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Neighbours Episode 4745 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4745: Civil Disobedience
Australian airdate: 17/6/05
UK airdate: 8/9/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Janae Timmins: Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Robert Lee: Billy Amarantos
Summary/Images by: Janet (Bagpuss) & Miriam/Elin
- Janae telling Janelle she likes Boyd but can't find a way to prove it.
- Liljana telling David that she and Paul are going to Sydney for three months.
- Connor seeing himself still living at Number 30 in 30 years time.
- Paul going over the cliff and lying awkwardly at the bottom.
Susan's House
Liljana is sitting on the sofa watching the TV. She stands up as Susan enters the room says "he's gone." Susan asks her if she's talking about David but she says she means Paul. She tells Susan that they were going to catch a plane together as Paul had tickets, but they've gone, along with his car and everything.
Susan asks whether they had a fight but Lil says no, and that she could understand why he'd left if they had but that something else must have happened.
Susan says that all sorts of rumours are going round and Lil says she knows and that David was around making accusations and that Serena had dragged him away.
Lil says that Paul was impatient to leave, but that she wanted to say goodbye properly and have a shower etc, and that when she came out, he had gone.
Lil is worried because she's 'burnt all her bridges for him' but says she won't accept anything until she hears it from Paul himself and that she knows he loves her. Susan looks unconvinced.
House Of Trouser
Toadie comes in with takeaway. He has 'fish and greasies for the fair dinkum aussies and waistline watching salads for the wimps'. Stuart is worried that his suit is too tight, but Toadie and Sindi tell him that it's perfect.
Toadie tells Stingray that his Mum is looking for him. Stingray asks what she wants and Toadie says he doesn't know - something about helping Janae with pizzas. Stingray says they are brain food, but Sindi disagrees and says they are waistline food! Stingray leaves.
Toadie tells Connor he got some picked onions for him, as he knows him so well. Connor disagrees and says Toadie doesn't know everything about him.
Toadie says he has hot news straight off the press. Apparently Dave Bishop was right all along - Affirmacom and Paul Robinson are definitely dodgy - big time.
General Store
Boyd sees Janae in the General Store and tells her he likes the Timmins' new car. Janae raves about how wonderful it is with all it's gadgets that actually work - she says they are virtually living in it! She tells him her Mum will be able to drive it to work when they move. Boyd says the Hoylands are looking in Eden Hills - Janae says that's nice - not like her family who are looking at West Warratah.
Boyd sees a leaflet advertising the Marshall Art Aikido and says he's always fancied trying it. He goes to pick it up at the same time as Janae and they hold hands. After a few seconds, Boyd lets go and tells Janae she can take the leaflet. He asks her if she's interested in it, and she says maybe. He offers to walk her there, and says they can get breakfast afterwards. She agrees and asks him if it's like a date - he says no and she says at least that's clear.
Stingray enters and asks Boyd "What gives?" Boyd says nothing and Stingray tells him that if any guy does the wrong thing by her then there will be hell to pay.
House Of Trouser
Connor is feeding chips to Bob - Sindi tells him they're bad, but Connor says potatoes aren't bad, they're vegetables.
Toadie and Connor tell Stu that he's a slave to love. He says he isn't - well, only a little bit. Toadie says you can't be a little bit enslaved - you're either a slave or a free man. They try to tempt him with some chips.
CONNOR: "Tight trousers, munching on Rabbit food. I'd say you're a hen-pecked sucker for love."
TOADIE: "Yeah, and just face it Stu, you're just dying to have one of those chips, aren't you?!"
CONNOR: "Yeah, deep fried, cholesterol enhanced"
TOADIE: "Don't you love how we finish each other's sentences?"
CONNOR: "No we don't!"
TOADIE: "Yeah we do, we just did"
Connor looks uncomfortable and decides to take Bob for a walk.
Sindi tells Stu to go ahead and have some so he does and he and Toadie start discussing the wrestling, Stu says he and Connor make the perfect couple!
Connor comes back into the room and tells Toadie that he no longer wants to be in the show with him. Toadie tries to persuade him, but Connor looks very uncomfortable and says he's definitely quitting. Toadie doesn't understand why until Sindi and Stu tell him that Connor has had a dream about them ending up like Lou and Harold and it's been worrying him ever since!
Toadie thinks they can have a lot of fun with it!
Susan's House
Lil is on the 'phone leaving a message on Paul's voicemail. She says that if she doesn't hear from him, she'll assume David was right, and he was just using her. Susan enters and watches Lil from the doorway as she cries into the 'phone and says "you're breaking my heart."
Random Cliff Type Place
