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Neighbours Episode 5179 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5179: Births Deaths and Marriages
Australian airdate: 29/03/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun and Megan Herbert
Director: Gary Conway and Riccardo Pellizzeri
Guests: Isabelle Hoyland: Natalie Bassingthwaite
Sen Sgt Allan Steiger : Joe Clements
Kim Timmins: Brett Swain
Glenn Forrest: Cleopatra Coleman.
Pete Gartside: Daniel Shutzmann
Nurse Errine Sinclair: Sarah Oldmeadow
Holly Hoyland: Chaya Broadmore
Special Guest Appearance by: Neil Morrisey
Special Guest Appearance by: Jono Coleman
Special Guest Appearance by: Sinitta
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
- "Building Ships" by Lior
Summary/Images by: JA/Marc EH
- Karl proposes to Susan on the London Eye, and she accepts.
- A reunited Pete and Izzy are happy, but Pete wonders if Karl is the father of Izzy's baby.
- Glenn tells Janae that she and Boyd are moving to Tasmania
Erinsborough Family Health Clinic @ The Hospital
A nervous looking Glenn is waiting to be seen, as the nurse comes out of the office and hands her a sample collector ( a polite way of saying she is given a jar to pee in, oh and now I have said it anyway) Janae comes out of the office. Glenn is shocked to see Janae, and tells her that she is sorry to hear about her brother. Now Glenn being a medical student, you would think that she would instantly know why Janae was there, or at least be suspicious, but it is not until Janae is also handed a pot to pee in that the truth dawns on Glenn, Janae is also there for a pregnancy test. Glenn's huge lip falls to the floor in amazement, but she doesn't say anything, she just barges past Janae quite rudely actually, and makes her way to the loo, obviously she is hoping to get the best cubicle. Janae also has to give her sample, but she doesn't seem as shocked as Glenn, just a bit bemused.
Number 26
Dylan is sitting on the sofa, playing with a Coke bottle and staring into space, he doesn't move when there is a knock on the door, he is obviously still in great distress over recent events, so it is up to Steiger to answer. It's Sky, she says hello to Dylan, but he doesn't answer.
Sky makes her way into the kitchen where a glum looking Janelle and Bree greet her. Bree tells Sky to talk some sense into Janelle, she still hasn't told Brandon and Dwayne that their brother is dead.
Sky is there to talk about the funeral, she tells Janelle, that she and Stingray had had a big D&M a while back about death, and Stingray was sure that he wanted to be cremated. He wanted to be burned on a burning boat just like the Vikings, Steiger tries to be supportive by reciting the Viking poem with Sky. Sky says that she understands that the burning boat thing is not possible, but they could cremate him and scatter his ashes somewhere he loved, but Janelle is clearly in a lot of distress, and says that the plans have been made and they are not being changed. Stingray will be buried after a church service. Sky is not liking this idea, she says that Stingray wasn't religious, and he would hate that. Janelle won't budge though, a small family funeral is all she wants. Bree comments that half the family don't even know he's dead, and Janelle leaves the room, this is obviously not a conversation that she wants to be having. The strain of losing her son is written all over her face.
Sky is upset that Janelle wasn't even willing to talk it over, after all Stinger hasn't even been to a church in years, and Sky is sure that he would hate the type of funeral that Janelle has planned. Steiger gives Sky a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and tells her to leave it with him, and he will see what he can do.
The Hospital
As Janae leaves the room she is stopped by Glenn who demands to know if she is pregnant.
GLENN: Janae, Janae please.
JANAE: I'm in a hurry.
GLENN: I'm sorry, but was it positive, are you pregnant?
JANAE: I'm sorry, but since then was it any of your business?
GLENN: I just need to know.
JANAE: Oh really? Well maybe I need to know if you're pregnant Glenn, to my husband. Do you want to tell me that?
Boyd appears conveniently.
BOYD: What's going on?
JANAE: Why don't you ask your girlfriend.
Janae storms off before revealing the results of the test to Glenn or Boyd.
BOYD: Well.
Glenn looks mournful as she shakes her head, but this still sheds no further light on the results of the test.
