is a performer, like a magician, and his job is to fool people.
JANAE: Yeah, people like mum.
Scary Mary's House of Horrors
Mary is dialling a number into the phone and asks Pepper for assurance that she's not going to do anything stupid. The phone starts ringing out.
The Garage
The phone at the garage starts ringing and Janae goes to answer it whilst Lolly continues to punch the punchbag. When Pepper announces herself, Janae asks where she is because everyone is worried. Lolly calls out and when Pepper finds out she's there, asks what 'Louise' is up to and to say hi. Lolly thinks it's strange that she called her Louise. Pepper asks if Chris is there and Janae explains that she's taken a couple of days off. Pepper replies that she forgot she's gone away with her boyfriend and they must be having a ball. Janae looks confused and asks Pepper where she is and tells her Rosie has been looking for her. Pepper says she's fine, she's just with an old friend.
Scary Mary's House of Horrors
Mary gestures to get the phone back off Pepper and Pepper quickly says her goodbyes. When Mary takes the phone back, Pepper points out that she was good. Mary agrees that she was but it still doesn't mean she can trust her when she's out. Pepper says not yet, but hopefully she'll learn to soon.
The Garage
Lolly thinks it's really weird - nobody ever calls her Louise. Janae thinks the other stuff she was saying was weird as well: Pepper talked about Chris having a boyfriend. She dismisses it, though, thinking that Pepper's just gone weird again about Chris being gay. Lolly says it's probably after all the stuff with the stalker, which Rosie said stressed Pepper out.
The General Store
There's some guy in a leather jacket asking for a bouquet of flowers. Oh, sorry, I remember, the guy is that Karl Kennedy bloke. Ex doctor, married to that lovely Susan. Yeah, that's him. Anyway, Lou makes a joke about having forgotten the duty free perfume. Karl says there's nothing like flowers and when Lou says he's not a florist, Lolly goes off to get them. Karl tells her no carnations because Susan hates carnations. Seriously, Susan is absolutely my kind of woman. I hate carnations too! Lou asks if Karl is glad to be back. Karl says yes, but it was very hard to drag himself away from 'this little one' as he pulls out his camera and shows Lou a photo of Holly. Karl asks if she's a chip off the old bloke and Lou vaguely comments that she's cute. Karl is being one of those really irritating gushing parents saying she's beautiful and when Lolly walks back in he asks for a second opinion. He doesn't get much further with her, when she rightly points out that all babies look the same. Karl says yes, but some of them have just got it and strangers would stop in the street and coo at her, which was embarrassing. It's only now that we get a hint as to just how awkward Lou and Lolly are feeling - Tom is doing some paperwork. Lou glances over at Tom, who lets a kind of strained look come over his face. Karl, oblivious to all this, explains to Lou that he knows it's a bit awkward but it's his child and he'd like to be able to talk 'to [sic]' her with friends without people squirming. At this point Tom comes up and stands next to Karl, not only making it blindingly obvious just how short Tom is but going some way to explain the squirming. In fact, Tom says, 'Maybe I'm the cause of the squirming.' Karl is shocked to see him and shakes his hand, saying it's been a while and asking him what he's been up to. Tom explains that he's teaching again and the reason he came back was to take a job at Erinsborough High - he's the new principal there, didn't Susan tell him? No, Karl replies, she didn't. He adds that he has to get back home so she can. Lou stops him to give him the flowers, and Karl, clearly completely nonplussed, makes some excuse about the jetlag before leaving.
Lolly asks Lou what Karl is doing being all buddy buddy with Susan's ex. Lou replies that Karl isn't doing anything, they're just both behaving like adults and they shouldn't be gossiping. Lolly says that if Karl knew what she knows he wouldn't be so friendly. Lou makes some random comment about this not being gossip, but Lolly has to tell all. Lolly reveals that she saw Tom and Susan kissing on school camp.
Scary Mary's House of Horrors
Mary comes into Pepper's room/prison raging about there being no justice and the stupid woman she talked to got it all wrong. Pepper asks where Kevin is - apparently he's still locked up and they've brought more charges against him as well as raising the bail so now Mary can't afford to pay it and without Kevin she has no use for Pepper. Pepper gets really worried, clearly, that Mary is going to kill her or something so Pepper quickly offers the use of her credit card to help with the bail. Mary is clearly relieved, and tells Pepper she's a really good girl. An extremely anxious and frightened Pepper nods fervently.
The Garage
Janae's talking about school camps being tragic and how she remembers once when Dylan came home crying because some kid put a leach down his pants. Janae asks what they got up to - staying up all night gossiping. Lolly kind of ignores her and wants to know what she'd do if she knew two people in a relationship and she saw one of them kissing someone else. Janae says tell the other person and that if someone had told her about Boyd and Glyn it would have saved her a lot of pain. Janae asks if Lolly's sure that's all she wanted to talk about it and Lolly says yes before changing the subject to ask if they can go jogging together. Janae agrees and goes on to tell her that she's going to start sparring. Lolly asks if Lou's going to let her. Janae says no, but she'll talk him round because she's got him wrapped round her little finger. Lolly's a bit upset at this and suggests she have a go. Janae's not sure - he's not keen on her doing it let alone his own daughter. Lolly replies that she started the whole boxing thing and Lou'll be fine.
