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Neighbours Episode 5047 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5047: Rat On A Hot Tin Roof
Australian airdate: 05/09/2006
UK airdate: 28/11/06
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Loris Timmins - Kate Fitzpatrick
Manicurist - Belinda Di Vito-Radetti
Cameron Robinson - Adam Hunter
Katya Kinski - Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Shona/Izzy-da-vixen
Steph tells Katya to leave town.
Number 28
Susan walks in to find that someone is crawling around in the attic/roof space.
She grabs a rolling pin and is about to confront the intruder when Zeke emerges. He tells her that he was having a look around - he heard a noise on the roof and thought it might be a burglar (a word that has taken me a good twenty seconds to work out how to spell correctly). Susan tells him he's lucky she didn't use her rolling pin on him. Zeke admits he didn't find anything, besides a lot of dust.
Katya walks in and tells Susan that she's moving out.
Loris' House
Loris is getting her nails done and decides to call Ned (who doesn't recognise her the first time). She tells him she was looking forward to another of their sessions and Ned pretends he's got bookings coming out of his ears and might struggle to fit her in. He books her for later that morning.
LORIS: So it's a date then.
NED: Yeah, an appointment.
LORIS: Semantics.
Ned tells her he's very busy and has to go, when all he really has waiting for him is a strict diet of daytime TV, with only Bob for company.
Loris tells her beauty therapist type person they'll have to hurray as her young boyfriend is coming round and they'll have to do something with his hair!
Number 28
Zeke listens from the bedroom corridor as Susan asks Katya if she'd like her to talk to Steph. Katya would rather she didn't. Zeke bursts out of the hallway and tells her she can't leave. Katya says she won't be gone forever but Zeke doesn't understand. Katya tells him it's complicated and Susan tries to hurray Zeke along to school but he hasn't finished - he wants to know why the once-nice Steph is being so horrible! Katya says it isn't Steph's fault and Susan triumphs in marching Zeke off to get changed.
Zeke tells Susan that Alex wouldn't have wanted this - they were meant to stick together. He asks her to talk to Katya but Susan doesn't say anything.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul has decided that hanging up expensive pieces of art in Cam's room is just the thing to rush him back to full health. He's also bringing in a giant plasma screen and set-top box so he'll be comfortable. Paul compares the hospital décor to that of the General Store - neither of which are Paul's cup of tea, it would seem.
Cam tells him to relax but Paul is so excited about him coming to work at Lassiter's. Cam calls him over and mentions about Paul seeing a psychiatrist - if he's going to make some changes then he needs help. Paul says he has Cam to help him out - he doesn't need a shrink to sort him out. Cam runs off some of his recent dirty deeds - Elle's lie, Carmella etc...
CAM: Do you think all of this is normal?
Scarlet Bar
Susan appears, looking for Steph and only finding a RandomMax™, who tells her his wife is 'probably down at the garage' (read as Carla having a day off). He asks Susan to try him - he can be surprisingly helpful. Susan chortles and tells him that she was hoping to change Steph's mind over the whole 'driving-Katya-Kinski-out-of-town' thing.
Max had no idea that Steph had even issued an ultimatum. He wonders if Katya is going to go and Susan says not if she has anything to do with it. Max muses that it might be for the best - until everything cools down. Susan wonders who exactly it would be best for...and what needs to cool down? She thought nothing happened between him and Katya (something which Max strongly agrees with). Why, then, does she have to leave?
Max tells her that Katya's feelings for him are putting a strain on his marriage and it would do everyone a lot of good if she went away for a while. Susan thinks he's being simplistic and selfish - why should Katya have to leave her family for his peace of mind? He's perfectly happy to let her slink off so he can sleep easier at night. Steph's anger and him burying his head in the sand only makes things worse and Katya is devastated by what's happened. They will just have to sort it out like adults because there are two families at stake here. Katya won't be leaving town if Susan has anything to do with it!
Number 22
Paul's got the builders in to adjust the house to make things easier for Cameron. Elle thinks Cam won't hang around when he remembers what she and Paul did but Paul tells Elle he already knows and has forgiven them. He tells Elle to go and see him but she doesn't want to - they don't deserve forgiveness. Paul says Cam has forgiven them as they're family. Now they're starting over.
ELLE: Again.
She has point - exactly how many new leaves has Paul turned? He seems convinced that it's different this time and they can't afford to blow this second chance. Elle, along with the rest of us, has heard it all before.
PAUL: Ah, but have you seen it?
Loris' House
It was only a matter of time before we came back to Ned again. Loris is dressed in sports gear and Ned thinks she has a healthy glow - all down to her makeov-*cough* workout. She says she hasn't touched a G and T in a week (but what was that she was drinking and hid quickly prior to Ned's arrival?) Ned is happy she's made so much progress.
Loris remarks that his business is doing well and Ned lies about being snowed under with clients. She is glad he's doing well - just as long as he still has time to fit in her!
Number 28
Katya zips up the smallest suitcase ever - how long is she going away for, the weekend? Susan arrives home to tell her it doesn't have to be this way. Where will she go? Katya is vague, thinking about staying with friends then maybe going overseas... Susan wants her to at least stay here tonight, to give it more thought. Katya would rather not have to explain it to Rachel and Zeke. Susan says she's worked so hard to bring her family back together - why would she just want to leave it all behind? She thinks it's all a bit drastic but Katya would've done the same, if that studmuffin Max had been her husband.
SUSAN: Are you in love with Max?
Katya turns around and doesn't say anything. Susan says Katya has to sort this out now, otherwise it'll still be an issue when she comes back. Katya thinks she just needs time - three months, a year, perhaps. Susan tells her that if she doesn't sort it out then she'll never feel comfortable here - therefore she'll never come back.
Erinsborough Hospital
Max is at Cam's bedside. Cam weakly asks if he's been there long. Max admits he was trying to work out what to say to him but there's no explanation or excuse that's going to make any difference.