Kerry's Hospital Room
As Harold catches a few zzz on a chair, Sky is speaking to Kerry, who is looking a lot more cheerful and bright after her surgery.
SKY: Do you know what I loved about your uncle Stingray? Well I loved everything about him, but apart from saving you, the best thing about him was that he made me laugh. He fought some pretty tough battles Kerry, but he always brought laughter and madness with him, he would have brought light to your day, and I'm so glad that there's a bit of Scott Timmins in you little girl.
As Sky plants a kiss on Kerry's forehead, she gets a surprise to see Lou, who is decked out in his Bonzair uniform, obviously coming straight from the airport. Lou wakes Harold up, who is delighted to see him.
HAROLD: You're on your way to Moscow
LOU: I got as far as Singapore, my heart wasn't in it. I told them my family needed me, they let me come back. I hope that was right.
HAROLD: That was absolutely right.
Harold rises from his seat and embraces Lou, cue a big aww from the entire audience, it is so cute that Harold and Lou think of each other as family.
Number 26
Bree is on the phone to Dwayne, who is obviously questioning her as to how Stingray died, but Bree of course doesn't have the answer to that 'it just happened'
When she gets off the phone, Steiger asks if Dwayne and Brandon are going to be coming to the funeral, she says that they have promised to try, now this is confusing as I thought one of them was in jail and one was in the army, but who am I to question the continuity.
Steiger tells Dylan that it will be good to see his two big brothers, but Dylan is still staring straight into space, as if he can't hear what people are saying to him. Steiger grabs Dylan by the arms and gives him a shake, trying to get through to him.
STEIGER: Dylan, you have to come back from wherever you are, for your mother and your sisters. Come on.
KIM: Hey Pig, get away from my family. What the hell do you think you're doing??
Seeing his father standing at the door brings Dylan out of his trance, he is shocked to see him.
Kim sets about shouting the odds at Steiger, and accusing him of sticking the boot in at such an insensitive time, he obviously thinks that Steiger is there on official matters, and who can blame him, he is always in that police uniform, it's about time that the costume department got Allan another shirt or two. However, Janelle is quick to stop Kim in his tracks by telling him that Steiger is with her now, and Kim is no longer welcome in her house. Kim is shocked, but Janelle tries to throw him out.
Janae comes in and is shocked to see her father there, she wonders what he is doing there, Bree announces that she asked him to come, she wants him there.
KIM: At least there is somebody here who still gives a damn about me.
Kim gives Bree a hug, and Dylan jumps from his seat and attacks Kim.
DYLAN: Get off her, it's a bit bloody late to play fathers now.
STEIGER: Dyl, settle down this isn't helping anyone.
Steiger manages to wrestle Dylan from Kim, and Dylan immediately runs right through the open door into the night. Steiger makes his way to go after him, but before he does he has a warning for Kim.
STEIGER: And you've still got business with the police mate, don't think I've forgotten.
The Hospital
Boyd wants to know what happened between Glenn and Janae, Glenn tells him that she was at the hospital to see him after his class, and she bumped into Janae who had been to see a doctor. Boyd wonders what is wrong with Janae, and Glenn tells her that there is a chance that Janae might be pregnant, and Boyd is shocked.
The Scarlet Bar
Steiger and Dylan are having a drink in the bar, Steiger tells Dylan that he is overwhelmed with grief, it's natural that he would want to channel it, but Steiger tells him that he knows that he would never really harm anyone. Dylan disagrees and tells a shocked Steiger that yesterday he tried to kill Paul Robinson, Steiger doesn't believe it, but Dylan tells him the story.
DYLAN: See he got caught on a ledge, and I saved him, but maybe I shouldn't have. I mean being a murderer carrying all that guilt has to be better than this. At least I wouldn't have all this anger eating me up, I mean where do I put it where does it go?
STEIGER: Mate, it just takes time.
DYLAN (looking deadly serious): Lock me away before I kill someone.
Steiger is shocked by the honesty in Dylan's words, but it is obvious that locking him away is not the course of action he is going to take.
