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Neighbours Episode 4944 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4944: Dinner Takes It All
Australian airdate: 13/04/06
UK airdate: 22/06/06
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Elle Robinson - Pippa Black
Robert Robinson - Adam Hunter
Random Policeman - Stefan Wycisk
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
- "Sublime" by Shakaya
Summary/Images by: Kellie
Dylan realising they are short $200.
Paul handing over a new drink to Stingray to try.
Stingray accidentally leaving it at Katya's.
CamRob asking Katya out to dinner.
Sky gushing over JP.
Number 24
Dylan's cleaning up Sky's artwork that's scattered around but she still won't go over to Paul's. Dylan begs her, he hasn't been the employee of the month and it's all sucking up to the boss. And if she goes he'll sweep up, stretch her canvases for her and even pose nude with Neddy in the uni courtyard! Sky's too afraid she might say something to Paul and Izzy that she means. Dylan tells her that's it's only a couple of hours and she only has to smile sweetly. She finally relents, seeing the fun side to it. Dylan rips her smock off he's that happy, kissing her neck and dragging her to the door. She wants to know if he will really pose nude with Ned for her. I think he'll get back to her.
Scarlet Bar
Katya's getting a pep talk from Susan about having a date with CamRob. With the kids and work having a boyfriend isn't on the top of her list of priorities. Susan can see that it isn't all, maybe she's finding it hard to trust people again. Katya admits she's right, Susan saying that CamRob is a good choice (pah!). Susan brings her around with her talk on a candlelight dinner, sweet talk... Katya thinks he is appealing. Susan thinks she should call him! And she will!
Number 22
Paul's all happy because Dylan's come around with the news that Sky will be coming, and with some wine. Izzy doesn't seem to pleased.
In the kitchen CamRob answers his phone, it's Katya for those playing at home. CamRob gets very forward and to the point here, presuming this is a yes to his dinner offer. A bit stunned by his directness, Katya says it is. He suggests Scarlet Bar at seven thirty and offers to pick her up if she needs it. Nah she'll be right. SneakyElle and SlySuze are listening in as CamRob and Katya finish the call. Susan gives Katya a happy look and we now head back to Number 22.
Elle asks if there is a woman alive that Cammy can't charm. She wants to go dress him for night but he doesn't want her too. She drags him off to get changed anyway.
Katya's Apartment - Night
Rachel's helping finish off Katya's outfit. Katya asks if it's too much but really it isn't. Rachel asks what's wrong, Katya replying that she didn't think she would be getting into this dating thing so soon. Rachel says it's only dinner, he isn't going to be proposing. Sitting down suddenly on the sofa, Katya thinks that because she won't be letting it go anywhere she can't see the point in going. She's about to ring him but Rachel won't let her. She only knows a few people there so she should get out more. Zeke wanders in to sit with them, Katya saying she thought he was having dinner at Bree's. He tells her that things at that house are all wrong, they're all being nice and caring. It's scary! Katya has to go, her cab has arrived. She orders him to do his homework and watch only one hour of TV... oh and there is pasta in the fridge and not to open the door to anyone! Rachel assures her not to worry about them, just to have fun.
Now Katya's out Rachel tells Zeke to call his friends, she's already called all of hers. Zeke asks her if she heard the rules. She has, but surely they can do all of those things with friends over and a bit of music. Rachel says that it's a teenage tradition and that Katya practically expects them to do it, so he calls some peeps while she gets changed. Hmm.
Number 22
CamRob comes down in his little suit, Elle not impressed by the lack of the vest. She insists he wear it no matter how preppy it is but he doesn't want her to go to any trouble. She says it's no trouble, besides, it's The Edge. He doesn't get it either. She adds that it's over Rob. That when Tanya (Rob's old girlfriend) was back in year eight she said that Rob was a sloppy kisser (eww), so she watched Cam train on an orange so he was better. CamRob says that Rob mustn't have been happy that she went out with him straight after... Rob. It didn't last long for either of them anyway. Elle thought that Cam and Tanya were good together, and she still blames Rob for breaking them up. All the girls hate him because he's a weirdo and Cam is uber cool. He leaves vestless, about to tuck his shirt before walking out of the house but Elle gets to him.
