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Neighbours Episode 4480 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4480
Australian airdate: 14/05/04
UK airdate: 13/07/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rocco Cammeniti: Robert Forza
Nurse Brown: Elise Dickinson
- "So Beautiful" by Pete Murray
- "Raincloud" by Charlton Hill
Summary/Images by: Carly/David
- Scott vomiting on Serena
- Allan Steiger warning Stu to stay away from Rocco
Ramsay Street
Stu runs out to Sindi to show her an e-mail from "Toadie". It says that he's in Phuket and he loves it, but Stu says he knows it's a fake because Toadie has already been there and he hated it. He says to Sindi that Rocco has to be involved because he was the last person to see him. Sindi finally looks like she believes him.
After Scott breathes in Sindi's face to make sure his breath doesn't smell like "spew", Sindi shows him the fake e-mail. He reads it and says if it was really from Toadie he'd "punch his lights out" but he knows something is up. Sindi says they've been wrong all along about Toadie disappearing, it wasn't because of her, someone has been going to a lot of effort to make out like Toadie is alive and well.
Rocco's Warehouse
Stu bashes on the door to no avail, until he mentions that Toadie hates Phuket and today's e-mail proved that Rocco has something to do with his disappearance. Rocco comes out and tells him to go home or he'll call the police. Stu informs him that Sindi knows about the e-mail and his face drops. Stu looks to have the upper hand.
Connor tells Lou that he misses Maddy, and Lou shares stories about his experiences. He says that not seeing them is hard, but some good moments make up for it like seeing their face light up when you're around and how they see their dad's as knights in shining armour. "Never pictured you in chain mail, but, each to their own..." quips Connor.
Serena is getting ready to go out and is ignoring her mum at the same time. Lil is trying to chat with her but Serena won't give her any information, she's still sour on the whole Allan/Lil thing.
David and Harold come in after Serena goes to her room. They're discussing plans for the 'Best Street' competition. Lil turns her attention to David leaving Harold looking uncomfortable. He says he'll go and do some reading in his room but they're oblivious to him as they make out on the couch.
Pub - Pub Office
Rocco comes in and asks an uneasy looking Connor where "the boss" is.
Rocco apologises to Lou about trying to get him to join in with another racing scam the other day. He wants to wipe the slate clean because there are things that could be connected to him that he doesn't want out in the open. "From today I deal with a clean deck, and I play by the rules. Loving a woman makes a man do crazy things." They shake on it but Lou looks concerned.
Random Street - Park
Sky and Boyd are roaming the streets looking for Shadow. Boyd keeps going and Sky goes to talk to Serena who is sitting on a swing in the park. Sky makes fun of her and Scott "making an appointment for a kiss." She leaves Serena to wait for him (he's late) and asks her to keep an eye out for Shadow.
Lil is giving David a head massage when Harold comes out of his room. "Oh goody, we're still at it are we?" "There's nothing wrong with a wife showing her husband a little bit of affection is there?" Lil asks Harold. "No, no, no. But you're showing me, that's the problem." Harold goes on his 'this is my house' rant and doesn't see why he has to put up with their "mating rituals". He goes off to the Coffee Shop when they start kissing again, muttering that they have no idea whatsoever.
Scott is blocking Sindi from going to see Rocco, saying that he wants to come with her. He grabs a fire poker for protection. Sindi puts it back and says she'll have a much better chance at getting information by herself. Scott sadly asks what will happen if she disappears too, but she gently assures him she'll be fine.
Serena storms in as Sindi leaves. She's yelling at Scott for forgetting their date, wondering why he made plans with her when he was only going to leave her stranded. He tells her to shut up and says that Rocco has done something to Toadie. "If he's hurt him, I'll never forgive myself." Serena quietens down and becomes sympathetic.
Rocco's Warehouse
Sindi tells Rocco that she knows he knows more about Toadie's whereabouts than he's letting on. Rocco denies this of course. She says she'd understand if there had been an accident or something, and reminds him that a lot of people are concerned about Toadie's welfare. "Do you still love me?" asks Sindi. "Always." "Then tell me the truth. Please."
Scott's getting upset and Serena is trying to calm him down. He thinks it's his fault that Rocco has done something to Toadie because he never helped Toadie, and all he's doing is "sooking like a two-year-old brat."
Coffee Shop
David is talking more about the 'Best Street' comp with Harold. They get on to the topic of Lil and her self-defense classes, and Harold wonders why they're going through this stage of "lovey-dovey ness". David doesn't get it and Harold says they'll chat later.