Number 26
Things are frosty between the Timmins, Kim in not exactly a welcome visitor in Janelle's eyes, butBree and Janae are happy to talk to him. Kim wants to know how he died, and Janae has to explain that it was an aneurism, there was no way of knowing that it was going to happen and no way of stopping it. Kim seems happy to hear that there was no suffering for Stingray. When Janelle tells him that the funeral will be a church service and a burial, Kim also voices his opinion that a church service would not be what Stingray wanted, but Janelle is defensive and Kim concedes.
Janae escapes to answer the door, but I bet when she does, she wishes she had stayed in the kitchen, it's her 'husband'
BOYD: Hi, erm can I come in?
JANAE: NO, and keep your voice down, you're the last person anyone wants to see. I suppose Glenn couldn't keep her big mouth shut.
BOYD: She told me you could be pregnant. Are you?
JANAE: And if I was? How would you feel?
BOYD: I don't know, I honestly don't know.
JANAE: That would be right.
BOYD: But I do know that I've been a complete idiot. Ever since Scotty died, all I can think about is you, and what you must be going through, and how I should be there to comfort you. I still love you Janae.
Janae tells Boyd, that she can't cope with this right now, and in case he has forgotten they have a funeral in the morning. Janae does tell him that she's not pregnant, she is sure, so there is no need for Boyd to worry about fathering two babies to two different mothers. Boyd however has no idea what Janae is talking about, so as Janae slams the door in his face, she tells him that Glenn had a pregnancy test too. Boyd is left standing on the doorstep not exactly looking thrilled at the prospect of imminent fatherhood.
The Scarlet Bar- In The Office
The results of the test have obviously not gone Glenn's way as she is in floods of tears as she sits in the office. She tries to cover her tears as Boyd comes in, but he notices, he tells her that Janae told her about the pregnancy test, and he thinks that her tears mean that she is pregnant. Glenn says that the test was negative, Boyd is very obviously relieved at the result. Boyd thought that she would be happy about not being pregnant. Glenn says that she is happy about not being pregnant, so Boyd cannot understand why she would be crying.
GLENN: I'm crying for the oldest reason in the world Boyd, I love someone who doesn't love me.
Boyd says nothing, he is not disputing Glenn's claim anyway.
In the Bar
Out in the bar, Steiger has made a phone call to the police station, it seems that Paul Robinson has not made a report against Dylan yet, he tells Dylan that he has to be there for the family. But Dylan is scared of what he will do, he can't go on.
STEIGER: Here's the deal, you hold yourself together for the funeral, and I'm going to be right by your side. You tell yourself that you are doing it for your mother and your sisters, for Kerry and for Scotty and you'll get through it.
DYLAN: And after?
STEIGER: Well, after we will get you sorted out I promise.
Dylan still seems that he is struggling with his feelings of anger, but Steiger seems to be a good influence on him, as he realises that he has to be at the funeral.
Number 26
Sky, Bree and Janae are having a toast to Stingray with a smoothie, that Stinger himself had recently created, marshmallow, onion and banana, it sounds disgusting, and it obviously tastes disgusting too, as all three balk after just a sip. Janae finds Bree's goth make-up and hands it to her, but Bree tells her that she is going to go as she is, she doesn't want to wear a mask to Scotty's funeral, even if it does mean that she will scare little kids. Janae tells her sister that she is always gorgeous and gives her a reassuring hug, which seems to please Janelle as she comes into the kitchen. Janelle has also made a few changes and tells Sky that she has been on the phone all last night rearranging things to give Scotty the funeral that he deserves, she couldn't stretch to the boat, but it will be more like what he wants. A grateful Sky breaks down in tears as she embraces Janelle, and the Timmins women have a bit of a group hug.
Through in the lounge, Harold and Lou have been filling Kim in on how well Stingray had been doing for himself recently, Kim is glad to hear that he was doing so well, but just wishes that he could have made it back to see him before any of this happened. Harold reassuringly tells him, that however much time you have with someone it is never enough. Harold obviously has plenty of experience in the matter, and it must be hard for him, seeing as he has buried both of his children.
Steiger is looking dashing in his suit, which makes a change from a police uniform, but what does strike me is that they are all wearing colourful ties, is it not traditional in Australia to wear a black tie to a funeral?
