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Neighbours Episode 5178 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5178: From Zero to Hero
Australian airdate: 28/03/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Helen MacWhirter and Megan Herbert
Director: Gary Conway and Riccardo Pellizzeri
Guests: Izzy Hoyland Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Pete Gartside Daniel Schutzman
Johnny Brown Lawrence Price
Summary/Images by: Eliza/Marc EH
Izzy taps Susan on the shoulder and asks if she remembers her.
Lolly kisses Ringo then runs away.
Frazer gets knocked down by a horse after saving a little girl from the same fate.
The screen is black but we can hear Rosie's voice, saying, 'Frazer, can you hear me? Please, open your eyes.' Then we see Rosie looking into the camera, the camera is Frazer. Rosie's relieved because he's obviously opened his eyes. Frazer is worried about the kid but Rosie reassures him that she's fine. Sorry, I just have to say that I'm quite surprised that Rosie has a full French manicure. She doesn't strike me as the type that would 'waste' her time in a salon. Anyway. Frazer tells her that he can't move his legs. Rosie just tells him to try and stay still. Frazer then comments that this happens every time - whenever he gets within five yards of Rosie he gets knocked off his feet. They both laugh a little nervously and then Rosie tells him he's a hero; he saved the little girl's life. Frazer tells her that he was saying something before. The ambulance is pulling down the lane and Rosie tells him to shh and that it's ok. Frazer protests that it's important. Rosie cuts him off and tells him to let the paramedics look after him.
We cut to a few minutes later and Frazer is being attached to a stretcher with a neck brace and everything as Rosie looks on nervously.
Ned's Flat
Ned is putting some books into boxes. That's right, he owns books. Whether he's read them or not is another matter. Paul is trying to get in and calls through the front door. He asks if he's in there and says he thinks there's something wrong with his key. Ned just tells him to go away. Paul susses and asks if Ned's changed the locks. He starts banging ferociously on the door and tells Ned to open up. Ned relents and tells him he should keep it down - he doesn't want the neighbours complaining. Paul tells Ned that he needs permission from the owners if he wants to change the locks and that he has a good mind to kick him out.
NED: Beat you to it.
Paul asks where he's off to and Ned explains that he's just going away. Paul replies that Ned can't just leave because Ned owes him.
NED: Every dollar, every appliance you gave me I earnt. Well and truly.
PAUL: Nah, nah, nah, see we're partners we...
Paul spies something and picks it up. Then he looks at Ned and says, 'This is Elle's.' Uh, he's not pleased. He adds that he thought he told Ned to stay away from his daughter. I can't quite believe what Ned says next, but he actually does say this.
NED: Seems like she can't get enough of the old Parker magic.
Really. Paul clocks on and realises that it's Ned who's been filling her head with ideas and making her doubt all of their plans. Ned replies that the only doubt in Elle's mind has come from Paul.
PAUL: You know, if somewhere there in Neddy land you think that you can actually turn my own daughter against me, you're a bigger fool than I thought.
NED: Funny thing about loyalty, Paul, is that it kind of fades with distance. Maybe that's what Elle needs. A change of scenery.
Paul insists that Elle's not going anywhere, especially not with Ned. Ned just says, 'Whatever you reckon,' and hands Paul the controllers for the PS2. Then he pauses before grabbing one of them back and telling him that he'll only be needing one since he's got no family or friends left. For once, Paul is dumbstruck.
