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Neighbours Episode 4980 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4980: Fools Russian In
Australian airdate: 2/6/06
UK airdate: 25/08/06
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Elle Robinson: Pippa Black
Ned Parker: Daniel O'Connor
Mishka Schneiderova: Deborah Kennedy
Garrett Burns: Sebastian Gregory
- "Bitter" by Cindy Ryan
- "Buggin Me" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Clover
Stinger thanking Rachel for trying to warn him about the cops.
Boyd telling Max that he and Janae will prove him wrong but Max just thinking the whole Timmins family is going to drag him down.
Harold telling Mishka he owns No. 24 and Lou has never owned it.
No. 24
Mishka is making some borsht when Lou comes home saying how great a night is it and she asks how she can trust him given his lies. She then turns down his request to taste the borsht and offers it instead to Harold as a sort of peace offering and gets very up close and personal with him at the same time. Harold doesn't like the attention she is giving him and telling him how to play solitaire either. Lou asks if he has time for a shower before dinner and she assures him he does...then Mishka announces that dinner is ready to be served! She dishes up *big* servings to Sky, Harold and herself (even though they didn't want a big serving) leaving Lou with the pot...an empty pot. Lou isn't amused to be told he has to cook his own supper.
No. 28
Susan cottons onto Rachel's stalling tactics to avoid going out on her date with Garrett and reminds her when she starts talking about Stinger that he is too old for her. To get her to go on the date, Susan volunteers to drive but un-offers when Rachel says turning up to a first date with a teacher wouldn't go down well, so she will walk instead.
No. 32
Boyd and Steph look through the photos he took of Janae from the wedding wondering which one of the many can be deleted while Max sits and read the paper. Boyd departs to get a drink and Steph goes over to sit beside Max commenting on how sweet and in love Boyd is. Max isn't exactly enthusiastic so Steph makes a joke about not deleting a photo of her and Max remarks that it isn't her photo that will be appearing on wanted posters. This gets them talking about what Kim did and Steph reminds him that Janae had nothing to do with what Kim did and isn't proud of it either. Steph adds that the way he is carrying on he is going to lose Boyd forever.
MAX: What am I supposed to do, sit by and say nothing? Grin and bear it?
STEPH: Max, you are labelling this marriage a disaster without giving it a chance.
MAX: Janae's dad is on the run from the cops, her two brothers are ex-cons and her mother; she thinks lying to the police is a sport.
STEPH: Well for the last time Boyd's marring Janae, not her family.
MAX: Okay, but how can Janae turn out any different? That's all she's ever known.
STEPH: Fine. Say goodbye to your son.
MAX: Look, I just don't want him throwing his life away.
STEPH: Well you know that's Boyd's choice to make, not yours. You've just got to love and support him Max.
MAX: I can't support him. Not on this.
STEPH: Well though, you have to. It's what being a dad is all about.
No. 30
Oh no, Karl and his guitar has turned up at No. 30 wondering if their group is still on or not with Connor leaving. Ned replies that he wants it to continue but with Karl supporting him as he plays the guitar. Karl is a bit shocked at Ned's idea and tries to say he is more experienced than Ned but cheers up immensely when Ned announces that he's been offered a paying gig. Karl remarks that he has been trying years to get one of them! Ned hands over the songs he wants to perform at the birthday gig for Karl to learn.
The General Store
Boyd and Max arrive at the store still talking about what Kim did. Their conversation brings up honesty and Max tries to explain the real reasons behind wanting the two of them to live together and Boyd replies that it has shown him what being married to Janae is like and he liked it and wants to carry it through to actually marrying her. Max still thinks this isn't the best road to go down and has a sudden thought and asks Boyd if he's about to become a dad, which Boyd denies. Breathing a sigh of relief, he wants to know why he wants to get married and adds that he is just looking out for his son and denies Boyd's accusation that he is putting Janae down. Max asks him to look outside the package because he can see the reality of who Janae is and who her family are.
BOYD: You are unbelievable. Look, you can say whatever you want about Janae and her family but it won't change the way I feel about her. I love her and I'm going to marry her with or without your blessing.
Commercial break over, Sky appears and Elle asks if she feels better. Sky replies that she doesn't know what came over her, it was like she was having a hot flush and Elle jokes that she is too young to go through the menopause. Elle is pleased to hear Sky say that she hates her job and offers a solution to when things get bad - phone Izzy on her mobile and order Chinese food!
Garrett has been waiting patiently for Rachel to arrive and when she eventually comes in, gives her a slightly damaged white rose when they sit down at a table. Their date is uncomfortable to say the least with nobody exactly keen to talk, so Rachel suggests they order instead. She suggests things that are good to eat and he looks rather worried and eventually admits he only has $9.50, so Rachel suggests that they share a slice of mud cake instead.
Call centre
Sky gets a knock back from her caller and Elle suggests flirting with the callers instead to improve her chances of a sale. She subtly hints at someone she could try selling some plastic tubs to and Sky dials a number - Susan's! She isn't exactly thrilled to get a call during her dinner and hangs up on Sky.
Feeling frustrated with how things are going, she pulls off her headset and gets the other employees attention to tell them that they shouldn't be forced into calling people who don't want to buy their goods and urges them to walk out. Elle totally agrees with Sky and she takes off her headset and follows Sky out of the building while the other employees put back on their headsets and continue with their work.
SKY: God I wish I was alive in the sixties.
No. 32
Max tells Steph of what happened in TGS with Boyd and that Boyd didn't want to listen. Steph reminds him that it was he who was supposed to listen, not Boyd. Max says that Boyd is so in love that he isn't thinking logically. Steph suggests they give talking to Boyd another go when the headache Max has goes.
MAX: He thinks he's an adult? We'll see how he responds when he realises there are adult consequences.
