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Neighbours Episode 4444 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4444
Australian airdate: 25/03/04
UK airdate: 07/05/04
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Rose Martin: Rebecca Barnett
Kirsty Martin: Celia Barnett
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Karen (Katie)
Scott in the Bishops' pool after his big 'jump'.
Karl giving Lil her one month's notice.
Rocco wanting his money from Lou.
Karl's flat
Karl is burning incense. He's singing his new song and recording it. He hooks up his new speakers from Lou but they don't work
Jack is carrying out boxes and he asks Lou if he's sure he wants to get rid of them. Lou says yes, he's had enough of the life of showbiz. Karl walks in and tells Lou the speakers he sold him don't work and he wants a refund. Lou says they probably just don't meet his impossibly high standards. Lou tells him he knew the conditions of sale, cash, no refunds, and no warranty. Lou walks back into his office. Jack tells Karl there is something he should know about Lou's refund policy. He gave Valda a refund.
The Bishops are having breakfast. Lil is telling them she can't stand Karl's smugness. David tells her he was in his rights to give her notice. She was rough on him and if he ever treated Toadie or Tim in that way he'd expect the same. Harold tells Liljana she could always apologize. Lil says with her out of the way the path is clear for Karl and Izzy. Harold defends Izzy saying she's a fine young woman and it wouldn't even enter her head to get involved with a married man. Lil says it's the only thing that enters her head. There's a yell and a splash in the pool. Harold gets up saying he knows who it is. He runs outside. Serena smiles.
Karl tells Lou he knows Valda got a refund for her speakers. Lou says he made a mistake giving Valda her money back as it's now set a precedent. Karl says he wants his money back. Lou said he only gave Valda her money back because he felt sorry for her. Karl says things have changed and Valda probably earns more than he does now. Lou says he's not enjoying this and he didn't have any idea about the speakers.
LOU: I suggest that you look in your own backyard.
KARL: I'm very surprised that you would sink to the level of idle gossip.
LOU: And I'm very surprised that you would walk out on one of the finest, most decent women I know.
KARL: Well at least she loved me once.
LOU: Well more fool you for walking out on her hey.
Karl leaves without saying anything.
Lil puts a towel around a wet Scott. David tells Scott he's going to hurt himself but Scott says the water is like a cushion. Lil says not when he's attached to a bike It's not. Scott apologizes for using Steve's bike. Harold corrects him saying it's Paul's and it had better not go rusty. Scott sees everyone's breakfast and comments on how goo it looks. He tells Lil that Toadie only feeds him fish fingers. Lil asks him if Bacon, eggs and toast would be ok. Scott says yes then asks if she has any fish fingers?
Jacks walks in telling Karl the door was open. He says he's come to talk to him about Izzy. Jack tells Karl he was the only person who knew about his fling with Izzy and he's warns Karl Izzy is playing with him too. Karl tells Jack Izzy isn't playing anything, they're just friends. Jack says Izzy can't just be friends with a guy. He tells Karl Izzy isn't a good person. She'll toy with him until she gets bored then she'll dump him. Jack says he was lucky Izzy got bored with him quickly before it got deeper. Karl says he's sorry that Izzy hurt him be they are just friends. Jack asks if that's really true. Karl says yes.
The Bishops stare at Scott as he shovels his breakfast down. Lil tells him he should eat the tomato as it's really nice. Scott says he doesn't eat vegetables. Scott starts to run his foot up and down Serena's leg. Serena pulls her leg away. Scott then tries to find it and rubs his foot up and down David's leg. David giggles and looks at Lil thinking she's the one playing footsies with him. Scott stops when he realises what he's done. Serena says she's going to school. Scott says he's got to got too, he's lost his appetite. David smiles at Lil and Lil looks confused.
Lou drives into the Garage in an old car with no numberplates and broken window. Lou pulls the $100 sign off the car.
Karl walks out of his office and Lil tells David out loud she's starting the new computer course as she thinks it's so important to keep your skills up to date. David says its great she's doing it in her own time. Karl walks back into his office and shuts the door.
David asks Lil if she thinks Karl is bying what they're doing. Lil says she doesn't know, she knows she stuffed up but he should give her another chance. David starts to run his foot up and down Lil's leg. Lil gets angry saying he wasn't even listening. She walks off "men"
DAVID: "Women"
Serena is showing Harold the Internet and Stella McCartney websites. Serena answers a knock at the door. Scott is standing there holding two chocolate Freddo Frogs. Serena takes one thanking him for the cute frog but then asks him to go
Scott says the frogs are friends they'll miss eachother. He takes Serena's frog back and pretends the two frogs are talking to each other.
"Hello Froggie, how are you today?
I'm good thank you, How are you?
I'm good, I though maybe we could hang out or something?
That'd be good.
Well have a good time"
Serena tells Scott he's weird and she's busy. She shuts the door on him and tells Harold that she hates Scott but he won't get the message. Harold laughs saying if she hates him why doesn't she stop talking about him. Serena says Harold's got it all wrong, she doesn't like him. She walks off and Harold has obviously found something he likes on the net as his eyes widen.