Number 30
Lolly is talking to Ringo about the blog and how they've got all their response pieces but they still need a really good feature and how they're going to have to put their heads together. Then she corrects herself: 'Brains, not lips.' Ringo says he knows and after a pause Lolly bursts out with, 'Look, I'm sorry I kissed you alright?' Ringo makes out that he'd forgotten all about it but Lolly, a lot sharper than I thought, tells him that he's stewing over it. Ringo says he's not stewing but Lolly just says she made a mistake - she thought Ringo liked her. Ringo says he does...As a friend, Lolly says for him. She adds that if they're going to stay friends, they need to get past this. They agree. Carmella comes towards the kitchen and Ringo says it's safe to come out - Oliver isn't there. Ringo then says he heard about the cake throwing incident. Carmella lets a cheeky smirk show and says, 'It was actually Tiramisu.' Ringo tells her she should have used scones because they do more damage and offers to make a slingshot for her. Lolly, Miss Fountain of Wisdom and Experience, comments that guys aren't worth it. Then she goes to get her stuff for school. Carmella asks Ringo if he's seen Rosie. Ringo thought she was going to be helping Carmella with her fruit and veg run. Carmella explains that was the plan but she never showed up and 'so much for helping [her] with the business'.
London, baby!
Karl is pacing up and down in a terrace café before we see Izzy and Susan sat at the table, and Izzy commenting on how delicious her food was. Susan says Izzy can't be getting hungry now, and then Izzy notices she has something on her fingers. Susan goes to get her a napkin. Karl pulls Susan aside and explains that all the best bargains on the Portobello Road are gone by 9am. Susan replies that the fake antiques will still be there tomorrow.
KARL: This is our holiday. Why are we wasting it on that woman?
SUSAN: Because that woman, who you once loved, may I remind you, is in very real distress.
KARL: I swore to myself I would never let her ruin my life again.
SUSAN: What's she ruining Karl? A couple of hours at the flea market. She's all alone. Like it or not, we are the closest thing she has to family.
Susan walks away and asks the people at the table next to them for one of their napkins. The woman (it's Jo Whiley, it's Jo Whiley!) says, 'Sure.' Jo Whiley was in it. Jo Whiley is cool. That makes Neighbours cool. End of.
Susan gives Izzy the napkin and asks Izzy to give her his number.
IZZY: Sorry?
SUSAN: This Pete bloke, he obviously needs a mother's influence in his life.
Izzy says ok but she doesn't like Susan's chances because he's pretty much made up his mind. Susan just announces that she'll unmake it. Karl is a little flabbergasted, and asks Susan if she's going to phone one of the world's finest soccer players (football, Izzy corrects him) and give him an ear bashing.
SUSAN (aka Ninja Suse): Someone's gotta tell him what's what.
She walks off and Karl sits down opposite Izzy, beginning by saying, 'You listen to me,' and continuing to tell her that he and Susan are getting remarried tomorrow. Izzy's shocked and tells Karl that Susan didn't say anything. Karl explains that's because it's a surprise that he's been planning for months. He adds, 'And so help me, if your little melodrama interferes...' Izzy apologises and reiterates that she didn't know. Karl replies that now she does and she of all people should understand what they of all people have been through to get there.
KARL: Isabelle, we barely survived you the first time. I am not going to risk it a second time.
Paul asks Elle why she didn't tell him. Elle explains there's nothing to tell - she and Ned are just friends. Paul comments that Ned's singing a completely different tune and asks if Elle knows he's leaving town. Elle says yes, he mentioned it. Paul asks if she's going with him and Elle denies it, saying it's ridiculous.
PAUL: See, the Ned Parkers of this world are weak. They will be forever letting you down. Your future is here with me and Oliver, now say it.
ELLE: Dad, take it easy.
PAUL: Say it!
ELLE: Dad...
PAUL: Please, I don't want to lose you.
ELLE: My commitment is to you.
Elle goes off to answer the door and Paul still looks a bit apprehensive. Elle opens the door to find Carmella standing there looking sheepish. Elle says she hopes Carmella isn't armed with a strawberry flan. Carmella says she's sorry. For a brief moment, Elle's face looks a little pained, like she doesn't want to do or mean what she's about to say and do.
ELLE: Is that all?
CARMELLA: What's going on with you and Oliver?
ELLE: Why don't you ask him.
