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Neighbours Episode 4674 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4674 - Slap, Slop, Slip
Australian airdate: 10/3/05
UK airdate: 16/5/05
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Gino Esposito - Shane McNamara
Janelle Timmins - Nell Feeny
Dylan Timmins - Damien Bodie
Sandy Tanner - Leonie Lee
Photographer - Opell Ross
- "Bruises" by Sandrine
- "Hot Syrup" by 1200 Techniques
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Karen (Katie)
No. 26
Janelle is organising a meal for Lyn with the aid of Stingray and Dylan. She mentions that they got their essay results and wants to know how they got on and they tell her - Dylan has a C and Janelle isn't impressed and even less so with Stingers "D". She wants to know why the bad result and blames Dylan's influence on him despite Stingray saying it wasn't. Dylan storms away and compares him to his father running away when things get tough. Stinger tells her it will be her fault if Dylan's life is ruined.
Boyd locks himself into his room before getting out a phial of HgH from a hidden bag.
No. 28
Dylan is telling Susan that he's dragging Stinger down since he got a "D" for his essay but she is trying to say he actually got a B+. Stingray comes in and tells him he did get the B+ and he changed it to a D to make Dylan look good. Dylan isn't impressed at what he did by showing him up like that.
No. 26
Stinger is pleading with Janelle to make him stay but she isn't exactly keen to do it, again comparing him to his father.
No. 32
Summer is boxing with Boyd, but hitting him in the stomach and he says it doesn't hurt. Sky tells her to imagine Boyd is Lisa, so she thumps him good and proper. Steph comes in asking Sky to stay for dinner but Boyd offers to shout everyone takeaway instead (obviously to avoid Steph's cooking) since he got paid. Unfortunately he doesn't like the food suggestions everyone's come up with so he tells them it's Harold's food and lots of salad. Summer says Max has phoned and everything is going well and that he's agreed to let her have a bellybutton ring. Steph does a double take; surprised that Max would agree to something like that, and tells her that she isn't getting one.
No. 26
Janelle wants details of how Lyn met HandyAndy. Lyn thought that Janelle would be disgusted with her but she says no. Susan calls round and Janelle goes to mention Andy but Lyn stops her. Susan's called round to tell her about Dylan leaving and for a minute Janelle thought that Stingray would leave too. Susan isn't impressed about her letting Dylan leave like that and tells her she's persuaded Dylan to stay for one more night. Susan leaves and Lyn wants to know why Janelle is acting like she is around Dylan. She tells her that Dylan is lost cause and would be better if he left so Stingray could lead a better life.
No. 32
Harold calls round to see if Sky is coming home when he sees she's eating with the Hoylands. He notices they're eating Izzy's stir-fry chicken and Boyd complains about the amount of fat left on the chicken after he asked for it to be taken off. Steph tells him to do it himself but instead he has a little tantrum about food nutrition. Harold leaves and they all look at Boyd.
No. 28
Janelle comes in telling Dylan to stay and apologises for what she said earlier and tells him that in fact she is proud of him. Dylan agrees to stay a bit longer and goes and hugs his mum but Janelle doesn't return the hug. Stingray is happy and celebrates by play fights with his brother as a happy Susan watches on.
No. 28
To celebrate Susan has made everyone a cup of tea. Janelle announces that since everything is sorted that Stingray and Dylan should move in with her at number 26. After a few seconds while the penny drops the boys are seem happy but Susan less so, so she leaves telling them to think about it. Stingray offers to stay so Susan doesn't get lonely but Susan wants to know the real reason, so he tells her that if it is just Dylan and Janelle she might love him again. Susan is proud of him and tells him that Janelle is lucky to have him.
Hair Salon
Gino tells Janelle she needs a look if she is to stay there permanently after criticising her hair, makeup and clothes. He tells her to help herself to stock from the shop. Summer has come in to get her bellybutton ring and tells Lyn that Steph and Max gave her the go-ahead. Lyn tries to put her off my mentioning the big needle, blood, informing a nurse, and the pain. She leaves Summer to think about it and Boyd comes in for a trim but Gino informs him the gym has told him to do a bit more than that. Janelle armed with her freebies tells Boyd that he's a total spunk rat but is a bit too young for her!
Photo shoot