General Store
LOU: Absolutely not!
Lolly begs to have a go but Lou doesn't think it's a good idea because the others are all older, bigger and tougher. Lolly says Janae's not that much bigger than her but Lou says Janae's done Aikido training and is 17 and he doesn't want Lolly getting hurt. Lolly says she won't and there are benefits - she'll get fit. When Lou suggests other things, Lolly becomes sullen and says that they're not things they can do together and isn't doing things together important? That and the puppy dog eyes get Lou to relent and allow her to join. Lolly says he's the best and goes off to the garage.
We see Tom with a look of steely determination making a call on his mobile. Susan answers the phone in the Kennedy house and after a moment of hesitation during which time Susan says Karl's name, he hangs up. Lou approaches Tom sits down to 'tell him something'.
LOU: Karl and Susan are two of my best friends. They've been through a lot. I hope you're not here with the intention of making things difficult.
TOM: Are you suggesting that I'm wrong to renew my friendship with Susan?
LOU: Well I'm just hoping that's all it is, friendship. You see rumour has it that you were kissing at school camp. Now I'm just letting you know mate, I wouldn't want the wrong ears and all that.
TOM: And what if I told you it wasn't true?
LOU: It wouldn't be worth a damn, it's already out there. So, you just tread carefully, know what I mean?
Scary Mary's House of Horrors
Mary comes into Pepper's room, really pleased to announce that Pepper's surprise is there. She drags Kevin in behind her, who is shocked to see her and asks what the hell is going on. Mary's thrilled and says how lovely it is that Pepper's gone back to them. Kevin doesn't know what to say, and comments that she's tied up. Mary ignores him and tells him that Pepper helped pay the bail and is making up for the past.
MARY: We're going to be a family again! Aren't we dear?
Mary decides to leave them to catch up and offers to make apricot chicken - Kevin's old favourite. When she leaves, Pepper asks Kevin to untie her. Kevin says he doesn't know, maybe she should stay there for a while and they don't want her racing off after all the trouble Mary has gone to. Pepper is astonished and asks if he's as mad as Mary. Kevin puts his hand over Pepper's mouth and shouts that it's not very nice. He suddenly stops and looks around. We hear a door shutting or something and he immediately takes his hand away, explaining that she always did that (listen outside the door) and starts to untie her. He asks how long Pepper's been there - she doesn't know but it's days. Kevin says they'll get out and for Pepper not to worry because they'll be fine. Pepper seems relieved.
Number 28
Karl comes in and Susan is surprised to see him before asking him why he didn't let her know he was coming home. Karl says she always like surprises, but apparently she didn't. He says she did and she also likes flowers as her presents the bouquet to her. It's just blatantly quite strained between them, to be honest: they don't really know what to say, there are awkward silences. Karl finally says that he probably should have called. After another awkward silence Karl opens his arms and asks if she's pleased to see him. Susan says of course and they hug - not an affectionate hug but the hips out feel like you ought to hug. Susan asks when he decided to come back because she thought he wanted to spend more time with Holly. Karl says he was but after the last phone call he thought it was best to come home. Karl adds that when he left he thought things were ok between them but after the phone call perhaps he was wrong. Susan can't believe he's being quite so accusatory and replies that she was just missing him, as were the kids, who would have been there if they knew he was coming. Karl says he's looking forward to seeing them and finding out what they've all been up to. Susan is dismissive and says not much before putting the flowers in water. Karl looks at her back accusatorily before making some remark about Susan being flat out with admin and paperwork - he assumes she got the principal's job. Susan says it went to somebody else but it doesn't matter because she loves teaching. Karl reveals that he knows it's Tom Scully who got the job instead.
KARL: No doubt you were going to mention his name to me sometime, weren't you?
The Garage
Lolly and Janae are sparring with each other and Lou is coaching them. Janae goes straight in there, getting her right hooks, whilst Lolly looks absolutely terrified. Janae assures her that she's doing really well and starts asking her about Sky. Lolly explains that Sky is obsessed with Terrence. Janae adds that her mum is as well. Lolly goes on to say that if spirits really did hang around, Cheryl would have protected her from Sandy. Lou interjects, saying that Sandy would be dead meat if Cheryl was there. The girls stop sparring and Janae says she's got Susan on the case and hopefully she'll see sense before Terrence takes her to the cleaners. She adds that Janelle turned down buying the garage and would rather blow it all on Terrence. Lou asks if Janae herself has any of the money. Apparently yes, all the kids have got a bit. Lou explains that he and Libby co-own the garage and he'd be more than happy to sell her his share. Janae is wrapped and hugs him. Lolly looks desolate and wants them to get back to sparring. Janae accidentally punches Lolly on the side of her head and runs off to get some ice. Lolly tells Lou she must have lost focus but he says he doesn't think boxing is for her and they should find something else for her to do. Lolly decides that is so unfair and storms out.
Number 28
