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Neighbours Episode 4930 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4930: When I Dissed The Teacher
Australian airdate: 24/03/06
UK airdate: 01/06/06
Writer: Hannes Berger
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Elle Robinson - Pippa Black
Ned Parker - Dan O'Connor
Kim Timmins - Brett Swain
John-Pierre Valasco - Steven Cabral
- "Dub Shepherd" by Deep Dish
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Emily
- Sky finding out that Dylan has her drawing of him, and fiddled with it.
- Izzy making the shock confession to Paul that she seduced Neddy Parker.
Number 22
Izzy's doing what she does best, trying to get herself out of a mess by explaining she did it for Paul. That With Ned and Elle going to Tasmania, Paul was upset and she wanted to make him well again so she split them up. And it worked. Paul can't believe that slime bag of a Neddy kept it a secret, and asks how she was able to do that. She's honest, that she told Ned that he had a brain tumour. Paul contemplates this before decided to head for the door. Izzy follows him pleading using the excuse that they are honest with each other. But Paul has nothing to say to her, running into Dylan on the way out. He's over wanting to go over some figures with him. When Dylan looks at her, Izzy shouts "What?" at Dylan like he's walked into something he shouldn't have.
Scarlet Bar - Night
Dylan can't believe what he's hearing. Izzy cheated on Paul? Dylan offers to take care of it. Paul doesn't look like he will accept that offer, but Dylan says if he ever changes his mind...
Sky Blue interrupts the chat, walking over to the bar with Dylan saying she knows why Sky wreaked her drawing. Dylan thinks he only changed it so it was proportional though.
SKY: You turned a tasteful portrait into a centrefold.
DYLAN (quite chuffed): You reckon?
All Dylan wants was for her to have been a bit more life like. Sky sees the light, that this is all about Neddy. Dylan protests that he isn't feeling threatened. He has no problem with her drawing him complete starkers. Sky says that's good because she has to draw him again tomorrow. He doesn't care, or does he?
Connor, Stu in the ugliest shirt I've ever seen and Neddy all walk in, Stuey protesting over it being his shout. Connor tells the love birds about their CarBQ. Sky can't believe it so Neddy shows her the goody bag of leftover steaks and snags they have. The blokes love the smell but Sky isn't too keen. Neddy offers it to Dylan but he doesn't want one. Sky knows why and has a good old laugh at his expense.
Number 22
Izzy's hurriedly collecting her pictures from the mantelpiece to her suitcase, not wanting to answer Elle's questions. Elle is sure things can be worked out but Izzy just wants her to leave it. She wants Izzy around though, she's part of the family. Izzy tells her that Elle's dad doesn't feel the same way and continues packing.
Eden Hills Uni
Oh man. Kim Timmins is selling his pirated DVDs from his hotdog stand to random extras. Nearby Stingray and Janae are watching him. Stingray wants a freebee and while they are walking over to their dad, Janae talks about how she's sitting in on Boyd's anatomy class. She heads off to learn about the body and make sure no one moves in on her turf while Stingray walks up to where Kim has his back to him selling a DVD to someone. He startles his dad into telling everyone around that trade is over. While he's doing this Stingray takes a sneak peek into the hotdog stand to see a heap of DVDs. Kim offers his son a hotdog so Stingray asks if it comes with materials, getting a DVD out and asks what's going on.
General Store
Lou's arrived, asking how the roaring trade is. He thinks it's time to tell Paul all the sordid stuff which is a shame because he though he had her. He's not going to want to know about the dirty dancing. Luckily for him Paul shows up demanding keys. Harold says they aren't leaving until the end of trading the next day. Paul doesn't see the point because they are dead, vamoose. Lou brings up the topic of Neddy Parker and produces a DVD from his pocket, thinking Paul should watch it with Izzy. He explains that the Scarlet Bar's security cameras picked up something saucy between Ned and Izzy. Paul comes to the conclusion that this is blackmail with a bit of help with Lou saying that yes it is if they get to keep the store. Paul let's them win and will cancel their debts before sadly walking to the door... and having a good old laugh. He thinks this is hilarious, them trying to taint Izzy's honour. He doesn't care if they show it at the local cinema, he's taking over the store like it or lump it.
Eden Hills Uni
Stingray wants to know what will happen if Kim gets caught so Kim assures him he won't. Stingray keeps with the bugging him but Kim has all the answers. Especially about Stingray not minding when he burnt the DVDs the other week. Kim's only trying to make some extra money. Stingray is really worried about the cops finding out, half the uni knows what he's up too. Kim explains he's only taking the opportunity while it's there. Stingray isn't convinced. Janae is annoyed because she got kicked out. Stingray reminds her it's because she isn't enrolled and to stop the bickering Kim shouts them pizzas. Yummo!
Number 22