CARMELLA: Because I'm asking you. We used to be friends. I have defended you to Rosie and Pepper!
Elle looks down and the expression that sweeps across her face sporadically suggests that everything she is saying and doing is because she knows that Paul is listening in. Elle asks why she should care what Rosie and Pepper think. Carmella explains that it's because they're convinced that Elle played a hand in breaking Carmella and Oliver up.
ELLE: Oliver dumped you because you're unhinged.
CARMELLA: You know I'm not.
ELLE: You threw a cake in my face. Who made you do that? The voices in your head?
ELLE: Have you taken your medication today, Carmella? I mean, I'd hate Oliver to see you flip out again.
CARMELLA: God! It really is true what people say about you. You're as corrupt as your father!
Throughout this little exchange, we've seen brief shots of Paul, smirking inanely. Elle tells Carmella to leave her father out of it and Carmella replies that Elle is going to regret ever taking her on before Elle closes the door. Paul comments that is more like the girl he knows but Elle smiles a weak smile and then looks into the middle distance, obviously contemplative.
Number 30
Lolly asks if Ringo is ready and he says he's just gonna finish something. Lolly thinks it looks 'eugh' so of course she wants some. The phone rings and it's Rosie to tell Ringo that Frazer has been in an accident.
Rosie is sitting looking nervous as Ringo and Lolly arrive. Ringo asks where Frazer is - Rosie says he's still being x-rayed. Ringo asks if he's broken a bone or something and Rosie replies (unconvincingly) that it's probably something as simple as that. Lolly asks how it happened so Rosie explains about the little girl and him running out to save her and that Frazer's a hero. Ringo asks when he can see him and Rosie says soon, before Ringo somewhat randomly comments that Frazer is 'ten foot tall and bullet proof'.
Ned's Flat
Elle arrives and Ned asks if she's ready. He picks up some tickets as he says, 'Goodbye Erinsborough, hello freedom.' Elle grabs the tickets and looks at them. They're for Oakey! Ned explains that he's got to say goodbye to the family first. Elle starts to look apprehensive and unsure and Ned, in an instance where his braincells have knocked together, assumes that Paul got to Elle before asking how long she's going to be a pawn in his game because he's wrecking her life and he's a lying, ruthless manipulator. Elle looks melancholy and says, 'We're two peas in a pod.' Ned protests that she's nothing like him - she thinks she is because he's making her.
ELLE: He's only ever had my best interests at heart.
NED: The man doesn't have a heart! He's using you just like everyone else. Izzy, Dylan, Lyn...
ELLE: Ok! Ok, ok, ok.
NED: It's not too late for you, you know? As long as you get out now. A trophy wife, with an empty life and your father pulling the strings? Or a chance to start again?
ELLE: Hello Oakey, huh? Do you think your parents will like me?
NED: What's not to like?
The Ritz Hostel in London, baby!
Karl is saying that as soon as 'she' (ie Izzy) has freshened up, they're going to say goodbye. Susan says that this mean spiritedness is a real turn off. Karl asks if they can't just give her some money and send her on her way. Susan says she doesn't need money, she needs help. Karl replies that what she *needs* is a good kick up the backside.
SUSAN: Oh, right, and you'd be first in line, I suppose, would you?
KARL: Absolutely.
Susan tells Karl that Izzy's in love - she doesn't want his money, she doesn't want his fame, she just wants him. When Susan goes on to say that Izzy's been honest from the off and that Pete knew she was pregnant when they met. The pained expression that Karl momentarily shows suggests he's remembering a similar yet not so honest situation. Susan adds that before Izzy left Erinsborough she started to make changes for the better and everything she's heard since then confirms that. Susan explains that they'll just get her with the Pete bloke, get them talking and then the rest is up to her. Karl asks what makes Susan think an international soccer god is going to meet with her. Susan replies that it's because she can be very persuasive when she needs to be and when it's done she will cop as many art galleries as Karl can throw at her and she might even make him take her shopping as she hands him a postcard of some dress shop. Karl comments on it being expensive but then Susan asks if he saw the lace dress in the window. He's right, though, when would she ever wear it? Karl is Having A Thought And Forming A Plan.