Boyd is posing shirtless for shots and Gino is giving him some advice on how to look and eventually places a hard hat on him. Boyd thinks he looks ridiculous but Sky replies that he's sexy, but a bit village people.
No. 26
Dylan has brought round his belongings and says Stinger has decided to stay at Susan's. She thinks he's said something to put Stingray off but he denies it. After a few seconds she gets up and tells him she'll be back in a few minutes.
No. 28
Janelle wants to know why Stinger hasn't moved over to number 26, so he says that Susan needs him since she is virtually by herself now. She asks what about her needing him, so he delightfully tells her she has Dylan, which she isn't impressed with and thinks Dylan put him up to it. He reassures her he just wants her to get to know how Dylan is and maybe love him like she does him. Janelle opens up and says she barely knows what to say to Dylan and Stingray quips that she's quick to say things to put him down. Janelle doesn't like this and storms off telling him to stay "with his precious school ma'am" before adding that perhaps "she'll be the nice little mummy you really want."
Hair Salon
Steph comes and despite Summer trying to hid behind a magazine, Lyn points her out and Steph quickly removes her from the Salon thanking Lyn on the way out. A client with Lyn wants to know about Lyn's Life Coaching so Lyn tells her how she got into it and says that it is very rewarding helping people make the changes in their life.
No. 32
Steph has called a family meeting about Summer's latest attempt at being cool. Boyd and Sky suggest cool things, which Steph quickly vetoes.
Hair Salon
Lyn is continuing to tell the client about her Life Coaching. The client asks if Lyn sees anyone with marriage problems. Lyn says she does but she doesn't advise couples to split, she just points out the various options they can try. The client wants to know if Lyn becomes friendly with the people she helps and is that not crossing the line when Lyn replies that she does become friendly with them. The client wants to know if that extends to her bed or body. Lyn is shocked by this question and it turns out that the client she has been working on is Mrs HandyAndy aka Sandy and promptly slaps Lyn for abusing her position as a life coach and stealing her husband! Janelle restrains her from getting to Lyn again and eventually gets her out of the Salon with Mrs HandyAndy telling Lyn to stay away from her man. Lyn is extremely shocked.
No. 26
Janelle is comforting Lyn aided by a cuppa made by Dylan. Lyn sells her that she has got feelings for Andy, but all she advised him to do was to make the right decisions for himself. Janelle tells her that she is a good person, and tells Dylan off when he tries to add a comment too.
The Community Hall
Harold comes over wanting to know if Boyd is seeing Sky tonight. Boyd wonders what it has got to do with him before apologising saying he had a bad day at work. Harold leaves and Gino comes in and tells Boyd that the prints are ready and that he looks gorgeous in them, adding that he'll get a lot of attention after this. Boyd isn't exactly impressed and says he doesn't want the attention but Gino says it's too late as his face is going to be plastered everywhere advertising the gym Boyd wonders why they've chosen a skinny person to advertise the gym and Gino says he isn't skinny and has a fantastic body and wishes he had one. Gino offers more compliments, saying he'd do anything to have a body like Boyd's. He touches Boyd's shoulder and Boyd very angrily reacts to this, pushing Gino down on a nearby table and takes aim as if to punch him.
<<4673 - 4675>>
Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4674
Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4674
Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4674
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Dylan Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4674
Dylan Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Dylan Timmins, Audrey, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4674
Susan Kennedy, Dylan Timmins, Audrey, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4674
Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Gino Esposito in Neighbours Episode 4674
Boyd Hoyland, Gino Esposito

Boyd Hoyland, Gino Esposito in Neighbours Episode 4674
Boyd Hoyland, Gino Esposito

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4674
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Sandy Tanner, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4674
Sandy Tanner, Lyn Scully

Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4674
Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Gino Esposito in Neighbours Episode 4674
Boyd Hoyland, Gino Esposito

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