Paul's back! Elle immediately jumps on him on Izzy's behalf but Paul doesn't even care if she leaves. And speak of the devil it's Izzy coming down the stairs ready to leave. Elle leaves them to talk about it. Izzy doesn't want Elle to find out but Paul is pretty sure she will because Harold and Lou know. He sits down on the sofa with Izzy on the coffee table blubbering about how sorry she is that she was trying to help him. She gets up to go when Paul says...
PAUL: You know my life would be so much easier if you just walked out that door and kept on walking. Problem is, without you I don't really have a life.
He wants her to stay. Izzy can't believe her ears, asking if he's sure. He is so they hug, Izzy looking so relieved. I can hear the Gail fans from here.
Scarlet Bar
Lou can't believe that Paul shrugged the blackmail off. Harold doesn't see what he had to gain by showing that disc, but it doesn't matter anyway it's all over. He got what he deserved. Lou doesn't think they deserve to lose the store and Harold says he lost the store for the both of them so he's sorry. Lou thinks they should be rpoud because at leats they gave it a good shot.
Elle and Janae arrive for some drinks and sit down behind Lou and Harold. Janae's glad they bumped into each other because it's been ages since they had a yarn. Elle spots Neddy across the room and takes her mind off him by asking if Janae is meeting Boyd. He isn't, but that doesn't matter to Janae because it's them girls. She suggests they go over to Neddy's group but Elle doesn't want to go over there. Janae understands and offers her support. We change focus to Lou and Harold because Lou whispers that he thinks someone spilt the beans.
Over in the group of Connor, Stu and that bad shirt, Dylan, Ned... Sky calls Elle over. Elle refuses and Neddy tries to do a runner but Stu holds him back, telling him he could be adult about this and talk to her. Ned wants Stu to put himself in her shoes, she doesn't want to talk to him. He continues with his wimpy runner. Sky wants to go get Elle but Stu think she should just come over if she wants. She doesn't care what he thinks, going over to their table. Janae doesn't want too but Elle's quite happy now, grabbing a chair from Lou and Harold's table and taking a cheap shot from Lou. Harold doesn't see the point in taking it out on her. Lou has no sympathy.
Number 22
Izzy and Paul are sitting on the sofa watching TV like a normal couple. Paul wants to know if this will be anything more than a one sided relationship. She still says she cares for him and he's the most important thing to her, but she won't say the 'L' word unless he wants her to. He doesn't want it unless she means it so he's going to have to wait for that one. Paul says they have everything going for them except for her commitment. Izzy tells him everything that she has done has been for them. He decides to go to bed leaving her there.
Scarlet Bar
Harold and Lou are wondering what they are going to do the next day. Lou suggests lawn bowls. Heh. Sky comes and tells her granddad not to wait up for her because she's going to have a late night will Elle. Lou starts dropping hints about Elle's family stuff but Sky has no idea what's going on. Lou wants Sky to give Elle their sympathies. Dylan collects Sky and the group of young 'uns head out for a night out on the town.
Lou has smelt another opportunity to blackmail Paul - by using his daughter. That he might be prepared to do anything they say to keep the truth away from Elle.
Eden Hills Uni - Day
The troop arrives to Sky's art class on time. Elle wants to know if they are kickin' off but Stu doesn't want to miss the naked Neddy show. Connor and Stu snigger at Neddy in his robe while Elle thanks Sky for the night out. She rounds up her boys but Dylan doesn't want to go, he wants to stick around and watch the action. A very weird hippy sounding art teacher arrives saying there are too many people here so out! Stu reminds Neddy about the footy match and art dude has a problem with that, telling him to get out. We find out he's John-Pierre Valasco. What a name! He explains what they are doing today and asks if there are any questions. Dylan has one; if the pelvic box is really important. John-Pierre kicks him out and gets Neddy to take his robe off. Dylan leaves, looking back at Ned in an "I can never compete with that guy" look.
Number 26
Kim's reading the paper when Stingray walks in getting some juice. He explains the reason he looks bad is because his dad is pirating DVDs. Kim warns that they have discussed it and promises if he feels the heat he'll quit. He's only doing it for the family. Kimbo looks up to a fresh faces Janae, asking what she's doing this arvo because he thought she might like to spend some time with him. Janae has plans, going shopping with Bree for a prezzie for Charlie. On the way to the door Kim offers to take them shopping. Janae agrees to it, hugging him and leaves for school. Kims happy with that, but Stingray still isn't too pleased.
Eden Hills Uni
Captain Shirtoff, Neddy, is doing a Lleyton Hewitt 'C'mon!' pose while John-Pierre is harping on. He tells the class to take a break and they will do another half hour pose. Sky speaks up because they were only doing two half hour poses. She has an art history lecture to go too but John-Pierre turns into a sarcastic... man. She explains that she they have to go or they lose credits. He tells her to go, making a snide remark about her sketch.