Anyhow the dashing looking Steiger, who Harold addresses as Allan, which I think kind of suits him, which you know I guess is just as well as that is his name, asks Kim to come outside for a word.
Outside Number 26
Steiger tells Kim, that he loves Janelle and he loves the kids, so for their sake and because he knows that Kim is grieving too, he is going to pretend that he hasn't seen him. Kim thanks him, but Steiger tells him not to bother thanking him, as soon as it is all over he has no choice but to arrest him. Kim looks worried, but will that be enough to stop him attending the funeral of his son?
London Baby- The Ritz Hostel
The rest of the Aussie backpackers are not impressed when Karl's alarm goes off, and neither it has to be said is Susan, when it appears that he is not going to turn it off. Poor Suse has to get up and do it herself, and when she does she realises that Karl is not there, but a big white box with a ribbon on the top is. Susan doesn't look too impressed at first, but when she opens the box and realises that it is something from Puccini and Hill her face lights up. She also finds a note in the box.
"My darling Susan. A car will arrive for you at 9am Wear this K xxx"
9 o'clock thinks Susan, that is never going to be enough time for a girl to slip into such a beautiful outfit, and do her hair.
Even the most casual Kusan shipper like me had a little butterfly in my stomach as I read the note, and yeah OK maybe even a little tear. But that is nothing to the butterflies in Susan's stomach and tears in her eyes, as she removes the delicate tissue paper and sees exactly what it is that Karl wants her to wear.
London- Tower Bridge
A nervous Karl is looking very dapper in a lovely suit. Tower bridge is in the background and a little boat, called the Edwardian is docked at the side of the river. A minister who it has to be said looks suspiciously like Neil Morrisey is waiting with Karl, it seems that they will be getting on the boat, but I just can't think for the life of me why that might be.
Karl worries that Susan has slept in, when actually it is probably because Karl just didn't give Susan enough time to slip into that posh frock. The minister tries to reassure him.
KARL: Well she probably crushed that with her bare hands, she's not a morning person my wife.
Awww Karl, that's a bit premature, she's not your wife yet, not for at least an hour!!
The minister tells Karl that he should relax and make sure that he has taken care of everything, vow, ring, witnesses..... Witnesses?? Oh no thinks Karl, he forgot about that, and he doesn't have any friends or relatives in the area who are going to be able to step in, would it be inappropriate to suggest Izzy and Pete???
Yes, oh well then I guess it's just as well that Karl bumps into two 'tourists' You know a lot of look-alikes must be scouring the area, because these two I swear are the spit of Jono Coleman and Sinitta.
When Karl asks them to spare half an hour of their time, they assume he is trying to persuade them to donate money, and they are not interested in that, but Karl assures them he is not scamming for anything, he is getting remarried and he needs witnesses. When Jono the tourist realises the Australian connection, he and Sinitta his friend agree to do it.
As Sinitta and Jono Coleman the tourists get on the boat, Karl turns around to see that his bride to be is standing on the dock. In what has to be said one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen, I am thinking that it is the lace dress that Susan had seen earlier in the week, and just perfect for a spring wedding on a river boat. It is complemented by a taffeta shrug, and the most gorgeous earrings I have ever seen, they are long silver droplets with what looks like a silver pearl at the end of each one, and it has to be said Susan looks gorgeous. I defy any woman who wants to get married not to cry at this scene, even though I felt impelled to close the blinds in case anyone outside saw me bawling my eyes out.
Susan has the biggest grin ever to be seen on Neighbours across her face, and it is not long before Karl's is matching.
SUSAN: Oh Karl.
KARL: Not as good as an eco-fair, but I hope it'll do.
It looks like it will do, as Susan cannot hide her happiness and Joy, that Karl could be such a romantic. And it seems that there is going to be a wedding on the Thames today.
In the background however is the one person who is perhaps capable of putting paid to that, Izzy. It seems that Izzy knows where Karl and Susan are, and is also on the dock. Pete gives her a kiss and tells her that she is doing the right thing. Izzy doesn't seem so sure, but the trademark Isabelle Hoyland on a mission face shows a glimpse, and we know what she is planning.