Sky and Boyd come in to put up a lost dog poster. Harold and Boyd compliment her on her artistic skills. Boyd offers to give her some graphic pens he got from Rosie when she says that art supplies are expensive. She says she thought being at his house without an adult was not allowed because of Gus, but Boyd says no one keeps him from being in his own home.
Scott is getting embarrassed that he's been crying so much, but Serena thinks it's nice that he can share his feelings with her. She gets his attention when she says they should always be honest with each other because "that's what boyfriends and girlfriends do." He is pleased with this idea and they kiss.
Sindi comes in looking depressed because Rocco didn't tell her anything, and says she's going to have a lie-down. Scott looks sad again and Serena tries to tell him everything will be okay.
Pub Office
Connor wants to know what's up with Lou, he's been "away with the pixies" ever since Rocco left. Lou tells him that he thinks Rocco has something to do with Toadie being missing. Connor wants to ring Stu right away but Lou stops him, saying that getting Rocco dobbed in could also bring him down as well. Connor reminds him of their chat before about their daughters and he wonders if Lolly would be looking up to him right now if he took "the safe option".
David asks Lil if something is up between them but Lil says he's worrying over nothing. Serena comes in and tells them that she's been with Sky and Boyd all day looking for the puppy.
When David walks to his room, Lil asks Serena if she was with Scott. "So what if I was, we weren't doing anything sleazy... unlike you and that instructor." Lil gets frustrated and repeats that nothing is going on. "Then why are you sucking up to dad?" "I am not!" "Mum, who are you trying to kid?"
Pub Office
Lou has just finished telling Stu about the horse racing scam with Connor there as well. Stu says if he's willing to make a statement it would be more than enough for the police to start looking into Rocco's affairs. Lou doesn't want to do that unless he's 100% sure Rocco is involved. "I'm as sure as I can be." Lou looks serious. "Well, I don't have much choice then, do I?"
Sky and Boyd sneak in to the house at night. Sky's freaking out and Boyd tricks her by pretending he heard a noise then scaring her half to death. She yelps and he laughs, "You know you're pretty cute when you're scared!"
Lil tries to give David a back massage and then help him with his plans for the street, but he won't play along. "Come on what is it? I've known you for long enough to know when you're overcompensating." She finally tells him about the whole Allan fiasco, how he hit on her, she turned him down ("Of course..."), how he said she was flirting with him, how she said she was just being friendly, now Serena thinks there's something going on... David stops her mid-ramble to start laughing. He says he thought she was having an affair, but flirting is fine. "We all do it, I do it!" She seems please he's taking it so well and kisses him. She draws back and gets a look on her face, "Who have you been flirting with?"
Pub Office
Stu and Connor think that there might be some way for Lou to get off lighter if he calls the police himself, but Lou says he knew exactly what he was doing. He says it doesn't matter, he's doing it for Toadie. He picks up the phone and dials the cops.
Horsham Hospital
Rocco is talking with a nurse who says there's been no change with Toadie he's still unconscious. By the sounds of things, Rocco has said that Toadie is his cousin (he's also given a fake name).
Rocco goes into Toadie's room (you can't see him though). "I'm so sorry my friend. I'm so sorry I got you into this terrible state."
<<4479 - 4481>>
 in Neighbours Episode 4480

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sindi Watts

Sindi Watts, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sindi Watts, Stingray Timmins

Stuart Parker, Rocco Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4480
Stuart Parker, Rocco Cammeniti

Lou Carpenter, Connor O
Lou Carpenter, Connor O'Neill

Harold Bishop, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
Harold Bishop, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Rocco Cammeniti, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4480
Rocco Cammeniti, Lou Carpenter

Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
Harold Bishop

Stingray Timmins, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4480
Stingray Timmins, Sindi Watts

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sindi Watts

Harold Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
Harold Bishop, David Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 4480

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sindi Watts

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter

David Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
David Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Stuart Parker, Connor O
Stuart Parker, Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4480
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4480
Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4480
Lou Carpenter

Nurse Brown in Neighbours Episode 4480
Nurse Brown

Rocco Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4480
Rocco Cammeniti

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