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Neighbours Episode 4974 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4974: Tool's Paradise
Australian airdate: 25/05/06
UK airdate: 17/08/06
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kim Timmins - Brett Swain
Mishka Schneiderova - Deborah Kennedy
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Jeremai
- Kim fessing up to Janelle about his shoddy dealings
- Lou promising Harold to tell Mishka the truth about the house
- Dylan telling Kim to get out of his way... not very nicely
Scarlet Bar - Night
Kim is sticking to his guns but Dylan won't let him stop him from leaving. Kim reminds him that he and Janelle will always be there for him, and asks if he really wants to go out on his own. Dylan throws it back at him, saying that he told his folks to shove off and surfed for 20 years. At least he is getting on with his life and making money the only way he knows how. Kim asks why Dylan's given up on life, but Dylan doesn't want to take it. Kim states that it's Sky is the only reason why he would be this angry. Dylan thinks she's just another reason to trust no one. Kim asks him if he really means it.
DYLAN: I loved her. She chucked it back in my face. I thought when you told someone you loved them it was worth something. I was wrong.
Number 32
We're in the Hoylands' bedroom, which strangely enough looks like Number 30's lounge room but with a bed and a few bedroom-like-bits. Steph amd Max are asleep when ickle Charlie gives out a cry. Max says hello and gets up to tend to him. Steph tells him that the clean bottle is in the sterilizer. Maxy picks up bubs and brings him over to Steph for some mother and son love.
Janae is giving out instructions to Boyd on how to heat the milk but he thinks the microwave is quicker than her suggestion of heating the bottle in hot water. She thinks that him putting it on for one minute is too long and it will overheat. Boyd tells her that he's had more experience around babies; it's all routine for him. Janae says it's fine, she's leaving. Max arrives just in time to say goodbye. Boyd tells him they heard Charlie wake up and thought he might've wanted a feed. Max thanks him and casually asks if everything is fine with Janae. Boyd says it's fine; she'll get over it. Max can see she gets annoyed quite a bit but Boydy thinks it's all good.
Scarlet Bar
Dylan is fessing up to how he feels finally! He really, really loved Sky and it was like a kick in the guts. Kim says that's no reason to fly off the deep end; she did the wrong thing not him. He was honest with her, upfront with her from the start. Dylan tells him yeah but he's ended up looking like a tool. Kim thinks that if he's going to use the pirating DVD business to prove the whole world if against him and it's dog eat dog, yep. Dylan doesn't think he's trying to prove anything but he has gone into petty crime, taking risks just to prove he can be dangerous... it was Kim that inspired him. Hmmm. Kim explains that when he started it was meant to be a one off small time thing. Dylan says he turned that small thing into a big business and no one was getting hurt. Yeah, not yet. Kim wants him to pack the whole thing up and get back on the straight and narrow. Dylan agrees.
General Store
Mishka, Lou are here to get... bread after the theatre, they are having people around at their house. Mishka is trying to explain to Lou what theatre actually is. Harold comes in with his Salvation Army mates after their recording session. After three takes they were done. Lou can't wait to hear it, and luckily for him Harold is going back to his house with the others to listen to it. Lou wobbling his chin like Harold over this dilemma, Mishka carrying two loafs of bread says that's fine, they are having a big party at the house. Harold isn't too impressed, asking when he was going to be informed. Lou tells him that these things come up and besides he thought Harold would be recording all night. Harry suggests Lou use the store, but Lou thinks he could. They have a bit of argument over the fact Harold has to play his music until Mishka steps in saying the house is Lou's and Harold is just a guest. Harold's defeated, not wanting to upset 'Lou Bear'. That pleases Lou, calling their friends to follow in Russian (please don't ask me to spell out the word!).
Number 32
Back in Number 30's lounge room Steph and Max's bedroom Max asks if Steph had heard Janae leave before and informs her that her and Boyd have had another one of their little tiffs. Steph tells him they are young and in love so giving each other some space after all miscommunications isn't a bad idea. Ah he knew that, but he was wondering if they didn't have that space how long they would last. Steph can tell he's onto something, asking... what he's onto. Max was wondering if it wouldn't be a bad idea if they found out what marriage is really like, maybe they should shack up atht heir place. Charlie doesn't seem to care.
Ramsay Street - Day
Harold's out gardening when he comes across a bottle. He shows a conveniently walking up to him Lou and Mishka. Lou thinks it was just a hooligan but no hooligan drinks Vodka, Russians do. Mishka sometimes thinks that Harold doesn't understand that he's lucky, he should be cleaning because it's the least he can do for Lou. Harold wants a word with Lou right this minute. Mishka reminds Harold he's lucky before going to put the kettle on. Harold wants Lou to tell her the truth, the longer he leaves it the harder it will be. Lou explains that her house was snatched from her by the government and she had to live on the street. Over here she feels secure, safe and like a duchess. How can Lou take that away? He leaves a disgruntled Harold to keep doing his gardening.
Number 26