The Top Deck of the Boat, as it is Sailing the Thames
On what looks to be a bright day, Karl and Susan are ready to remarry.
MINISTER: We are gathered here today to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to reunite Karl and Susan in marriage.
Susan and Karl gaze into each others eyes, surrounded by nothing, but each other, as Susan gives Karl a cheeky wink, and a beaming Karl reaches onto the table in front to pick up the ring he has bought for Susan. It seems that he has bought both rings, two matching, simple but pretty gold bands are on the table.
As Karl places the ring onto the finger, of the woman who is about to again become his wife, it is time for his vows.
KARL: Through you, I have been given a second chance of happiness. Despite all my mistakes, you have shown me nothing but love and trust and friendship. I promise you that I will be worthy of that love, the sort of man you'll be proud to walk along side. I want to hold your hand and cherish your heart for all time. Because my love for you is endless and determined.
With tears in his eyes Karl places the ring onto Susan's finger, Susan throughout listening to Karl's vows in awe, and even looking forgiving when he mentioned all his mistakes, as if they no longer matter to her.
MINISTER: Susan, would you like to say a few words?
SUSAN (clearly over-whelmed): Um...I haven't got anything prepared. Um... This is from the I-Ching When two people are at one in their inner most hearts, they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze. When two people understand each other in their inner most hearts, their words are sweet and strong like the fragrance of Orchids.
Poor Susan has struggled to get her words out through her tears, though it has to be said that was pretty impressive for an improvisation. With one last sniff of joyful tears Susan places Karl's ring lovingly back onto his wedding finger.
SUSAN: I love you Karl, I always have and I always will.
All Karl can do is smile, as he hears the words that at one point he may have thought he would never hear again.
MINISTER: Karl, do you take Susan to be your wife? Do you promise to love honour, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others, and holding only unto her?
KARL: I do!!!!!
In case you didn't get that the first time it was:
KARL: I do!!!!
But Uh Oh, guess who is standing on the stairs up to the deck watching proceedings and holding her pregnant belly? It's Izzy, it looks as though Izzy is happy for the soon to be again Mr and Mrs Kennedy, so surely she is not going to choose this moment to throw a spanner in the works. Especially as she can see how happy both Karl and Susan are.
MINISTER: Susan, do you take Karl to be your husband? Do you promise to love honour, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others, and holding only unto him?
SUSAN (through tears): I do.
OK get ready Kusan shippers the moment you have waited years for is about to happen, if you don't have a tissue yet perhaps go and get one before you read on.
MINISTER: It is with great pleasure that I pronounce you husband and wife.
Karl and Susan share their first kiss as a re-married couple, and the tourists applaud.
But before the celebrations can continue, there is a gasp from the stairs as Izzy realises that her waters have broken!!
Both Karl and Susan are shocked to see her, but Karl more angry than shocked it has to be said.
KARL: Izzy, what the hell are you doing here?
IZZY: My waters just broke.
And really what can they say to that?
By the time that the boat has docked, Izzy's labour is in full throes as is evident by her piercing screams, I would hazard a guess at many a Kusan shipper rejoicing in her pain, but I guess that really they are more annoyed that she ruined the wedding. Especially as it seems that Karl has had to take time out of getting married to attend to her labour pains.
It seems that Pete has managed to get there though, and tells Izzy that the ambulance is on it's way, but Karl tells Pete that the ambulance is going to miss all the action, this baby wants to come right now. And it seems that it does, as Karl has already started to advise Izzy to start pushing. The poor minister doesn't know where to look, but Karl obviously does, and there is an ever so attractive shot of Karl taking a good look right up the birth canal, now there is something that I bet wasn't mentioned in his by now famous London guide book of the sights, I mean he would have been better of going to The London Dungeons, far less gruesome I am sure. Poor Susan meanwhile has had to go and find some towels, and I am just praying that she stands well back, I would hate her to get that beautiful dress dirty.
But poor Susan being the compassionate person that she is, sits right with Izzy, caressing her knee in reassurance, but does not look exactly delighted about this being how she is spending her wedding day. But then she has had a few of them, so it would have been difficult to think of something unique.