Steph urges him to admit defeat and to give Boyd his blessing and Max replies that there is one thing that he hasn't tried as we head into the commercial break.
Scarlet Bar
Susan conveniently runs into Karl at the bar and they joke about his music before Karl mentions the paid gig he and Ned have, which Susan is astonished to hear! Karl politely says that he doesn't want her company as he has lines to learn and as she heads off to get a drink, Sky and Elle come in. Sky apologises to her for phoning and to thank her for giving her the push she needed to quit because now she can concentrate on getting something she really wants to do. Elle also mentions that she quit too and is going to go into retail - buying things this time... with the aid of daddy's money.
SKY: That's not a job.
ELLE: No, it's a calling.
The General Store
Rachel looks absolutely bored on her date as Garrett whittles on about computer games. Once he pays the bill, Rachel announces that she is off home but accepts his offer to walk her home.
They leave and Harold and Lou enter with Harold complaining about something Mishka said about opera. Lou tells him to ignore that, he wants to talk to Harold about how he thinks Mishka is coming onto Harold! Harold firmly replies that he doesn't like it one bit at all and suggests it is just a game to make him jealous. Lou obviously hasn't thought of that before, so Harold suggests he calls Mishka's bluff by telling her that she either treats him with respect or she can move out! Lou is very interested in this plan and tells Harold he is locking up while he goes home to put Harold's theory to the test, thanking him for being his life saver.
HAROLD: Dare say I am. If things don't fixed up at home I'm going to poison the both of you!
No. 28
Garrett escorts Rachel home and departs without his good night kiss that he was obviously expecting (Susan has a huge grin on her face at this point). They talk about their date and Rachel admits their date wasn't like when she is with Stinger - there they talk about things that matter, whereas Garrett was like the boys in her class - only into sports and computer games. Susan suggests that is because she knows Stinger better and it just takes time to do the same with someone new before adding that he obviously liked her. "But not like that," replies Rachel and Susan mentions that he was desperate for a good night kiss.
RACHEL: Did he?
SUSAN: And at his teacher's house. Pretty gutsy!
The lightbulb has just gone off in Rachel's head when she comes to the conclusion that Garrett likes her.
No. 24
Lou arrives home and sees Mishka eating the chocolates he bought her while watching the TV and makes a remark about it. She has a little dig at him back before Lou puts into action Harold's plan and tells her that he's had enough of her insulting him and tells her that she either starts treating him with respect or she finds somewhere else to stay.
MISHKA: ( laughs in his face) This not communist house! You not own, so you cannot say to go.
Lou informs her that he has spoken to Harold and has his permission to tell her to go so she calls his bluff and informs him that she is off. Lou hasn't bargained on this and asks where she will go and she replies back to Russia where she doesn't need to see his face again! Harold arrives home with some headless gingerbread mean as Jane volunteered to lock up and Lou thanks him *not* for his great advice as we head into the last commercial break.
Break over and Lou is pleading with Mishka to come out of her room so they can talk and Harold shouts from the kitchen how long is he going to keep this up? Lou isn't exactly happy at Harold for the "advice" that was given as Sky arrives home wondering if she's missed something.
HAROLD: Oh, Mishka's locked herself in the room. Lou blames me for lying about who owns the house and now I can't get this top on the headless gingerbread men.
SKY: ???
HAROLD: Well you did ask.
In the background we hear Lou pleading for her to stay and Sky asks what the problem is. Harold takes her to the sofa to say just as Mishka and her bags come out, with Lou pleading for her to stay because he loves her and can't live without her. Mishka sounds surprised to her Lou say he loves her and wonders if it is another lie from him. Lou tells her that he doesn't lie about important things and she is very important to him.
MISHKA: So you do love me?
LOU: Very much.
From the sofa, Harold breaths a huge sigh of relief as Mishka and Lou hug each other while Sky tries hard not to laugh.
No. 32
Max switches off the TV and tells Boyd they need to talk and Steph replies that she is the one watching the TV as Boyd has his music on. Boyd unplugs himself to hear Max say they need to chat about his future, and Boyd isn't exactly keen on listening to yet another one and wonders how many they can cram into one day! Max replies that Boyd jumps down his throat before he gets a chance to say what he wants to say, so Boyd asks his dad what he wants to say.
MAX: Look I know you are in love with Janae and I understand that you have every right to be but what you don't have is the right to ignore my advice, not while you are living under my roof.
Steph says "Max" in a way that means he shouldn't be saying this but he replies that he knows what he is doing. Boyd asks if Max wants him to move out and Steph quickly says "of course not".
MAX: No, I don't want you to move out. What I'm saying is you either put your studies first and you cancel this marriage to Janae or yes, you're out.
STEPH: (rolling her eyes) Max.
MAX: I'm sorry mate but that's where we're at.
Boyd just shakes his head.
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Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4980
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova

Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4980
Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4980
Janae Timmins

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4980
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Sky Mangel, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4980
Sky Mangel, Elle Robinson

Garrett Burns in Neighbours Episode 4980
Garrett Burns

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4980
Sky Mangel

Susan Kennedy, Garrett Burns, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4980
Susan Kennedy, Garrett Burns, Rachel Kinski

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4980
Mishka Schneiderova

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4980
Mishka Schneiderova

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel, Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4980
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel, Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4980
Max Hoyland

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