Ringo asks Frazer what he's going to do for an encore. Frazer, lying with a brace around his neck, tries to laugh and joke that he hasn't decided yet. Ringo suggests crocodile wrestling - blindfolded. Frazer explains that he's already done it. Rosie is just standing there looking worried. Ringo asks when Frazer is getting out and Rosie suggests they let him get some rest. Frazer says he's good, he'll be out of there before they know it, kicking the footy around. Rosie clearly can't hear this, so goes to get something to drink and some food for Ringo. Lolly offers to go with her and as soon as they leave the hospital room she asks Rosie what's really wrong with Frazer. At this point, Carmella arrives. Rosie explains that the CT scan has revealed major swelling around the spinal cord and even though they're not saying either way, it doesn't look good.
After the break, we're back at the hospital with Lolly and Ringo. Ringo has started writing the feature piece for the Erinsborough High blog and it's about Frazer. He asks Lolly what she thinks and reads out the headline. Ringo gets all sorts of idea about interviews with the kid and her mum and it going in the local paper and some bedside photos. Lolly protests for him to stop but Frazer wants to celebrate his brother's heroic deed. Lolly tells him it's too soon to be handing out streamers - there's a chance he might not walk again. Ringo goes to look through the door, where Frazer and Rosie are.
We go inside the room, where Rosie takes hold of Frazer's hand and asks if there's something she can bring him from home. Frazer hopes she's not going. Rosie says she's not at the moment but he's bound to get sick of her sooner or later. Rosie explains that it'll be quite crowded when his family arrive. Frazer doesn't want them coming and reckons they don't need to know what's happened - they'll just gloat. Rosie says it's so they can support him. Frazer explains that he's not on his death bed; he'll be out of there soon. He adds that he's got everything he needs right there: Ringo, Rosie, the others and as far as he's concerned they're his family. After a pause, Frazer asks Rosie to call Milly, who probably thinks he's stood her up.
Scarlet Bar
Ned shoves a wad of notes into a Salvo collection pot as Paul looks on. As they leave, Paul explains that money won't buy him a conscience - trust him, he's tried. Ned replies, 'Trust you? That'd be the day.' Paul defends himself, explaining that he gave Ned a lifestyle most people would kill for. Ned explains that it left a bad taste in his mouth. Paul says there was a minor little hiccough, but Ned points out that he put someone in a coma. Paul asks if the flirtation with gambling was about money. Ned replies that it was more the thrill of the win. Paul asks how it works, because if he walks away now he won't be a winner at all, he'll be straight back to loserville
NED: I might be a loser, but at least I'll have a soul, which makes me one up on you.
Paul tells Ned he can keep that because he'd rather have money, power and his daughter by his side. Ned smirks and Paul tells him not to get cocky because he'll just make a fool of himself. Ned calls the Salvos back over to give them more money as he says, 'No fool like an old fool.'
Ringo is telling Frazer that there can't be two major tragedies in one week, so Frazer has to be ok. Frazer agrees. Kinda.
Outside the room, Johnny arrives and thanks Rosie for calling him before adding that it's good to see her again. Rosie concurs, but thinks it's a pity it's under these circumstances. Ringo storms out of Frazer's room and asks what Johnny is doing there and explains that Frazer said he didn't want the family contacted. Rosie is irritated and points out that it's hospital policy to contact next of kin. Ringo asks what he is and Johnny replies that he's the same hot-headed brat he's always been. Johnny is not a nice guy. Ringo and Johnny are bickering and Rosie stops them. Johnny isn't sticking around, he's just curious to see what kind of stunt George has pulled this time. Rosie looks affronted and tells John that it wasn't a stunt, Frazer/George has been seriously injured. John goes to have a word with him, but not before Ringo tries to stop him.
