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Neighbours Episode 4550 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4550: The Two Doctor Karls
Australian airdate: 20/08/04
UK airdate: 03/11/04
Writer: Graham Hartley
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Rafferty
Dr Karl: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Richard Hafner: Richard Macionis
Dr Gaunt: Michelle Royal
Cameraman: Mark Nussbaum
Boom Operator: David Musolino
- "Vegetable Soup" by The Wiggles
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
Connor telling Sindi that Toadie doesn't really like kids.
Stu charging Jack with driving under the influence of an illegal substance.
Coffee Shop - Night
The camera slowly pans through the locked up Coffee Shop as we can hear Izzy and Karl in the kitchen... sounding quite excited. It turns out that they're cooking whilst dancing to some salsa music.
Number 30
Toadie gets off the phone from Sindi who is coming over. Connor begs him not to tell her that he told Toadie about the whole Sindi wanting babies thing. Stu arrives home and the boys start joking about what his day was like ("Did you rescue any footballs out of any trees?") until Stu stuns them into silence with this; "Jack Scully drove head on into a power pole and ended up in hospital."
Toadie is wearing the giant blow-up hand.
Susan and Libby are drowning their relationship sorrows in tubs of ice cream. Libby says that they have to face the fact that Tom's gone and Darren's gone.
SUSAN: Tom's probably in prayer somewhere.
LIBBY: Darren's probably organizing an armed robbery...
SUSAN: (scoffs) Elizabeth!
LIBBY: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.
Lib says that they thought they were supposed to be moving on with their lives but Susan says they don't have to get it right the first go. Lib asks if Susan regrets anything, but she doesn't and says it's all part of a learning curve.
LIBBY: And in the meantime?
SUSAN: Well... they're just men! It's not like they're particularly useful! Surely we can live without them.
LIBBY: Yeah, who needs them!
SUSAN: Yeah! Who needs them!
That cheery thought doesn't last long as they mournfully go back to eating their ice cream.
Number 30
Stu tells the boys that Jack has a few injuries but he'll be okay. They ask if he was drunk, and Stu says no, motioning his eyes upwards to signal Jack was high. Toadie and Connor can't believe it. Sindi arrives and the conversation changes, Connor begging him again not to tell her he told. She asks them if they mind her hanging out at their house tonight.
CONNOR: No, not at all. You can hang out here as long as you're talking football and cars, right Toadie!
TOADIE: Connor tells me that you want to start making babies; I was wondering if I could finish my beer first?
Stu sniggers as he walks out of the kitchen while Sindi glares at a nervous Connor.
Toadie loves that blow-up hand.
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Izzy is teaching Karl the art of making chocolate to the rhythm of the music. They reminisce about the first time they made choccies together and Karl jokes that Izzy was flirting shamelessly with him to which she says she was a little.
KARL: Maybe just a little! I was talking about Susan; you were talking about taking your clothes off! Talk about feeling guilty.
They playfully argue about what sex the baby will be and keep dancing their wee hearts out.
The girls are discussing possible dating strategies. Lib suggests speed dating. Susan vetoes that one and wonders why they can't just go about their normal lives "and hope to run into someone fabulous?" They decide to go and see an old movie tomorrow (Arsenic And Old Lace), and Libby wonders what time.
SUSAN: Oh, I thought late morning and then we've still got time to meet Darcy, and don't worry about Ben I'll do the...
LIBBY: Woah, woah, woah! Rewind! Did you think you were going to just slip that one past me?
Susan somehow ropes Libby into coming with her tomorrow even though Libby doesn't like the idea at all and mentions that Darcy could "go to hell".
Number 30
Sindi can't see how Toadie could not like babies. She reminds him how cute Oscar and Maddy are but that only serves to make Toadie feel nauseous. Connor and Stu get out of the kitchen to let them argue, but Connor still eavesdrops in the hallway. Toadie bluntly says that "babies suck". Sindi brings up the point that Max thought the same thing but now he's really keen on having a child with Steph but it still doesn't convince him. She refuses to believe he's that hardhearted and gets up to storm out of the house, barreling through Connor and Stu along the way. "Oh that's it, have a laugh at the emotional female! You boys are all the same!" She barges out the door, swinging it to close it and Stu oh so sensitively pushes the door to help it slam.