Paul is lying at the bottom of a cliff. He appears to be unconscious. As the camera moves up to his face, he comes round and writhes round on the ground in agony.
Susan's House
Liljana is poking at her food. Susan says she must eat something. Lil says to Susan that Paul has run away, and not only has she been dumped by her boyfriend, she's also unemployed. She says that she dumped Karl for Paul and now she has no money to support herself or Serena. Susan tells her it's not an issue and that she can stay with her as long as she needs to.
Harold barges in breathlessly and tells them to come outside. Affirmacom's bulldozers are knocking the houses down in the next street and that Ramsay Street will be next. Susan asks whether they can do that and Harold replies that once they've done it, it'll be too late to argue! David's on the 'phone to the lawyers and Harold needs to get people to buy him some time. Harold runs back out, and Susan and Lil follow.
Bottom of Random Cliff
Paul dials someone on his mobile, but then falls back onto the ground crying in agony.
House Of Trouser
Stu and Sindi are saying 'goodbye' in the hall. Toadie comments that he has a sensitive stomach! They go into the lounge where Connor is eating his breakfast and Toadie starts ironing. Connor tells him it's his shirt Toadie is ironing, and Toadie says he knows. He says he doesn't mind helping out a mate and Connor tells him to stop. They argue about it, and Toadie says that he's done Connor's undies already! Sindi in the meantime is hiding her face from Connor and laughing!
Toadie then says to Connor that he was home really late last night, and why was that - why couldn't he have called as Toadie was really worried! As Connor looks more uncomfortable, Lou enters the room. He says "come on, we need help right now." Toadie asks why and Lou tells him that he's got to get to the Council offices and they need people in the park. As Toadie and Connor leave Toadie says "You'd better get some sunscreen Mister." Connor looks even more confused!
School Hall (Not sure about this!)
The instructor is telling a group of people that Aikido is strictly defensive Martial Art which cannot be used to attack another person. Janae and Boyd are chatting and not listening to the instructor who tells them that it's very important to pay attention. Boyd apologises and the instructor says to him "you're strong. I wonder if you can assist me by throwing me to the floor?" Boyd tries four times, but each time it is he who ends up on the floor. He bows to the instructor and apologises again for talking in class.
The instructor says they've learnt their first lesson - that none of it is easy and that it requires concentration. Boyd returns to the group holding his head. He asks for another volunteer and Janae puts her hand up. She and the instructor bow to one another, whilst Boyd looks wobbly after the repeated throwing.
Construction Site
A large crowd are protesting in front of the demolition team. They chant "One, two, three, four - we don't want your Mega Mall" They tell the demolition team to walk away and not knock their homes down.
The crowd are still chanting when a police car pulls up. Stu gets out and tell the crowd to move away, as what they are doing is illegal. Toadie protests saying that under Sub-clause 27 of the act, they are entitled to protect their homes peacefully. Stuart tells him that lawyers can get into serious trouble making up laws of their own! Connor says that Stuart knows this isn't right, and Stu replies that Affirmacom bought the site, and now they own the houses and therefore they can treat their property any way they wish.
Harold says that the land was obtained by deception and that once it's bulldozed there is nothing that can be done to put it back. Susan says that this is why Affirmacom is doing this now. Sindi says this is people power and sits down. She tells Stu that he'll have to drag her away first. Connor sits down too, followed by Toadie and then everyone sits down and starts chanting again.
Stuart gets a message over his police radio. He tells the crowd that he's been given orders to stop the demolition and tells the contractors that a writ has been issued against Affirmacom and that he's been given orders to ensure that the demolition ceases. The crowd are jubilant.
School Hall (again, I'm not 100% certain of location)
Janae and the Aikido instructor are practising moves. The instructor is impressed and tells Janae that she learns quickly. He goes and grabs Boyd and tells Janae to teach him! Janae tells Boyd that first she'll show him in slow motion and then at normal speed. Boyd smirks and asks if she's sure. She shows him first in slow motion, and then at normal speed she throws him easily to the floor! She smiles to herself as she bows to him!
General Store
Connor tells everybody that they can have free tea and coffee because of their victory over Affirmacom. Susan sits down with Lil and asks how she's holding up. She says she's good, and she's pleased that the houses are safe. Lil tells Susan to go and mingle, but Susan wants to sit with Lil. Lil tells her to "go on." Sindi grabs Susan and tells her that she was all prepared to be arrested by the man she loves! In fact, she wanted to, and is that wrong?!
