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Neighbours Episode 5105 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5105: Here Comes the Bribe
Australian airdate: 24/11/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Will Griggs: Christian Clark
Frazer Yeats: Ben Lawson
Rosetta Cammeniti: Natalie Saleeba
Mishka Schneiderova: Deborah Kennedy
Rex Colt: David Serafin
Keith Gilbert: Patrick Frost
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Lara
Lou telling Harry he and Mishka have an immigration interview soon.
Harry tells Carmella that Will is concerned for her; Carmella thinks he's ashamed.
Elle tells Paul she drove Max crazy; Paul being angry with his daughter.
The Scarlet Bar
Mishka practices 'Advance Australia Fair' on Rosetta, and thinks the word 'girt' should be replaced by the word 'surrounded.' Fair point.
Christian and Carmella are chatting, and he tells her that he wants her back, the girl who lay with him on the blanket and looked at the stars; the girl who was intelligent and exciting. The girl he fell in love with. Fell in love with??? After, what, two dates? How is it that people 'fall in love' so quickly with each other?? Are we meant to believe it means something? Anyway, Carmella can't believe that Will loves her.
And neither can I.
Rosie comes over - thank goodness. The one person who makes Carmella interesting. And Carmella announces that she's going to have the surgery. Cos, you know, Will loves her. That's a good reason. Rosie's pleased, and they smooch at the table. (Carmella and Will, not Rosie).
The House of PE where E tells P about B & M and L could help
Elle is apologising to her father over and over again for what she did to Max, and admits that she deserves everything that Boyd is doing to her - he's doing to her what she did to Max. Elle tells Paul that she's going to go to the police, but Paul doesn't think that will help - besides which, she's punishing herself enough. Her father reassures her she's a good kid, and promises that it'll work out.
Probably cos he's planning to bump Boyd off.
Oooh - Lyn can throw him in the lake for good measure.
Number 30 where the tweed just Doesn't Work
Christian and Carmella chat on the sofa and Rosie sits at the table. Christian tells her about a time he hurt his head, and how he slid and hurt his head again in the ambulance. It's neither funny nor interesting, and Rosetta appears to agree, by the look on her face.
Frazer comes in sporting one of Karl's jackets from 1994. Rosie tells him that Carmella is having the operation, and she thanks him for his generosity; he hugs her and she looks rather uncomfortable. That jacket must itch.
The Scarlet Bar in which maybe all Australian Men Are Gay
Mishka recites a poem to Boyd about her feelings for Australia. Boyd looks - and sounds - so like Max, it's freaky.
Mishka's Poem:
Australia is a lovely land,
Its places are so pretty.
It's lovely in the country -
Also lovely in the city.
The men love beer and football;
It makes them feel so gay.
The women are so lucky,
And I'm one of them today.
I wave away a blowfly,
I slap a little mozzy.
And then I smile because I know
I'll soon be dinkum Aussie!
She has another verse, but Boyd is busy, and goes to the back room where he is found by Paul in a Black Serious Suit. Paul asks Boyd if he has proof about what Elle did, and threatens him to leave his daughter alone - or he'll take the Scarlet Bar away and more.
And then gives Boyd those eyes that say "let's go somewhere else" which almost seems like he's eyeing him up. And then I remember that Paul isn't gay. And then I remember that for all I know he might have become gay in an episode that I missed yesterday because I can't guarantee character continuity anymore.
Plus, Mishka's poem intimates it might be true.
(I've never been to Cuba. Bam. Bam, bam.)
Number 30 where even Rosie's talents can't be stretched That Far
Frazer and Rosetta are thinking of going to see a movie, but Rosie doesn't want a violent film. So Frazer picks a romantic one, and Rosie suddenly wants the violent ones back. Rosie admits that she's thought a little about what he said, and she'd like more time, please. Lovely close up shot of Rosie, and she looks *so* like Carmella it's untrue. Frazer starts up on a little monologue about loving someone you really want - and it's all lovely and serious until Rosetta realises it's straight from a romance novel called "Brief Moments" (use your imagination about the content...) and she can't believe that Frazer can't come up with his own lines!
She thinks he's an appalling womaniser, and wants him out the house!
You know, I like Rosetta. She's strong, intelligent, and doesn't need a guy/partner to be happy with herself (unlike most other women in Ramsay Street), and she's funny.
Plus, she's the only character who can make Carmella interesting. Shame she hasn't managed to do the same for Ned.
The House of PE where we learn that bras should Remain Hidden
Elle has made dinner for her dad who's just returned home. He announces that he ran into Boyd at the Scarlet Bar, and had a chat with him; they both apologised and it was all gentlemanly. Elle suggests that Paul would have threatened him in the past:
PAUL: Well it's a good job I've put those days behind me, then.
ELLE: Good for you, Daddy.
The General Store where Janae doesn't Realise Her Beauty
Mishka and Lou are all dressed up for immigration day. Mishka drinks a shot of vodka.
LOU: Mishka! It's only nine thirty.
MISHKA: Well, I have moths in my tummy.
LOU: Butterflies.
MISHKA: Da, they are that big.
Lou doesn't think she should drown the moths. Mishka tells Lou she can't bear to be parted from him again, and he doesn't think she will - she's the only woman in the country who knows all the verses to Advance Australia Fair.
As they leave, Janae enters. She tells Elle that she needs to talk to a friend because Boyd has been with another woman. Elle doesn't really want to listen or hear it, but Janae needs to chat - she thought that Boyd would always choose her, but now she doesn't feel that attractive to him anymore. She wonders if Elle ever feels the same, then realises of course she doesn't.