Katya's Apartment
Teenybopper party! Rachel's sitting with her mates looking at magazines when Zeke comes over for some snacks. Rachel thought Zeke had called his friends. He explains that his friend's aren't allowed out late, picking up the bottle of alcohol Stingray had left that has mysteriously been found and placed on the coffee table. He heads over to a chair, Rachel following saying she had told her friends that boys were coming - his friends. Bit young for them... Zeke says they shouldn't even be there in the first place, commenting that his drink tastes funny. She should just tell them to go home, Rachel made a mistake. He leaves to do his homework.
Scarlet Bar
Ooo CamRob and Katya are on their date, being annoyed by yahoos playing pool. CamRob thinks they should've gone somewhere else but Katya likes it; it's casual. CamRob notices a table wobble so goes to fix it - almost spilling their drinks in the process. After cracking a bad cricket joke that doesn't go down well, CamRob admits he thinks he's trying too hard and is nervous. Katya thought that from the phone call he would be confident. She says she hasn't been on many dates. He asks what kinds she goes on, Katya gets out of it by saying that with her job she never finds the time. CamRob is honoured she's on a date with him, thinking they should do something special. She doesn't want too because starting small can lead onto a second date. CamRob likes the sound of this and besides, they have a heap in common they haven't even touched on yet.
CAMROB: Like what does an orderly at Erinsborough Hospital need to know. What's the deal with Dr Wilcock, is that his real hair?
KATYA: Apparently it is.
CAMROB: Well I'm just going to have to give it a yank one day and find out!
This seems to break up the awkwardness. They decide to order.
Number 22
They're having chocolate fondue, Izzy feeding Paul a strawberry covered in chocolate, saying it's good on other things besides fruit and going in for the pash. That's either ick or cute depending on what shipper you are. Sky is obviously disgusted, Dylan and Elle complaining. Paul apologises but Dylan doesn't see the need - he thinks this stuff is great and tries to get Sky to agree. She'd rather go to the bathroom. Izzy apologises for having a soul connection, she's in love... with chocolate. Elle tells them to stop it, it's disgusting. Izzy says she's only having fun so Elle points out no one else is, and Sky can't stand it. Izzy is about to go on the attack when Paul quietens her down. Dylan adds his two cents worth; that she hasn't been able to kick back recently. Paul says there's nothing more tedious, Dylan agreeing. She's turned into a new person thanks to that Jean-Pierre Valasco. He knows she's into it but Sky's forgotten that people want to talk about other things. Paul suggests he broaden his outlook but Dylan says there's only so far you can go. Oh dear mate Sky has been listening to all that.
Scarlet Bar
CamRob's talking about how he was nervous for Elle when she went to see Paul. He mentions that even though he hasn't seen him for so long he can feel close to his dad. Katya says that things weren't too good with her and her dad. CamRob flies off at the mouth about him again, that Rob never got on with dad and he's not sure they ever will. Katya's glad she worked things out with her dad before it was too late, but she doesn't know if anything will make up for the time they lost. CamRob tells her she's a survivor, that's what's made her strong. CamRob can see how parents shape us to be who we are, Katya agrees. Oh CamRob pulls out a famous pick up line, that does it all of a sudden feel like they have known each other all their lives, touching her hand.
Number 24
Dylan are back to an empty house, Dylan wanting to show her how much he appreciates her going to Paul's. She isn't happy with him, confronting him about what he said after Paul and Izzy played "saucy chocolate lady". He says he was only kidding around. She doesn't find it funny though, it was at her's and JP's expense. Dylan apologises for making a crack about the great artist. Sky tells him that she went to dinner as a favour to him, but he agrees with Paul that she's tedious. He denies say that but she heard him and now he's just trying smooth it all over. Dylan won't deny about making a few cracks but can she blame him? He thinks she should take a good look at herself. She's obsessed about what she's doing and how fabtastic JP is. She reminds him that he encouraged her to go to art school.
SKY: Sorry for not being bored with it yet.
DYLAN: Other people have interests too.
SKY: Good for them.
DYLAN: I wasn't going to say anything but...
SKY: Oh no, go on. Say it.
DYLAN: Well you better take a seat, coz it's going to take a while.