Harold is trying to get everyone's attention above the noise. Stingray climbs onto a table and yells at people to shut up! Harold tells the crowd that although Affirmacom are a huge company, the people took them on because they wouldn't stand for it. Karl and Lou have just come back from the Council. Lou says that the Council have been in discussion with Affirmacom about the disgraceful events. The Company Executives are claiming it was all a misunderstanding and that Affirmacom are willing to sell the houses back to the residents for what they were paid!
The crowd cheer and Karl shouts "Good riddance Paul Robinson!"
Janae and Boyd are in the kitchen. Boyd is saying how he really enjoyed the meditation at the end of the session. It was good to chill out after a hard physical workout. Janae says she has to get an Aikido outfit before the next class, and Boyd says "me too".
Janae tells him Mum can just put it on the card and Boyd says isn't that pretty much maxed out since buying the new wheels, but Janae tells him they haven't even reached their spending limit yet and that it's a really cool card - Boyd should consider getting one!
Boyd says his Dad is against them, but that he can probably do a few extra shifts around the Scarlet Bar. He moves his chair closer to Janae and says its such a shame they are moving away from each other. She tells him that it's okay because they'll see each other at Aikido. They move in to kiss, but at that moment, Stingray runs into the kitchen shouting "we did it. We stuffed them, we spigging stuffed them!" Boyd ask him what he's talking about and he tells them that they don't have to move. Boyd and Janae look pleased.
House Of Trouser
Sindi, Toadie and Connor come into the room in jubilant form. Sindi tells Bob that he can stay right there - he doesn't have to go to a new house. Toadie says he doesn't know what he'd do if he had to live without Connor. Connor looks very uncomfortable and says he's sure Toadie wouldn't miss him. Toadie says of course he would - they're like twins - they have the same taste in music, in clothes, in movies - it's like they were born to be together.
Connor says that's not the case, as they don't always see eye to eye. Toadie says "aw come on - like when silly billy?" Connor says like now but Toadie tells him that this is just a difference of opinion and that different opinions can live together forever!
Toadie then tells Connor that he's sure the postie finds it hard with lots of different names living at the same address and that it would be much easier if they put it under one name - like O'Neills! Connor starts to protest, but Toadie says he'll change his name - he could be Jarrod O'Neill. The penny drops as Connor realises that Sindi has told Toadie about his dream!
Toadie and Sindi laugh, as Toadie tells Connor he was chuffed, but that his dream was really scary - he says relax, as they're not getting married and Connor says "you think?!"
Sindi says that now they are all friends, they should be planning their next bit of civil disobedience! Toadie asks whether today wasn't enough for her and she says no - she want more right, more doing good and that they can't just sit back and ignore injustice. Toadie asks if she's seen her pants and she says "yeah, they're fabulous." She then turns round and looks at her bottom and is dismayed to find they're covered in mud!
Toadie says it doesn't matter as the mud was honourably acquired fighting injustice, but Sindi asks does he know how much she paid for the pants and that they're probably ruined. She runs off! Toadie laughs and tells Connor the house is theirs!
As Toadie sits on the sofa, the truth dawns on him - if the house isn't going to be demolished, after what they've done to it... Connor says that they're going to have to refurbish. "What have we done?!" Toadie shakes his head and goes to put his arm round Connor's shoulder, but Connor tells him not to do it!
Still in the Cliff-Like Place
Paul - in agony - is tying a splint to his leg, which is in fact a rather ineffectual stick. He tries to stand, crying out in pain, and begins to stagger away from the place he fell.
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Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4745
Liljana Bishop

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4745
Susan Kennedy

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4745
Stuart Parker

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4745
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4745
Janae Timmins

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4745
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4745
Paul Robinson

Stuart Parker, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4745
Stuart Parker, Sindi Watts

Stingray Timmins, Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts, Connor O
Stingray Timmins, Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts, Connor O'Neill

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4745
Boyd Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

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