I didn't get that at first, then I understood - Janae realised Elle had never felt that because she's so beautiful, and Janae herself isn't; that was so, so sad. She tells Elle she obviously needs a Timmins for this chat, and Elle leaves. Poor Janae.
Lassiters where we find Sexual Tension of the Unresolved variety
Rosetta's client, Mr Colt, demands his divorce papers. She tells him they haven't come through, yet. He yells at her, refers to her as a 'sex-etary,' and calls her useless. Paul comes up behind Rosie and defends her brilliance, telling Mr Colt that he owns Lassiters. Because, of course, Rosetta can't defend herself.
Rosie tells Paul she's pleased he helped Carmella decide to have the operation, and Paul needs to make a tweak to his will.
Black Stallion Motors where Rex is King of Nothin'
Rex shows Janae round - he wants her to wash the cars, make them sparkle. She thanks him for taking her on board, but I'm sure the pleasure's all his, when he hands her her uniform.
Immigration Office where they are waiting, waiting, waiting
Mishka and Lou are waiting, and are agreeing to tell the truth about why Mishka is here, and Mishy is worried, because officials don't care about love. An official comes out and calls Lou in.
Law Firm where it's all getting Rather Tedious
Paul tells Rosetta that he needs to start his will from scratch.
Paul's Will - the Summary
Power over his assets - Lyn Scully.
Elle - not to get her hands on Paul's cash without guidance.
His personal details are still current.
So - Rosie says she'll get the new will drawn up. From those two sentences. Wow - she must be a damn good lawyer. Paul comments it's more pleasant working with her than Jarrod. They shake hands and Rosie's all sweaty and nervous.
Man - can't Paul stay consistent in who he likes for more than two weeks?? This is really getting tedious.
Immigration Office where Mishka Sings, Reads and Slips Up
Cutting between Mishka's interview and Lou's interview.
Mishka tells the official they're so in love - before offering him tea cakes and coffee. They both admit the truth about their meeting - they lied about their age, and the official wonders if they're still lying now? Lou tells the official that Mishka lied about being married, and Mishka sings the Advance song - again - where the official looks bored, not knowing there were so many verses.
So Mishka reads her poem.
The official tells Lou and Mishy off the record there's a strong possibility that Mishka will be offered a visa. Mishka takes his hands, and passes some money, where the official tells her this is bribery, and now her chances of staying are more unlikely.
Black Stallion Motors where Rex is Definitely Not Gay
Boyd comes to see Janae, who's dressed in a little yellow outfit, polishing cars. It's a REALLY little yellow outfit. And with fishnets. Boyd doesn't like the uniform, but Janae tells him it's part of the service, and Rex has already taught her heaps - she's going to be a great mechanic!
She doesn't want Boyd to make problems for her, and he agrees - he'll pick her up after work. Boyd goes and Rex approaches her, asking after her husband, suggesting that her husband should realise how lucky he is. Oooh - he's sleazy.
Cut to later and Janae is about to take her lunch break. She asks about working on the motors themselves, but Rex declines for now, before laughing with a colleague that he'll manage to 'bag' her by the end of the week.
Mishka's poem disproved, then. Talking of whom...
Immigration Office where the ship has Sunk Again
Mishka returns from the office with three officials, who inform Lou of Mishka's bribe; Mishka claims that's just the way things are done in her country.
MISHKA: Forgive me, Lou. I sink our ship.
Is that a little reference to the internet (relation)shipping, there?!! How fabulous if it is! I like to think it's a little nod to us!
Mishka goes to kiss Lou goodbye, but the officials drag her off, and won't let her have one kiss.
MISHKA: Goodbye, Lou Bear - I love you.
Lou is left standing without his partner.
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Mishka Schneiderova, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5105
Mishka Schneiderova, Rosie Cammeniti

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5105
Elle Robinson

Will Griggs, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5105
Will Griggs, Carmella Cammeniti

Mishka Schneiderova, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5105
Mishka Schneiderova, Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5105
Boyd Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5105
Boyd Hoyland

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5105
Rosie Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5105
Frazer Yeats

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5105
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5105
Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter

Paul Robinson, Rosie Cammeniti, Rex Colt in Neighbours Episode 5105
Paul Robinson, Rosie Cammeniti, Rex Colt

Rosie Cammeniti, Paul Robinson, Rex Colt in Neighbours Episode 5105
Rosie Cammeniti, Paul Robinson, Rex Colt

Janae Hoyland, Rex Colt in Neighbours Episode 5105
Janae Hoyland, Rex Colt

Keith Gilbert, Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5105
Keith Gilbert, Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter

Paul Robinson, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5105
Paul Robinson, Rosie Cammeniti

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5105
Lou Carpenter

Mishka Schneiderova, Keith Gilbert in Neighbours Episode 5105
Mishka Schneiderova, Keith Gilbert

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5105
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 5105
Mishka Schneiderova

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5105
Lou Carpenter

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