David and Karl come back from lunch. David asks Lil why she didn't come. Lil says lunch and wait but paperwork can't. David comments about her being dedicated. Karl says Lil missed possibly the best sandwich Harold has made. He tells David to tell her about it. Karl goes into his office and David tells Lil it was average. He gives Lil a sandwich he bought for her. Lil says she's starving and takes a bite. Karl walks out and she hides the sandwich but still has a mouth full. Karl asks Lil to file the patient records. Lil nods. Karl asks her if Scott has come in yet. Lil shakes her head. Karl then tells Lil he's doing house calls, going to see all women and asks Lil if that's ok with her. Lil nods. Karl leaves and Lil swallows her sandwich, She looks at the patient files Karl gave her and Izzy's is on top. Lil stares at it.
Lou polishes the car and paints a $7000 sign on the windscreen.
House of Trouser
Karl comes over and asks Scott why he didn't keep his a[appointment at the Surgery. Scott says he forgot and he doesn't like people asking him stuff. He's just himself and people have to get used to it. Scott has a plate of fish fingers infront of him and asks Karl if he wants any. Karl reminds him it's important to have a balanced diet. Scott says he does, he eats dmmi's as well. Karl says they need to talk. Scott tells him talking won't help and he'll just get some more pills that'll make him feel bad. Karl asks if Scott has been given medication before. Karl tells Scott he'd like to see his old GP. Scott says no and he wishes people would just accept this is the way he is.
Lil picks up Izzy's file and stares at the front. She then files it away. She tells David that Karl wants a 'virus thing' installed on his computer and him if he can do it for her. David says he'll start it for her. Lil says she'll mess it up if she does it and Karl will fire her on the spot. Lil kisses him and pleads with David to do it. He gives in.
A lady and her young daughter walk up to the old car Lou has. She tells Lou her mother bought a car off Lou once and recommended she come and see him. Lou tells her the car had one owner and low mileage and a good family car. The lady says it's just her and her daughter. She asks Lou to guarantee she won't be up for any major repairs. Lou tells her he's feeling generous and he won't be making a profit but he can let it go for $5000.
Lou comes over and looks at Susan's speakers he sold her. Susan says she's probably just wired them wrong and she's sure they're perfectly fine. Lou tells her they are not perfectly fine. Everyone in the street thinks he's a rip-off merchant except her. Lou tells Susan he didn't know the speakers were shonky and he's just trying to scrape something together. He's been left with nothing and no-one understands. Lou then says he'll go he's making a fool of himself. Susan tells him he's not going anywhere. She is going to make them dinner and they will talk about it.
Lil is on Karl's computer when he walks in. Lil tells him she's almost finished. Karl comments about the office needing dusting. Then Karl walks to the filing cabinet. He takes Izzy's file out. He opens it and puts it in front of Lil. There's a note inside with "The Last Straw!" Karl tells Lil they may have a future after all. Lil looks confused. Karl tell her Izzy's file is well hidden. Liljana tells him she would never go through someone's file. Karl tells her she may be tempted and she past his little test. Lil tells Karl he didn't get her. Karl tells her it's just a little reminder she has to stay on her toes.
LILJANA: With a sharp tool like you for a boss, I will have to keep my wits about me.
Karl says she will, if she wants him to reconsider his notice. As she walks out Karl says "Happy dusting"
Susan and Lou are having dinner. Lou is telling Susan how he put everything on the line for Trixie and now she's left him. He says he thought good things were meant to happen to good people. Susan says that theory doesn't always work out like that. Lou apologizes and asks how things are with Karl. Susan says they're' estranged and only see each other when they have to. Susan says it gets a bit lonely but she's getting use to it. Lou says he has been alone for so long then Trixie came along. Now she's gone, Harold has changed and Louise has gone so it feels like he's lost 3 people. Susan assures him things will get better, Louise will always be in his life, Harold is getting better. Lou asks about Trixie.
The Bishops are eating dinner. Lil is again talking about Karl's smugness. David just tells Lil to laugh at his little joke they need the work. Harold says Karl's a good man at heart. Lil replies "What heart?" Serena answers a knock at the door. Scott's at the door. Serena tells him she doesn't want to hang out with him. Scott says she does, she just doesn't know it yet. Serena tells him to do up his fly then she shuts the door on him.
Lou is still talking to Susan. He tells her Trixie said she loved him then left at the first upset. Lou wonders if there are things he should have done differently, he then says it was all his fault. Susan tells him there are lots of people who love him. Lou says he feels like he's in a tunnel and he can't see the light and he can't concentrate. Lou starts to cry. Susan hugs him. Lou keeps crying. Susan tries to pull away about Lou doesn't let go.
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4444
Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4444
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4444
Karl Kennedy, Jack Scully

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4444
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Liljana Bishop, Karl Kennedy, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4444
Liljana Bishop, Karl Kennedy, David Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4444
Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4444
Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4444
Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4444
Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4444
Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

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