Before she can reply Stu and Connor run up, Stu striking a pose and whispering for Ned. rude John won't have a bar of it though but finally relents because Ned has footy, using another snide remark about never hiring Ned again. The boys rush off leaving Sky to make a remark of her own, he has a god complex. It's a battle of the witty here with them throwing shots at each other over his teaching. He's happy to give her a pass if she's happy to leave so she can go back to her history, boyfriends and undisciplined sketches. Rude! She decides to stay so he tells her to spend less time on her wit and more time on perfecting her drawing. He proceeds with teaching the class.
Number 22
Izzy and Paul are having a huge breakfast when Elle strides in asking if by the clebratory breakfast that they sorted things out. The like to think so, and Elle's glad to hear that. Izzy questions Elle on her night out and the fact she ruined her new shoes. Plus is was good to forget about Ned too. Paul thought she has but fact is she hasn't. Elle has decided to sort things out with him, they can't leave it forever. Paul and Izzy don't like the sound of this but she insists that she will. After she walks off again Izzy assures Paul that Ned won't say a word. Paul says if he does they're going to be hell to pay. Them's fighting words.
Outside the General Store
The boys; Connor, Stu and Neddy, are all in their footy gear passing the ball around. Except Stu's almost asleep on the bench. Ned can't believe Stu went out all night after giving him grief over the game. Connor says it was fun though and Stu agrees. Lou comes out with some strong coffees for them on the house. Connor asks if Paul takes possession on the GS today. Lou reply, telling them to enjoy their coffees.
Elle sneaks up, wanting a word with Neddy. Connor and Stu leave them to it while Lou watches from nearby. Elle sits down next to Ned, telling him that it's stupid that they are avoiding each other. He figured that she didn't want to speak to him which is true but now they should deal with it. She was going to drill him about what happened but that would be living in the past. She's accept they are over jokingly tells Ned not to push his luck when he asks to be friends.
Lou of course thinks she obviously has no idea, and tells Harold that when he comes out. Harold wants nothing to do with all this blackmailing and if Lou continues with it he can run the store himself. Note when Harold ran out and in the beige wall right behind the door.
Eden Hills Uni
Dylan wanders in to hear Sky and John battle it out again over her sketch. She asks for some constructive criticism so he scribbles on her work. She wants him to stop criticising her so he just decides to grab her drawing and rip it off her board. Dylan doesn't like that, marching up to John-Pierre saying to him he can't do that. Sky tells him to chill, she can handle it. She'll meet him outside. Dylan reluctantly goes leaving Sky to agree that she has a lot to learn, but isn't that why she's here. John-Pierre asks why she's here. She replies that she's an artist and wants to improve. Wrong move because John-Pierre thinks that all amateurs call themselves artists, and until she can admit that she will never be able to grow. Riiiiight.
General Store
Lou and Harold are mulling over their coffees. Lou wants now blackmail Paul using Elle but Harold still won't have a bar of it. Paul arrives with Izzy and Dylan in tow, telling them it's over. Lou makes a snide remark about him being sure of himself. Harold tells him to let it go. Paul wants the keys, Izzy adding that they can leave the aprons on the counter but they can keep the ridiculous bow ties. When Harold and Lou don't budge Dylan has to step in. He's really sorry but it's over. Harold tells Lou to give the keys to Paul. Lou finally relents telling Paul he hopes he has nightmares for the rest of his life. After dropping the keys on the table both he and Harold walks out of what once was their store. Paul's having the time of his life doing this, having a bit of a giggle.
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Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4930
Paul Robinson

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4930
Dylan Timmins

Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4930
Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4930
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Kim Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4930
Kim Timmins, Janae Timmins

Kim Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4930
Kim Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4930
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4930
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4930
Kim Timmins

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4930
Ned Parker

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4930
Sky Mangel

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4930
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Elle Robinson, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4930
Elle Robinson, Ned Parker

Sky Mangel, JP in Neighbours Episode 4930
Sky Mangel, JP

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