Eww Stingray has a fake cut on his face. He rips it off and asks Bree for the film section of the newspaper, or just any section. Nope she needs to check to make sure the bubble boy thing has blown over so can he shut up. He really wants one though. Kim and Dylan join the family breakfast fun.
EVERYONE (in unison to Stingray): Shut up!
Kim announces that they are crime free. There might not be as much cash lying around but that's not the most important thing. They'll still have their bells on whistles re-wedding... sort of. Kim tells her he's got a fair amount stashed away where the banks can't touch it. Stingray absentmindedly looks at his tomato sauce in a bowl while Janae starts her 'it's not fair' routine. Kim says they won't let her get married but she doesn't see why she should listen to them. Janelle's a spoilt brat, Kim and Dylan are petty crims and Bree started up some bubble boy story for the papers. She doesn't see how they have any right to criticise her. Kim still won't let her get married. Stingray asks if it's okay for him to use the rest of the tomato sauce and reminds Bree they're on set in five minutes. He orders Janae and Bree to get a move on, he's going to change. Janelle leaves to get ready for work leaving Kim to say to Dylan he thought they would take the news better.
Ramsay Street
OMG! Gah! It's a scary zombie! Actually it's Stingray in really funny makeup, mummy like clothing and slicked back hair after Janae who's in a hood and cape. Janae is acting right until she gets the begeebers over Stingray touching her; she doesn't want that. Stingray assures her it's just tomato sauce and food dye. She doesn't want him touching her because it's disgusting. Bree is still filming there... Stingray wants Janae to stop her whinging and act scared. Janae asks why her character doesn't just run away, Stingray replying it's because of a sprained ankle. Bree asks if he thinks it's a bit corny, it's a bit predictable. Boyd pops up out of nowhere and compliments Stingray's makeup. Stingray laughs then roars in his face randomly hehe. Boydy tells Janae that Steph and Max want to talk to them about most likely the wedding and how they are going to stop them. Janae asks if they want them now and leave with Boyd.
Stingray isn't too impressed but carries on regardless, they'll do the victim stuff later. Ah damn now Rachel interrupts asking what's going on. Bree is only doing Stingrays video unless there is something better... there is, Rachel got a phone call from Garret Burns asking her out. Bree ditches the camera thinking this is a better deal. Stingray is right royally annoyed.
Number 32
Everyone is at the dining room table, Boyd asking Max why now. I'm assuming Max has told them his plan. He thought the teens would be up for it. Boyd says they are but after they're married. Max tells him it's the new millennium they are allowed to live together before tying the knot. Janae asks if he's okay with the whole wedding then. He isn't but he's trying to be supportive and the whole over my dead body bit was an overreaction. Boyd thanks his dad and Steph... but Steph tells him it's all Max's idea. Boyd doesn't know what kind of place they will be able to afford. Max says he doesn't need to move out, while they can't afford it they are welcome at their place. They are both a bit shocked by that.
Ramsay Street
Harold and Lou is running after a chainsaw wielding Mishka, she wants to cut down one of his trees to make a vegetable patch. Harold tells her they have one out the back but she wants to make a new one, the tree is rubbish. Harold thinks it's a perfectly good native tree. Mishka decides to recite one of the sayings they have in Russia "Just because you put the manure out does not mean the soil is all you tulip" as far as my deciphering fake accent skills go. What the? That's pretty much Harold's reaction too. Mishka tries to get Lou on side about her plans for a new productive garden but he thinks they should take a rest from gardening and have a nice morning tea. He practically drags her away, her complaining that she wants to work and she isn't dressed up for going out.
In Number 26's driveway Stingray in clean clothes but still in the zombie makeup is walking along and looks up to see Rachel and Bree walking down the street. Dylan joins him saying he knows she's a top chick. Stingray gets defensive then tells Dylan it doesn't matter because she's seeing Garret Burns. The little brother of Warren - it's the maggot family according to them! But Stingray can't tell her because she'll think he's being jealous. They turn to look at Kim after he calls out. He tells them the DVD money is gone. Cue frantic searching in the garage.
Inside Number 26...
Kim's panicking because they can't call the cops about it. Ah Janelle is home.
JANELLE: Oooh It looks like the starting gate of the Melbourne cup. Nothing but long faces!
Kim tells her they've been robbed, all the money he stashed is gone. She isn't that fussed, saying it'll be okay. Kim says he's telling the truth - it's all gone. She says maybe it isn't all gone, more like invested. Did he really think she wanted the big wedding, nothing else mattered. She was excited and got carried away and forgot what it was really about; family and sticking together. She took the money and put a deposit on a house. Paradise Lakes, it might not be waterfront but it's still a home of their own. They can't believe it! A fancy wedding never beat bricks and mortar. All three hug and celebrate their new homeness. Yay!
Scarlet Bar