Karl is telling Susan that he just doesn't understand why Susan didn't tell him Tom was back and Susan says she would have if just once Karl had asked about things in Erinsborough - at work, about the kids, but he was so busy with Holly and Isabelle. Karl claims that's unfair and Susan knows it - he doesn't know where Izzy comes into it. Susan points out to a clearly stupid Karl that Izzy is the mother of his child. Karl gets right onto the defensive and asks how often Izzy is going to be brought up - daily or hourly? He adds that Izzy is really happy with her new boyfriend and Susan knows that because she saw that they're a great couple and he wasn't staying with them either, he was at Mal's place the whole time. Susan tells Karl not to be so obtuse because she knows there's nothing going on with Isabelle and so does he.
KARL: So what's all this about then?
SUSAN: Karl, you disappeared off the face of the earth. You barely contacted me and when you did, you were so distracted, I might as well have been talking to your voicemail.
KARL: I went to London to get to know Holly and since it was just as much your idea as it was mine...
SUSAN: Humph, hardly!
KARL: ... I assumed you were happy with it.
SUSAN: I was happy with it, but I didn't think it would mean that you would check out of your life here completely! And I found that very unsettling!
KARL: Ok, ok, I admit I got caught up in the whole new baby experience and if I kept you at arm's length I...
SUSAN: Argh, if?!
KARL: I'm sorry, it was not my intention. But Susan, I'm not the only one that's at fault here, the fact you completely failed to mention Tom Scully. Your ex lover returns and now he's your boss, not a word? I'm sorry, but I find that very unsettling.
Susan looks sternly at Karl, kind of obviously aware that she should have said something.
General Store
Lolly is sat feeling sorry for herself when Lou brings over something that's apparently double chocolate. Lou asks if Lolly is still mad at him and explains that she couldn't bare to see her hurt because he'd never forgive himself. Lolly knows it's because he cares, but she wanted to be like Janae because she and Lou really connect. Lou explains that Janae's a sweet kid but Lolly is the reason he gets up in the morning. He goes on to tell her that when John rang and said he wanted Lolly to go back to him, Lou tried to play it cool because he didn't want to put pressure on Lolly. Lolly admits that she thought Lou didn't want her. Lou replies that if she left now, he'd be devastated. Lolly says that if he means it (which he does) then she'll stay a bit longer. Lou's really pleased and suggests they train Janae together because Lou's got the knowledge and Lolly's got the drive.
Scary Mary's House of Horrors
Mary's out in the garden listening to the baby monitor that is in the room where Pepper and Kevin are locked. Pepper is telling Kevin about the crazy presents and the bassinette, she got a tape which was a phone conversation between her and Kevin about the pregnancy. Kevin's aghast that she kept the original tape from the answer machine.
PEPPER: Your mum's delusional, Kev!
KEVIN: Is that a nice way of saying she's crazy?
PEPPER: She blames me for the loss of her child and now she's trying to make us into some little happy family.
KEVIN: I can't believe what she's put you through.
Pepper talks about him having mislead the police and Kevin apologises, saying he'd just been busted for stupid things he did after leaving the army and then he saw Pepper and the next thing he knew he was being accused of stalking her and he mouthed off when he shouldn't have. Pepper says they have to move on and put their energies together to escape his mum.
After the break, we're back at Scary Mary's with Pepper wanting Kevin's help to tie her back up. Mary looks through the peephole and asks how their chat is going.
KEVIN: You know what, mum? I reckon this has got to be the best day of my life.
PEPPER: You were so right in what you did to us, Mary, you've given us a second chance at happiness.
Kevin asks if Mary's going to let them out and if they're going to eat the apricot chicken and celebrate. Mary says no, she's rather cross about all that talk of escaping and in fact she's also disappointed so she's going to keep them in there a while longer. Kevin tries to coax his mother but she threatens him with a return to jail. Kevin asks her to just open the door and come in and talk to them. Mary says they're not to be trusted. Kevin promises they won't do anything but Mary explains that they're not going to get the chance because they're going to stay in there until they understand that they are meant to be together and if it takes until kingdom come, then so be it.
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Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5203
Holly Hoyland

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5203
Janae Hoyland

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5203
Susan Kennedy

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5203
Pepper Steiger

Janae Hoyland, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5203
Janae Hoyland, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Mary Casey in Neighbours Episode 5203
Mary Casey

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5203
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5203
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5203
Pepper Steiger

Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5203
Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Lou Carpenter, Tom Scully in Neighbours Episode 5203
Lou Carpenter, Tom Scully

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5203
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5203
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5203
Susan Kennedy

Pepper Steiger, Kevin Casey in Neighbours Episode 5203
Pepper Steiger, Kevin Casey

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