The Boat- After the break
Thank goodness for the commercial break, as it seems that we have missed all the nasty stuff, which quite frankly would have put a few girls off motherhood. All that is left to do is for Karl to introduce Izzy to her beautiful baby girl
In this moment, as Izzy looks into her baby girls eyes, it seems that all the venom and deception that was once her trademark has disappeared, now she has someone other than herself to think about, and I can just tell that she is going to make a grand job of it. Izzy comments that 'she's perfect' and Pete agrees, telling her that she is just like her mother.
Susan and Karl look delighted for her, and a changed Izzy looks as though that she is just not capable of dropping such a big bombshell as the true paternity of the baby. Even as she is looking into the eyes of the father of her baby.
IZZY(to Karl): Thanks
KARL: It was an honour.
IZZY: For everything.
Pete gives Karl a grateful look, and Karl takes a step back so that the new family can be together.
MINISTER: Have you thought of a name yet?
IZZY: We'd like to call her Holly.
KARL: Holly, Holly Hoyland.
PETE: I love it.
As Pete gives Izzy a loving kiss, Izzy gazes at her new daughter in wonderment.
Outside The Ambulance
Izzy is by now on a stretcher about to be taken into the ambulance, holding baby Holly close to her.
KARL: Any more surprises in store?
IZZY: That's it I promise.
She throws Pete a knowing look, and with a smile he seems to agree that it is the best thing to do to keep quiet for now.
As Izzy and Pete get into the ambulance, Pete shakes Karl's hand and thanks him.
As Susan and Karl are eventually reunited they both look happy to see Izzy has landed on her feet and things are going to be OK for her and the baby.
SUSAN: Well trust Isabelle to upstage me on my wedding day.
But there is no malice in Susan's words, and Karl assures her that the day is not over yet. He tells her that they are going to take a trip around London in a limousine, to see it in style, and afterwards he has even managed to get a reservation for dinner at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, and Susan looks suitably impressed.
SUSAN: You know if I could pick a man and marry him three times, I'm glad I picked you.
And that's not the only surprise Karl has, they are going to go back to the hotel and freshen up, and this time when he says Hotel he means the real Ritz!!! By now I wish I was marrying this guy myself he certainly knows how to throw the best surprise weddings ever,
Susan realises that she still has Izzy's bag though, so before they do anything else, she tells Karl that she will quickly run over to the ambulance and give it back to her.
In the ambulance, Izzy tells Pete, that she couldn't tell Karl and ruin the day.
IZZY: They've been kind to me, but they want me out of their lives. If Karl knew that Holly was his, he would feel obligated to us, they need a fresh start and for once I'm not going to stand in the way.
I am so so so proud of Izzy for this statement, I knew there was a bit of good in her somewhere.
But in true soap style Susan is standing at the ambulance door and hears every word. She gives the bag to the ambulance driver, not letting on that she has heard.
Karl comes to get her, and Susan is a bit shocked, he wonders what's wrong.
KARL: Is something wrong?
SUSAN: Erm, yeah. In this grand plan of yours when do we get to consummate this marriage of ours?
KARL: Well if you knew everything, it wouldn't be as much fun.
Never a truer word said, and as Susan takes on last glance at the ambulance it seems that her new step-daughter is inside, and Karl is oblivious to it all.
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Janae Hoyland, Glenn Forrest in Neighbours Episode 5179
Janae Hoyland, Glenn Forrest

Sky Mangel, Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5179
Sky Mangel, Allan Steiger

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5179
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5179
Kim Timmins

Glenn Forrest, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5179
Glenn Forrest, Boyd Hoyland

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5179
Dylan Timmins

Bree Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5179
Bree Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Sky Mangel

 in Neighbours Episode 5179

Jono Coleman, Sinitta, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5179
Jono Coleman, Sinitta, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5179
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Neil Morrisey, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5179
Susan Kennedy, Neil Morrisey, Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5179
Izzy Hoyland

Holly Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5179
Holly Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5179
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5179
Susan Kennedy

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