Lou explains to Mishka he never meant to lie to her but she made assumptions and one thing lead to another. The house is technically Harold's. She asks where his house is, so he explains about Trixie and the fact he's had a very colourful financial life. He's not broke he just doesn't have.. a house. Msihka doesn't understand, he has money but no house. Why has he told so many lies? She asks if he's ashamed to be homeless. He isn't at all the truth is he signed the house over to Harold in a card game. Of course he doesn't want her to tell anyone and she won't, but at the same time she wants to get the house back for Lou. Maybe she'll invite Harold into a card game. Lou doesn't think he would go for that, he gave it up you see But Mishka is sure he will, and she will get that house back for her Lou Bear. Happy collecting donations Harold waves at them.
Number 32
Janelle and Kim are over to talk to Steph and Max, Janae and Boyd are listening in the hallway. Janelle and Kim can't believe Max's 180. First he didn't want them to get married but now he's inviting her to live with them just as they got a house of their own. Steph and Max are surprised at the fact they have a house, and congratulate them. Janelle was hoping all the kids would be moving in there with them but now she should be encouraging Janae to move out. Max tells her to hold up it all sounds bung but hear him out. Steph explains that he's hoping that having Janae and Boyd live together will help them see what they are getting themselves into. Kim asks what if they like it but Max gives a guarantee that they will not like it at all. Janae will be back home before they know it, both of the teens don't have the maturity to resolve a disagreement. But if they are living with each other... Janelle and Kim are liking this idea, but Boyd and Janae sure aren't with their scowls at thin air.
Number 26
Janelle and Kim are flicking through a pamphlet on Paradise Lakes and all the cool stuff it has there. Bree asks if there is a library but Janelle doesn't know. Janelle can see Bree isn't that excited about it. She's just found it a big surprise the big re-wedding is now off. Janelle and Kim tell her it isn't, it just won't be as big. Except for the fact they have already paid for the fancy cars and reception.
Janae comes in with her suitcase saying she thought the big re-wedding was meant to take the curse off them. Janelle says it's about how her and Kim feel about each other even if she has to wear her PJs (she checks to make sure they paid for the dress - they have) and they're doing it to spite their nana and pop. A new house will benefit them all. Stingray and Dylan run in to join the family fun and look like doofuses. Janae can't see that this how this will help her. Bree doesn't get what she's talking about so Janae explains that she's moving in with Boyd. Dyln and Stingray don't believe it, Stingray asking the folks to bring her back to earth. They confirm it's true, she's old enough. Janae has a lot to do so she better leave them. Before she goes Bree gets upset, saying if she leaves she may as well never come back. Janae thought she would be happy, she finally gets her own room for once. Bree doesn't want her own room, she likes sharing hers. Janae leaves, saying she'll pick up some things later. Bree sits on the sofa all upset, so Janelle assures her that her sister might be back before she knows it.
Number 26
Aww no Cassie is on the ground breathing heavily while Rachel sits and pats her. Stingray shows up, asking what's up. Rachel thinks Cassie must be sick, she's been acting weird lately. Stingray says that's been going around lately. Rachel asks what he means by that which I don't blame. He meant Janae, she's moving in with Boyd. She asks if that's what he's gone over there to tell her. No he wanted to talk to her about Garret Burns, he's no good. He's not being jealous he's being a friend. Rachel gets angry, asking if it's the whole he can't have her so no one can thing. He knows his brother and the girls he went out with, he just wants her to be careful. Rachel doesn't care what he has to say, and did he have any idea how she felt when he told her he was seeing someone else. All she wants to do is put him behind her. He doesn't think she should with this guy.
RACHEL: Leave me alone. I don't need your advice or your protection.
STINGRAY: I thought we were still going to be friends Rach.
RACHEL: No we're not! Now just go away!
And that's exactly what he does.
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Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins

Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4974
Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins

Lou Carpenter, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4974
Lou Carpenter, Mishka Schneiderova

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4974
Harold Bishop

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4974
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4974
Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova, Lou Carpenter

Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Boyd Hoyland, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Stingray Timmins, Boyd Hoyland, Bree Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins

Max Hoyland, Janae Timmins, Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4974
Max Hoyland, Janae Timmins, Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4974
Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova

Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Janelle Timmins, Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4974
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova

Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4974
Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Janelle Timmins, Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4974
Janelle Timmins, Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4974
Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Casserole the sheep in Neighbours Episode 4974
Casserole the sheep

Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4974
Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski

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