MAX: I'm just so sorry, mate.
Cam understands that he was just trying to protect Katya. But Max says that the pain he's caused Cam is unforgivable...
MAX: I'm sorry.
CAM: It's okay, Max.
Cue Paul and Elle turning up. Paul is livid to see Max and tells him he's not welcome, then barks at him to get out. Afterwards he tells Cam that Max has some nerve but Cam says he came to apologise. Paul thinks it's too little, too late.
Cam thought Paul was going to change and Paul says things will change, but he can't expect him not to be angry. Cam reminds him that anger doesn't help anyone.
CAM (whispers): You promised...
Paul looks pained; he turns away and walks out the room.
Elle walks over to her brother and apologises for lying to him. Cam's breathing is laboured but he manages to say it isn't important now. Elle realises her brother is in serious pain and, when Cam admits that everything's not alright, wants to get Paul. But Cam doesn't want him to know how much pain he's in - he's told the hospital staff to keep it from him too. Elle thinks it's a stupid idea - he should know!
CAM: Elle, listen to me. I'm not sure how much longer I've got.
Erinsborough Hospital
Max and his awful patterned shirt are walking out when Paul catches up with them. Max says he doesn't blame Paul for hating him - he'd feel the same in that position. Paul tells him that it was wrong of him to threaten him as getting angry doesn't solve anything. The way Cam has dealt with this has opened his eyes (Max's too). Paul hopes they can put it behind them. Max hopes that Cam will pull through - he's a tough kid. Paul agrees and walks away.
Loris' House
Loris is doing star-jumps. Once the session has ended Ned asks if she could pay him by cash and not cheque. But Loris always prefers to pay by cheque. Ned admits that she's his only client and his business (and life) are a total mess (hence his need for cash - pronto). He couldn't go back to Oakey because Stu would make fun of him! Poor lamb.
Loris points out his achievements, including his band, but Ned is still all Eeyore-like and gloomy. She tells him to sit down and tell her all about it - the least she can do after unloading her problems onto him last week.
Number 28
Katya walks down the steps with her mini-suitcase and who should drive into the street at that exact moment, to witness this, but Max. He stops for a while and they look at each other before he pulls into number 32's driveway.
Susan arrives back with Zeke, who's less than pleased to see Katya leaving. He runs to her and picks up her suitcase, telling her he doesn't want her to go. Then he realises something - the suitcase is empty! She was just taking it back to the garage, where it lives. Zeke is so mega chuffed he might cry. Susan smiles as the siblings hug.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elle is crying. Cam wants her to promise him she won't tell Paul about his pain. Elle can't lie to him again. Cam says Paul has to see the changes he's making are worth it. Elle says he won't ever change. Cam is adamant that, if he sees just how sick he is, he'll lose it completely. Elle wonders how long they can hide it. As long as possible, says Cam, and if he goes...
Elle cries he's not going anywhere, just as Paul noisily appears with a plasma telly. And that's not all - Cam's meals will all come from Lassiter's. Paul asks if everything's alright and his kids keep up the charade. Paul unveils the meal and Cam thanks him, as Elle struggles not to burst into tears again.
Loris' House
Ned hardly ever chats to people like this. Loris says all he needs is someone to inject capital into his business venture - and she could be just that person. Ned thinks it isn't right, as she's his client. Loris thinks it will benefit both of them. He still thinks she could spend her money on other things but she tells him she can do what she likes with it. Loris thinks they need more ads, a website - a campaign based on Ned to show people he means business!
NED: You'd do that for me?
LORIS: You try and stop me.
Ned gives her a big hug, which Loris seems to rather enjoy.
Number 28
Katya and Susan return with shopping to hear someone clambering about in the roof. Susan wants to know what Zeke's doing up there again and why isn't he at school? Zeke points out that it's still lunchtime (which Susan should really know). He pretends he heard another noise - an insomniac possum, or something.
Susan thinks she should check it out and Zeke tells her not to - it was actually a gross, huge rat thing. Katya is grossed out and she and Susan decide to go out and get some traps. Susan tells Zeke to get back to school - and no more going up into the roof!
Susan just doesn't get it - all the boys who lived there (and some who didn't) have always wanted to get into that roof!
Once Zeke has made sure he's alone he climbs back up the ladder.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul is having trouble tuning his telly. Elle asks about his chat with Max and Paul admits it felt good to be the bigger man. Cam is proud of him. There's more good news - Paul's made an appointment with a psychiatrist. Elle is very surprised - she tried to get him to go for ages. Paul says he should have listened. He's rather looking forward to seeing what his (female) shrink has to offer.
Paul walks out and Cam grimaces, leading Elle to get up and say his name, worriedly. This brings Paul back into the room. He thinks Cam doesn't look great and wants to reschedule his appointment but Cam urges him to go. Paul says he'll be straight back after he's finished.
PAUL: I love you, mate.
CAM: Love you, too.
Paul stalls at the door, whispering to Elle that she should call him if Cam so much as coughs.
Elle returns to her brother, whose breathing has become *very* laboured. Cam tells her to get a doctor - quick!
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5047
Susan Kennedy

Loris Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5047
Loris Timmins

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5047
Paul Robinson

Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5047
Cameron Robinson

Max Hoyland, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5047
Max Hoyland, Susan Kennedy

Elle Robinson, Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5047
Elle Robinson, Cameron Robinson

Loris Timmins, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5047
Loris Timmins, Ned Parker

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5047
Max Hoyland

Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5047
Katya Kinski

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5047
Elle Robinson

Cameron Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5047
Cameron Robinson, Elle Robinson

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