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Neighbours Episode 4588 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4588: Kiss And Tell
Australian airdate: 13/10/04
UK airdate: 11/01/05
Writer: Graham Hartley
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
- "Beautifully Ugly" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: Phil/Karen (Katie)
Lyn and Jack discussing Lyn's reluctance to move to Bendigo. Lou meeting a woman named Carol. Jack catching Stu kissing Sindi.
Stu is going for a jog. So is Sindi. Neither notices the other until they crash into each other and fall to the ground. After a moment of awkward conversation, they continue on in separate directions.
Scully house
Lyn and Oscar have returned from Bendigo. Jack is a little surprised that Lyn didn't stay there long, and that she appears to have been crying. Lyn denies it and quickly changes the subject, saying she wants to visit Lil in hospital. Jack presses her for information, and Lyn tells him that Joe didn't take Lyn's desire to stay in Erinsborough very well. Jack wants to call him to talk to him, but Lyn asks him to give Joe time to calm down first.
Kennedy house
Sindi hangs up the phone and lets out an excited little cheer. She has been offered a job for a magazine, a fashion and lifestyle column. "It's a spiggin' dream of a job!" she exclaims. Lyn comes around to ask Susan to come with her to the hospital.
Connor shows up at the pub after visiting Lori and Maddy. He starts to tell Lou about Lori's new boyfriend. Harold comes in and tells Lou that Lil will be fine. The phone rings, and after Lou finishes the call, he tells Connor and Harold that it was Carol, and that her husband is coming to the pub instead of herself. Lou is under the impression that her abusive heartless husband has found out about Lou and Carol and is coming himself. Lou goes out the back to prepare for a fight. Connor can't believe what is happening, but Harold doesn't understand. "It's a really long story, filled with gender-bending and really expensive chocolates," Connor says.
Kennedy house
Sindi is working on something with the sewing machine, and telling Toadie about her new job offer. When Toadie asks about the sewing, she tells him it's the dress she and Lil are sharing. She's letting it out and wants Lil to keep it. Suddenly Toadie asks her if she wants to move in with him. After a long silence, Sindi tells him it's bizarre: one minute he's going on about the joys of a part time girlfriend, and now he's all over her like a rash. Toadie tells her he's put his priorities in order and she came out on top. "What did I beat?" Sindi asks. "Building robots? Drinking with your mates down at the pub? Do I get to wear a tiara and a sash?" Toadie is confused; he thought more commitment was what she wanted. Sindi tells him she does want that, but not just springing it on her. Toadie tells her he really wants this, and Sindi tells him number 30 isn't big enough with Connor and Stu as well. In the end she tells him she'll think about it.
Lyn and Susan have just left Lil's room. Lyn starts talking about how good it was for Lil to have her family just pulling together for her and bursts into tears.
Number 30
Connor is telling Stu about Lori's new boyfriend Nick. Stu tells him he should spend as much time as possible with Maddy away from Nick. Connor tells him he was thinking of bringing her here for a few days. Toadie comes in and lets them know about asking Sindi to move in. Connor and Stu don't want her to move in. Connor says that number 30 is about blokes and babies, and Stu says that she can move in over his dead body.
Scully house
Lyn is telling Susan about her troubles with Joe. Jack comes in for some lunch before going back to work. Lyn gives him some money to buy some lunch, saying she needs to go shopping. When he leaves, the ladies talk again. Getting more and more upset, Lyn tells Susan that she is falling out of love with Joe. Going to Bendigo only confirmed that her marriage is over.
Coffee Shop
Stu comes in to get lunch, and Sindi, who was already there, comes over to talk to him. She tells him she can hardly look Toadie in the eye anymore. Stu says it was just a kiss, a stupid mistake, but Sindi still feels that she has betrayed Toadie and it's eating her up inside. Stu tells her that they just have to ride out the guilt until it all blows over. Sindi wants to tell Toadie because she can't live with the guilt. Stu warns her that once Toadie knows about it, he won't want to know either of them.
Scully house
Lyn wonders if the way she feels now is just "a bump in the road", something that she'll overcome and realise she still loves Joe. She says that without her marriage she's nothing. Susan does not believe that. She hopes that Lyn and Joe will sort things out, but Lyn is as strong and independent as anyone else she knows. Lyn says that she will go to Bendigo, because she feels she has no other choice.
Connor is now working behind the bar. Harold comes in and asks what he's missed. Connor tells him he hasn't missed anything. "Good," says Harold, "then I can watch." Lou tells Connor that he's about to fight the husband. "He's out there, and he's ready to 'unload', whatever that means," he says. Connor tries to talk him out of fighting him, but when he can't, he decides to come clean. He tells Lou that he is Carol, and the other Carol is a case of mistaken identity; she's a wine rep, and her husband is probably unloading cases of wine. Lou doesn't believe him, so Connor recites one of the emails "she" sent him. Lou finally believes him and chases him out of the pub, Harold calling after them, "Pace yourself, Lou!" Outside, the chase continues, until a limo pulls up. Connor and Lou recognise it as Rocco's limo, but it isn't Rocco inside. It's Carmella Cammeniti, who orders Connor into it.
Kennedy house
Jack comes around to talk to Susan. He tells her he's stressed about his parents. He got off the phone with Joe, and all he could do was yell at him about the business, but he kept dragging Lyn into it. He asks Susan if she knows whether or not Lyn has told Joe she doesn't love him anymore. Susan isn't sure, and Jack wonders why she doesn't just tell him. Susan tells him it's between Lyn and Joe. Jack says that sooner or later Joe's going to force Lyn to move to Bendigo, so they should help Lyn. Susan tells him they have to support Lyn, but any resistance has to come from her alone.
Lou retreats to the pub, and sees Lyn has returned. Lou starts to talk to Oscar and Lyn asks him not to get him worked up because she's had trouble getting him to sleep since she came back. Lou suggests taking him for a walk and Lyn goes off at him, telling him she doesn't need help raising her family, they're battling on stronger than ever, and she leaves the pub. Lou tells Harold that it's turning into a very strange afternoon, and tells him about Connor being abducted by Carmella, then Lyn blowing up at him.
Meanwhile, Toadie meets Sindi at another table. Sindi tells him she can't move into number 30, and Toadie agrees, and tells her about Stu's reaction. But he has another idea: a posh apartment complex with stunning views, six speaker home entertainment system, pool, gym, bar, etc. Sindi seems reluctant, and reminds Toadie that he said that they shouldn't move in together. Sindi gets up to leave, telling him she's going to see Lil and she still hasn't finished the dress. Toadie asks what's going on, and she sits back down. She tells him about kissing Stuart. At first Toadie jokes about it. "Well, who hasn't? Even I've been tempted to." Sindi clarifies: a full-on kiss on the lips.
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Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4588
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

Jack Scully, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4588
Jack Scully, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully

Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4588
Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Harold Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4588
Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4588
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker, Bob

Harold Bishop, Connor O
Harold Bishop, Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4588
Carmella Cammeniti

Susan Kennedy, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4588
Susan Kennedy, Jack Scully

Lou Carpenter, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4588
Lou Carpenter, Lyn Scully

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