Katya's Apartment
The party is still going strong. Susan has let herself in, surveying the scene and the fact Zeke is passed out on the couch. She turns the music off and asks Rachel where Katya is. Rachel explains that she's gone out for a while and it's okay, they are just doing homework (dancing is homework?). Susan asks how long she's been gone, not happy with the fact it's been an hour or two. Rachel assures her it's still okay, she's out with Cam. Susan still isn't happy because she could've looked after them. Rachel tells her they don't need looking after. Susan turns her attention to Zeke, because how can that boy sleep with all that noise? Rachel doesn't know, he said he was feeling sick. She says to him that if he is tired he should go to bed. Susan goes over to him, shaking him but he won't wake up. She picks up the bottle of booze, asking Rachel what is going on - he's drunk alcohol! They try to wake him up but can't.
Rachel leaps up when Susan comes out of a hospital room telling her it didn't take him much to be knocked for a six. He'll be on a drip for a few hours and tomorrow he will feel pretty ordinary. Rachel apologises saying she didn't have any idea, and how could he not tell it was alcohol. Susan says it's so sweet he probably couldn't tell. Rachel thinks he should've known something wasn't right with it. Susan tells her that her brother isn't to blame, asking if this is the sort of thing they get up to when Katya leaves. Rachel promises it isn't and that they didn't have alcohol. That Stingray must've accidentally left it and she thought it was soft drink. Susan comments that drinking at their age isn't too good, their bodies aren't ready for it. Katya runs up asking if Zeke's okay. Susan tells her it's fine and that she wants to speak to her. Katya wants to see him but Susan wants a word, now. They walk off to chat.
Number 22
Sky has taken that seat on the sofa, Dylan saying that she's been sucked in by JPs routine. He asks if she really believe his name is Jean-Pierre; it could be Bruce. He's spot on there but Sky doesn't say so. Dylan continues with that when JP treated her like dirt she didn't like him, but as soon as he says she's talented she's his number one fan. She admits that it took her a while to get who he was but now he's really helping her and she's grateful. Dylan says that for her to go from his enemy to his best friend, it's all a game to him. Sky thinks Dylan's jealous. She only works close with him, like Dylan and Elle. That's what Dylan's thinking, he thinks they might be drifting apart. He's spending a lot of time on his new job and she's moving into some life that he's not a part of. Sky tells him paying her out to Paul won't help and he apologises but she hasn't come around to show him a drawing in ages.
DYLAN: You used to come around all the time with ideas and drawings you wanted to talk about. I dig your art and I was always a part of it. That's been taken away from me. From us.
SKY: You say all these stupid things but it comes from a good place. I'm really sorry if I've been into my own thing a bit.
Dylan isn't happy with her saying it was just a bit. She doesn't think it's any better than him slagging her off. So if they have a problem they should be mature and talk about it. She reminds him they still have the house to themselves but Dylan wants to call it a night. She follows him to the door asking if he's still cranky. Well he was totally honest and just laid it all out on the floor and she's still giving him warnings and telling him to behave. She asks if that's how he wants to end tonight. He did have better plans but it is what it is. He leaves Sky to think about what happened.
Number 22
Paul and Izzy are doing the dishes. She tells him that she's never said this before but she does love him... or ukulele music. He asks if she's got anymore of these gems. She says she doesn't but gives him another one. He wants to know if she spends all day thinking these up but she doesn't, it's a gift. He can take it but she's pushing it. She's sorry and asks if she needs to reassure him. I'm sure the pashing they do is good enough. Man full onness.
Dylan barges in, Elle who's watching a movie is glad because he might get them to stop mauling each other in the kitchen. Dylan explains why he's over - a blue with Sky blue. He wants to take up the offer of a drink because things are super weird at his house. Izzy says they're about to turn in. Izzy picks up the leftover chocolate, saying it's for a late night feast and she'll see Paul later. Oh how... kinky. Dylan goes to leave but Paul suggests that Dylan stay and watch a movie with Elle. She doesn't mind as long as he can take it. Paul leaves them to it but the phone rings the Delle™ shipping coz Elle goes to answer it.