Johnny greets Frazer, 'Hey George,' and Frazer rolls his eyes and sarcastically comments, 'Great.' Johnny asks how it's going and Frazer, who is just being totally blasé and sarcastic because he's irritated by Johnny's present, says it's real good and John shouldn't let the neck brace fool him. Johnny replies that it's what Frazer gets for living life on the edge. Frazer tells John that he sounds more and more like the old man every day and asks where he is because it's not like his dad to pass up an opportunity to kick him while he's down. Johnny says he hasn't told him yet, he wanted to see how bad it was first.
JOHNNY: You already caused mum enough heartache walking out like you did.
FRAZER: If you had the guts, you would have done the same thing, so I tell you what: why don't you just clear off? It's not like I invited you here anyway... (Raising his voice) I said get out!
London - yet another centrally located park
Izzy is stood behind a tree, Karl stood next to her. Susan is in the background, waiting for Pete. Karl is impatient, looking at his watch etc. Izzy says he's not coming. Karl says he should have spoken to him because he met him the other day and they really hit it off. Izzy can't believe it - Susan's done it! Pete walks up to Susan.
SUSAN: Peter?
PETE: Mrs Hoyland?
SUSAN: Oh please, call me Rosie.
'Rosie' thanks Pete for coming, she knows thing have been pretty crazy for him lately. Pete replies that he was too intrigued not to. 'Rosie' explains that she' never seen Isabelle so happy. Pete says that Izzy is a very good person and 'Rosie' thinks they're good for each other. Pete comments that it's a pity he's married. 'Rosie' explains that they could be together if he wanted; divorce isn't impossible. Pete thinks 'Rosie' is pretty liberal for a minister. 'Rosie' just doesn't believe that Pete values money and reputation over love. Pete asks if 'Rosie' doesn't think his heart is breaking - he is walking away from the love of his life to save a marriage that is beyond repair.
Back over with Karl and Izzy, Izzy thinks it's at least a start that Pete is talking to Susan. Karl is shocked and wonders how she did it!
Pete is telling 'Rosie' that he loves Izzy with all his heart, but he's got little kids coming up to him in the streets calling him their hero and he can't let them down. 'Rosie' explains that if Pete doesn't follow his heart, he'll regret it for the rest of his life and how can little kids look up to a man that has no heart? 'Rosie' adds that's it's obvious what he wants and it's not too late to have it. Susan looks towards Izzy, who comes out from behind the tree and smiles at Pete. Susan and Pete walk towards Karl and Izzy and Izzy and Pete hug, reunited. All after three minutes of Susan being On The Case. Now try and say she doesn't deserve to be called NinjaSusa. That was the power of the mind. Karl asks Susan how she did that and Susan replies that it's secret matchmaker business. Izzy asks Karl and Susan to meet 'her man'. Pete's taken aback. Susan? Izzy says yes, she's one of her good friends. Pete explains that he thought she was Izzy's mother. Susan apologises, it was the only thing she could think of to get him there. Pete asks about Karl. Karl seems shocked that Pete didn't remember his name - they met the other day. Izzy thanks them for everything and tells Karl that she hopes that the rest of their stay goes perfectly to plan.
Susan and Karl walk away.
KARL: As if you could be her mother, you're far too young.
SUSAN: And darling, you don't look a day older than Bobby Hoyland.
And I laugh and applaud Susie Q. Timely joke.
Pete realises something. Karl? Is he the father of Izzy's baby?
Ringo is annoyed at Johnny and is asking if he had to upset him and if he couldn't just keep his head in for two minutes. Johnny says he didn't say anything but he knew it would be a waste of time because it always ends in a fight between them. Ringo tells Johnny he'll see him later and signals for him to go. Johnny tells Ringo to grab his things because he's taking him home. Ringo reckons that's not going to happen and Johnny tells him that Gorgeous George can't look after him now. Ringo reiterates that he's staying there and Rosie says she can take care of him. Johnny reckons that's hardly fair on Rosie - he's turned out to be just like George. Rosie asks how that is.