Karl is over writing a prescription for Harold - and he's brought along some of Izzy's chocolates much to Harry's delight. He's enjoying having a "chinwag" with Karl as Sky and Boyd walk in the door. Sky's all annoyed because not only does she have to dance at work, the boss added in vocals and she's the lead singer. She's not impressed. Harold says that she can always ask for her job back at the Coffee Shop.
SKY: Yeah right, granddad. Like I'd go crawling back to the Coffee Shop and suck up to Izzy!
(Awkward pause)
KARL: It's all right. I of all people know the lengths you have to go to get out of Izzy's bad books!
(Awkward pause of the 'too much information' kind)
Sindi is sobbing into her bowl of porridge, lamenting about how insensitive Toadie is being while Libby and Susan get Ben ready to go to the movies. They bombard her with positive encouragement from both sides, "You're young and gorgeous", "There's plenty of time to have babies", "What's the rush to get pregnant anyway?" The girls suggest that Sindi look after Ben for the day to see what parenthood is like and she readily agrees (she looks kind of frazzled by the end of their 'encouragement session' so I think she may have agreed to anything...).
Coffee Shop
Libby and Susan have joined Darcy for lunch. He's trying to make conversation with Libby but doesn't put himself in the good books by innocently bringing up Darren. Susan deftly changes the subject.
SUSAN: Yeah... we're going to see a movie later. You remember my Cary Grant obsession.
DARCY: North By Northwest.
SUSAN: No, Arsenic And Old Lace this time. The one where the aunts (?) poison one of the old men.
LIBBY: Mmm, they don't even realise it's wrong. You'd love it.
Darcy brings up Izzy and asks how far along she is to which Susan replies "15 weeks... give or take". He susses out when her and Karl got together and asks if they think she really loves him. Libby scoffs at the idea and says her dad is a fish on a hook. Izzy is behind the counter and can hear every word. She gives Darcy the evilest of evil eyes. He just looks like he wants to break out into a smirk.
Outside Grease Monkeys
There's a banner up that says the food outlet is presenting 'National Science Week 2004'. Sky comes out to take Boyd's order and he cheekily asks for a "coffee and a quick pash, thanks love!" She gets distracted though when her boss walks out to meet Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and his camera crew - he's there to film some Science Week footage and Sky thinks he's "such a spunk!"
She runs over and hovers in the background while Dr 'Science' Karl sets up the scene. He films his segment about the themed diner and talks about Elvis. Dr 'S' Karl says Elvis was famous for something that one of his muscles could do, a muscle with the longest name out of all the muscles in the body (one which I can't spell at all...) - Sky chooses this moment to jump in on the filming and announce that it is Elvis' lip curl, "his sneer". She runs away all embarrassed though.
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Izzy is on the phone making a doctor's appointment. She wants to go to a surgery rather than the hospital and is arguing the point when Karl pops in. She hastily hangs up. He says he's just hanging around because it's his day off and that he might go to the gym later. Izzy is relieved he's not going to be at the hospital.
Libby sees Sindi walk in with Ben as they're finishing up lunch. Sindi says that Ben was wanting chocolate - she also says a surprised hello to Darcy who is looking over at them. Toadie walks in a few seconds later (still wearing the hand...) and asks Libby what Darcy is doing there. She says that his time would probably be better spent talking to Sindi to which he agrees on.
Sindi orders some mud cake for Ben. Toadie wonders if she wants to make that mud cake big enough for the three of them but Sindi says she's spending the day with "this perfect child. Why don't you go and play somewhere else?"
Audrey is barking, Dahl is screeching, kids music is blaring, Ben is running around like a loony and Sindi is sitting at the kitchen table clutching a bowl of smushed bananas. (There's a cute moment here that looks like it's unscripted - you hear a thud which sounds like little Sean running into the wall and Marisa nearly cracks up before composing herself and asks if "Ben's" okay!). She tries to tempt him into eating his lunch but he's having more fun sitting on the floor.
Outside Grease Monkeys
The Number 30 boys (and Toadie's blow-up hand) have joined Boyd for lunch. Boyd tells them that Sky's got a crush on Dr Karl. Stu starts to wonder how Karl always gets to the younger girls but Boyd explains he meant Dr 'Science' Karl.
The boss of Grease Monkeys gets the staff ready to dance so Dr 'S' Karl can film them. Sky's worried about looking like a dork in front of Dr K and refuses to dance when the music begins (Stu tries to get his head on the telly but Dr K tells him off). Sky's boss informs her that she's got to do what she's paid for or she can leave. Sky says "fine" and walks off amidst cheers from the boys. Boyd runs after her, walking past Dr 'I'm a real doctor' Karl on the way. The two Dr K's meet one another and Dr 'S' Karl wonders if our Karl knows how to dance.
Darcy wheels the cleaning bucket down the hall and notices Izzy waiting there. The doctor calls her name and asks if her partner is with her. She says that she'd prefer not to include him in any of her appointments. Darcy looks very interested.
Sky and Boyd return to Harold's and tell him that Sky quit because she didn't want to make a fool of herself in front of Dr Karl because she respects him too much.
BOYD: Loves him more like it.
SKY: Granddad, not our Dr Karl!
BOYD: Dr Karl Cruise Missile.
SKY: Kruszelnicki.
Sky says she was "so over that Grease Monkeys kitsch thing" and Boyd gloats on the fact that she's finally admitting it. Harold sets up his new DVD player and says Sky could still consider her other options, but she says she'd rather scrub dunnies for a living than work with Izzy again.
Izzy is relieved to learn that her and the baby are doing fine (she thought something may have been wrong - that's why she made the appointment). The doctor walks with her to the canteen to get some lunch, not noticing that Darcy's lurking around. He puts a caution sign used for wet floors in front of the doctor's office so no one will walk in and slips in unnoticed.
A knock at the door rouses Sindi from her nap at the table. She jumps up, and after seeing that Ben is happily eating cake at his little table, answers the door. Toadie (and his blow-up hand) have come to apologise to which Sindi hastily accepts.
SINDI: You're forgiven! And I never want to talk about this for another 10 years. Do you promise?
TOADIE: I promise! I promise, I love you!
They smooch and Sindi leads him towards her bedroom. He says "what about the kid" - Ben momentarily escaped her mind and she concedes defeat, deciding instead to snog Toadie senseless... that is until Libby and Susan arrive home. They look amused and Lib asks how Ben was. "He was an angel. Absolute angel," she lies.
Darcy rifles through the doctor's files until he finds Izzy's. He sees that Izzy is in fact 19 weeks along and not 15, and that the father's identity is marked as 'Unknown'.
DARCY: Gotcha...
<<4549 - 4551>>
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4550
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4550
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4550
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4550
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill, Sindi Watts

Karl Kennedy, Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4550
Karl Kennedy, Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland, Harold Bishop

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4550
Libby Kennedy

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4550
Darcy Tyler

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4550
Izzy Hoyland

Dr Karl, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4550
Dr Karl, Sky Mangel

Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4550
Ben Kirk

 in Neighbours Episode 4550

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4550
Darcy Tyler

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