Susan's giving it to Katya about leaving the kids alone at home. Katya tries to blame Stingray for the bottle of alcohol. Susan asks her to hear herself; she first blamed Susan for encouraging her then Stingray for the bottle of drink being left over. She explains that Katya is the guardian, she is the one responsible. Susan goes on to say that raising teenagers is a very big responsibility and that she should make them her first priority and that she can't see that Katya does. Katya apologises saying it was an accident. She wishes she was there but she wasn't, it doesn't mean she's neglecting them. Susan tells her that handing over the kids was a tough decision to make but she did it because she thought it was in the best interests of the kids. Katya realises Susan is saying that if they were with her she wouldn't have left them alone. Of course she wouldn't!
KATYA: Well I thought I could trust them.
SUSAN: So you keep saying!
KATYA: Okay, Okay I've learnt my lesson.
SUSAN: I hope so because if you prove unable to raise them responsibly, I will do whatever it takes to keep my promise to your father.
KATYA: We both made a promise to him.
SUSAN: Yes so take this as a warning Katya. One more mistake and I will resume the fight for custody. And I will win.
Ooo thems fighting words!
General Store
A couple of random cops have questioned Izzy and Paul about a break in. Random cop that's allowed to talk says that they've done all they can for tonight, they'll be back in the morning. After they leave Paul asks how well Dylan locked up. He thought he had done everything right. Paul reminds him of all the other times Dylan had thought he had done everything right. Dylan tries to defend himself by saying there is a lot to do at the end of the day but that just adds fuel to Paul's fire. Elle pipes up about not depositing the day's takings, it was her fault too but she thought it would be good to have a full till the next day. Paul tells her that's what they have a float for, instead of being down a few hundred they are now down a few grand. Which of course wouldn't have mattered if Dylan had locked up properly. Paul asks if he did the alarm which Dylan is pretty sure he did. CamRob comes in asking what's up so Paul tells him. Dylan wants to go look outside but Paul doesn't see the point. He does anyway, Elle helping. Izzy reminds Paul they are covered for theft but that's only if it's a break in. Paul says that Dylan has been cutting it thin lately. CamRob actually sticks up for him saying he is new to this. Paul acknowledges that he might've gave him too much responsibility too quickly. Izzy can't believe he doesn't believe Dylan, he's always been loyal to him.
PAUL: Too loyal to take me for a fool?
Izzy doesn't think he would do that. CamRob says so too, but when he turns away he smirks. Oh if only Stu was here, now evil will run riot!
Number 24
Sky's looking at her drawing, talking to Dylan's voicemail about how maybe they can catch up for lunch. After taking another look she calls Jean-Pierre, telling the telephone chipmunk that she wants to talk to him about a drawing she's doing. The chipmunk tells her that he'll come over tonight.
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Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4944
Dylan Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Susan Kennedy, Katya Kinski

Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson), Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4944
Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson), Elle Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 4944

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson), Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson), Katya Kinski

Sky Mangel, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4944
Sky Mangel, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins

Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Katya Kinski

Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4944
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Rachel Kinski, Katya Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Rachel Kinski, Katya Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4944
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Katya Kinski

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4944
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4944
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins, Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson) in Neighbours Episode 4944
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins, Robert Robinson (posing as Cameron Robinson)

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4944
Sky Mangel

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