JOHNNY: A two bit shonk who just thinks of himself.
Lolly is irritated and stands up, asking Johnny how dare he. Rosie, a lot calmer and more mature, explains that Frazer is setting a fine example for Ringo, who's a great kid and as far as Frazer goes he's one of the most selfless and decent people Rosie knows. Johnny, taken aback slightly, tells Rosie that she needs to get out a bit more. Rosie asks if that's right? She's starting to see why Frazer felt the need to escape. Johnny tells them to look where he ended up! He calls it payback for all the misery he's caused. He leaves.
You might laugh you might frown, walking around London town
Izzy is explaining to Pete that she's set Karl free for god and after the way she treated him he deserves that much. Pete reckons Izzy has to tell him. Izzy replies that they're about to get remarried, what's she going to do? 'Happy wedding Karl and Susan, by the way, here's a hand grenade.' Pete explains that if she wants them to start a new life together he wants it to be clean. Izzy explains that it is clean - they both know the truth. Pete replies that she knows what he means. Izzy tells him that despite every despicable thing she did, Susan still offered her love and compassion and she can't ruin it for her now. Pete tells Izzy that he loves her and he'll accept any decision she makes but if he was Karl, he'd want to know. Izzy agrees to tell him.
The Ritz Hostel in London
Karl is pacing, and Susan asks if there is any reason he's wearing a hole in the carpet - he's been like a caged animal ever since they got back from dinner. Karl explains, slightly disgustingly, that Indian never sits very well with him. Susan replies that neither does constant movement in her peripheral vision and he's making her feel sea sick. Karl apologises. Susan asks what all the secretive phone calls were about before. Karl replies vaguely that they were telemarketers. Susan points out that he rang them. Karl explains that he was, to tell them to stop calling him. Karl begins to excuse himself, saying that he's got an early start and a big day planned. Susan asks if it starts with a nice breakfast at the Wolseley. Karl says no, they're up bright and early.
KARL: Just because.
SUSAN: Because why?
KARL: It's a surprise.
SUSAN: Oh! What is it?
KARL: Are you familiar with the concept of surprise?
SUSAN: No, no, it's just that Mac and Wozza invited us to go to the footie replay at Downham Park.
KARL: No, no, no, that...
SUSAN: It'll be fun! It will!
KARL: What I've got in mind will be more fun.
Susan reckons it's going to be some kind of eco fair thing and Karl says it won't be. Susan's convinced that it will be, but what is it then? Karl asks her to trust him on this. Susan is insisting that it will be an eco-fair. Karl says fine, it's an eco fair. Why he couldn't have just said a boat ride or something, I'll never know. Susan says see, she knew it would be. Not so Ninja now, are ya Suse?! Karl explains that it will be very interesting. Susan says she's a bit more interested in sleep right now. She does that thing where she rubs his face and kisses him before saying, 'Night, night sweetie.' Karl tucks her in and then we see him look at her lovingly.
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Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5178
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5178
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5178
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5178
Izzy Hoyland

Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5178
Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5178
Elle Robinson, Ned Parker

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5178
Frazer Yeats

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5178
Ringo Brown

Johnny Brown, Ringo Brown, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5178
Johnny Brown, Ringo Brown, Rosie Cammeniti

Pete Gartside, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5178
Pete Gartside, Susan Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5178
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland, Pete Gartside in Neighbours Episode 5178
Izzy Hoyland, Pete Gartside

Rosie Cammeniti, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5178
Rosie Cammeniti, Ringo Brown

Rosie Cammeniti, Johnny Brown in Neighbours Episode 5178
Rosie Cammeniti, Johnny Brown

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5178
Karl Kennedy

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